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I have started adding links to some stories. This is far from finished, in any category. That is a very long-term project that will be done very, very gradually. I try to check link permissions and such, but if I have made any mistake, do mail me about it. 99.9 % should be slash, but a gen might have sneaked in. These stories are my "keepers", those I've liked enough to print to keep. Some of them are angsty, some of them funny, some of them are plain odd. Most should be available on-line somewhere. If you can't find a story, feel free to e-mail me and I should at least be able to tell you how I found it, if nothing else.

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I'm interested in finding three APAs called Late For Breakfast, Strange Bedfellows and Slash: The APA, in which Eroica information was published, if it was a story or something else?

I'm also interested in finding a story called The Keenest Blade by unknown. Seen at Escapade.

Finally, I'm interested in finding stories by Debbie, from back in the 80's. Please help!

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A Discreet Establishment by CassieIngaben added 210820
A look into Dorian's life as a child/youth. From the view of the Gloria's butler. I'll never get married, and I'll have adventures. Interesting view that tell us a lot about Dorian's youth, which rings very true. Well formulated and good images. Gordon seems nice. Dorian was a bit careless in his youth, but he will learn a bit better later on.

Mein sehr geehrter Herr by CassieIngaben added 210820
Klaus decides to get rid of Eroica. It's not an easy task, but Klaus is very dedicated and methodical. Will he succeed? Respectfully, Sir Diary, My New Year resolution this time is to finally find a way to permanently eliminate that annoying Limey nuisance Eroica from my life. Cute story that made me smile. I enjoyed following Klaus's attempts. Some nice images. Good humor. Good boy James for foiling the Anaconda plan. Tsk, tsk Klaus for hitting Bonham, though, that's not nice. Heh for Herr Professor Crowley. Good voice for Klaus.

Facts and Revelations by CassieIngaben added 210819
Missing scene from one of my fics in which Dorian has to spend a night - his first - in an UK prison ... Dorian turned towards the guards and waved an airy dismissal, every inch the disdainful Old Etonian. Really interesting missing scene kinda thing, I enjoyed reading it. Poor Dorian ... Well done, though!

The Happiest Day of Somebody's Life by TelWoman added 210819
Klaus's father drops a bomb: he's getting married. Even worse, his wife-to-be is a relative to someone Klaus knows rather well ... How will Klaus react? Then Valentina said, “Klaus, I’d like you to meet my father, Colonel Mikhail Medvedev.” Funny story that made me smile. Poor Klaus ...

Honour among Thieves by CassieIngaben added 210819
Dorian is very, very sick. Klaus comes to visit him. He want to help. But how? He must look a fright—Bonham had taken away all the mirrors. Sad, but strong story. Good descriptions. Aww for James diving into his blankets to hide from Klaus. Good boy, Klaus! The continuation - The Honourable Thing by TelWoman , also highly interesting and nice addition giving a good view of the proceedings. Good boy, Klaus!

Follow the Money Trail by Amity33 added 210819
Even Klaus has to admit that the Stingy Bug can really come in handy, sometimes. Because James has a special power! Instead of throwing himself into hunting for coppers, this time as soon as he stepped through the door James suddenly froze and stared fixedly at the wall to the right of the huge mahogany desk, straight towards a rather mundane still life painting in a gilt frame. Awww, cute! James is powerful! Yay! Nicely written. Good voice especially for Klaus - for James too, though. Highly amusing. Nice with the title. Poor B. James really in good shape. Having Dorain go "the extra mile" sounds really nice ... Heh for the hedge funds thing.

Silver is the New Gold by TelWoman added 210412
Oh no. A terrible thing happens. Dorian finds it. On his head. A grey hair! His hair remained gloriously, youthfully blond, but once in a while, a single stray silver hair would intrude – and would be plucked out immediately. Awww. Cute story! Poor, poor Dorian ... Well handled. Nice title. And yes, Dorian would pull off that solution too.

Alphabet Soup for Christmas by CassieIngaben added 210412
26 parts written for Christmas. The Eroica gang asks for help from the Alphabet to stage a play for Christmas. A Christmas Carol. No - A Muppet Christmas Carol. Oh, no ... Back then, he'd never thought he'd become a spy; but on one of those Hamburg nights, he'd been practically scouted by the Major, who'd spotted his hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes from the way D showed off his acrobatic cocktail-mixing at the bar. Lovely crack following all the team members on their zany adventure. Very amusing. Poor, poor boys, all of them ... Good insight on the 'bets and the gang, interesting to see the different works that they do. And the gin ... I love D being a bartender. I do hope James' cockroaches were all right. And that the Alphabet team has a lawyer. And a "Satanist". And T!

Cat Burglar by Nomad (nomadicwriter) added 210412
So, Dorian is out to steal some miniature portraits. Of course, the owner ends up being a codebreaker decrypting messages from KGB. Things spiral from there and soon enough we find Klaus and Dorian chasing a cat up a tree ... "You really must stop your men from hiding secret messages inside priceless works of art." Amusing and feels like something that could happen in the manga. Nice read. Poor Dorian ... The major well in form.

6:30 a.m. by Kyokana
Klaus wakes up at 6:30 as usual. But Dorian's in bed with him. Klaus considers the situation. Am I enough for him I wonder. Nicely described flow of consciousness. Not a tense I'd like for a longer story, but it works well for a short scene like this.

a captured moment by ashbird
Klaus wakes up. Dorian is there. His blue eyes open slowly, seeking Klaus' out with sleep-ridden curiosity and sparkling with avid interest not dissimilar to the way Klaus has seen Dorian look at a beloved painting. Sweet moment, nicely described. I liked it.

A Christmas Mess by Amity33
Klaus is forced to spend Christmas at Dorian's castle. Of course, he makes the best of the situation, so he starts cleaning up the castle, drafting the Eroica gang to do his bidding. All my men know that even if they are captured by the enemy, I will always find them…and if they talk while they’re captured, nothing the enemy can do to them will be worse than what I will do to them once I get them back. Cute story. Everyone well in character. A little hopeful for the future. Aww for Klaus getting to work a bit, as he likes. Heh for Klaus being a bit of a card shark. I liked Bonham's description about how the Eroica gang is held together by Dorian. Some good lines and descriptions. But also Klaus's way of trusting his men not to spill - it does sound like him.

A City Where Nobody Knows Me by TelWoman
Dorian needs to get away from everything (and James ...). He goes incognito to Brussels, where he relaxes in the luxury of not being known. He strikes up with a handsome man from Vienne. Only, Anton is not (just) the musician he claims to be. To be fair, neither is Dorian (just) the art collector he claims to be. But Anton's secret could prove very, very dangerous - and not just for Dorian. Klaus strode down the corridor and pushed open the door to the briefing room – to be greeted by the sight of Eroica at the head of the meeting table, surrounded by local agents and uniformed security guards, all drinking coffee and hanging on his every word. Interesting story. Poor Dorian, he really does live in interesting times. And I kinda liked Anton. Nice title. I liked the interaction between Dorian and Bonham. Good ties to canon. Hopeful ending. Very natural plot device with the passports. Nice dash of humor. Heh for Dorian passing as Z. I would love to get away for a bit like Dorian (though, if possible, without the assassins). Some vivid descriptions.

A Different Sort of Day by Tangerine
Klaus wakes up and things are different. His body, for one. He and Dorian has switched bodies ... Now what? He didn't know how, but he was sure this was somehow Eroica's fault. It always was. Cute story. Klaus well in character. Very efficient, even when faced with the impossible. Heh for Dorian having stolen his sweatpants. Nice to bring Caesar in. I like when they show up. Nice banter. Good ending.

A Father's Pride by pantswarrior
Klaus is away and Dorian goes to Schloss Eberbach, intending to steal the man in purple. Only, the schloss is not empty. Dorian meets Klaus's father. And after an impassioned explanation, I must agree that a well-maintained Leopard tank is a glorious sight. I enjoyed the interaction between Dorian and Klaus's father. Well in character, good dash of humor. Poor Klaus ... I would have loved a continuation of this story.

A Good Wife by Amity33
Klaus's father is pressuring him to get married. And Dorian is well, Dorian ... But then Klaus gets an idea. It's an outlandish, insane, yet oddly brilliant idea. He drafts Dorian into playing the role of his wife ... Will the ruse succeed - and, if it does, will it change anything between them? Assuredly he would sooner drink coffee with ten sugar cubes in it than concede even a single argument to the fop, but inwardly he was forced to admit that Eroica had been able to handle his father much better than he ever had. Long, interesting story. Good set-up with good covering of what might otherwise have been weak spots. Several good descriptions. I liked the use of German phrases here and there. I liked Klaus in this one: good look into his psyche. But his father was also interesting to read about. I can certainly see Klaus as asexual or at least not very interested in sex - and why he'd have problems with a "normal" wife. Tsk, tsk, alphabets, gossiping about your superior, bad form ... Poor Klaus, not easy for him. I do like him putting trust in Dorian - and how it worked out. A universe I would like to read more in. I enjoyed the bit of them building the background for the marriage. Also Bonham and his view of Dorian, the gang and Klaus as well. Several good descriptions. Heh for the pudding.

A Kiss is Still a Kiss by Nomad (nomadicwriter)
Klaus and Dorian are captured together. Dorian has a plan on how they can get away. However, the plan might just, kind of, require their lips to touch. Will Klaus agree ...? Klaus fumed at him rather attractively from the opposite side of the boiler room. Cute. Tsk, tsk Dorian. Well in character for especially Klaus. Tsk, tsk Klaus too, though ...

A Man Like That by Heathersparrows
Dorian gets an unexpected letter from Germany. Klaus requests his presence. So Dorian goes. He is in for the shock of his life when Klaus tells him an old Eberbach family secret ... “With your obnoxious persistence in following me around the world, making passes at me, you have earned yourself the right to know about a dark family secret of the Eberbachs,” the Major answered gravely. Highly interesting set-up. Dorian in good form. Poor James ... Nice descriptions and nice details. Good backstory with Konrad and Friedhelm too. Descriptive language, easy to envision. One of my favorite scenes was the visit to Mr Buesam with the knives, very nice. Heh for the "built in right-of-way" for Mercedeses. Heeeh for the assassin nun too. And awww for the broken heart thing. Story feels contained, but a sequel would be nice!

A Matter of Seeing Things Differently by TelWoman
Klaus is going after an international arms dealer and intends to break into his house to find evidence. Only, when he gets there, a break in is already in the works. The arms dealer owns a painting which Dorian wants and he has planned the heist for quite a while. Klaus recruits him. When he’d first met Eroica, Klaus had formed the impression that the man was a frivolous air-head, and his men a chaotic bunch of sycophants – but after a few contacts with them, he’d realised that was all a smoke screen. Nice story, lovely metaphore with the painting and its effect on our dear Klaus. Interesting. Both boys in good form. Good with Dorian being angry with Klaus for a bit, I liked that, also Dorian's intelligence gathering being more effective than Klaus's. And good on Dorian to take the painting anyway.

A Piece of Tail by Janice Kornyak Zine story

A Snake's Tail by General Zargon
Dorian and Klaus gets captured during a mission. They're locked up together and their captors have taken Dorian's lockpick. They can see the keys, but are unable to get to them. Or are they? It turns out that Klaus has the most spectacular secret and Dorian is in for the shock of his life. There was no way Iron Klaus would have decorative scales. Imaginative story with good archs and techniques. Easily visualised. Clever language too. They boys nicely in character. Fresh feeling. Nice dashes of humor. I especially liked Dorian in this one. Good touch with the hypnothizing. Heh for the end.

Advent Calendar by Margaret Price
Towards the end of November, Eroica starts sending gifts to the alphabet, one at a time. And on the 24th each member of the Schloss Eberbach staff also receives a present. However - Eroica doesn't give anything to Klaus. Not that he wants one! But what is the thief up to ...? He had received absolutely nothing, and yet, had received everything. Sweet story that made me smile. Awww-worthy. Good work, Dorian. Nice end too. Nice structure.

Allies in the Attic by Cameo
During a mission, Klaus gets separated from his men, with only Dorian for company. They have to rely on one another to get through the difficult situation. On another occasion, when he’d overheard Agent Z tell a colleague that Eroica belonged to the Major, Klaus hadn’t thought it asinine at all. Nicely written with good feel for the characters and their closeness to one another. I like how easy they cooperate. Heh for G and Z warning people off from Dorian and Klaus, respectively. Good dash of humor.

And How Was Your Weekend by Heather Sparrows
Klaus new mission is to provide security to the Christopher Street Day festivities. Instead of one gay, he gets thousands of them. But the parade needs security for a reason. And maybe Dorian will be there if he needs him. Klaus had the fleeting impression that, regarding Eroica's capricious nature, he'd better have shouted "Stay away from me!" Poor Klaus, what a mission. The parade is very nicely described and I like the loving portraits of the workers. Nice set-up from the start and I like that Klaus has the possibility to see a different side of Dorian and also to be immersed in gay culture. Nice local descriptions. And they'd be welcome in Stockholm. Cute with Unit Two and agents named after numbers.

Arrangement by junkyarddoll
Dorian interferes with Klaus's missions, so Klaus makes an arrangement with him. But Dorian doesn't entirely hold up his end of the bargain. "So, my dear Major since your mission is complete I can only assume it's time for you to debrief me." Dorian says, wiggling his eyebrows at the word 'debrief' in case Klaus somehow found a way to miss the obvious innuendo. Sweet fic that made me smile. Poor Klaus ... And I'm sure Dorian tries, in his own, special, way. Aww for them not letting Klaus sleep in the office anymore ...

As The Twig is Bent by TelWoman
Dorian had a life long before he met Klaus. This story shows scenes from his youth and what formed him until he starts establishing himself as his own man. They watched through the window as Dorian, long-legged and suntanned with a cascade of sun-bleached hair brushing his shoulders, moved easily about the deck of the boat tied to the jetty. Not always a pretty story and some dark or sad aspects, but well written. Good language, believable what happens. Well-described, some beautiful images. Interesting portrait and development.

Better left unsaid by Amity33
Dorian has been acting a bit strange lately. Klaus sets out to get leverage on him, should something happen. He sneaks into Dorian's home and tries to locate a secret of Dorian's. He finds many interesting things indeed - but will he find what Dorian is really trying to hide ...? Security was rather lax at Castle Gloria, since Eroica believed that anything someone stole from him, he could always steal back; besides, his underworld connections ensured that no petty criminal in his right mind would ever target his lavish residence. Nice version of a secret! Awww, Dorian, that's both sweet and a bit sad. In real life possibly even a bit stalkery, but in Eroica context it works for me. Good on Klaus to not destroy things. I also liked having Klaus do the thieving. Really good touch with the rumors Klaus spread. Some nice descriptions. Nicely put at the end.

Between Friends by Amity33
Bonham and Agent A are in contact over email. Sometimes just as friends; sometimes things gets dicy and they're the last defence between the world and an major-Eroica collision. When we caught you in the middle of stealing the statue and Lord Gloria dared the Major to body-search him to prove he hadn’t taken anything from it, I really thought he was going to get a bullet this time. Good feeling between them and I liked how they cooperated and understood the ramification of the situation. Interesting view of Donatello.

Birthday Suit by Kadorienne
Dorian shows up in Klaus's bed on his birthday - year after year. Klaus reacts badly at first, then throws him out or make him regret himself. One year, though, Klaus reacts differently. Conrad did make sure the cook made a large portion of fried potatoes, as he always did on this date, but he knew better than to acknowledge the occasion in any other way, and Klaus pretended not to know why he was being served his favorite food. Sweet. Good interaction between the boys. Bad Klaus, with the porn mag and the itching powder - but both sounds like something he could do. Sweet with the butler wanting to do at least something for Klaus (and later preparing for Klaus having the sheets burned). Yes, something like what I imagined, especially the ending (since it was inspired a bit by a line in one of my stories).

Birthday Surprise by TelWoman
It's Dorian's birthday and someone has left him something really nice ... Will he get to keep it? And who gave the gift? Seated on the flagstones in front of the Castle's main entrance, looking exceptionally uncomfortable and extremely irate, was Major Klaus von dem Eberbach, tightly bound up in yards of brightly coloured ribbon. Awww ... A gift both thoughtful and, well, a bit cruel. But nice! Made me smile.

Bitter by Telwoman
For once, a mission doesn't go Klaus's way. An undercover mission in hostile terratory, his contact person is incompetent and there's nothing Klaus can really do to salvage the situation. What will happen? Working under the direction of an unknown quantity was not what Klaus would have preferred, but he had no say in the matter so he swallowed his protests, grudgingly resolving to make the best of the situation. Interesting look on Klaus's life. Not your usual Eroica-story, which felt refreshing (even if I in the grand scheme of things prefer Klaus to always succeed), despite the serious topic. Some very nicely written descriptions. A bit dark, but believable, human, and if Klaus had been real he probably would have had missions like that, sadly. Nice original character.

Blood and Iron by Kadorienne
On a solo mission in Rumania, Klaus is forced to visit an old abandoned castle. Only when he enters the lower levels, the castle isn't quite as abandoned as it seems. He's attacked by a vampire, only the vampire makes the fatal mistake of underestimating Klaus and Klaus emerges victorious - and a vampire. His new life is quite different from his old one - and contains several surprises. It took more than conversion to the undead to discourage Eroica. Well-written, interesting story. A nice read. I found it inspriring. Good ending. Several good lines. I liked Klaus getting cobwebs in his hair as he's too cautious to lower his gun, nice detail. Nice with Dorian's reaction and how he helps him. And the butler's reaction was priceless.

