Love In Greece

Love In Greece. Dorian sees a priceless Buddha statue of jade, which he wants. The statue is on loan a shipping tycoon in Greece, so to Greece we go. However, the KGB is also interested in the shipping tycoon, so they send one of their best agents, Maya Bulgakova, to seduce him. And wouldn't you know, NATO sends Klaus to get the KGB agent ... "I don't like dealing with women, but orders are orders." He is not at all amused to find Dorian once more involved in his mission. At this point Dorian isn't too keen on Klaus either - at one point he calls him, "That paranoid sadist who gets his kicks from weapons!" He also refers to them as "Mortal enemies, so to speak."

When Dorian almost gets killed Klaus does look very worried, though. Yeah, yeah, one of his agents almost got killed too, whatever. The plot is a bit complicated. As Dorian says about himself and the Major, "We're entwined in ways we don't even understand. I find the idea of English roses twirled around a hard German wire to be rather delicious with its sadistic overtones, don't you?" Klaus, who perhaps doesn't, threaten to douse him in petrol and light him up. In the end Maya tries to make a run for it with the statue, earning her both men in pursuit. While we don't exactly get to hear the last word of this story I'm sure the words would have been interesting to hear. Or possibly eardrum shattering.

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