Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne - temptation on the Rhine. A bit of a ghost storry, with a young girl who doesn't talk and a mysterious statue in a gothic castle ... "See how his legs are chained to the base? The statue will start to walk otherwise. It will come every night to anyone who is enraptured with it." Klaus in a spa ... Well, recovering from his accident, anyway. And Dorian comes to visit. Klaus is not amused and sends him to the above mentioned castle. Dorian stays the night - and he is most certainly enraptured by the castle. Klaus shows up. "I was hoping to get in your way for a change." And admits he came just to rattle Dorian's cage. The girl (she's 17, by the way) seems to like Dorian and he gives her the highest praise: "You should have been born a man." Ends with a hint of the Supernatural, scaring Dorian, much to Klaus's amusement ...

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