Blood Red Rubies by focsfyr
Klaus is completely pissed at Eroica for robbing a diplomat, risking weeks of delicate negotiations. But when he accuses Dorian of the crime, he's in for a surprise ... His aristocratic drawl curled lazily around the room, carefully enhanced for the maximum Eberbach irritation. Good humor. Also good voices for both Klaus and Dorian. I like it when we see a hint of Dorian's more ruthless side. Several good details.

Breaking and Entering by Neery
Klaus really needs Dorian to help him with a mission, but Dorian refuses as the risks are simply too great. Then Klaus makes Dorian a shocking offer. He'd found his thoughts straying in indecent directions far too often lately, as if the few days where he'd thought he would finally let Dorian have his way with him had opened some sort of floodgate, and now he couldn't get his wandering mind back under control. Yummie story. I find Klaus offering himself in payment to Dorian completely delicious. Not for Dorian to accept, but the act of offering is lovely. Nice set up, making Dorian turning away Klaus's original request believable. Nice little adventure. Good in character, I especially liked Dorian, though I like the internal reasoning of them both, works well. Nice angst. I like the bedroom scene after Dorian's nightmare a lot, very intimate and I really like the idea of Dorian at the Schloss and them running. Several nice lines. Yay for Dorian slapping Klaus. Nice ending.

Breaking Point by Kadorienne
Something big has happened to Klaus and he is a pale copy of his old self. Dorian has no idea what has happened. What is he to do? If it didn't seem outrageous to describe the fearsome Major with such a word, Dorian would have called his expression bashful. Dark theme, normally darker than I like, but just on the right side of the line. Nicely done, nicely handled. I like the resolution. Also the use of Klaus's eyes to illustrate his mood/state. Nice to see emotion in Klaus, even if I wouldn't want to see so much of it in a regular fic. Poignant.

Brother of the Sun, Brother of the Moon by K.L. Fidelius and Countess Grey
In the Andes mountains of Peru, a mosaic portraying the Sun God, the Brother of the Sun, is found. A mosaic of sapphire, rubies and gold of a blond, handsome man. Who happens to look much like Dorian. Klaus assumes that Dorian will steal it. He couldn't care less, except that Neo-Nazis might use this as an opportunity to kill Dorian. So Klaus goes after him. And in Peru something else of interest is found - the Brother of the Sun isn't alone. And Klaus gets amnesia. As if in answer to his thought, a figure emerged from the hotel across the tiny village plaza — the last person he expected to meet here, but the first person he hoped to see anywhere. Nicely written with good details and humor, yet good feelings. I'm normally not much interested in religious aspects, but this was nice and worked well in the story. The mosaics sounds lovely. Klaus well in character -and it's interesting to see how he acts under amnesia. Nice to bring Peru back. Aww-worthy in places. Nice end. So cute with Hualpa mistaking Dorian for the God.

Caveat Emptor by TelWoman
Buyer beware. Paintings are showing up on the market that were stolen in a rather spectacular heist some time ago. The seller claims to be Eroica. Only Dorian didn't commit that heist and he isn't the one selling. But not only does someone use the Eroica name to fence gods - they're selling forgeries! Dorian is not pleased. “An audacious operation, well timed, well targeted, no traces left – sounds like Eroica to me.” Interesting to see the people who buy the fakes - and their reaction to finding out. I could feel sorry for some of them. Good plot idea, felt fresh. Dorian's reaction well in character. I only would have wanted for him to slam down with the rage of Red on the thief. Klaus a little grim to start with, but he redeemed himself to me when he called Dorian's cell even if INTERPOL might answer. Good to see Dorian's men on their own, it gives a deeper image of them. I liked INTERPOL hunting Dorian, we get very little of that, so that was nice.

Christmas at The Eberbachs by IHidMyFaceFromYouNoMore
Klaus has to go to celebrate Christmas with some of his relations. He'll only have to stay two hours, then he can leave. He brings Dorian ... The man, Iron Klaus of NATO, whose biggest pet peeve in life was public displays of any form of affection, smiled and opened his arms likewise wide before bending down to bearhug the tiny woman. Aww ... poor Klaus. But interesting view of his family, which we see too little of. It makes sense that even he has some relatives that he doesn't want to upset. Awww for the handholding. And for Oda ... Heh with Florian and Dorian. Nice end.

Collective (Master-at-Arms of the Dawn Treader) by pixieface
Drabble Narnia/Eroica in which Klaus is the master-at-arms on the Dawn Treader. The Dawn Treader's Master-at-Arms was a dark-haired man from Beaversdam with green eyes which flashed when he was angry, which was all the time. Cute drabble. I'd like to have seen it expanded upon, but I really like the idea and it made me smile. Inspiring.

Comfort and Joy by TelWoman
Christmas and Dorian usually takes the holidays as an excuse to pester Klaus. However, not this year. This year the Eroica gang has a new member - Barnaby - and Dorian seems to be forgetting about his crush on Klaus. How will Klaus react when he finds out? And how come Jonesy can't find a trace of Barnaby before he joined them? Something strange is going on. Agent A closed the door on the way out, wondering what the terrible blankness in the Major’s eyes meant. Classic Eroica theme with a holiday twist. Good with the hint of supernatural, goes well with the manga. I liked Bonham being in touch with A.

Coming Together by Gloriana
Dorian's nephew, the Honourable Theodore Worley, is getting married. He loves his uncle, but he also thinks it's time for him to settle down. Dorian feels old. And elsewhere, Klaus's father has a very firm word with his son. He has something rather unexpected to say. “Somehow, you, my son, have so managed to ensnare this young man that for the past twenty years he has chased you all over the globe, fought your battles with you, and saved your life and your mens’ countless times at risk of his own.” Nicely written with good angst but also some humor. Several good details. I really like it when Klaus's father gets involved. Also with a more positive side to Dorian's family - we don't get much of that. Good language for Dorian. Awww-worthy in places.

Confidential by Kadorienne
Eroica has been stealing top secret information. NATO believes he has been turned. Klaus is ordered to determine what Eroica really is up to - by way of seduction if necessary. But what is really the truth? Klaus was not surprised that his first sign of Dorian's presence was find a long blade intimately pressed against his Adam's apple. Serves Klaus a bit right, tsk, tsk. Poor boy if Dorian finds out the truth, though. Nice twist, nicely done. Inspiring.

Courage by frankenmouse
Agent B must do something very dangerous and brave. He has no other choice. He must talk to Major von dem Eberbach. Agent B is not having a good day. G would end up crying, P wouldn’t actually hear anything over the ringing in his ears, L would most likely collapse, and S’s stutter would doubtlessly increase to the point of incomprehensibility. Awww ... poor Agent B. But he was very rational and brave and worthy. Good view of the Alphabet and their situation. Short, but sweet.

Curly Tails and Tusks by Heather Sparrows
AU in which Klaus and Dorian are ... pigs! The brave boar Klaus protects his horde and his forest, until one day he has the misfortune of running into a crazy pink pig ... "I am Pink Piglet Dorian, and I always get what I want!" SPECIAL COMMENT FROM BBK: The best story ever! Big Boar Klaus is the bravest, proudest, best big boar in the world and there is no pig as pink and elegant and lovely as Pink Piglet Dorian! An amazing adventure! BBK/PPD forever!

dance with the one that brung ya by phraseme
Dorian is on vacation in Salzburg, when he runs into one of Klaus's missions. Maybe it'll give him a chance to get closer to his own goal. But knowing that voice—and even hearing it, that German accent and the curt, bitten-off impatience—makes Dorian a little weak at the knees. Good show of their differences. Nice, smooth read. Cute end.

Days Gone Down by Nomad (nomadicwriter)
Klaus's father is home at the Schloss. He's getting old now -and he has something very important to talk to Klaus about ... And, however much Klaus might have been feeling his own age of late, it turned out that he was not yet too old to chase a thief. Well written, intense story about a subject that affects us all. Good voices for all. Nice dash of humor that worked well to lighten the mood after the more serious subjects.

Dazed and confused by Mitsugoro
Klaus von dem Eberbach is a complicated man. His dreams are no less complicated. Klaus lowered his eyes, and realized to his utter horror that his body was nothing more than a giant hot potato. Interesting psychodelic dream with a thoughtworthy look into Klaus's sub-conscience. I liked the end.

Daydream in Capri Blue by isindismay
Eroica is in Capri and James' every dream appear to come true. Do they really ...? In a show of surprising strength, Mario gave his new boss a piggy back ride up the remainder of the steps. Awww ... James deserves happiness too! Sweet Mario is cute. Orange and liquorice does sound like an odd combo, yes. Very cute with the birthday present for James. Nice dash of humor too.

Death and Grief by rsadelle
Two large tragedies strikes Klaus in quick succession. This hits him very hard - but in his weak moment, an unexpected rock steps up to keep everything together for him. As long as I live, you will not be alone in the world. Short, but inspiring with a strangely good feeling despite the very serious things that happens, even a little awww-worthy. Very good on Dorian, I really like him in this fic. Poor Klaus ...

Decent Proposal by Kadorienne
Same-sex marriages are finally legal in Germany and on the very day Dorian goes to Bonn a-courting. "Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach," he asked in ringing tones, "Will you do me the honor of granting me your hand in marriage?" Awww. Lovely story, it always makes me smile to read. Well in character, believable, nicely done.

Der Schnee by Tzigane and Kat continues in Der Schauer
Klaus and James end up in a cabin together, having to rely on each other for warmth and share the food. The experience turns intense ... "Love isn't running around humiliating a person and making a fucking fool of them," Klaus murmured, rubbing his arms with gloved fingers that felt as cold as they would without the gloves. A fic I liked when I first read it, many, many years ago. One of the very few nice non-Klaus/Dorian in the fandom. I was glad to see it at AO3 and I hope more will follow. Poor James ... But it ended up well for him in the end. I liked James in this one. Inspiring.

Desperate Measures by Kadorienne
NATO borrows in an American "Romeo" agent to seduce a woman for information. The man claims he's able to pick up anyone. Seeing that the man is very good at what he does, Dorian enlists his help in seducing Klaus. The Romeo agrees, but he wants something very valuable in return. Will Dorian be able to pay the price and, even if so, will the seduction work? But then, years of seeing him as the unstoppable Prince of Thieves hadn't separated the Major from his crisply pressed trousers. Very interesting story. I like several of the ideas used in it. Nice twist at the end. Many good lines. Interesting OCs. Nice dash of humor. Tsk, tsk, silly boy Klaus. And, yes, please keep Keegan away from Lawrence. I did enjoy the way Dorian handled Klaus once he had him a bit on the hook. Cute about the tank.

Details by rsadelle
Klaus's father dies. Klaus can't get away at the time, so Dorian helps him with all the practical details. Maybe this gives Klaus something to think about. He knew exactly what some of the relatives were thinking when they came in together, and he didn't really care. Interesting premis, sad that the work was abandoned, it had potentials.

Diminished Capacity by Grey Bard
Klaus is thoroughly exhausted after a mission, not exactly on top of his game. When Dorian arrives the good major is too tired to mount a proper defence. How will Dorian react? He seemed far too pleased for a man who had just been given the brush off. Awww! So cute. exhausted, rambling Klaus and Dorian being almost sweet about it. It really made me smile. Poor Klaus ...

Do Your Worst by Amity33
The animosity between Klaus and Dorian escalates as each gets revenge on the other, worse and worse. What set it off? How might it end? Hell hath no fury like a Prince of Thieves scorned. Nice challenge reply. Tsk, tsk, boys - but boys will be boys ... Interesting choice of insult to set things off. Nice dash of humor - I found it amusing and it made me smile. Several nice details. Good solution, Klaus.

Dorian and Klaus in present times series by Heather Sparrows
Klaus gets married and a car-accidents prevents Dorian from being around for a while. Twenty years later, Klaus' wife is dead, he has a son and Dorian's long-time lover is also dead. On an impulse, Dorian contacts Klaus and they meet up. Has anything changed? I wonder whether he still is that ravishing beast of prey which broke my heart ...? Interesting, thought-worthy story. Nice details with fleshed out original characters. Inspiring and nicely written. I liked the detail with Volovolonte marrying Dorian's sister, heh! Nice to know that there's always hope.

Dream by Cecily Reindhart

Dutch Courage by Kadorienne
Dorian opens his hotel room door to find Klaus outside. A Klaus who is drunk and wants to have sex with him. Now what is Dorian to do - and what happened to lead Klaus to this? Fighting off Klaus’s advances wasn’t something he had ever expected to find himself doing, but under the circumstances he really didn’t have much choice. Poor Klaus, it's not easy when your plot does not go as planned. And how typical that just that particular time Dorian does not push ... Good on Dorian for acting the gentleman. Also for equalizing taking advantage of a drunk to rape. Aww for Klaus seeming momentarily hesitant if Dorian wanted him or not.

Eight Years Later by Carol
The manga went on a hiatus. Klaus and Dorian moved in as lovers and are very happy. Misca raises prize roses. Then Aoike returns and all goes south. They definitely would have to keep the fact they were lovers a secret from Aoike. Heeeh. Very amusing. And yes, it would be great if they could have something like that in the down time. I wonder if Mischa has Eroica roses - he should.

Eroica Drabbles by Hunter
Drabbles setting some of the Eroica characters against each other: what is hidden behind B's unassuming mask, what does Dorian really think about Laurence and, of course, Dorian's thoughts of Klaus. All too often, the glimpses he got of Klaus's romanticism seemed too good to be true, and he thought they probably were. My favourite was Dorian and Klaus - and Dorian's peptalking himself into not giving up. But also Dorian vs. Laurence - go for it, Dorian, save us all from that. And, yes, while I might not see this particular side of B, I do think there's far more to him than is seen on the surface.

Ever After by Animus Revival
Death. Revenge. More Death. And after that ... White snow covering him in a blanket, Klaus finally let his eyes close. One of the most difficult fics to summarise without giving away too much. A death story, which I usually have huge problems with, but possibly my favorite such overall. Nicely done.

Exercise by torch
Klaus and Dorian are locked in together. Dorian enjoys Klaus's efforts to get them out. "You sweat very nicely." Cute story that made me smile. Bad Dorian. Good dialogue.

Extreme Solution by TelWoman
Klaus goes on a mission, undercover at a mining and exploration company in Husuni, Africa. He might very well never come back. And then Eroica comes to visit. He’d gotten used to this chameleon existence long ago: the ability to become another person living another life, for as long as a mission lasted; to create a new truth, and to deny other truths. Interesting read. A bit more serious than many Eroica fics, but in a good way. Good language for a mission fic. I did feel for Klaus being away from Germany for so long ... Poor Alphabets without their leader, what trouble they might get into ... Good ending.

Fabulousman by Kadorienne
Meteors fall on Earth and give many people superpowers. One of them being Dorian, now also known as Fabulousman, fast, strong and able to fly. Luckily, he's on the good side. Klaus, on the other hand, is not one of the meteor effected. When Dorian coaxes his mouth open, Klaus accepts his tongue without protest. Very amusing. Lovely idea, very well executed. I smiled all the way through reading it. I especially loved Dorian being the only super hero with more than one outfit (but everyone recognizes him anyway). And Dorian's more forceful approach working, I always thought so. Noooch for the Russians not wanting to play with Klaus any longer.

Fashion Victim by Amity33
Dorian's at a gala and is fabulous as usual. He gets to talking to a fashion designer - who tells him a very interesting tale about a very different fashion job he had. In Germany ... The gala was bustling with the rich and famous, but even in this glitzy setting Lord Gloria stood out amidst the multitude of sparkling evening gowns and jet-black tuxedos. Great description of Dorian, his fabulousness and how someone versed in such things view him. And the bit about their "anonymous NATO agent" was highly amusing. Poor Bonham. I know very little about fashion, but I enjoyed this little look inside. Good voice for Dorian. Tsk, tsk, Klaus, homo germs and threathening that poor girl. Well done, Antoine, for letting him know what you think - good OC!

Five Days in Padesca by Laura Kaye
Mission over, but it didn't end too well, forcing Dorian and Klaus to walk six hours to the nearest town. The hotel they check into only has one room available. Usually this would not be a good thing, as the major would react badly. But when he realises they have to stay there for four entire days, Klaus seems surprisingly calm. The prize was worth it… and even if Klaus never did relent, it would be worth it still, for those rare times when they were quiet and still together, or when in the heat of a mission a spark of camaraderie flashed between them. Sweet story, well-written with many nice details and good emotions. Aww for Klaus helping Dorian with his feet and not going to let Dorian get arrested. Very amusing in part. Heh for Dorian having ways to get home earlier - of course he would have. Sweet also with the pajamas, a nice touch. I especially liked Dorian in this one. Bitewise very nice intimacy between them. I also like Klaus's matter of fact approach to how they are seen by others. Good detail about Dorian's hair being an easily removed identifier, that was inspiring.

Five Things Dorian Red, Earl of Gloria, Never Stole by briar_writes
Five stories with things Dorian Red never stole. Usually involving a certain Major ... Behind the rim of his champagne flute his lips curled into a pleased smile, his gaze following the dark figure that cut through the twittering nobles like a hawk's talons through a silk sleeve. Interesting series of clips - and amusing too. Nice story of what happened as a total. Good descriptions of Dorian. Heh for Klaus knowing Dorian so well ...

Five Things Klaus Loves In Dorian by telwoman
Klaus ruminates about Dorian and his skills and strengths and what they mean to Klaus and their possible connection. When you look at him - really look at him, when you watch him carefully, you see that under the floaty clothes and the jewellery and the hair there's nothing effeminate about him. Well put about Dorian, several thought-worthy descriptions. Nice show of Klaus's conflicted emotions. I also liked the little sides to A, B and especially G. A bit sad end, I like more positive ends, but still interesting read.

