Hallelujah Express

Hallelujah Express. The director has the perfect mission for Klaus. "This mission has your name on it! Even in the vastness of NATO there's nobody as perfect as you for it!" Dear Klaus is very rattled, though, for the reason why it is so perfect for him is that Eroica is required ... Poor Klaus has to persuade Dorian to join forces with him. The mission in itself? Why, just to break into a vault and retrieve some secret information, that's all. In the Vatican ... Knowing Dorian won't be able to resist, Klaus sends Dorian tickets for a trans-european express, Ile de France, from Amsterdam to Paris. On board he approaches him about the mission. Dorian agrees - on one condition. Sadly, he is not asking for sex. "Give me 10 minutes' grace while I'm in the vault. Just 10 minutes." Oh yes, Dorian has his own agenda ...

In Paris Dorian insists they continue by train. "Nein! This is not a sightseeing tour!", but Dorian is not above a little blackmail to get what he wants. "You don't need my skills? Don't you want to 'accomplish your mission'?" Klaus has to fold. They switch to the actual Hallelujah Express, the train to Rome. However, also on board is Mischa the Bear Cub, KGB Agent and determined to stop Klaus. "Iron Klaus will be the target of 13 snipers. And he's going to come to a tragic end." Dorian has several heroic moments, even if he might cop a feel where he's not allowed to touch. "Smarten up, you wanker! Below the belt is off limits!"

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