In'shallah. Kisses and fun in the desert. Klaus's new mission: to retrieve the location of Russian missile sites hidden in the royal palace in Tehran, Iran. Dorian's new goal: the treasures of the last Pahlavi Shah, hidden in the royal palace in Tehran, Iron. Oh dear ... They enter Iran by way of impersonating travelling caravans. Both fear the other will reveal their true identity and we end up with a very touching love/hate-scene. Yes, with kisses. Sigh ... I love this fandom!

They just happen to break into the palace at the exact same time ... For a fun reverseal Dorian is in uniform and Klaus is wearing a skin-tight cat suit. Dorian gets ... quite a nice view. "And stop ogling me like that! It's sickening!" They briefly join forces to get what they want. Only Klaus gets the wrong object. Dorian has the right one. A nice desert chase scene follows. "You're not getting away," Klaus says. "You're mine.". Yes, Klaus - we know. With a dose mutual betrayal in the end.

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