Flood by Amity33
Eroica has accomplished what no woman ever had been able to - he has made Klaus think of sex. Klaus is hesitant, though, worried what will happen if he does give in to the Earl, as Dorian haven't exactly got a reputation for caring overly for his conquests once he's made them. Then one day the Earl almost dies and Klaus need to reconsider his priorities. But more than that, he wanted it to be true…he wanted to believe that there was someone out there who could actually love him. Some nice descriptions and some nice angst too. I like the idea about Klaus feeling insecure as to the future if he does give in to Dorian: I also do like his "solution" to the problem (not that I think Dorian actually would tire of him). Heh for Klaus watching his underwear. Another detail I liked was the tactic agreement between NATO and Interpol. Interesting idea of John-Paul and Jonesy being twins. Very sensual description of the gun similie. Klaus well in character.

Flying Bullets, Fairytales and the Danger of Reconsiderations by Kadira
After getting accidentally shot by Klaus during a mission, Dorian reconsiders things. He'll never stop loving Klaus, but eight years of constant insults and the occasional punch might have to be enough. How will Klaus react to Dorian's decision? "Yeah, but I'm your damned thief," he said, voice rough, almost breathless, as he wrapped his arms around the other's neck, keeping him as close as possible. Nice dash of humor. Several good, strong images and use of senses. Good take on Klaus' dilemma/feelings in the matter. I especially liked Klaus in this one. Heh for Dorian's speculations about Klaus's motives and NATO needing a new accountant. Cute with Dorian cooking and Klaus eating, despite the possibly not quite proper result. Awww for the teaching to shoot, I like that. Heh for Klaus smiling at James, poor thing. Good use of German for Klaus. I thought we'd see Folliot again, maybe for a sequel?

Four Ways To A Resolution by Damson Jam
A series of short stories around different meanings of the word 'resolution'. How to solve the problem of them both wanting both the tank and the man in purple, for instance. Klaus making a decision of what to do - and why. Even how different resolutions in how something is shown and how true a tale that may or may not show. He hadn't realised how much work went into fighting the urge until he gave in. I liked several of these stories. The time wasting story I found especially clever, but the last one was also very intimate and sweet. And I love the pragmatic part of Dorian checking the safety. Some nice humor, like the reason for them moving in together.

Freedom's Burning by TelWoman
A terrorist organisation, the Purification Brigade, is mobilising. Klaus catches one of them and finds out that the group plans a high-scale terrorist act. But in order to do so, they need to overcome extensive security, almost impossible to penetrate. The one of the best thieves in the world shows up - Dorian. To what lengths will the Bridgade go to get Dorian to work for them? He’d never met anyone as beautiful – or as arrogant – and he’d been captivated. Interesting take on a possible life for Dorian if he opts not to pursue Klaus any longer. Intense mission story for Klaus, good use of especially B, but I also liked the detail about L impersonating his superior. Eveything fits together smoothly, even the involvement of Dorian, who is falling into one of Klaus's missions as he so often does in canon. Positive, open ending. Especially Klaus well in character (but Dorian too). Good descriptions of Klaus. Interesting take on terrorists/fanatics that sounds real. I liked the name of the band. Good language.

From Tomorrow with Love by Serenade
It's the 21st century. Things have changed. Klaus still works with NATO, but it's not the same any longer. A new mission requires him to meet up with Dorian. Dorian flirts - Klaus rejects. It's route. Klaus isn't happy. Can something change? Dorian stands under his window in the rain like some goddamn idiot, grinning and waving. Interesting story. A bit bitter sweet, but with a lovely end, nicely phrased. Good read. Awww for Dorian in the rain.

Germany's Secret Weapon by Amity33
Late at night the coach of the German National Football Team gets a call and a very inspiring reason for the team to win against Brazil ... “Um, Herr Major…are you sure you have the authority to send the Nationalmannschaft to Alaska?” Heeeh. Very cute. Made me smile. Poor coach ... Tsk, tsk, Klaus. But go, Germany!

Getting Married Is A Hell In Making by Chemcat
Dorian's worst nightmare come true: he gets invited to Klaus's wedding. But there might still be a possibility of things ending well. As much as he hates to admit it, the police arresting his husband would put a black mark on his record; Dorian is well aware of that. Nice humor, I could see Klaus pulling something like this - and possibly complaining about his decision later, poor man. A little inspiring. Heh for Dorian continuing interfering with Klaus's mission. I also liked his nighttime trip to the Louvre to "admire arts".

Glitter and Gold by SLq
Klaus comes to see Dorian. He acts a bit odd. There has been changes in Schloss Eberbach. Big changes ... Klaus had come to expect Dorian’s presence wherever he was, be it at home or in the deadlands of Siberia. Nicely built. Awww for Herr Hinkel, that really made me smile. Good voice for Bonham. Poor Martin, no chance at all ... But Dorian should have done as Klaus said, when Klaus was so good about letting him know. Heh for likening Dorian to a bloodhound in his search for Klaus.

Goodwill To All Men by Karen Colohan
Klaus is forced by his boss to host a masquerade party. Dorian is invited and comes as a devil in tight-fitting leather. And finally, at long last, Klaus gives in. He wondered if Klaus feared he would not be wanted, now that he had shown that brief moment of capitulation. Poor Klaus, that boss of his really isn't nice to him. Normally I prefer stories with plenty of angst and plot, but this one I liked for the ease of the fall, the natural progression, but also the tension and the hot (yet intimate) sex. Several good lines and details and a nice little dash of angst.

Hamburg Nights by Kadorienne
Film Noir AU in which Klaus is the detective and Dorian the client come to hire him. When God made Dorian Red, He was in the mood to show off. Lovely Film Noir, very classic. Nicely done, though my favourite part is the glorious descriptions of Dorian, some really nice ones.

Hands by chemcat
Dorian breaks into a house looking for treasure - and finds the greatest treasure of them all - a bound NATO major. Now what will Dorian do? You think it’s enough to blindfold and handcuff me and I’ll go quietly? I could se something like this in canon, Dorian accidentally finding Klaus in such a situation. Amusing possibility. Good end. Good logic on Klaus's part. Bad Dorian, playing with Klaus's prudency.

Happy Returns by TelWoman
The Alphabet all knows to be extra vigilant before Klaus's birthday, as that's when Eroica usually comes, bearing unwanted gifts (or just sends them) and generally being a nuisance. That's the way it is every year. But something is different this year ... Agent A expected the Major to arrive back on time, unscathed, and no doubt in a foul mood because he resented spending time talking about intelligence and security instead of actually getting on with the job. Tsk, tsk, both Klaus and Dorian. But endearing and it made me smile. Nice detail with Klaus's briefing on intelligence methodology at the conference (even if he rather would have been more active about it).

Hesitation Waltz by cranialaccessory
Klaus new mission is to infiltrate a retreat of a known weapon dealer, a Countess Roberta McKinnon. However, the only way in to the retreat is by invitation. Luckily, Dorian moves in the same circlers as she, and is invited. He's even invited to bring someone. But only if said someone is married to him ... So now they have to go undercover as a married couple. Will they be able to do so or will something give them away? And what will this mean for them? But if we get caught because you punch me for taking your hand, I am going to hold it against you for the rest of our very brief lives. Nicely built story. I especially liked Dorian in this: capable and not mindless in his pursuit of Klaus. But shows Klaus nice as well. Good point about homosexuality and giving Klaus a dose of his own medicin regarding that. Amusing when they pretend to have sex (though such things kinda make me wince). Neat that they work so well together, like during the tennis game. Nice dash of humor. Heh for Klaus being a better shot than Dorian even if he has a concussion.

His Majesty's Musketeer and the German Zine story
Herr Officer Klaus von dem Eberbach is sent to France to recover stolen jewels. The French sets him up with one of their musketeers to help him. The foppiest popinjay dandy of them all. Not even a frenchie - but a brit! Lieutenant Sir Dorian Redd. Aka the Golden Blade. He spent the next couple of hours pretending to be asleep while he tried to adjust his world view enough to respect a brave fighting man who wanted to love other men. Lovely Regency. Good language and genuine historic feel. Both boys are well in character, yet works well in their new surroundings. Great images of Dorian, very descriptive and vivid. Lovely with the sword to divide the bed, very classy. Yay for the Golden Blade!

Hold by Sleeps With Coyotes

Honour Among Thieves by Filigree
Continuation of More Than Meets The Eye by Yoiko, then abandoned and reworked by Margaret Price to House of Cards. When Russia gets provisionary status into NATO, Klaus've had enough - he takes his toys and goes. Goes underground, to save his nation. He takes everything with him, including the Alphabet. Eroica might have joined him - except Dorian is actually not a British, aristocratic thief in this one. Well, he pretends to be. In truth he's an American secret agent deeply undercover. He's not even gay ... Which is a bit awkward, because Klaus just admitted to loving him. The man might deserve to have his head on a pike, but he didn’t deserve James. Lovely intrigue, beautiful setup, very interesting. While House of Cards was interesting enough, certainly, it would have been very interesting to see where this set-up would have gone with this author as well. Nice language. Nice dash of humor. I really liked the part where Dorian hears sound and recognize them as familiar: Klaus cleaning his gun: intimate and a lovely touch. I also like Dorian's team in this one.

Houseplay by the Rev
Things overheard in Schloss Eberbach after Dorian moves in with Klaus - or in Castle Gloria after Klaus moves in with Dorian. "Dorian, you live here, you can enjoy the paintings all you like, please stop hoarding them in the basement like a goddamned chipmunk!" Some of these are hilarious.

I Dream Of Eroica by Kadorienne
AU in which Dorian is a genie. Klaus has his bottle, though he's not always all that happy with all the favours his genie wants to make him. "You know you are the only man for me, Master," he cooed, flinging his arms around Klaus's neck. Aww for Klaus having fun with his playmates, even if Dorian tries to "help" him. And cute what Dorian does to the women Klaus's father tries to get him together with. I also liked the Lawrence sequence, that was interesting. Fun story.

I saw what? by genki-blonde
Christmas. Young Catherine Rosenberg celebrates with her family, including her uncle Dorian and someone she heard her mother refer to as her uncle's new boy-toy, even if Catherine thinks he's neither a boy or looks like a toy. Besides, Catherine saw something far more interesting regarding uncle Dorian last night. The way uncle Dorian kissed Santa was more like a fairytale princess kissing her prince. Awww -cute. Children can be annoying as original characters, but Catherine was really cute. I'd love it if canon would explore more of Dorian's family. And having seen Klaus in a santa outfit I found this really neat. Tsk, tsk, such a foul language, Santa. Of course, Dorian had probably been naughty ...

I'm Gonna Pick the Lock on It by akatonbo
When Klaus marches up to him and demands that he kiss him, Dorian has no clue as to what is gong on. That doesn't stop him from going along. He was sure he would kidnap a thousand Popes if it could somehow guarantee this would happen again. Cute story that made me smile. A longer version would have been nice, but it works like this too. Good descriptions.

Ichabod and the Hessian by Heather Sparrows
Ichabod is about to leave Sleepy Hollows, but is stopped by the Horseman, who wants him to help him with something. Will Ichabod be able to help and what will happen afterwards? Later in the series a crossover to a From Eroica With Love AU, set in the time of Sleepy Hollows. One of Klaus's missions take him to America - and he has to bring Dorian. In America he meets up with an American police man, Ichabod Crane, and an associate of his, a man with very sharp teeth. Lord Gloria was indeed a picture to stare at, a tall, slender figure in an electric blue dressing gown, enhancing the colour of his eyes, a lion’s mane of golden curls framing his handsome face and falling down to his shoulders. Interesting story, well written, nice details. Nice description and good emotions. Nice touch of a bond between them after Ichabod touched the Horseman's skull. I especially liked the view from Daredevil - beautiful. Interesting backstory for the Hessian. The crossover also interesting. Good, intelligent plot. Several interesting original characters. Warm, even if a hint dark in places. Nice dashes of humor. Good, suitable language. James in good shape and I like that he got a happy ending and aww for him giving away money. Cute with Klaus smoking pipe and heh for the tank drawing.

If I were you by TelWoman
Klaus wakes up, but doesn't know who he is. Due to certain circumstances, he believes himself to be Eroica, the master thief. Eroica is in love with Iron Klaus, of course. Klaus, as Eroica, thinks of things he didn't before, from a different angle than his usual. What will happen when he regains his memory? All he knew was that the love Eroica had for Iron Klaus was pure and strong, forged in fire, undying – and that love would keep him alive through whatever ordeal the Russian thugs in the next room had planned for him. Bad way of waking up ... Interesting with Klaus thinking in both English and German. Tsk, tsk, bad Mischa! I like it that Klaus recognizes that Eroica is his equal in some things. Nice with the including of the motorcycles. For all that we see them in the mangas we don't usually get much of themin fic. Sweet end, yay!

In Focus by chemcat
Klaus is not easily distracted. He has full focus on what he wants and what interests him. A single person was never able to hold his interest for long. However, when he met a certain blue-eyed son-of-a—thief, he had no other choice but to divide his attention. Nicely structured story. Short but thoughtworthy and good language, even a touch sweet.

Incontrovertible Envidence by Kadorienne
Klaus and Dorian are captured by Mischa, who injects Klaus with truth serum and asks him questions - about the spy net work, but later about his sexuality - and his relationship with Eroica ... That he was the only one who seemed to realise just how much of a sacrifice Klaus had made with that move meant he probably had something of his own to hide. Great idea, nice execution. Very nice touch to mix in Klaus's bosses. Also nice details about Klaus's father and the Warsaw operation, other things too. I really like Dorian in this one. Nice ending.

Iron Hand, Velvet Glove by Vesta Eirii
Klaus and Dorian finally have sex, but afterwards Klaus does not want anything more to do with Dorian. Dorian, however, is not about to let his prize slip out of his hand and goes after Klaus again, this time even more forcefully. Where will it end? Moments like this, when he somehow managed to slip past the Major's defences, were delicate and precious. Very interesting development. Nice descriptions. Well written, hot sex-scenes with a lovely hint of borderline non-con. In character.

Iron Man & The Prince by Margaret Price
Klaus is on a mission in Kansas, acting as decoy while Z carries the real information. Eroica is with him. But as they drive along, they're suddenly attacked - by hail -and then a storm that turns into just not one, but two tornados, a Dead Man Walking. They're about to take shelter, when Dorian is literally pulled from Klaus's grasp. Miraculously, Dorian survives - but he has lost his memory ... Now what? Then he would have to try to find the one man he had been hoping would vanish off the face of the earth for years. Very nice story. The boys well in character, especially Dorian, considering his amnesia. Nice OCs. Good dashes of humor. Sveral good details too. Heh for Prince Charming. Very cute story about The Prince and the Iron Man. Awww for Klaus singing.

Iron Match by daniko
NATO hires an "impartial party" to evaluate the job performance of Klaus and the Alphabet. A Colonel Heinz von dem Eberbach - Klaus's father. As if that wasn't enough, the current mission involves Eroica dressing up like a woman - and the Colonel draws conclusions regarding the relationship between "her" and his son ... The Colonel spared him a haughty stare and A fidgeted, remembering in a flash the multiple times when he had been under that same stare, only coming from somewhere higher and usually followed by the threat of Alaska. I do have a weak spot for Klaus's father. Difficult to tell if he knows or not about Dorian being a man - would have been interesting with more in this story, but it works this way too.

Joint Missions by dkwilliams
The misson went more or less as it should. Except for Klaus ending up on the roof with Eroica and more or less accidentally agreeing on a date with him. There was uncertainty in that query, another way in which he had changed - admitting that his charms were perhaps not as devastating as he'd once thought. Nicely written. Well-described action. Lovely double talk, well set off against the action. Elegant, even. Dorian well in character. Nice end.

Journey by TelWoman
Tired of the way Klaus treats him, Dorian decides to go on a solo cruise in a friend's yatch. In the middle of the sea, though, he falls ill. When he wakes up, he's no longer alone. Aboard is a tall, dark-haired man who looks very, very familiar ... At first, he'd treated Klaus as he usually did, flirting and goading - the man was so adorably sexy when he lost his temper. Nice touch of the supernatural, which fits Eroica well. Good language, interesting, fresh, inspiring. Hot too. Perhaps not a completely happy ending, but a hopeful one. Bad Klaus, very foul-mouthed. Klaus does not deserve Dorian in this one, though I detect a slight worrying when Dorian goes missing, so I'm willing to forgive him.

Klaus and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Enigel
Dorian comes to Bonn and discovers that Klaus is having a very bad day - or rather the Alphabet has, as they all fail at their mission, every single one of them. "This day couldn't have been fully miserable without you." Really funny idea. Well written and in character. Nicely rounded, tight story, very amusing. Poor Klaus - I liked his solution though, to deport himself to Alaska. Good use of Z.

Klaus, 15 by TelWoman
Klaus, at age 15, was different from the Klaus of later years. Klaus liked ancient architechture - and Greek-Roman statues. Male statues. Perhaps a little too much ... The female figures in his books were passed over with a shrug, but he spent hours poring over the muscular images of athletes and warriors and gods. Interesting possibility. Poor young Klaus. I hope to read the rest of the story one day (but no rush!). Good voice.

Klaus's Christmas Carol by Diana Williams
One Christmas night, Klaus is visited by three spirits; the spirit of Christmases' past, Christmases present and Christmases yet to come. How will he react? Klaus, the fiercest agent in NATO, a man that other spies quailed when meeting, the terror of his department - blushed. Classic and works well. Just like Klaus, to not react at all to a mission on Christmas Day. Sad about Mischa. Very good on Dorian to turn Klaus down (well ... kinda). Great image of Dorian in his Christmas outfit. Typical of Dorian to ruin Klaus's plans, that made me smile. Poor A. But I hope his future will be better also.

