The Laughing Cardinals

Another grand adventure starts up. Klaus gets a new mission. An agent is killed in Switzerland. His last words is, "Tell the Major, the "Laughing Cardinals." Of course, they set out to find these merry cardinals - not an easy task. Meanwhile, Dorian also travels to Switzerland, as an old monestary filled with art treasures is about to be turned into a store.

First a jaunt to Rome, with Klaus and some of his men working under cover as "tourists". However, not everyone seems totally convinced ... Dissatisfied with Dorian not picking a target, James and Bonham tricks Dorian to going to a party held by the man planning on turning the monastery into a store. ("The Major be coming to the party!) Dorian plays along.

After having exposed KGBs man, Klaus and his men leaves Rome in a hurry - for Switzerland. Meanwhile Dorian visits the monastery. He sees its treasures - and makes his decision. "You want the entire monastery?! Monks and all?!" Of course, for him to get it would require a miracle. And so ... "A miracle, sir. Jesus Christ began to cry." Klaus soon joins him at the monastery (not happy about who has yet again crossed his path). Dorian, for once, has divided feelings on the matter. "On one hand, I am deliriously happy you are here. However, I can certainly do without you bringing that dangerous world of yours here."

A fresco with Laughing Cardinals is found in the depth of the monestary. In a shocking role reversal, Klaus ends up stealing "Dorian's" artwork ("Stop thief! Catch the Major!") - he, sadly, doesn't turn more noticeably gay, though ... Instead, he's intercepted by the Russians. They take the artwork and the Alphabet, but Klaus escapes. He almost drowns in the process - but Dorian to the rescue! "You're trying to feel me up underwater?!" Poor Dorian though, doesn't get neither buddy breathing nor mouth-to-mouth ... How terribly unfair ... Klaus follows the Russians, who has taken refuge in the Schloss Adler (Castle of the Eagles). Dorian goes with him and perhaps doing so has its own rewards ...

Laughing Cardinals, part 3. Klaus and Dorian bickers as usual, aww ... "Since you ask, might I help torture the major? I could strip him for you!"/"Usage of my rear for other than its intended purpose is strictly verboten." Poor Morning Crow has his hands full ... With a little help from Dorian and Bonham, Klaus takes control. But Dorian gets to show his skill both with a throwing knife and with a crossbow, saving Klaus's life - and he's really good!

Very annoyed with his Alphabet in the proceedings Klaus totally makes true of his constant threat: "You are all ordered to Alaska!"

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