Seven Days In September

Seven Days in September (part 1) starts off with Klaus still in London. He is asked to pick up some important files from British Intelligence. Which he does - though they do lead him on a merry chase first ... Lawrence, looking up skirts, being forced to eat distasteful things, walk in the park with a beautiful woman. He does not seem at all amused ... "I hate women who come on to me." He does it though and is handed the Lubyanka report, a highly classified KGB report (Lubyanka is the site of KGB headquarters). Klaus hasn't sold The Man In Purple after all and will bring it back with him to Germany. Eroica learns of this. He breaks into Klaus's hotel room at the Ritz and actually does get his hands on the painting. Only, then he gets greedy and as he looks around, Klaus returns. To take a bath ... "I can steal the painting now. But, wait! I may never get a chance to spy the major having a bath again. Do I take the painting? Or, do I want to see the major in all his glory?" Put it this way: it's not an all that difficult decision ... Sadly, very little skin is shown ...

Klaus's plane takes of - and is hijacked ... Instead of Cologne-Bonn they're going to Oslo. Dorian learns of this and quickly follows. He doesn't seem to be all that worried about Klaus - it's the painting he wants. Ironically enough, the painting isn't even on the plane, as Klaus has sent it by a courier service. Oh well ... in Norway Dorian join forces with the Alphabet (with just a wee bit of blackmail). The hijackers demands are met - jailed terrorists are released and two million pounds are gathered. However, when Dorian learns that the hijackers will likely take several hostages with them as insurance until they reach their final destination (including the major - and the luggage), he decides to take action. Disguised as the first secretary of the British embassy he goes onboard the plane to deliver the ransom. Well abord the plane he puts the remaining passagers - excepting Klaus - to sleep. Klaus briefly manages to get control of the aircraft, but is then caught. As the pilots are both asleep, however, they have no choice but to let him keep steering. They want him to take the plane to a soviet air force base in Tallinn, in the republic of Estonia, but when they find out that he is flying the plane in the opposite direction, it is also revealed that they are actually out to get the Lubyanka report.

Poor Klaus - the first secretary of the British embassy is coming on to him ... "To be honest, German fellow like you turn me ... on." When they are forced to land at Charles De Gaulle in France to refuel Klaus executes a perfect Touch-and-go, using maxium thrust to throw the hijackers off balance and soon he and Dorian are in charge. Klaus now intends to try to take the plane to Zaragoza in Spain, only they crash land in the Aragon Region, next to a nunnery ... The landing might have gone better if Klaus hadn't been distracted by finding out exactly who was sitting next to him as they went down ... The nun takes them in, even if they are afraid of them. It's actually kind of cute how Klaus behaves with the nuns - and Dorian too, for that matter. And how the nuns admire Klaus's strength ... and his divine hips ...

Towards the end Klaus walks towards the nearest road - 30 miles ... Dorian, meanwhile, searches the entire plane and finally has to give up - the painting isn't there ... So he follows Klaus towards Zuela. And who is waiting in Zuela, if not Mischa the Bear Cub ...?

Seven Days in September (part 2) starts with Klaus and Mischa meeting over a "friendly" meal - "I'm taking this dirtball down the second my men gets here!". Their temporary peace doesn't last very long - the meal quickly turns to a competition in drinking - which soon enough turns to fist fighting ... The victory goes to ... Dorian, who ends up with the report. He didn't even have to steal it - ironically enough (pun intended) Klaus himself gave it to him. Dorian, realising the important of the document, invited Klaus for a merry chase.

The chase go through Italy to Egypt. On purpose, for - as Dorian says: "I relish the very thought of a man I love chasing me". Dorian intends to get his money's worth for the report. Though ... "It is not money that I want." Uh-oh, Klaus ... Unfortunatelly, James actually is more interested in money ... On learning the value of the report, he makes copies, intending to sell them off. When Klaus finally catches them, all copies are burned, except for one - stolen by our old friend Saleem al Sabaah.

Saleem invited Klaus, Dorian and Mischa to bid for the report. Dorian gets very drunk (with a little help from Klaus) and stripteases. To hear of the Major getting undressed by manly hands might also have affected his judgement a tiny little bit ... "You simply must tell me more. He offered no resistance?" Klaus is very embarrassed, but does take care of him - a little, anyway. In the end Klaus and Mischa joins forces to have Dorian steal the document for them. Very Important Words are said ... But can anyone really trust anyone in the end ...?

Seven Days in September comes to an end in violence and fire. Dorian has everyone after him as he drives deeper into Egypt. Klaus catches up to him first and Dorian makes his demand ... "If you were to kneel and beg, I just might--". Sadly, Klaus isn't very understanding. Before it can be resolved, Salim shows up and Dorian and Klaus has to cooperate in order to get out of that little jam ... Klaus actually bets that Dorian as the winner: "I'm counting on you to win." Not even that is the end, as they have yet more obstacles, not to mention a bit of mutual blackmail/threat, to face ...

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