Klausian Pillow Talk by Margaret Price
Excempts from the runaway best seller Eberbach's Dos & Don'ts of Sexual Intimacy or Foppish Bullshit to Help You Get Laid, by Klaus von dem Eberbach, formerly of NATO. It is never appropriate to gag one's partner to avoid listening to foppish nonsense. Highly amusing in parts. Tsk, tsk Klaus.

Last Request by pantswarrior
Dorian and Klaus are trapped together in a death trap; a toss-up if they'll die of heat exhaustion, dehydration or running out of air. The end is close - and Dorian has a final request. What is it and will Klaus agree? His pride and determination still showed through, and the voice grew in strength as the song went on; he sang the words of the Panzerlied as though he truly meant them. Nice set-up. Sweet story, a bit awww-worthy. Lovely with the song.

Lay Your Sleeping Head by Terri Botta
Klaus gets into trouble. Dorian rescues him, but in doing so, Dorian has to kill someone. Klaus takes care of him afterwards - and in the process the two of them grow closer until Dorian finally realises how to go about getting his man. Dorian had killed for him, and for some reason that knowledge was powerfully attractive. Nice first time story with good, easy flow. Many good lines. I do like that Dorian would be willing to kill for Klaus, but his breakdown afterwards is also belieavable. Interesting with Klaus getting in trouble, I like the human side of him - and I really like Dorian to the rescue. Poor Dorian, but at least the story ended very well for Klaus. Nice banter between them. As for Klaus falling for a show of strength I think that would work very well for him. Hot sex.

Letters from a Retired Butler by TelWoman
The butler is old now and retires. From retirement he writes to Klaus. We follow the letters form year to year - until they stop ... I find that the older I get, the more I think about the happy years I lived there serving your family. Interesting look, strong story, potent. Very sad, but such ends are inevitable.

Like It's The End Of The World by Kadorienne
There's a zombie upraising. The death toll has reached a billion, still rising - in the last months a sixth of the human race has been killed. Klaus and his men have found the source and go to London to eradicate it. The night before, though, they seek shelter in Dorian's castle in North Downs. Dorian expected to be shoved away instantly, but instead Klaus gave a resigned sigh and patted his back. Nice zombie apocalypse! I liked Dorian knowing "Phibby". Great use of Klaus's resourcefulness. Interesting comparison to the assassination attempts, good tightening of tension. Sad about those who died, but it was necessary for the story.

Like Rust by waftimah
Like rust on iron, Eroica grows on Klaus. It takes a long time and happens gradually and maybe rust isn't the most desirable thing, but it's very insistent. Looking at those eyes, it’s as though he and Lord Gloria were fighting a battle, and he’s just given up enough ground to lose the war. Poor Klaus, no chance ... Some sweet scenes, though, and some good lines. I liked the iron won't bend because of time alone-line. Cute when Klaus does show he cares. Heh for unbelievably coincidental meetings.

Lives Lived II by MJJ
Marcus Crassius Aperivus, formerly of the sixteenth cavelry of Apvleia, son of Lucius Crassius Aperivus, is searching for enemy troops in the forests of Bithynia, when he climbs a hill and finds a sacred pool. He bathes in it -and catches the interest of the mountain god, Dolian ... Something that might haunt his family for generations to come ... The blue eyes were directly in front of his and they looked at him with an expression not of the mortal world. Nicely written, highly interesting fic. Cute with nods to alphabetic soldiers. I liked Dolian. A bit non-connish, which worked for me given the circumstances - hot even. Good disciplin and details.

Look Both Ways by megankent and Stranger
Klaus and Dorian are on a mission in Turkey. Dorian steals for Klaus, then Klaus hears that Eroica has been arrested. He goes to free him - only instead of Eroica he finds one Alex Logan, rock band singer in Paradox. Alex resembles Eroica a great bit and was arrested by mistake. Klaus frees him anyway and goes undercover as a roadie for the band, waiting for things to calm down. How will Iron Klaus handle life in a rock band? And where is Dorian? The Major was hard, harsh, beautiful, and his at last. Interesting road story. I know nothing about rock bands and what happens during the trips and setting up, but this felt real and with good details. Good voice, especially for Klaus, but Dorian also well in shape. Some nice descriptions, good details, and several good lines. Overall interesting idea. Good on Klaus to help Eroica - and Alex - escape. A bit of worlds colliding here, but I think Klaus does a good job, for being him, poor guy. Good on Z to take charge for a bit. Aww for Klaus being Dorian's faithful German shepherd. Nice end. Heh for Dorian blackmailing poor B.

Lot in Life by vadianna
Klaus was never really interested in sex, either with men or women. He loves, though, deeply and faithfully. However, getting dumped by his high school sweetheart for not being physically demonstrative doesn't really makes him open to possibilities. But then there's Dorian, who just won't give up. Klaus's father's death makes Klaus consider things and it's easy not to keep running. But with Klaus's limitations and Dorian's expectations, can they have a future? Only death would ever part him from the Major, if he had anything to say about it. Good, highly believable description of an - more or less -asexual and their first attempt at sex. Also good the descriptions of Klaus's still very deep emotions and I could understand his attitude of wanting to give pleasure even if he himself might not exactly share it. Several good lines. Poor Klaus. Interesting with the languages used and switched between. Normally I would say that when you talk with someone the two of you settle on a single language, not each sticking to their own, but with the two of them I could see them starting out and just refuse to stop. Interesting and kind of sweet with Helene, even if it didn't work out. Good detail about Bonham's skills. The horse scene didn't work for me, it read more like a dream. Good plot device to involve Dorian in Klaus's case. Heh for the Hell Gate to Schloss Eberbach. I like Dorian blackmailing/trading for time with Klaus. I greatly enjoyed the ongoing joke of people understanding them even when they use their "code" language. Poor agent E ... Yay for Dorian opening knots with his toes, that's great. Sad with B and C, of course. A hint dark story, but overall good feeling. Some nice descriptions of their outfits. Awww for the birthday present Klaus gives Dorian. The whole G thing, both his background and future, was neat. Always cute with Dorian impersonating Klaus.

Man's Best Friend by TelWoman
Z has a dog, a Dobermann. He has named it Klaus. Which is all good and well - until he has to bring the dog with him on a mission ... Something in the dog’s expression told Z that he was aware his master wasn’t getting ready to play again: that he had sensed something serious was happening, and that his master might be in need of protection. Awww ... poor Z ... I really liked the bits from dog!Klaus's POV, it felt real. Amusing. Good feel for the local area. Good choice of breeds. Cute end. Heh for the joke about a Husky in Alaska.

Mine by Right by TelWoman
Benedict Red, Earl of Gloria, likes fine art (something that possibly runs in the family). He has a special eye to one Hendrik van der Heyden, and has commissioned several paintings from him. He also buys one of his other paintings, one of Tyrian Persimmon, commissioned by a young wife's family and later bought back by the artist. Then one day Tyrian's now adult son, Alejandro Persimmon von dem Eberbach, shows up - and he wants the portrait back. It may be that at some future time ‘The Man in Purple’ can be brought back into the Gloria collection.” Interesting look into Benedict, with many nice details and depth. I liked the descriptions of the art. Photos are all good and well to show likeness, but for showing how a person is seen they can never do justice. Good language for the time period. Nice end.

Mission Impossible by Amity33
Dorian wants to do something special for Klaus's birthday. So he hires an event coordinator to throw it. However, the restrictions Dorian gives puts the poor coordinator in quite the predicament ... All you need to do is order some take-out, put a military march on the stereo and you’re set to celebrate his birthday! Awww! Lovely addition to the imzy challenge. Good humor with several good points. Good voice for Dorian and I'm sure Klaus will like (at least some) of the celebration.

Monologue of Two by threnodyjones
The major is as he is. But A has discovered that at rare times, the major can be different. Like early in the morning when it's quiet and still in the office, the two of them co-exists in a rare kind of peace. One morning, A overhears a very close conversation between Klaus and the Earl of Gloria. A was astonished every time the Earl's staff of collected mavericks followed him blindly into whatever their Lord took them. I like the look of Klaus in this one, it gives additional depth to the character. Good use of A, good depth to him as well. Yay for A and Z holding things together when Klaus is away. I felt a bit inspired by this story, hopefully a plot bunny might hop up one day. Strong substory with the little girl.

Morning Interlude by Kadorienne
Klaus wakes up in bed with Dorian. That's okay, they're lovers. However, Mischa and a group of Russian agents are also in the room, taking pictures of them, which does put a bit of damper on the morning. The Major was an early riser, but this particular morning he was so exhausted from the previous night’s activities that he slept well past dawn and only awoke when his shoulder was firmly prodded with the butt of a gun. Nice feel between Klaus and Dorian in this one. I like the nearly "business as usual" tone, despite what happens. Good humor too - I liked the dry humor of Dorian complaining about Klaus "bringing home work" and Klaus countering by Interpol pounding on their hotel door. Nice of Dorian to let them think Klaus is on top.

Narcissus by ashbird
Klaus's mission requires Dorian to steal a painting, the Narcissus. There's only one problem. Dorian think it'll be too easy ... But maybe what he gets in return is good enough? Fragments of irritation twined in Dorian's chest, spawned from years of constant rejection and running headlong after the remote possibility that the Major would give him a chance. Nice language. I liked the end. Good boy, Dorian! And good Klaus too.

Naked Courage by Kadorienne
Klaus underestimates his opponent, ending up with only available clothes being a dress. He needs to leave the room, what will he do? He considered preserving a shred of modesty by turning his back, but with Eroica, this was a no-win situation. Very cute. Very Klausian solution. Heh for Dorian getting a nice view - and reason not to give up. Nice humor.

Natural Affinity by rsadelle
The name of your soulmate is written on your wrist by the time you're 18. Not everyone gets a name, but some. Klaus has a name. He hides it well. Dorian has one too. He also hides his. Will the truth come out? He could have been free from the expectation that he would love the person who the name on his wrist said was perfect for him. Nice soulmate trope with good details. Poor Klaus - and I do agree with him that soul marks must be a burden. Yay for Dorian to the rescue, I enjoy that. Good touch with the wrist guards. Heh for the night vision goggle thing. I also liked the zeppelin vs. car bit.

Never Too Late by Terri Botta
Twenty-five years after Klaus and Dorian's first meeting, Dorian still haven't given up. Maybe it's finally time for Klaus to face facts: the fop is really serious about him. And, hopefully, it's never too late. No matter what else happened to him in his life, he knew he could always count on Lord Gloria to be there, and to be his usual intolerable self. Nope, never too late. Well, I'd hope for their sake that they'd get together sooner rather than later, but it would be too sad to think of if they never did, so this was very good. Sweet with Dorian still calling him Major, I like that - but also good that he finally got promoted. That Klaus shared the salve his father taught him to make felt oddly intimate. Hot but intimate in places. Nice epilogue too. Yay for Hans, I liked him and found his presence inspiring. Sad about Dorian's wounds, but not even Eroica's skill could last forever and he got them for a good cause. Several good lines. Poor Dorian for his Christian Dior shirt ...

New Employee Orientation by Laura Kaye
Dorian brings Bonham a new assistance - one "liberated" from Klaus. But then the major comes calling ... "Lord Gloria says the Major shouts at people because he likes them," Bonham said soothingly. Interesting set-up and a nice OCF, which is unusual for this fandom. Heh for Bonham's advice to just nod along to Dorian and work it out later. Heh also for fixing the books before letting James see them. Good voice for Bonham.

New Suit by TelWoman
Klaus will soon retire. They have withdrawn him from active service. Instead they send him as a representative to the inauguration of the new Secretary General of the United Nations. He's not amused. At the event, though, he meets an old aquaintance - Eroica ... “I’d rather be in the middle of a gun-battle than in the middle of this bullshit,” Klaus growled. Fresh idea with good voice, especially for Klaus. Poor Klaus, it's not easy on him. I liked the meeting with Eroica, still with good feeling between them and a bit of companionable warmth. It would be nice to see Klaus all decked out. Interesting answer to the challenge. Good that they at least knew to keep him in Nescafe! Nice end.

Not The End of the World by Heather Sparrows
A terrorist deed in Berlin leaves Dorian severely wounded. What happens gives Klaus plenty of things to consider regarding Dorian and their past and he decides that a change is in order. The man in charge now was a bewildered Klaus, who only knew that he wanted the impossible, the unthinkable – to be close to that irritating, hedonistic, impossible creature fighting for his life in the hospital bed before him, to be his friend, to care for him – and deep, deep inside there was a longing for what could not be named – I liked the dreamlike sequence in the beginning. Also the gradual realisation of Klaus, the ways he tries to get closer to Dorian and the way life keeps them apart. Nice language, good feeling despite darker parts. Cute take on how Klaus and Dorian first met. Interesting background on Klaus. I really like Dorian's uncle.

Not the Most Terrible Thing by rsadelle
Dorian rushes to Klaus with terrible news: Klaus's father has met up with Dorian's mother - and they plan to introduce Klaus to Dorian's unmarried sister! How will Klaus react? "I'm not going to marry your sister." Amusing fic. Interesting set-up. I liked Klaus in this one, especially the bit with him calmly letting them hash things out while he does the sensible thing and focuses on the potatoe. Good handling of Klaus's father.

Of friends by genki-blonde
A's wife, Gladys, have a friend. Who she meets with almost daily. A knowns nothing about this friend and finds this very suspicious. When he follows her one day he is in for a surprise. Lately, whenever I smell any goddamned roses, I feel lightheaded and it’s hard to breathe. Cute story. I'm not quite sure what advice is needed for him to land his man (I think the man is rather eager), but it made me smile. Gladys seems nice.

Of Secrets, Lovers and Idiots by Kadira
Finally Dorian steals something so important that Klaus has him arrested. Dorian isn't terribly concerned. Has he reason to be? And why did he steal the thing in the first place? Before Dorian could form a retort, Klaus put the locket carelessly in his pocket and continued: "Next time you miss me, use the phone instead of pulling such stunts." Smooth language with good images. Aww for the reason for Dorian stealing. Interesting about the knot. I also liked the backstory with Klaus's father. Nice with them having been together for a while but still are together. Heh for NATO playing nice with Dorian and keeping him in a cooperative mood. Another nice touch was that Dorian could get in trouble with the underworld for his involvement with NATO, a theme we don't see much of. Oh yes, Klaus is magnificent in his anger. Awww for Bonham using Windows 3.1 and a German hacker.

Oh, the dreadful wind and rain by TelWoman
When Klaus is killed in his sleep, no-one suspects the real killer. Everyone knew he was too honourable to shoot a man as he lay sleeping. Darker than I usually like my fic, but still interesting. Nice format with the song, very poetic.

Only When I Lose Myself
Dorian is nearly killed on a mission. Klaus only barely manages to rescue him. This makes Klaus consider how things would be if the fop was dead. He would miss him, if he weren't around to bring a bright spark of havoc into Klaus' otherwise dully organised existence. Nicely done version of this plot. Some nice description and overall good feeling. Even a hint of nice angst, which I like.

Out of the Woods by Neery
Klaus's on a mission when Dorian shows up uninvited to "help" him. They end up on the run from the KGB, with Dorian wounded and Klaus barely able to help him. Will they reach safety? And if they do, will Klaus's attitude towards the fop have a changed any? "Same thing you're doing, I'd bet," Eroica said, and the safe that Klaus had just spent the last ten minutes fighting with slid open smoothly under his touch. Typical entrance of Dorian. Poor Klaus ... I like the side of Klaus that does take care of those on his side. Sharing bodyheat is another classic theme.

Perfect Day by CassieIngaben
Dorian and Klaus share a perfect day together. More or less. Dorian took a deep breath and said the word ‘patience’ in his head in all the languages he knew. So nice for the two of them! I like it that you had good stuff for both of them, in fairly equal amounts. Very nice with such a sweet story. A nice, enjoyable read. Nice dash of humor as well - the "Whoever invented getting up was a sadist" made me smile. And awww for Klaus resting his head in Dorian's lap. Tsk, tsk Dorian for not listening - though good on Klaus for his reaction.

Peripeteia by Sylvia
During a wedding, Dorian infiltrates castle Eberbach as a waitor, in order to steal the Man in Purple. Instead, he stumbles over one of Klaus's most closely guarded secrets - and finally makes significant progress in his quest. Besides, Dorian could not imagine ever having enough of him, or even wanting to stray while he had this man in his bed. On rereading this story I was a bit worried to realize that one of my own stories is a bit similar. As I likely read this story first (when I first got into From Eroica With Love I read all stories and I must have read this one too) I'll say I was inspired by this story. I've read and reread and I'll say that while the basic plot has some similarities, two paragraphs in particular gets a bit close, but I do think the language is fully my own and most of all they just fit the characters so well they are fully logical and independent. Peripeteia is a good story in itself, it has good development and emotion, several good lines, a good language with good description. A bit difficult read in places, even if nothing is actually confirmed, mostly heavily hinted at, still nice angst. I like the backstory of the von dem Eberbachs.

Rich Man, Poor Man, Butler, Thief by TelWoman
When the Lord and Lady Gloria's butler quits, Lord Gloria finds a new one, with somewhat questionable references. The butler befriends the young Dorian - especially when he sees how talented the young boy seems to be at stealing things ... He said you needed someone with what you might call a flexible outlook. Nice style. Good character and I like how he comes into Dorian's world and helps out. I hope things ended up well for Carfield as well. Neat with the Omipalone word. Cute with the "quest" came.

