A Thousand Kisses

A Thousand Kisses. Sadly the very first part is one of the parts I dislike most of the whole series. It is still worth reading, don't get me wrong, but hang in there and you will get to the really good stuff. We meet Caesar Gabriel, Sugar Plum and Leopard Solid. They're cute, interesting characters and we'll never meet them again after volume 1. However, we also meet "Apollo, with his magnificent locks of gold" - or Earl Dorian Red-Gloria, a.k.a. Eroica, the art thief. The Dorian of the first volume isn't quite as we get to know him in further parts either; he does evolve as a character. He is still our Dorian, bound and determined to get what is rightfully his. "I like beautiful things. I'm always searching all over the world for works of beauty to make them mine. And whatever I want, I get. It's my personal policy." - but in the first volume he shows a certain coldness and ruthlessness that only rarely crop up later. Of course, part of that might be that he concentrates his efforts on the wrong guy in this part; sweet Ceasar, rather than our handsome hunk of a hero - Klaus. Oh, I did mention that Dorian is gay, didn't I? I didn't? Well, he is. Gloriously so. He surrounds himself with his gang of thieves - all of them pretty young men who adores him.

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