Dramatic Spring

Dramatic Spring. In the second part Dorian hosts the yearly, international conference known as the Rogues' Gallery - underworld bosses, swindlers, confidence men, thieves, et. al.. To be asked to host the gathering is to be recognized as one of the best. He does so at his castle at North Downs. Right next to a quaint little house belonging to a London University Dean. A house in which a peace conference between the world leaders will be held. And guess who NATO sends to guard this meeting? Oh yes ... Though he's not very happy about having to cooperate with the Russians and the Americans and the English. "Friends today, enemies tomorrow. I'm willing to cooperate, but that doesn't mean I have to trust you - or like you." His reaction when being told that the castle belongs to some Earl named Dorian Red Gloria is ... amusing.

Klaus almost approves of Dorian's castle, though. Things get more complicated when the peace conference is threatened. Dorian is softening towards Klaus - helping him with some vital information ("I'm in bed right now, and ..." No, that wasn't the vital information, but he did call him from bed. Klaus thinks that Dorian should, "Hurry up and find a husband."). Dorian is very important for Klaus's mission, this time, though, for eventually , "The fate of the world hangs on the underwear he's wearing!" Which we get to see Klaus quite forcefully demand the removal of. In the end Klaus needs Dorian's help even further and there's a true awwww-moment to follow.

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