Postcards from Paris by Cassie Ingaben
Vignettes from different times in Dorian's life when he visits Paris. Starts with his early youth and moves forward: different ages, different company, different circumstances, some light and some dark. And yet this small chapel has been Dorian's dream of a perfect place of air and liquid light since when he was a child—long before meeting Klaus, Dorian'd dreamed of taking his beloved here, sharing the living spirit of the stained glass windows, swim in the radiant weightlessness of the lacework treasure chest built to house the relics of the Crown of Thorns. Extraordinarily beautiful language, very vivid. I like how the language of the first ones is suited to Dorian's age. Some was a hint too dark for my general taste, but still interesting, well written and well worth reading. The scene with James was especially poignant (and the setting brought back dear memories). Dorian very well in character and I like his exhibitionist sides showing off so nicely.

Quick Shot by twhitesakura

Rose Vines And Wire Ropes by Kadorienne
Klaus butchers a mission. He's booted out of NATO. In disgrace, he exiles himself to Alaska. Of course, while everyone else seems to abandon him, there is one who has not given up. Dorian arrives. Will Klaus give in? And what really happened on that mission? "I've been relieved of my military rank, I was thrown out of NATO, I've disgraced my family name, my father has disowned his only son and heir, and the only person I know who is still willing to speak to me is a thief and a pervert." Sweet story and I always like when Dorian stays firmly on Klaus's side no matter what. Nice development of the relationship. Dorian nicely in character, Klaus in a difficult role for him and thus a little tricky to get a good feel for (and I'm not sure I see Klaus as potentially suicidal), but still a nice story with several good lines. I, as Dorian, did think it might be an undercover trick at first, but I'm glad it worked out. Awww for Klaus doubting that Dorian is there just for him. Cute with Klaus's sense of humor. Sweet end.

Rules of Engagement by Sri
Klaus' father comes to the Schloss. He insists that Klaus gets married. Dorian arrives to the Schloss just then - and Klaus sees an opportunity. To his father's surprise Klaus declares that he and Dorian are lovers. To Dorian's surprise as well, as they aren't ... But the ruse works. A little too well, possibly. Papa Eberbach seems ... accepting ... “It's not my fault if, by some miracle, he approves of me!” Nicely written. Poor Klaus ... But it alls turned out well. Good loop from the start to the end - and I liked them both. Good dash of humor. I also liked Papa Eberbach in this one.

Runaway by Valerie Adams
Klaus's father has died. Klaus took time off to deal with things - but five weeks later he still haven't returned. Dorian travels towards Schloss Eberbach to find out what is going on - when he on the road encounters young Hildy, who has runaway from her Cousin Nicky, who is going to force her to marry him. Dorian wants to help her, of course - but soon enough he realises that things are not what they seem to be. Not when "Cousin Nicky" is actually one Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach. What is going on? The clipped, machine-gun delivery of the harsh-sounding words was loud and very angry. Hildy is an interesting OC, very over the top dramatic. And the "Nicky" makes me wince each time I read it. But interesting story and I liked the way Dorian could help Klaus with the difficult situation. Good feeling. Good descriptions too.

Scars by Chemcat
Klaus is well aware of that Dorian likes beautiful things. Klaus is also aware of that he, himself, has plenty of scars. What he does not know is how Dorian will react to his scars. Say, is that a Magnum in your pocket or … oh, it was. Short story, but nice on a theme I find very interesting and inspiring. Strong image of how Dorian's words affect Klaus. Cute end.

Scrapbook by TelWoman
The Dowager Countess of Gloria has her great grand-daughter visiting. She shows her images from the olden days, focusing primarily on clothes. But there's also plenty of history of the Gloria family. This one was crepe de chine, the most heavenly shade of pale lavender-grey, with pink and yellow roses. Packed with lovely details. Very visual, great discriptions. Interesting look into the past and a believable voice for the Dowager Countess of Gloria. Nicely done - I wish I could describe clothes and colors so well!

Servant of Two Masters by Dargelos
Hans Gruber (Die Hard) hired Pik and Emil (Hard Target) to assassinate Major von dem Eberbach (From Eroica With Love). Pik and Emil is a couple, but apart from killing von dem Eberbach, Gruber also wants Pik. The couple are having difficulties and Pik goes to Gruber. But things get much more complicated and Gruber is a really greedy man. Will he get all that he wants? "I thought I'd die if I couldn't listen to your heart beat just once more," he confessed, and heard the organ in question beat steadily, slowly. I'm an Eroica-fan and of the three fandoms Eroica is the smallest part. My reading of this story was also hampered as I hadn't seen Hard Target and remembered next to nothing of Die Hard (I've seen them since). I still found this an interesting read. I did like the major characters for all that their relationship is so rocky. Lovely angst, lots of feeling and interesting characters. The brief look at Eroica and Klaus was nice too and I hope all works out for everyone.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun by Nomad
Klaus has abandoned a rough undercover mission, but finds himself in an hostile area with no support. He expects to die, when he sees a very familiar figure. Will Dorian help him again - and, if so, what does he want in return? Klaus didn't see what was so discriminate about becoming obsessed with a man who was incapable of returning his interest, but arguing with Dorian's insanity had never got him anywhere before, and right now he was just so crushingly tired it seemed wholly pointless to try. Nice description of Klaus's tiredness/fatigue after the long mission. Asexual Klaus is a favorite of mine and I like this version of him, it included some thoughtworthy ideas. I also liked Dorian. More would have been nice, but this works too. Good voice for Klaus. The unlikely random meeting fits the fandom. Nice dash of angst.

Shooting Gallery by Whitkirk Zine story
Klaus is ordered to spend an evening at an amusement park in the US, together with Eroica. To confirm a sighting of Mischa, sure, but that hardly counts. Eroica cleverly forces Klaus into roller coast rides - and then he finds the shooting gallery ... Klaus suspected that Eroica must have been dropped on his head as an infant and whatever part of the brain that regulated caution, rational thought and decorum had been completely destroyed. Oh, poor Klaus ... Awww, but sweet. Nice and amusing. Such lovely prices Klaus won!

Shoulda Stayed In Bonn by Sleeps With Coyotes

Silent Night by Kat and Whizzy
Christmas at Schloss Eberbach. Klaus is working on a piano piece he's composing when Eroica shows up. Which could have led to blood shed, but Dorian is behaving and it turns into a fairly nice evening for both involved. A few Christmas later, Dorian returns - and this time Klaus is prepared for him. During later Christmases their relationship deepens. Klaus's father finds out - and then the entire extended Eberbach family will come to celebrate Christmas at the Schloss ... But, the shadows loved Klaus, in the same way sunlight worshipped the thief, filtering through his thick curls and turning them to burnished gold. One of my absolute favorite Eroica fics. Highly inspiring. Lovely emotion between Klaus and Dorian. Great details, plenty of angst. Hot sex too - very well described. Nicely structured story, well built. Highly aww-worthy in places. Great with the music piece. And the tank - yay! I really liked both the butler and Papa Eberbach. Nice descriptions and good use of the senses. Nice end.

Snippet # 1 by Kadorienne
Klaus wakes up the morning after he and Dorian had sex for the first time. Now what? This was not the usual Eroica, arch and self-possessed, systematically driving him up the nearest wall... but neither was he the usual Iron Klaus, only a inch away from a killing rage. Both of them seemed unable to summon any of their normal defenses. Nice, intimate tone. I like how understanding Dorian is of Klaus's needs and how careful they are with each other. Sweet end.

Snippets # 6 by Kadorienne
Time and knowing Klaus has changed Dorian. An old conquest meets him and reflects on the change. "The most beautiful closet case you ever saw," he said, sadly and dreamily. Interesting look of Dorian pre- and post-Klaus. Nice language, well written. While they're not together yet, and Dorian seems a hint uncertain or even worried, still hopeful with just a hint of nice angst. True to character, especially considering first volume and Dorian's past.

Snippets # 10 by Kadorienne
Dorian's dilemma. Dorian comes upon a bund and helpless Klaus. Now what will he do? "Thrash me for not taking advantage of you?" Eroica inquired with amusement, and with red-hot irritation, Klaus realized that the thief had him there. Nicely done, shows well Dorian's choice or, perhaps, what Klaus sees as a choice. While I wouldn't want for Dorian to take (too much) advantage of Klaus, the idea itself is rather lovely. Poor Klaus. Heh. It amused me when Dorian refers to something beautiful and Klaus assumes (rightfully) that it is him (Klaus) - I mean, it's obvious from the context, but it still made me smile.

Snippets #19 by Kadorienne
Dorian sees a couple of gorgeous rubies and intends to steal them. Only Major von dem Eberbach tells him not to. Then they are sold and the Eroica gang can't trace them. And on Dorian's birthday there's a very special package for him ... He had wanted to steal them right then, but had made the mistake of enthusing over them to Klaus, who had said, "I would prefer that you not steal them while you're working for me." Such a sweet story, it always makes me smile. Clearly awww-worthy.

Snippets #27 by Kadorienne
Z accidentally stumbles over one of Klaus's more unexpected secrets - the reason for his long hair ... "It's to cover the points of his ears," Z whispered. Very cute snippet that made me giggle out loud the first time I read it.

Snippets #29 by Kadorienne
Dorian finally gets his Major - but he's up for a surprise. The good major isn't as inexperienced with men as Dorian might have imagined. "Dammit, what will it take to get it through that iron skull of yours that I'm in love with you?" While I'm shallow enough that I in general get a kick of Dorian being Klaus's first, what I really want is the end this story gives. Aww ... Nice tension between them.

Snowbound by Cassie Ingaben
Dorian is severely injured and Klaus has to get him back to civilisation. Dorian could distinctly see how the warm blood and the cold snow had mingled, prestine disdainful snowflakes erodes into a red messy goo, a pinkish fluid running while the darkest red core slowly clotted and froze up. Beautiful descriptions, lovely to read. Cute story too, funny in places, nice twist in the end.

Some things never change by Amity33
Comrade Dmitri Feodorovich Stepanov, also known as Polar Bear, considers the current state of things. Much has changed since the cold war - but some hasn't. Regimes had changed, countries had changed, the world had changed, but still…wherever Iron Klaus was, Eroica would inevitably follow. Interesting, well written, good on details. Poor Polar Bear, but perhaps not too bad, maybe. I liked Polar Bear's view of Eroica. Neat end, very good.

Spring Fever by Kadorienne
Klaus offers Dorian one night together - if Dorian after that will leave him in peace and quiet. Dorian agrees, thinking that Klaus won't be able to stay away from him afterwards. but is he right and - regardless, is this really such a good deal after all? But Dorian had not wanted Klaus to look amorous or expectant; if iron were to lose its iron-ness, that would be the end of the world. An interesting premise for a story - and an enjoyable execution of the plot. I especially like the twist in the end, with Dorian being "abused" and Klaus "responsible". Yay for plotting Alphabets. A little sad about Z. A nice dose of humor and several good quotes.

Spring Sequence by Thia
Klaus finally agrees to spend a night with Dorian. In exchange, Dorian will never bother him again. Dorian counts on Klaus having been with Dorian once, won't be able to keep away. Is he right? Or is it the end of them both? But you would never climb a rose trellis when you could storm the battlements. Good voice for the characters and nicely written version of this plot. Hot too. I don't like traded sex much, but it worked out well in the end, so then it's okay for me.

Steel Roses by cher
Dorian haven't interfered with Klaus in a good while - and then Klaus finds out why: Dorian was seduced by a double agent looking for dirt on Klaus, and was hurt when he would not give any. How will Klaus react? Klaus would not allow a stupid word like worry into his head, but he had begun to wonder what enormous depraved stunt the idiot was dreaming up, to be leaving NATO unplagued this long. The plot works. Poor Dorian. Both he and Klaus has a point in their reactions, but I do hope they will work things out and I like the hopeful ending. I was amused by Dorian considering sending his men to Alaska, as that seems to work for Klaus.

Strangelove by Hunter
Klaus likes having Dorian angry and annoyed with him. He likes it a lot ... Not even the purloined catsuit was doing much for him anymore, but god, Eroica's voice over the phone ... Cute story that made me smile. Tsk, tsk, Klaus ... Poor Dorian.

Team Player by threnodyjones
Peter Lamb, an Interpol agent, is working undercover. An old boss of his recognizes him and intends to kill him. Instead he's rescued by ... Eroica, who takes him into his team even if he's not gay. Now he is in a great position to take down the Prince of Theives. What will he do? I began thanking God for the intelligence and whims of the man who called himself 'Eroica'. Interesting point of view to see Dorian and his gang from. I liked it. Pete seems nice. I found the plot inspiring. I liked also the background schooling for Dorian. Aww for Dorian thinking he's making progress as Klaus didn't hit him ... A's fearful denial of talking to Bonham I also found amusing. Cute with the flowers in the end.

The Alphabet - Stories in Reply by TelWoman
Snippets in reply to snippets, one each of Klaus's Alphabets. Not all here, but some really nice ones: problems Y and U faces; the view of G's day in male clothing as seen from a poor security man who had greatly admired his feminine charms and, of course, Dorian's reaction to Z's future career in the church. Every morning for three months, since he’d been assigned to security duties on this entrance to NATO Headquarters, Jürgen had told himself he was going to start a conversation with the pretty blonde, and ask her out. Lovely additions to the original snippets, especially the G one made me go aww ... Some very nice descriptions, good emotion. I liked the description of Dorian as an older man too.

The Bay Horse Lane Affair by TelWoman
Klaus is drafted to help out in England on a special joint mission with English secret service. Apparently he has a reputation for being good with art ... He's not, really. So they draft an expert, a private consultant, to help him. Whoever could it be ...? As soon as Klaus saw the tall, slim figure dressed in an impeccably tailored pale lavender suit, blond hair curling halfway down his back, he didn’t have to see the man’s face to know who this was. Good use of Dorian and his strengths. I liked Toby Neville, he seems useful to Klaus. I almost thought it was a crossover to something first. Selkirk also good. Some good descriptions. I liked the view of Klaus dropped in someone else's mission. And poor Klaus about the art thing - highly amusing. I wish the Lucifer Expelled From Heaven was real, it sounds lovely. And Klaus's view of it amused me too. I'm glad Dorian got to take his time with the art, so that Klaus didn't expect Caesar's speed. Yay for James, good use of him too.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (Sounded Like This) by Liviapenn
Even if Klaus loved Dorian, he couldn't trust someone who has tried to blackmail him. Can he trust Dorian? And even if he could, will he? As it turned out, unbridled lust for Eroica felt a lot like unbridled fury did. Interesting take on blackmail and the reasons for them. Nicely written. I liked the twist about the painting, well done. Good on Dorian to not let himself be blackmailed - and nice use of that at the end.

The Beautiful and the Beastly by Kadorienne
Dorian is in an accident and is disfigured. He withdraws from the world. One day, Klaus comes to visit him. What does he want? All my beauty – it would have belonged to you alone, if you had ever wanted it. Poor Dorian ... It feels like such sacrilidge to have him not beautiful. Good on Klaus to be there. Still a sweet story, with so much grief in Dorian and, my favourite part, how Klaus explains how he felt like Dorian feels now.

The Best Laid Plans by Callahan
Inspired by my story Waiting For The Hammer. It's June and Klaus sends his message to Dorian - Follow the Roses. Klaus has it all planned, how Dorian will now sweep him off his feet. However, Klaus forgot to count with Dorian's ability to interfer with his plans ... "And you should expect that I never give up a mission just because you tried to screw it up." I was, of course, very flattered that anyone would write a story inspired by one of mine. Apart from that I found this to be a good story, which made me even prouder. It might not be the way I would have written a sequel to my story, but again, it works well and is nicely written. Several good lines and in character. Good voice for especially Klaus. I liked how Dorian referred to Klaus's scars as dents on his armor - very well put. Dorian worried enough not to steal - aww, that's love.

The Chain by IHidMyFaceFromYouNoMore
Klaus gives in to temptation and find himself in trouble for it. Will Dorian be able to help him? With a little finesse, the Major clasped the bracelet around his wrist and turned his hand around in the sunlight. It was in so many ways different from wearing his watch. Cute story. Tsk, tsk, Klaus. But I liked that he did something a bit unexpected but very understandable. I think we've all tried on something that wasn't for us, but we couldn't help it. Odd that Dorian wasn't able to pick the bracelet, possibly, but some things can be very tricky, especially when they are delicate.

The Cuckoo's Nest by Cassie Ingaben
Klaus's fiance comes to tell him that she's pregnant - and he's not the father. What part of 'I had a one-night stand and got randomly pregnant' do you not understand? Thoughtworthy story. Klaus well in character. A little sad, especially the references to 'he', but it works well and is an interesting read.

The Colour of Polished (Stainless) Steel by TelWoman
Crossover in which Dorian gives (or try to give) Klaus a very special Christmas gift, a lovely De Lorean DMC-12. He manages to get Klaus to go for a test ride - and when they reach a certain speed, something very odd happens. They go back in time- to 1586 ... He wouldn’t have chosen to buy one himself – he disliked flashy cars that drew attention – but that didn’t mean that he didn’t find a well-designed, well-made vehicle interesting. Lovely idea for a crossover. Very interesting. As an Eroica-fan - thanks for a lovely Christmas gift. And I do believe that Dorian was onto something with the car. I really liked Dorian fibbing about the whole "stealing" thing. Good detail with the "radio". Heh for Dorian blending in better than Klaus for once. Impressive the ease with which they got back on the Autobahn. Nice end.

The Devil He Knew by Kadorienne
Klaus and Dorian are captured. Their capturers orders Dorian to rape Klaus - or else they will. What will Dorian do? Keep your trousers zipped, Dieb. Strong story. In character. Interesting solution and I really liked the ending. Normally rape is too dark for me, but the circumstances and the handling makes it a good read. I especially like the Alphabets to the rescue. Nice title too.

