Intermission finds Klaus still in army hospital. The Alphabets and others in intelligence are taking bets on when he will force his way out of the hospital - the pot is up to 50.000 marks ... Lawrence hears of it and wants in, but he intends to cheat. "I guarantee the major will check out on the 31st." No doubt Klaus would be chomping on the bit to get out - but his Chief Physician is very authoritative - and a friend of his father ... Of course, Dorian comes to visit, with a children's book of art as a gift. Awww ... And he (and James ...) hears of the bet ... They join up with Lawrence. "As the last resort ... We steal him otu of the hospital on the 31st." Awww-worthy anecdote: Klaus recognizing Dorian by Dorian's hands touching his knees ...

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