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by Anne-Li

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  • Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than Summer Dream Daim. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. 1.321 words. Written in November 2009.

    This is the "alpha set" (first set) of five such set of words that are part of a challenge. I don't follow the challenge apart from using the words - the challenge should be one pairing only and I'm not sure if you're allowed to "bend" the words. But this is how I wanted to write, so this is what came out.

    One or two might at some point become stories, should I feel like it. But should anyone feel inspired to write anything based on any of these, feel invited!

    Warning: 13 contains death, but far, far in the future and contains love after death as well ... You'll find a little bit of everything and while the majority is Klaus/Dorian, there are some other pairings sprinkled in.

    Betaed by Heather Sparrows, Kadorienne and Maf! Especially large thanks for very swift betas this time!!

    This fic is available translated to japanese by BasilLeaves! Thank you very much, BasilLeaves!

    1. Comfort - Dorian takes comfort for granted - Bonham sees to it that he can.

    2. Kiss - When Dorian started to refer to Klaus's habit of hitting him as Klaus's way of kissing him, Klaus considered the concept - but he didn't stop hitting Dorian.

    3. Soft - When Iron softens, Gold melts.

    4. Pain - Klaus likes a bit of pain with his pleasure, so he keeps hitting Dorian in hope that one day the man will catch on and hit back.

    5. Potatoes - For their second date, Dorian brought Klaus a bouquet of potato flowers, since at least Klaus would recognize those.

    6. Rain - Dorian loves it when it rains - even when Klaus puts the moth-eaten half of the umbrella over him.

    7. Chocolate - When Dorian truly wants to hide something from Klaus, he puts it in the box of chocolates - this hiding place hasn't let him down yet.

    8. Happiness - Klaus had been awake for well over 50 hours, he'd been half drowned, temporarily imprisoned, flirted with, shot at repeatedly, actually shot twice, hadn't eaten, hadn't smoked, the Alphabet had been as useful as usual - but he had finally retrieved the microfilm, successfully ending his mission, and thus he was happy.

    9. Telephone - Dorian keeps trying to tempt Klaus into having phone sex with him, not just because they are often in separate countries, but also for the added thrill of expensive phone calls—knowing that James at any moment could realise and react.

    10. Ears - The parts of his body that Dorian dislikes the most are his ears - that is why he has let his hair grow out so much, so he won't have to see his hideous ears.

    11. Name - One reason why Klaus is still against marrying is that neither wishes to relinquish their surname, but hyphenating would be really awkward.

    12. Sensual - Dorian adores watching Klaus shoot: each economic, well-trained move a sensual delight - yes, that hidden camera at the shooting track is worth every penny.

    13. Death - On Judgement Day the dead will rise from their graves - and Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach will bang his forehead against his tombstone, because - yes, there's the fop, and death has lessened neither his ardour nor his determination.

    14. Sex - Accidentally seeing his father and their butler having sex shocked Klaus so badly that he repressed the entire subject - now he just can't figure out what it is the friendly Englishman actually wants from him.

    15. Touch - It's not that Klaus doesn't like to be touched - it's that he doesn't like to be touched by anyone who is not his equal.

    16. Weakness - If Klaus gives in to Dorian, he fears it'll end up like his other weaknesses - smoking and coffee - and he'll get completely, helplessly addicted.

    17. Tears - After someone dies, Klaus runs in the rain - not to hide tears, but to hide that he never cries.

    18. Speed - After a few less than successful attempts, Dorian managed to teach Klaus that while speed and efficiency were usually good things, in bed they were counterproductive.

    19. Wind - Wind in his hair and a Neo-Nazi in the sight of his rifle, oh yes - this is life!

    20. Freedom - Monogamy is like prison for Dorian - but his freedom is the prize he was always prepared to pay for the biggest heist of them all.

    21. Life - "Gold is life!" James would wail - but no one ever understood that on his home planet gold was the only thing edible.

    22. Jealousy - Stupid to be jealous of a bloody painting! Klaus told himself most firmly - and yet …

    23. Hands - Dorian deserves a lover who will wait on him hand and foot - and Klaus knows he is not such a man.

    24. Taste - Nescafé is an acquired taste - Dorian acquired it by kissing.

    25. Devotion - Reason for divorce: the man devotes more time to his Magnum than to me!

    26. Forever - Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach is a forever kind of guy - but he's not fully convinced yet that Dorian is.

    27. Blood - It's in their blood, Heinz von dem Eberbach thinks as he sees his son with the son of the man who had once been his own lover.

    28. Sickness - "In sickness and in health" is all good and well for Klaus, but Dorian thinks that "Doctor and Patient" can be a bit of fun too.

    29. Melody - They're playing our song, Dorian thinks as the well-known melody of Beethoven's third was accentuated by the sharp, ringing bark of Magnums.

    30. Star - When some stranger on the street exclaims that he must be a movie star, Dorian only smiles mysteriously and dodges the question.

    31. Home - Gossip ran amok in Eberbach when Klaus von dem Eberbach brought his new husband home.

    32. Confusion - Klaus would say what he wanted about the fop, but truth was that he considered the man a very valuable asset with which he could confuse and distract the enemy.

    33. Fear - Dorian's silly and completely irrational fear of spiders held no end of amusement to Klaus - but he especially liked the thank you blow jobs he got after having "rescued" Dorian from one of the little creepers.

    34. Lightning/Thunder - To get Klaus plastered and singing along to "Thunderbolts and lightning, very, very frightening--" yielded the best blackmail material Dorian had ever neglected to use.

    35. Bonds - "While I do want to be bonded to you forever, I didn't necessarily mean by handcuffs - yes, yes, I know - shut up and run ..."

    36. Market - Dorian had been in the market for a painting - but the living piece of art he found suited him even better.

    37. Technology - Lawrence's technological gadgets got on Klaus's nerves - except for the sex toys, which went to his erogenous zones.

    38. Gift - Klaus is terrible at buying gifts for people - luckily Dorian seems happy with sex-cheques.

    39. Smile - Dorian considers Klaus's smile to be as priceless as Mona Lisa's.

    40. Innocence - Klaus might give Dorian his virginity one day, but his innocence was taken many years before they met.

    41. Completion - Dorian's art collection will never be complete, but somehow that matters less when Klaus's skilled hands bring Dorian to a different kind of completion.

    42. Clouds - "Get your head out of the bloody clouds and pay attention!" Klaus would yell at Dorian sometimes - it meant "You were reckless and you scared me!"

    43. Sky - When Klaus lost the bet and thus must allow Dorian to dress him for a day, he hadn't realised that "sky clad" had been one of the options.

    44. Heaven - Klaus wasn't a bloody romantic, but when the heaven was as blue as Dorian's eyes that always made him feel better about his day.

    45. Hell - Belonging to Dorian seemed a hellish prospect at first, but later Klaus reconsidered.

    46. Sun - Only in total privacy will Klaus bare his skin to the sun - but occasionally he pretends to "not see" Dorian's spy cam.

    47. Moon - Moonlight is better than sunlight for spying - and, Klaus also learns, for making love.

    48. Waves - Klaus finds the curls and locks and waves of Dorian's hair fascinating - especially wrapped around his cock.

    49. Hair - Dorian finds the silky smooth, straight strands of Klaus's hair fascinating - especially wrapped around his cock.

    50. Supernova - Making your lover see stars is for underachievers, in Klaus opinion - he aims for supernovas or nothing at all.

    The End

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