The Fifth Season by Heather Sparrows
During the fifth season - Karnival - in the Rhineland area, on Weiberfastnacht, the women rule. Custom have it that women chase a man, cut off his tie and kiss him. G is aiming very high and waits in the office with a scissor. However, Dorian is also in town. His intended prey was the noblest and most attractive of them all, but also the most dangerous - none other than the Major himself. Awww for poor G - but good use of him. I really like how the Alphabet and the Eroica gang hang out together in this one. The part of the story with Klaus and Dorian is also interesting, with good reason for Klaus's misapprehensive regarding Dorian's interest. The story has a warm, friendly tone. The obvious knowledge of the Bonn area also adds a nice, genuine feeling. Dorian is a good sport.

The Gift by Hunter
Eroica steals from the Eberbach collection. Klaus goes to get it back - but at Dorian's German estate he finds something completely unexpected. Atop the hill, bedecked with what seemed like hundres of scarlet roses, sat his long-missed Leopard tank. Sweet story. Poor Klaus, though. Lovely kiss.

The Greater Prize by Nomad (nomadicwriter)
Dorian's lured to a mansion to, as he thinks, help Klaus with a mission. Instead he finds Mischa there. But luckily it's Klaus's mission to stop the house owner's, a Doctor Howard's, chemical formulas from falling into KGB hands. Soon enough, Klaus and Dorian flees KGB together. Until Klaus is drugged by one of the home owner's traps and Dorian has to save them both. To expect the dashing Major von dem Eberbach and be faced instead with the lumpen form of Mischa the Bear Cub, was, Dorian felt, the kind of disappointment that a man could take a long time to recover from. Good tone to the story. I could see this in the manga. Good use of Dorian's sense of art - and Klaus's lack of it ... And aww for Dorian still utterly incapable of handling a gun. Really sweet.

The Green-Eyed Monster Affair
UNCLE and NATO joins forces for a mission. More than that, Dorian and Napoleon joins up to try to make Klaus jealous. How will Klaus react - and what does Illya think? The Major's conclusion was that clearly Eroica wasn't really interested or he never would have betrayed him by running around with you. Nice crossover, smoothly written. Nice description of Dorian and his wear. Interesting to see Klaus with a Russian on his side, so to speak. Bad Dorian and Napoleon for trying to fool Klaus. Klaus's reaction to them very believable.

The Hatchling Job by Sholio
Pern crossover where K'laus is a bronze rider. Dorian is the bastard son of a deposed Lord Holder. They grew up together. Now the weyr is in an uproar: someone has stolen the golden queen egg. Dorian always wanted to impress a golden dragon, even if he is told that queens will only impress on females. Why is K'laus's dragon, Ayeth suddenly insisting that K'laus come to the feeding ground? I gave her part of my dinner, Ayeth says, in the way of a dragon who has just made a great sacrifice. Really neat crossover. Very sweet. They're closer than in canon, of course, but that works very well for the story. I love Ayeth. Would be interesting to read more in this universe. Oh, Dorian ... Still well in character.

The Interview by Whizbang and Yoiko
Crack AU in which Klaus is a football player and Dorian is a fashion reporter sent by his employer (Mr. James, Esq., of the Tattler) to interview him for the World Cup. Due to circumstances Dorian instead ends up being hired as Klaus's personal massouse. With permission to do a proper, thorough job, but no going under the towel. As it turned out, Mischa had an uncanny ability to drink Vodka like it was water; luckily, Dorian possessed an equally fearsome ability to drink water like it was Vodka. One of my favourit crack AUs. Something of a WIP as they don't reach an end, but long and a fun romp of silliness, but with warmth. Poor Dorian, missing Royal week at Ascots. Aww for the uniform thing, that really makes me smile. Good crack humor. Good use of the canonical characters. I especially like the use of Misca. A bit inspiring. Nice with the people who feel sorry for lost Dorian and help him. Good feeling between Dorian and Klaus, nice bantering.

The Iron Mask by Kadorienne
Klaus gets hit on the head and loses his memory. He wakes up to someone trying to blackmail him for his relationship with Dorian. But if that is the entire story, why does Dorian react so strangely when Klaus wants to get closer to him? God, no wonder Klaus had been willing to risk his career for this: Dorian seemed to find lovemaking with him a religious experience. Very nice, clever story. A good read, but an ever better reread. Klaus's reaction to his amnesia is very Klausian, and Dorian's reaction very amusing. I really enjoyed the description of Dorian from Klaus's new point of view, as well as the opposite, like how Dorian looks at him with awe and Klaus being the centre of his universe - again, very nice.

The King of Thieves by dkwilliams
Klaus tells his lover, Dorian, that his help is no longer welcome when they fail to recover the microfilm. This turns out to be a mistake. A really big mistake. One he'll come to regret. Dorian can hold a grudge. Still, the Schloss seemed somehow empty with Dorian missing from it. Tsk, tsk. Bad Klaus. But poor Klaus too. And especially poor Agent K. Amusing with Klaus's attempts to mollify Dorian - not the easiest.

The Lily by Thia
Dorian's birthday is coming up - and someone sends him the way to obtain the Astarte of Adarna, which he has long desired. Is it a trap? What will he find if he dares to go? Klaus had stepped out of the shadows at last: he wore nearly the same sort of cat-burglar suit that Dorian himself preferred, black and black, Magnum deadly at his shoulder. Sweet story that made me smile. Good on both of them. Interesting with Dorian's gang refusing to follow his order at one point, we don't see much of that. Nice echo to canon with the tickets and so on. Several nice touches on Klaus's part. A happy birthday indeed.

The Man in the High Schloss (a preview) by CassieIngaben
The Nazis won. Preview of an AU of how Dorian's life might be in that world. Through the clapping of hands and twinkling of glasses, Dorian turned to his wife, and brushed his lips to the spot where jaw meets neck—even though he barely made contact he could feel her shiver, hear her indrawn breath, see the quickening pulse of the big blue vein snaking under her creamy-white neck. Highly interesting (if sad) possibility. I would like to read more of this work. At least Ingrid and Dorian seem to get along.

The Passing of Packages, or, Tim the Theatre Cat by TelWoman
Agent L has tracked down a man suspected of being a go-between passing on intelligence for the KGB. An actor, of all things, performing in a musical - Cats. Not a mission Klaus cherishes - something more suitable for Dorian. And just who shows up ...? Naturally, Eroica tried to insist that he should sit on the Major’s lap, but he’d ended up shoved into the back seat with Agent L on his knee, an arrangement that displeased them both. Good set-up. Poor Klaus. Poor Dorian, too, he does try. Yay, cats! Good way to do the imzy challenge. Several good details. Nice touch with the theatre fan Agent L. Heh for Klaus trying to sleep during the performance. I once participated in a publicity stunt fitting 49 people in a car. Alas, the tires broke, but still ... Heh for "Spotted Seal". Those names ... I liked the resolution of that - and the end of the story too.

The Picture of Dorian Red by Kadorienne
Fusion between from Eroica With Love and The Picture of Dorian Gray, in which Dorian (Eroica-Dorian) has his portrait made and lets the picture carry all the strain of his excesses and pursuits. He steals The Man In Purple - only then Amanda (Highlander) steals his portrait and sells it to Klaus to ransom back Klaus's own painting. What will Dorian do now and what will happen? Dorian stared at the spot where his portrait was supposed to be until well past dawn, frightened for the first time since it had been painted. Interesting fusion. I like the idea. Several nice lines and I really like the ending, very well done. I liked the first part following the manga but adepted for another time. On reading this I reflected again that I'm very glad Caesar with friends disappeared from the story as quickly as they did. Heh for Klaus thinking Dorian sent Amanda when Dorian's own charms had been ineffective. Good point of Dorian preferring men resembling himself in coloring and built, possibly for narcissistic reasons. Heh for both Dorian and Luminous ignoring Amanda for her escort. Poor Abdecker ...

The Rose Garden by Susanoo_no_Mikoto
A spy has hidden a package in a rose garden - though it's not a rose garden per se, it's a kind of prison, where prisoners are left to die. Still, rose gardens are enough to summon Eroica - and Klaus gets some much needed help. Eroica was dressed in a dark-colored sleeveless shirt with metallic decorations that gleamed in the moonlight, light tights and, on top of his curls, a jauntily perched Tyroler. Good feeling to the story. Interesting set-up. And I love Dorian's get-up, very classy and Dorian. Heh for the Russian art students. I also liked the look into the Rogue Gallery business.

The Snitch and the Bludger by Laura Kaye
XO with Harry Potter. 11 year old Klaus takes the Hogwarts express (his mother was a Ravenclaw). On the train he meets a British boy, Dorian, also on his first trip to Hogwarts. Dorian immediately latches on to Klaus and when they get sorted into different houses, Dorian sees no reason to give up his new friend. Dorian's entourage seemed to have grown since breakfast; he was trailing a pair of Ravenclaws and an amused-looking Gryffindor second-year in addition to his knot of Slytherines and Bonham. One of my favourite crossovers for From Eroica With Love. So sweet! I really like how Dorian gets a following and how he disregards the house limits. Neat with Bonham being there too. I really would like more in this universe. Good voice especially for Dorian.

The War of the Roses by Paraphilia
The morning after the night before. Dorian wakes first and is worried about Klaus's reaction when he wakes up. Will he be angry or upset; will he reject Dorian or pretend nothing happened? Then Klaus does wake up - and his reaction isn't quite what Dorian expected. He'd always loved roses, but if Klaus asked him to never touch another rose again, he'd do it. Nice dashes of angst and humor both. I like Klaus's reaction. Very intimate. Poor Dorian about the flowers, but a nice touch overall. Several good lines with good description. Heh for Dorian being addicted to Klaus's cigarettes. Good emotion.

Things Could Be Worse by AnnetheCatDetective
Klaus's father will be visiting. So he hurries home - only to find that his father already has company - Eroica. And, horribly enough, his father seems to like the Earl. "Your friend is very charming..." Amusing story. For some reason I have a soft spot for Papa Eberbach, even when he's a bit oblivious. Aww for Dorian believing in marrying for love. Heeh for Papa Eberbach thinking the "girl" should marry Dorian and also for his suggestion that Klaus should ask if she has a sister. And yes, things could be worse.

Thorns by Sleeps With Coyotes
Three Grades Thicker by Sleeps With Coyotes

Three Kisses or "Love Tank" by Beth Minster
Klaus comes to Castle Gloria to hire Dorian to break into Buckinham Palace. He stumbles in on one of Dorian's secrets - with everyone away, Dorian plays in Klaus's tank ... When Klaus finally requests the theft, Doran demands a very high price: three kisses! "You were playing in my tank." The Major uttered the words with the finality of a death sentence. Lovely story. One of the fics I get the most awww-feelings for while reading. Both well in character. I especially liked Dorian in this one. I really could see him indulge his playful, boyish side. Several nice details, good humor. Neat with the Queen, good voice for her too - and I really liked Dorian's revelation there.

Trust by Countess Grey E-mail archive
Dorian finds Klaus captive and susceptible to hypnosis. Dorian takes advantage and instructs Klaus that if given a certain word he has to answer any question Dorian puts to him - truthfully. What will Dorian ask? And how will Klaus react if he finds out? Dorian tried to imprint the image on his memory forever, in case at any moment his Major realized what he was doing, knocked Dorian senseless, and stormed out. Sweet story. Good on Dorian. Nice emotions, hot in places too. Interesting set-up. I liked the end.

The First Seal by SLq
AU in which Dorian lives in Berlin. He's being threathened and someone has tried to kill him. As he is a diplomatic guest, they call in Klaus to protect him. A different first meeting. Will it go better than the canon one? The Major shared his opinion on the topic, succinctly summarized as, “Suck it up.” Interesting use of the characters. Good descriptions, very vivid. Especially Klaus well in form. Nice dash of humor. Good on Klaus to defend Klaus against the unpleasant detectives too. Heh for Dorian stealing from Klaus, nice touch.

To lost and hopeless causes by DeadlyWeiss
Klaus contacts Dorian, asking for a favor. A painting has been stolen and Klaus needs Dorian's help to get it back ... Dorian had had plenty of suitors willing to whisper sweet nothings to him — more than a couple of them actual poets who had composed sonnets to just about every part of his body, ranging from ones of chaste admiration to some that couldn’t be shared with anyone that even shared a passing resemblance to polite company. Always cute with art missions. Poor Klaus ... And nuns, even ... His weak spot ... Munich is a nice city. Sweet end, I liked it, and that's a big gesture for Klaus.

Trains, Automobiles and Planes by isindismay
Dorian asks Klaus what he would do if he had only one day left to live. Klaus draws the wrong conclusions. Still, what would he do if Dorian had just one day left to live? He would later tell himself that he was tired or delirious from the mission, but whatever the reason, he reached out and stroked the Earl’s head. Cute story that made me smile. Tsk, tsk, Dorian. Poor Klaus ... Still, all worked out well. Nice feel to the writing.

Truth by Kadorienne
Dorian is perfect for Klaus in every way. Just the kind of man he always wanted to come home to. Which might be a good thing, only Klaus knows better - if it's too good to be true, it isn't. He knows that someone has put Dorian in his path to seduce him and he can't let that happen. To search out anonymous sex is much safer. Only, is it? And what really is the truth about Dorian? With a show of sincereity worthy of an Oscar, Dorian had lowered his eyes with a shy little smile, and whispered, "Cause I love you." One story with two separate sequels. Both sequels are well written, but The Truth Shall Set You Free is my favourite, even if it is a bit darker in part. Very many good lines, well written. Powerfully described emotions. Aww-worthy in several places. Poor Klaus. Well in character. And Dorian really is perfect for Klaus! I liked the comparison of Dorian to a highway man and in burglar catsuit. And the "When this and that happens"-lines. Neat with different sequels. And Klaus is welcome in Sweden.

Two Sides, One Coin by Amity33
Klaus and Dorian are two very different men, but they are also very similar. Dorian knows that to lure Klaus in, he must make things interesting to him, challenge him and keep him challenged. But is Klaus really falling for that or does he have his own view of things? One of the things he liked about Dorian the most was that, despite his feelings for him, he had never hesitated to take him on as an adversary when their interests conflicted, and whenever he did that, he was more than a match for him; his usual frivolous self notwithstanding, when Eroica got serious he became remarkably cunning and tenacious. Yeah, I could see the boys starting up something like this in the beginning. Amusing, if possibly a tad sad. Some very nice descriptions. Heh for Klaus equaiting The Man In Purple with a blowjob by Dorian (and thus a tank!). Interesting view of Klaus choices regarding his sexuality. Nice twist at the end.

Undoubtedly by rsadelle
Klaus's father sees him and Dorian together - and they are standing a bit too close ... So now he knows. How will they handle it? "Father, this is the Earl of Gloria. Dorian, Lord Eberbach." Interesting situation. I liked the set tone. And I think Papa Eberbach handles things well. Interesting backstory with Klaus's mother too. Cute end.

Versimilitude by TelWoman
Dorian comes into contact - very close contact -with a young artist who is very good at drawing like others. The young man doesn't want to be involved in crime, but when Klaus contacts Dorian that NATO needs Guernica replaced by a copy and Dorian's regular forgerer won't have time for everything Dorian needs for him to do, Dorian contacts the young man again. The difference he saw in Dorian surprised Joseph most of all: instead of the elegant aesthete, he saw a focused strategist, a leader in full control of his men, managing the complex operation with military efficiency. A very interesting look in on Dorian's work with his team. I really like to see his competence and seriousness. Heh for it taking a better criminal than his dad and his associates to persuade the young man to crime. While the story isn't primarily K/D I do like how Dorian's skill impresses Klaus - nicely done. Nice descriptions and realistic feeling.

We're Only Fools Here by ashbird
Someone is impersonating Klaus, planting evidence that he betrayed NATO. NATO replaced him as leader of the Alphabet - and ordered him to be apprehended immediately. But Klaus is not alone. Most of the alphabet is still on his side - as is Eroica. Klaus leapt into motion almost on autopilot, following the sounds through the house to find Dorian Red Gloria, Earl of Gloria, seated on a wide sofa, holding court with his agents, the informant, Bonham, and Agent B's wife. Interesting story that I would like to read more about. Good on Agent B to help ut. And good on the Chief as well! And the others, of course.

Weeks by Musamihi
Dorian gets a disturbing phone call. Klaus has bad news ... "How would you feel if I looked a little different?" Heh, amusing. Short but very Dorian.

Well Met in Darkness by lynndyre
Dorian is back from having escorted the last of his sisters on the Grand Tour of Europe. At the Fielding's ball he takes the opportunity to do a bit of burgling - only the room he enters isn't empty. He runs into Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach, formerly of the German cavalry. It had much to recommend it, from the profusion of shops to museums to interesting people- to houses filled with art that yearned desperately to belong in his keeping. I haven't read a good Eroica regency in a good while, so this was a treat. I only would have liked more. Heh for Klaus telling Dorian to stop ruining the name of good German music.

What happened in Montmartre by TelWoman
A statue; hidden microfilm; Klaus; Dorian. What could possibly go wrong? The Alphabet is not at all surprised to see Klaus chase Dorian way from the statue at high speed, they only wonder if he'll kill Dorian this time. Will he? With a roar, the Major lunged at Eroica, who took off like a gazelle, running down a darkened alleyway with the Major pounding after him. Amusing and sound about right, yes. Made me smile.

What You Wish For by lbc
Klaus goes to Eroica to request his assistance in a mission. To his surprise, Eroica declines. When asked why, he reveals that he has found a new love and while he still likes Klaus, he will no longer follow him around and declare his love. You'd think Klaus would be very happy about this, but strangely, he isn't. Now what? Hesitating slightly, the ruby lips smiled affectionately and then Dorian continued, "You see, Major Klaus von Eberbach, I have found someone else to shower my adoration and love on, so you see, you are free of me." Cute. Bad Dorian. Poor Klaus. But likely he needs a bit of kick in the butt to get him started. Inspiring story. Especially Dorian well in character (and nicely described) and I could really see him trying something like this.

