Midnight Collector

Midnight Collector is a side-story, but an interesting one. We get more background material on Dorian in this one. Klaus is forced to go to London on a NATO conference. He decides to bring "The Man In Purple" with him - to sell it. At the very art dealer Dorian is planning to do one of his little ... visits to. Dorian is primarily after a painting called "Young Shepherd", but of course also dearly wants "The Man In Purple". Amusingly enough, even though Klaus sees Dorian in pretty much any blond man with curly hair (and there are surprisingly many of these in London - "There should be a British law against curly hair!"), he never actually does see Dorian. Dorian sees him, though ... "He was close enough to touch ... Alas, I could not even pat his manly shoulders ... " The story gets more complicated when Dorian gets a rival for the paintings and the art dealer conspires against both of them. They join forces, but plan to deceive one another.

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