Special Vacation Orders

Special Vacation Orders Klaus superiors decides to crush Klaus's will by making him a family man ... Their plan is to send him on a vacation, to meet old friends and then a beautiful woman ... So, Klaus is ordered to take a vacation and go to a class reunion in his old boarding school. Of course, Klaus thinks it is all part of a mission so secret they couldn't even tell him what it is about ... And amusingly enough, the Russians finds out about it - and they also think something is up ... It is a very sweet story - not much K/D interaction, but a nice dose of background information on Klaus. And Dorian does seem to be on his mind now and then. KGB tries to have a woman seduce him - which fails. So then, "If a woman didn't work, then we'll try a man." - using a man who looks enough like Dorian to fool even Klaus ... Klaus was adorable as a child and a very handsome youth. And his little puppy dog crush on Sister Theresa, one of the nuns at school, is oh so sweet.

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