When did we get old by Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Many years from now, Klaus and Dorian are still not together. Z is the last of the original Alphabets still with Klaus. Klaus finally signs Z's promotion papers. The same night Klaus comes home to find a subdued Dorian waiting for him. Has anything changed? Klaus knew he kissed well; he knew how to do everything he knew how to do well. I like the intimacy of this story. Also the feeling of inevitability, that things will happen when the time is right, a hint of destiny and that there is always hope. Klaus being domestic with the frying potatoes (nice touch) and doing the dishes, also nice. Neat with the comparison of their kisses.

When You Least Expect It by Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Klaus is weakening. He's getting more and more accepting of Dorian. One evening he does something Dorian still does not at all expect. "But, Klaus, I would never see you if I stayed away from the KGB." I like the ease with which they flow together in this story and how smoothly things develops, naturally like. But also that Klaus does things when he's good and ready to do them. And the hint of humor.

White Rose Blooming by Kadorienne
From Eroica With Love, except that the reason Dorian steals is that he is a member of the Illuminati. Oh, and one of the requirements for joining the Illuminati is a vow of chastity. Dorian is a virgin. The repressed, irascible, beautiful psychopath was the moon, the stars, the flowers and the dreams to Dorian. While the story makes good use of canon, it's certainly not your usual Eroica story. Many interesting bits and good lines. Good use of Caesar Gabriel and a very interesting backstory for Klaus (Alexander most of all, but Gustav too). Also how Klaus initially viewed Dorian, for his potentials. Good use of Klaus for Dorian's vow, nice touch. Some nice descriptions of Dorian's wardrobe and more. Greta seems like a good person who might have suited Klaus in a different life. I liked Dorian to the rescue and even better how his men saved themselves, that was great. Good voices for both boys. Overall good mission that ties together most everything. Sweet with the recurring Idiot thing and a good ending.

Working at Christmas Time by TelWoman
Dorian leaves James in charge of a job. Bonham tells Dorian of their woes, afterwards. Expert logistician, skilled trouble-shooter, inventive problem-solver, the level-headed Bonham had been Dorian’s rock and fortress for as long as they’d worked together, the steadying influence that kept the team focused. Right now, he didn’t look like any of those things. Awww ... Poor Bonham ... I liked the frame story of telling what happened. And good parallells to Christmas with the stable and she Shepherds and the Wyse men. Especially the Wyse men had me smiling. I hope Dorian had a nice stay with Volovolonte, it did sound nice.

The Losers

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My favourite movie, I adore it.

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'ohule by James
XO with H50. The Losers are holing up in Hawaii, pretending to be starting up a computer store. One day a local detective enters their store to ask about some gang bangers that had showed up gift-wrapped with evidence. Clay doesn't know anything about this - until he sees how innocent Cougar looks. At least this guy probably wasn't a royal prince who would mistake Jensen's flirting for a marriage proposal. Awww. Cute crossover. I love Clay reading non-verbal Jensen and Cougar's gestures. Also the explanation for Danny being there and the card at the end. Oh, and I'd love to read the royal prince story. Very cute overall.

A Bright Star And A Dark Star by Kalelle
After the helo crash, Cougar isn't in the mood for sex. Jensen is understanding at first, but as time goes on he starts blaming himself and feels more and more insecure. Cougar is oblivious. How do you tell someone that you are a satellite around their world? Lovely angst. Good example of that a story doesn't have to "show not tell" - telling is an excellent tool when used properly, as it is here. Nice stream of thoughts. Very many good sentences, especially considering the length of the story. I like the ending, nice touch.

A Cry For Help by Pistol
Cracky AU in which Cougar is a young lawyer. He is hired by Clay to help with some restraining orders. When he comes to Clay's company he's met by Clay's secretary - Jensen, who takes a liking to him. "Also, I feel the need to point out for legal and non-legal reasons that I've never had sex, consensual or otherwise, with Jensen." AU. Very funny. I really liked it. Poor Clay. Well, a bit of poor Cougar too, but very nice ending. I'm normally not much for AUs, but this was very cute, I smiled almost all the way through.

A Handful of Ash by Cougar's Catnip
When Jolene married Pooch, she gained an entire family of Losers. Now, thinking all but herself and Jensen's relatives dead, she thinks of the others and remembers them. Never play pool with a sniper, you won't win. Lovely, warm story, aww-worthy in places. It has a nice, genuine feel, also feel-good. Short, but contains very much for its length. I loved the parts about Cougar.

A Joyous Song by sperrywink
The other Losers likes to act as if Jensen is a trial to bear. In fact, he's anything but. And for Cougar he's his orbit. Also, who's who in comparing the losers to a boyband. Actually usually he sleeps poorly all the time, but at the first sign of agitation, half-asleep Jensen starts talking nonsense, and Cougar wakes up confused and disoriented, wondering why he is dreaming of soccer and computers, but not terrified or on edge. Nice description of Jensen and his interaction with the others. Especially with Cougar, of course. Made me smile. Aww for Jensen calling Cougar their little pussycat. Nice end. Good humor.

A Loser's Touch by Cryselephantine
Some cute short stories from the life of the Losers, ending in the Losers vs. Mary Sue. Yes, the Losers are joined by Mary Sue in all her perfect glory. Now what do they do? Started out in Navy training, shipped out to Irak, helped Mossad, helped cull the insurgents, shipped to Afghanistan, helped the Green Berets, the SEALs, trained Black Ops, trained sniper recruits, hacked into the White House mainframe to prove a point about security risks, oh she loves knives and making things go boom apparently… and volatile men… While I liked the other stories (heh for the A-Team reference) the Mary Sue story is beautiful. Anya'Bella Seryna Mae Bloom-Launter is an excellent sample of her breed. As with so many slashers who's been around for a while, nearly nothing is so annoying to me as a Mary Sue and it was very nice to see her get her just due.

A Mission Like No Other by duchess93309
Fourth of July and The Loser's new mission is ... to shop for dinner. The look of quiet relief in Cougar's eyes makes Jensen's determinatin to get the watermelon even greater. WIP and a bit gennish as of yet (though I hope for a slashy continuation), but cute either way. It made me smile, which is precious to me.

Alternate Love Story by symbioticdeath
AU in which the losers need a new tech. Clay sends Cougar undercover to MIT to check out Jake Jensen. It would have been easier if Jake hadn't spotted Cougar in the cafeteria and started persuing him relentlessly. The Spaniard was used to being able to sit under a tree to observe his target unnoticed not having the target walk up to him with a picnic basket while wearing a fluorescent pink shirt that read "Go Petunias." Sweet story. In character even if AU. Made me smile. Cute with Jensen seeing Cougar and going for what he likes. I also liked the potent story with Jensen's sister, refreshing not to see her as a paragon for once. Poor Heather ... Heh for the Lying Fish. Poor Jensen when Cougar really does have a gun in his pocket (and isn't just happy to see him). Nice dash of angst.

And Bugs Bunny Is Totally A Cross-Dresser by SandyQuinn
Pooch notices that Jensen often compares himself and Cougar to fictional couples with homosexual tension. Like Pinky and the Brain. Of course anyone could see that Jensen and Cougar liked to hang out: Jensen filled out the silence with his babbling easily, never even uncomfortable with Cougar's silence, and Cougar in turn obliged to Jensen's insanity and never ever told him to shut up. Sweet. Short, but tightly written. Good lines. I loved especially the Pinky and the Brain one. Awww, especially for Cougar playing along or derailing the antics.

And now might be the time for a colorful metaphor by ThecyborgThatCould
Cougar's family is very, very, very supportive of him being gay. Only one small snag - Cougar really likes girls and he's rather baffled by his family's behavior. Only, then comes along Jensen and ... oh holy mother of fuck, what the hell is happening in Cougar's pants? His father tells him that he is proud of his decision to infiltrate the industrial-military complex and effect change from the inside out, hands him a book on military law and gives him a firm pat on the shoulder. Lovely plot idea. Great humor and well executed. Lots of good details. I was smiling throughout the story. Awww, poor Cougar ... Nice family, I especially liked his father. Interesting story with Cougar moving through the military. Good language, several good quotes. Heh for the classified military operation thing - and, yes, of course - do it for the goats, Cougar! Again, poor Cougar with his Operation Mojo really not going well for him. So sweet. As a Swede, the Swedish conspiracy amused me. Nice end.

Applied Force by Pistol
Cougar can't say the three little words to Jensen, but that's okay. Cougar knows that Jensen knows that Cougar would do anything he wants, including killing, damning his soul and betraying his country - lay the bodies of enemies at his feet or conquer the world for him. With a few keystrokes and a handful of your bullets, Jensen could bring an empire to its knees. Absolutely wonderful story. A hint of delicious darkness. Believable and very nicely done. Many good lines. Inspiring (I had already written a good deal on a story I'm working on when I read this, but on reading this I felt reaffirmed in my belief that my story would work). I would love to read more in this universe. Sweet to have such unconditional love. I like seeing Jensen underestimated and this is a lovely way of showing how much more he is. They would make a good team of anything.

As Brothers We Will Stand by melodious329
Pooch, Clay and Rogue are teenagers, living on the streets and taking care of one another. Then one day they run into eight-year-old Jake and he becomes part of their little gang. And one day Jensen finds a young spanish boy sneaking about the roof tops. They find out he's looking for his father's killer. The team sets out to help him. Where will it end? Well, you’re lying up here like a cat on a branch, like a…cougar, yeah, a cougar! Interesting set-up. Well in character despite their ages and very cute as kids. Lovely Jensen babble. Awww for Jensen naming Cougar. Good echoes to their adult selves. While I did enjoy the bit where they were young, my favourite part was the later part, it was so nice, almost moving, to see them come together again.

Bastard by Four_Four
Jake isn't really Jake Jensen. He is Jacob Hale, brother of Derek Hale. Jake isn't a werewolf, though, he's a kanima. When the fire kills most of his family, Jake leaves. After a while he joins the Losers. Both he and the kanima likes Cougar a lot. But then Derek shows up, needing help. Jake is not amused. The quiet guy who makes Jake want to show his belly to him and roll like a puppy, and he is not a puppy, he is one of the most dangerous supernatural beings, he is the villain of the stories that wolves tell their children , he is the bogeyman under the bed of the wolf children. Interesting possibility. Sad that Jake had to change himself to blend in better, when it didn't even work. Tough I do like Jake how he is now, so there's that. I liked the view of the kanima. Bad Derek for leaving Jake ... Some strong images. Awww for the kanima wanting Jake to court Cougar.

Bang by rispacooper
Jensen's mouth gets him in trouble again - this time at a very unfortunate moment - in bed with Cougar. When he can get his head off the pillow, he will worry about that like he'll worry about the silence from across the room, or the empty space on this cheap, seriously questionable motel bed that had been full of a panting Cougar a second ago. Fun, hot, a hint of angst, yet loving. I've read of fisting before, but I think this is the only story I've read that focuses mainly on it, and that I still liked this much. Intimate, but intense, well in character (especially Jensen) and I like the humor.

Be Gentle by Symbioticdeath
Jensen gets hurt - again - and Cougar has to patch him up - again ... By the end of his first month he followed Cougar everywhere and the sniper had started to do Jensen's laundry since the blonde was lost when it came to household applicances. Sweet story with several neat details. I loved how Jensen booked the room as "J. Alvarez". And the candy bribery. And kissing things better and Cougar humming. Also Cougar having a convenient lockpick.

Beer Before Liquor by Marvinetta
The gang goes out for a night in a bar, when Jensen accuses Cougar of cock-blocking him. Afterwards, he takes Cougar with him home and the explanation for the cock-blocking leads to drunk confessions and interesting developments. With his head against the hard tile, Jensen started going through things he could possibly say to make things not be completely fucked up when he saw Cougar again. Nice story, the events unfolds well. I like the interaction between them, the moments of insecurity and how it all pans out. Cute misunderstandings and hot sex.

Before and During by Amethystina
Cougar counts his time in Before Jensen and During Jensen. Things are considerably different between the two. Among other things, Cougar had a different sexual orientation Before Jensen. He's still not sure about that bit. But hopefully Jensen will help him with that too. He was naturally aware that there might also — sometime in the future — come an After Jensen, but Cougar prayed that it would be as brief as possible, if it occurred at all. Nice view of Cougar. I like him devoted to Jensen and changed by his very presence. Good relationship between the two. Fresh feeing. I liked the descriptions of Cougar's thoughts on silence before and during Jensen. Some strong images. Cute how they kissed almost casually. Aww for Cougar wanting to be gay for Jensen. Heh for the others counting on Cougar's tunnel vision when it comes to Jensen.

Big Cats by Symbioticdeath
Jensen reads that Calvin Klein's Obession attracts big cats. So he tries it out. Of course, the big cat in mind is plenty obsessed with Jensen already. "I am his," Cougar stated it simply, like it was supposed to be common knowledge. Cute story. Cougar fooling Jensen by ditching the hat really amused me. And him following Jensen around in the first place. Heh for Jensen capturing Cougar in bed. Several good quotes.

Blind Man's Bluff by vestigialwords
For Jensen, Cougar is prepared to bet everything - even his hat. Jensen's eyes flashed with something that looked like gratitude, the sadness tumbling out of them, and a huge stupid grin coming over his face. Awww. So sweet. Greater love hath no man. Fun story, it made me smile. It really fits Cougar. The others also nicely in character.

Bring It On, Losers by Lex_Munro
The Losers meet up, one at a time joining Clay, aka the king of the Losers, slowly building the team - and when Jensen joins in he's just Cougar's type ... But experience had taught him that—learning experiences be damned—he needed to tattle on Jensen at the earliest signs of misbehavior, because the kid had zero fear of Roque (and conversely Roque had a healthy fear of a certain sniper who would probably do unspeakable things to him if he ever carried out his threats). The story in itself is good, a very satisfying team building story, showing off everyone's personalities well - especially Roque, Cougar and (in the second part) Jensen. That part was interesting and a nice read. I loved the notes section, with all the explanation. I'm not very knowledgeable about American military, so that I found very educational. It felt as if the writer knows what he's talking about - or did considerable research, yet didn't drop it in the story, so very good. The budding romance story I greatly enjoyed - and the stalking!Jensen was very funny. Good humor, well balanced and well done.

By daybreak we'll be gone by storm_petrel
Clay is a born werewolf. He bites Roque and a bit later they pick up Pooch and Cougar. By then the pack is so large they need a tech. They find the perfect candidate, but Cougar's reaction to him is too strong, so they let him go. Not a good solution. Now what? "You know," Roque says, "Given the fact that he's the best tech we've had yet, and incidentally, the first one I haven't wanted to murder slowly, and given the fact that our sniper is ridiculously fucking attached to him, I really think you should get him back." Nice building-the-team-story. It works well for me, everyone nicely in character. I like the rescue-Jensen adventure and the way the attraction between Cougar and Jensen is described. Awww for the coffee thing. Nice read.

Cambion 'verse by sly_hostetter
Jensen is a Cambion, a half-Incubus. He needs physical contact in order to survive. Everyone's withdrawal after the chopper is very difficult for him. For now he's going to let Cougar cuddle him to death, or sleep, whichever comes first. Interesting idea and I really like how the others take care of Jensen when they realise what he needs - aww-worthy, even. I would have loved to read some of the scenes a bit expanded - they work well as it is, but feels a hint abbreviated when some more details would have been even juicier. I would love to read more in this universe.

Cat's Out of the Bag by JinxedAmbitions
WIP. When Jensen joins the Losers they give him certain rules to follow. He doesn't. He follows Cougar when he disappears in the night - and finds out Cougar's great secret. Cougar isn't called Cougar for nothing: he's a werecougar. Which the other Losers finds very dangerous. Jensen, of course, finds it really cool. “Oh fuck, we're gonna need another new tech,” Roque muttered, but Cougar flopped his head in Jensen's lap and started to purr loudly as Jensen scratched his face and neck. Nice start and I hope for a continuation. Good, warm feeling between the boys. Good descripitons of Cougar as a cougar. Heh for Cougar acting as a petting zoo. Awww for Roque giving the best scratches with his knives. Silly Jensen for telling the team about the marking thing ... Sweet with the dead animal apology present.

Catalyst by lady_krysis
Roque and Jensen are in a cave, when Jensen starts acting stranger. Humping Roque's leg-stranger. It turns out Jensen is poisoned and might die if he doesn't get off - and masturbating doesn't help. Look, Roque, the important thing is I really, really need you to fuck me. Good choice for Roque to be the other man here, gives a nice twist. I would have liked to read a bit more about the situation, what actually happened and what will happen, it reads a bit like a take-out from a longer story and I'm always greedy to read more. Still, interesting pair, interesting premis. I like Fuck or Die situations, they are neat.

Chained To You by sch
Jensen hacks where he shouldn't - and are sent to die by his superiors. He's found by Cougar, though not really "rescued", as Cougar also wants something for him. A slightly insane Cougar is willing to break Jensen to get what he wants. He doesn't quite manage to break him, though, instead they fall in a very dependant kind of love with each other. Later they meet up with the other Losers. WIP. "He sewed my lips together when I was annoying." Lovely angst in both directions, obsessive love, strength and independence. Considerable humor and an interesting, unusual story that keeps you guessing. I hope for more in this series!

Cockfight by kisahawklin
Cougar is a captive who fights others to survive. He's the reigning champion, of course. Fighting is all he remembers. One day, they bring in a new man as his opponent, a tall blond who talks a lot ... He remembers vaguely there were people outside these walls, but he can't exactly remember who they are or why he should care. Interesting concept and I like the slightly more primal version of Cougar. I greatly enjoy him being a superior fighter - it feels so true. Jensen being a good fighter is also nice. And I like the sudden blowjob. Both well in character.

