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This is by no means a complete guide to all things Eroica. If you know of more stuff, know interesting information about the things below or have more pictures for me, I welcome all help! Perhaps you're even selling something? Mail me at Do not send pictures before asking - please! I have difficulties accepting large pictures, so ask me first. At this time I only add things - not the mangas themselves. For information about the mangas, try this excellent site.

Some things, mostly the LP, can be seen on ebay now and then, but the premier place to find Eroica things are on Japanese Yahoo. At this very nice site there are a few links to Eroica and Aoike sarches at Yahoo Japan. However, most sellers there don't ship outside of Japan, so one might have to use a deputy service, such as Celga. I have used Celga myself and it has worked very well so far.

All things on this page is official merchandises, unless otherwise noted. Not all of them are mine! I only own a few of them. Pictures of the rest has been given to me or found on the web. Should anyone object to any of these pictures being up here, please write me. This page was made 060706 and the "seen" information is since then.

Ignore the little star images, I'm just using them temporarily to keep track of something. Date-formats are YYMMDD. I started adding information about when the sub-galleries were updated on 060913.

Here's a link to another page that also has Eroica goods.

Lala 40th Anniversary

Gallery added 1260812


Kyoto mm folders added 141125

Blue Brother Falco folder added 130704

Brother Falco folder added 130118

Folder added 130116

Gallery added 120621

Notebooks and diaries

Manga Diary Premium added 121211

Schedule book added 111123

White version of YASA Writing pad added 100217

Gallery added 090609


Klaus mug and Princess mug added 100427

Gallery added 090218

Shimonoseki City Art Museum Exhibition

Booklet price added 090211

Poster price added 081112

Gallery added 080909

Bookmarks and Rulers

Green bookmark ruler price added 090918

Green bookmark ruler price added 090211

Museum bookmark added 080909

Gallery added 080103

Media and related

CD sleeve price added 090918

CD sleeve price added 090211

Casette Label added 081104

CD case added 080220

Work video price added 070905

Work video added 070831

3 casette labels added 070704

Casette Label price added 070625

Casette (E-only) price added 070612


Girls' Comics in the 1970s added 180209

Comic from "Eroica" to "Falco" 141209

35th Anniversary book added 121212

Several YASA books added 120308

Travel guide added 110203

YASA 16-17 added 100524

Pamphlet added 100428

Yasuko Aoike Maniacs added 100129

Prints and Posters

Bromide prints 20180627

40th anniversary print added 160812

Akita Shoten prints added 141126

Bookstore poster price added 121123

House poster added 120703

Signed Dorian print added 111123

Prize poster added 110713

Phone-, book- and collection- cards

'97 card added 130116

Z, Klaus and Lala id card added 120724

Lotter card and voting card added 120308

Cooking card added 110608

Klaus and Z card added 101125

'10 Phone card added 100628

Winter 09 card added 090922

Smiling Klaus card price added 090918

'09 book coupon added 090618


IC Card seal moved here 150709

post-it notes moved here 141126

Stickers set (undamaged) added 121107

Stickers set (damaged) added 120703

Sticker from Fukuya-shoten added 120427

Sticker sheet added 111229

Sticker rom 81 added 100915

Tramp stickers price added 090211

Clothes, Cloth and Carry

Kyoto museum towel, mat and totebag added 141126

Kyoto museum cloths added 141124

James gloves added 130114

Bunkyodo cloth added 120613

Z plastic bag added 120111

Bag hanger added 110825

Cloth added 101025

Three sweat shirts and an apron added 090622


PC game images added 140626

Cards price added 090918

Puzzle price added 090604

Tramp prices added 090211

Tramp and puzzle price added 081112

Tramp prices added 080424

Tramp price added 080310

PC price, info and card price added 080220

PC images and info added 071220

Post Cards and Letter Sets

Lala 40 postcard added 160812

Kyoto mm postcards and lp card added 141125

Kyoto mm postcards added 141124

Gold12-5 cards added 130118

2012 card added 130111

1999, 1997, 2003 and 2004 cards added 130110

2011 card added 101229

Snowing post card added 090918

Postcard added added 090609

Pencil Boards

"Couple" prices added 090918

Z price added 071008

"Couple" price added 070921

"Klaus promo" price added 070405

"Couple" price added 061206

Z price added 061124


2012 calendar added 190927

40th anniversay calendar added 150709

timetable chart added 120703

1980 Calendar card added 110224

1982 calendar added 091210

1983 card prices added 090115

1999 calendar and 83 card price added 081112

Fan club calendar images added 080909

The Red Set

Letterset price added 090604

Silver notebook and letter set prices added 090212

Lined notebook and spiral book prices added 090211

Folder price added 090119

Spiral block and diary price added 071120

Diary price 071105

Sticker moved here, link to ad 070828

Spiral block and letter set price 070724

Diary price 070718

Folder price 070703

The Black Set

Pencil board price added 090918

Pencil board price added 090604

Silver notebook and letter set prices added 090212

Lined notebook, pencil case and diary prices added 090211

Pencil box price added 081112

Pencil board price 080220

Spiral block and diary price added 071120

Pencil board price added 071113

Spiral block price added 071105

The Box Set

Price added 090918

Prints price added 090211

Advert scan added 081208

Price added 081112

Prices added 080619

Prices added 080424

Cup and Saucer price added 080220

Price added 071214

Flower arrangement with topper

Sold in december 2021 for 40th anniversary

Click for more images

Tourish brochure

New version, found 2016

Click for larger image

Compact mirror

With Princess Gold 2012 issue 4

Click for larger image

Compact mirror

With Princess Gold 2012 issue 4

Click for larger image


LE of 10

Click for larger image


LE of 10

Click for larger image

James doll

With Princess magazine 9-1997

Click for more images


Click for larger image


Click for larger image

Book protector

Leather cover

Click for more images

Tourish brochure

New for 2009!

Click for more images

City of Eberbach badge

Prize item of Princess Viva in late 80ies

Seen 1 time, 2.500 yen.

Click for more images

Book protector

Very soft plastic

Click for larger image

Photo frame and clock

Princess Readers Present prize of 2006

Click for more images

James calculator

Princess Readers Present Prize of 2003

Seen 1 time, 3.600 yen.

Click for larger images

Brochure for Eberbach

A different one than in the box set

Click for larger image

Screwdriver Set


Seen 1 time, 5.000 yen.

Click for more images


28 21 x 0.4 cm

Seen 1 time, 700 yen.

Click for larger image

Klaus cel-phone strap

Seen 2 times, 1.110-2.500 yen.

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Misc Others not official

Gallery added 111230

The City of Eberbach

DVD added 150923

Cloth badge and flashlight added 150904

Badges, Stamp and umbrella 150610

Mug with spoon added 140521

Postcards, stickers and magnet added 140516

Bonbons, thimble and small Schwarzkittel added 090514

North Downs

Gallery added 101019

Flowers and Chocolate

Klaus chocolates added 090514

Klaus chocolate added 080609

Klaus chocolate added 080302

Klaus flowers suggested, added 070925

Klaus chocolate added 070905

Gallery added 070404

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