Alaskan Front

Alaskan Front (part 1). During an uninvited visit to Schloss Eberbach Dorian overhears Klaus's next mission - to go to Alaska and retrieve plates for printing counterfeit dollar bills and also some paintings from Goering's art collection ... These treasures were on a plane that went down in Tazlina Lake in Alaska. So both Dorian and Klaus goes to Alaska. However, a certain Russian has also arrived there - Misha is in on the hunt ...

Alaskan Front (part 2) fills the entire volume 5 and is well worth reading. Half-nude pictures of Z (sweet thing that he is ...), Klaus hugging Dorian (well ... it almost looks as if he is. From some angles, anyway ...), Dorian offers to Klaus,"That little opening. Would you like me to lick it?" ... Um ...

A FBI rookie turns out to be a KGB spy and sends Klaus to a cottage in the forest. Only, instead of capturing Mischa, he captures ... Dorian. Who approves. "I do simply adore it when you take me from behind." Mischa (who had actually been temporarily captured by Dorian) got away ... There's the usual bit of loving mutual betrayal - Dorian tries to bug Klaus (no, not bugger him. Bug, as in listening in); Klaus feeds him false information and then sends the FBI after him.

The NATO boys find the sunk plane and the treasure, only then Klaus is caught by Mischa and Dorian have to come to his rescue. Well, Dorian is actually stealing the treasure but in the process he also rescues Klaus. Dorian's helicopter is carrying away the jeep with the treasure when Klaus - not about the let the treasure get away - jumps aboard the jeep. However, the helicopter is shot and Dorian has to make an emergency landing - dropping Klaus into the lake ...

Our heroes take refugee in a shack. And we all know what happens in Canadian shacks ... Unfortunatelly, this is an Alaskan shack and those things do not happen. We don't even get shared body heat! In a fair universe we would have gotten shared bodyheat, damnit! Alas, we do get a rather lovely scene anyway ("You must strip off your wet clothes."), before the wolves come ... They get saved from the wolves by the bear (bear cub - Mischa, that is). Mischa tries to make Dorian tell him where the treasures are by beating Klaus up, but it doesn't quite work - "The ravaged, beaten look of the man I love is greatly to my tastes. The sight of an iron man bleeding is rresistibly lurid. It is a sublime sight. Grand. Simply divine. Oh! I do believe I am becoming turned on." Um ... Mischa thinks Dorian is trying reversed psychology - maybe so. In the end Dorian does save the day, but Mischa gets the treasure.

Klaus and Dorian follows the treasure, manages to get captured by Mischa again ... and are taken to Siberia in a submarine. They spend the night together. Klaus is on top. This later seems to surprise to James. (Okay, so it was a bunk bed ... but still.) With a bit of cooperation they escape and fly back to Alaska. However, once there Dorian gets away with the plates and the chase is on again, this time by ship ... Very cute scene to follow.

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