Cougar Is A Serial Killer or Don't Touch The Hat by Dark Seductress
You don't touch Cougar's hat. You seriously don't touch Cougar's hat. Because if you do, bad, bad things happen. Or beautiful things, according to Roque. Jensen may or may not get a little turned on. Jensen, the only living witness to the incident (and he has the feeling Cougar only kept him alive, despite being a team-mate, to tell the tale, so no one would EVER touch the Hat again), couldn't help muttering, "Bad move, fucker. You never touch that Hat." Cougar and his hat are awesome. I love stories when he is so protective: the more protective the better. And I like him being a total badass. This is a good story for this - and highly amusing. The whole Roque crying at the beauty of Cougar's carnage made me smile. Though I think possibly a bit of Pooch's theory that Jensen might have been in danger might also have added a little. Nice description of our special snowflakes. I like the Princess Bride reference. Good language, especially for Jensen. Nice end.

Crossed Wires by kisahawklin
A series of vignettes from the life of the Losers - relaxing with knitting, baking and a Star Trek party in which Jensen picks everyone's costume. "Okay, Cougs," Jensen said, grinning his stupid grin, the one that meant he was likely to get shot soon, "It's Uhura for you." Great idea with the knitting. I really liked that. Awww for Cougar being so game for Jensen's antics - but the end result do seem hot.

Cupid with a KA-Bar by super_seme04
Jensen wants to court Cougar. However, he's not quite sure as to the best strategy. Possibly he shouldn't have asked Roque for advice - though maybe Roque is good at the whole courting thing after all. Cougar is bemused by the gun oil strapped to the milk, but there is a small smile on his face as he frees it. Aww for Jensen doodling Mr and Mr Alvarez on things. Cute story with a nice dash of humor. Roques suggestions for courting was rather cute too. And awww for him making Clay prettier cupcakes.

Cyclophobia, I hope not by sch
Jensen crashes into the Losers' lives. He sees Cougar, likes what he sees and takes him for a ride. A stunned Cougar was sitting on the bike, between Jensen's outstretched arms, holding on to the kid in an attempt to survive this. I really love the idea of Jensen falling for Cougar instantly - and taking what he wants. Borderline non-con in a way I really like - and I think if Cougar really hadn't wanted Jensen, our dear wild cat has claws. Beautiful in character for especially Jensen. Very cute idea of cyclophobia too, and overall.

Dry Socks and Hospitals by Pistol
Jensen is shot, badly. As he bleeds (in a very manly red pool of blood, not at all a sissy Petunia-pink one), he considers his life choices. In retrospect, he could have made some other ones; had another life, some for the better and some for the worse. The carefully blank expression mixed with wild eyes tend to mean shit-has-hit-the-fan-so-Cougar-is-gonna-shoot-anything-that-isn't-Jensen-shaped. Very interesting, several good lines. I really liked Cougar's reaction and the co-dependency. A little dark, but a very nice read. A little aww-worthy in places, one of them being Cougar "mistaking" Jensen's laptop for a Chechnyan. Humorous.

Email Archive #300-08-B by katemonkey
An encrypted email conversation between Jensen and his sister between Bolivia and when they see each other again. She wanted to bring home his dogtags to keep with yours. Several nice details. Aww for "El Gato" - though all the nick names were great. The dogtags thing really made me melt. I also found the doll very sweet. And the accidental outing made me smile. Interesting format, fun and different.

Every Mark Has Its Meaning by kisahawklin
Jensen thinks that Cougar must have a tattoo and he wants to find out where. When they get each other off the first time, in the mud and boredom of Columbia, Jensen thanks his lucky star for the handjob and the feel of Cougar's breath against his face. Sweet story with intimacy. I like them both and especially Jensen's happiness due to their budding relationship. I would have loved more, but it works very well as it is.

Excelsior! by Saone
Superheroes are emerging, Superman, Batman and so on. Of course, some Superheroes, such as Batman, does not, in fact, have super powers. Jake gets a great idea - the team becomes super heroes (or anti-heroes). Meet Colonel, Gearshaft, Saber, Caliber and Binary. And the only thing that can distract Jensen, besides shiny object, are the scary thoughts that rise up, Lovecraftian-like, from the dark recesses of his mind. Fun story to follow the building of a group of anti-heroes from idea to costumes. Well in character, highly amusing. A large number of neat lines. Seems like the first part of a larger work - I would love to read some more in this universe.

Eye of the Beholder by sin
Why does the bad guys always think Jensen is the weakest link? Now Cougar's in trouble and Jensen to the rescue. I found this killer kitten while I was shooting all the bad guys, can I keep him? Cute. It made me smile to read. And I love Jensen being underestimated and rescuing Cougar.

Feliz Navidad by symbioticdeath
Another team borrows Cougar - and leaves him behind for dead ... Will he make it home in time for Christmas? C'mon, Cougs, let's get you to your Jensen. Sweet Christmas story, nice group-feeling (both Team and Jensen family). Several good lines. I do like the fuck-buddies situation that (hopefully) changes to something more, that's a kink of mine.

Field of Stone by LadyJanelly
Cougar is a mutant, capable of turning into a cat. Mutants are kept as slaves and put to whatever use anyone wants of them. Cougar is assigned as a sniper to the Losers. He doesn't expect anything else from them than what he has received from anyone else. Jensen has no intention to treat him as anything less than human. "Is there a problem, officers?" he asks, even though it's probably more accurate to ask what the hell Jensen's done this time. Strong story on an interesting subject. Well written, with lovely tension. Some dark parts, which I normally tend to shy away from, but treated very well. Beautiful description of Cougar's cat form. Very strong when Cougar offers Jensen that he doesn't need to use the restraints, that really made me go awww ...

Four Pair of Eyes From Now On by SCH
The team gets cursed into seeing their spirit animals. Of course, Cougar was always able to see his spirit animal - for the others it's a bit more of a surprise. Perhaps Cougar didn't quite count on a few things either. Cougar got goose bumps all over when Jensen started petting the cougar, and suddenly there were two pair of throats purring at the stimulation. Cute. And as fan fic has taught us - spirit animals (especially wolves) always approve of slash pairings. Nice selection of animals. I would like to read more in this universe, it sounds very interesting. I like Cougar's matter of fact reaction to (mostly) everything.

Gunpoint by stalkerhinata
Cougar finds his prey and soon has it at his mercy. Now what will he do with it? Cougar took a moment to answer, briefly distracted by the lips moving around the barrel of his gun. Cute interaction between them. I could see Cougar playing around a bit and Jensen going with the flow. Hot, but with a nice dash of humor. Nice language. Awww for Jensen fearing the hat being missing. Several good lines, especially considering the length of the fic.

Handcuffs by Marvinetta
Jensen and Cougar are friends with benefits, but Cougar has made clear that he still wants to sleep with girls. Only, when women shows interest in Jensen, Cougar doesn't like it. Jensen notices and does not like the double standard. When Cougar leaves him stranded with girls, Jensen comes back to their room to have a serious talk - and he brings handcuffs. Cougar felt a moment's panic at being essentially helpless and nearly spread-eagled, but then he felt Jensen's hands on his back again, massaging gently. I like Jensen giving Cougar an ultimatum. Good emotion and I could see the boys ending up in this situation. Also hot. I do like Jensen on top, especially with a nearly helpless Cougar, a bit of kink of mine. Nice little humor too.

Hat, Chapeau, Sombrero by duchess93309
Before he got the hat, Cougar had a black ball cap. This is the story of what happened to that cap and how he came to have the hat he wears now. Jolene watches as Cougar's composure slips a fraction at the death of his hat. Warm, touching story. I really like this idea and the ending is just great. Awww-worthy.

Hearts by symbioticdeath
Jensen pranks Roque. When Roque hunts him he hides in the least likely place - in the shower with Cougar. Cougar drank until he was brave enough to sneak into Jensen's bed. Funny story, it made me smile several times. Many nice lines too and I love the hiding in the shower scene.

Homefront by katemonkey
After Bolivia, with the Loser's "dead", Jolene meets up with Jensen's sister. They share their memories of the team - and help each other through life. But they start wondering if the boys really are dead. "Cougar ended up being my maid of honor." Heartening story of friendship and support. Lots of lovely details. Awww for Internet access in heaven (and, for the record, I hope so). A pleasant read that made me smile as I read it.

i'm going down down baby by candlenite
Jake thinks that Cougar is awesome. He wants him. Finally his sister makes him tell Cougar (well, stare at him mutely long enough to worry Cougar, grab him, kiss him and run away, anyway). How will Cougar react? Cougar flows to his feet, eyes going steely, meaning he thinks he's going to need to kill or severely incapacitate someone and he's ready for it, whatever it is, Jensen's just gotta point him. Lovely description of Cougar that I really enjoyed. Warm. I did think the size difference would return in the end, as it was a large point in the beginning, but I might have missed it and the fic works without it. Several good details and sentences. Nice dash of angst. Poor Pooch. Cute end.

I'm Just A Soul (Whose Intentions Are Good) by Storm_Petrel
Jensen's behavior towards Cougar changes, but Cougar is a bit oblivious. Suddenly Jensen is there, "within his bizarre new one-meter orbit of Cougar", but he never actually says anything. Until it is nearly too late. And it should be strange, but it's Jensen, Jensen's hand on his body, Jensen whos been orbiting him for months, Jensen who he'd die for, Jensen who suddenly makes a hell of a lot more sense. Awww ... So sweet with Jensen's awkward courting, Cougar oblivious, the little adventure in the middle and an absolutely lovely ending. Very sweet, I do have an extremely weak spot for first time stories, especially if (at least) one of the guys has never been with another man before - and especilly nummy if he's never even considered it.

Impersonation by Resonant
Jensen needs to go to a gay bar to get some information. He has to pretend he's gay, so he practices on Pooch and Cougar. With Pooch it doesn't go very well, but with Cougar things go almost too well ... Cougar felt strong and hot in his arms, and when Jensen said, "Aw, fuck, Cougar, yes," Cougar folded gracefully to his knees. Awww, poor Cougar. I like this type of stories a lot, of them having to pretend to be gay and have an epiphany. This one was sweet. Nice humor, I really liked Jensen not thinking of Pooch as Jolene might shoot him, and Pooch joking about Cougar being better at cocksucking as he's better at things with his mouth that requires not talking. What I really liked, because I'm a bit twisted that way, was Cougar on his knees. Not just cocksucking like an expert, but apparently expecting to get hurt - lovely little twitch of angst there.

In Which Cougar Always Looks by Resonant
Series of scenes in which Cougar is told not to look - but he always does. And then he gets together with Jensen - and he can look all he wants. I meant, I don't do this with - with guys I - Cougar, with you. Cute. Nice feeling in the story and the boys getting together. Nicely in character. Sweet with Jensen having Cougar's back. A little awww-worthy.

Inside There's An Army Waiting (For Their Marching Orders From You) by storm_petrel
Jensen is killed in a horrible accident. The other Losers are crushed with grief. Then they hear screaming when Jensen storms out of the morgue ... One by one, the Losers die - but they keep coming back. Colonel, I woke up in a body bag, please can we make it so that never happens again? Interesting idea, nice setup. I would like to read more in this universe. Nice emotions. I really like the idea of the boys continuing and not easily dying. Inspiring. Wow for Cougar and razor blades in his hair, that's brave!

Inside Your Head the Sound of Glass by cm
Clay is an insane serial killer. His preferred victim are blond men. In the nuthouse, though, he meets Jensen, and everything changes. They flee and starts killing together. One day, they pick up a hitch hiker named Roque. In the madhouse what Clay likes to describe as the worst eight month of his life: they drugged him up and once in a while someone came in to ask him if he still felt the need to tear people to shreds. Very interesting. Different, yet nicely done. Not a pairing I normally read much in, but it worked very well in this story. I would like to read more in this universe. All right, mostly I'm into Jensen/Cougar, but in my mind if Clay can have Roque, then Jensen can have Cougar. I especially liked Jensen in this one.

Insomnio by James
In the military, everyone in a team notices everything about everyone else. Jensen and Cougar's relationship is no secret and when Cougar's insomnia is getting worse, Clay turns to Jensen to get something done about it. But is that the full story? He's pretty sure it took them a few days to figure it out, if only because he tended to crawl into bed around three in the morning and Cougar tended to crawl out of it at six. Very nicely done story. Good set up in the beginning of how they knew everything about each other and then working to the surprise at the end. Several nice quotes and amusing bits. I liked the part about Cougar going to therapy. Very sweet between Cougar and Jensen, though a little sad about the others in the end. Though still awww. And lovely, very hot image of Cougar in only his hat and a holster.

It Takes Marvel by The_Marron
Steve and Bucky went away for a year and when they returned it was with a baby boy, Jake. The Avengers all adore him and help raise him. He takes the last name Jensen. When he's grown, he leaves and eventually he has a team of his own, The Losers. And possibly, according to Tony, an Oidipus complex. Everyone seemed to be in favour of Jake dating a Black Ops member ("At least he knows what to do when they kidnap him" said uncle Clint) and Alice decided she liked Cougar, especially after the match the whole team went to watch, so there was that. Nice crossover. I'd have liked more on the Loser's side of things, but yeah, Tony might just be right in that Jake's taste in men comes from Bucky. Made me smile, especially poor Tony when Jake wanted to work for Oscorp ... Heh for the fight for Best Uncle status. Aww for Clint-Dragon and the rest. I also liked Clint sewing merch for those that don't have them, for Jake. Good solution for Jake's niece with Alice.

Jensen's Day Out (with Superheroes) by pprfaith
The Losers are on a mission, as usual. What is not so usual is that the bad guys they're fighting have snakeskins. Luckily, a small blond chick shows up who knows how to kill the freaks. Jensen's impressed (and possibly a bit horny). Why is Cougar so annoyed by that? And who is the blond chick - not to mention, why is she calling Clay 'Uncle'? He breaks their necks with his boot and moves on, whirling, ducking, spinning, killing, and Jensen knew Cougar was deadly, but he’s never seen the sniper in close range combat like this, has never seen him like this, period, because Cougar is furious and cleaning up the whole damn place by himself and then the last guy goes down and he rounds on Clay and punches him in the face, no fanfare, no warning. Fundraiser fic for the AO3, which I might have won. Since I specified it (and betaed it), it's hardly surprising I like it, but apart from having badass Cougar being very good at killing monsters, which I really wanted, I think the story in itself is good, well-written with good humor and a nice, working balance between Buffy and the Losers. Heh for Buffy and Rogue bonding over weapons and for Jensen saying his thoughts out loud. All well in character. Yay for Cougar being the most terrifying thing in the world.

Just My Type by Devilc
Loki escapes, grabs Steve and replaces him with ... Jake Jensen, a Steve-look-a-like from another universe. As the others deal with trying to get Steve back, Bucky cares for Jake. He misses Steve, of course, but apparently he has a type. That's okay. Steve-like men apparently also has a type. He glomps onto Bucky as soon as Stark gives him the run of the floors where people's quarters are located, because "You have that silent but deadly with a gun more than a mile away vibe." And, "I kind of have a thing for your type." Cute story that made me smile. I like crossover and this worked. Heh for Howling Avengers. Also for the movement against overbearing Jewish-Italian grandmothers. Fun. Cute with Jake messing with JARVIS. Tony and Jake would be awesome buddies.

Knock Knock by amaresu
What made the Losers the Losers is the silliest Knock Knock joke Jensen once told. It's special; it binds them; it's worth something. Will Aisha get the joke? Bolivia is a dark and empty place for them all, but Clay can't help but think that something might've gone differently if he'd just turned to Roque one night and said, “Knock knock.” Awww, so cute. Nice crack and it works well for the Losers. In character. Neat with the morse whistling. Moo motherfucker indeed. Cute details. Also I liked the Pratchett bit - I do own the Where's My Cow-book.

Leaving by Saral_Hylor
There's nothing that ties Cougar to the Losers. Roque might not have been their anchor, but they just don't gel any more. So he has to leave. The only thing he regrets is that Jensen isn't there to say goodbye when he leaves. What will happen? He's in his car, engine going, when the passenger door is thrown open with such vigour that Cougar's surprised it doesn't come off it's hinges entirely. Sweet story that made me smile. A little awww-worthy. Good ending.

Let Me Go by Cougar's Catnip
Everything is over and things go back to normal. Cougar and Jensen are civilians. Jensen has plenty of job offers, but Cougar doesn't see a future for himself. Also, it is time for him to leave, as he thinks Jensen deserves much better than him - and Cougar hasn't even told him that he loves him (because he thinks Jensen is straight). So he goes - but what will Jensen do about it? Jake was straight as an arrow and Carlos didn't think he could bear to see the disgust that was sure to be there if he admitted the truth of his feelings. Sweet story. Lovely angst, good emotion. Aww-worthy here and there. Good ending. Some funny lines too. A little inspiring.

Let Me Perish young by tigriswolf
AU crossover The Losers/Supernatural, in which Jensen is a daywalker, the only get of who might be the oldest vampire in the world, Castiel. Convinced that Max is a vampire, he calls in his sire to help - and faces telling the truth to his team. Cougar has watched over Jensen for five years, has thought of Jensen first as a foolish cub in need of protection and then as a possible mate. I don't like AUs much, but this one's interesting. I do like the notion of Jensen being much more than he seems and the others' reaction is very interesting, as we get to see from several perspectives. Feels like the first part of a much longer work that would be very nice to read.

Life Affirmations by emocezi
Cougar is nearly killed and reaffirmes life by mapping Jensen's body. In doing so he skirts the limits of what Jensen can endure. Jensen's face is screwed up with what looks like pain, but if it were, Jensen would be calling him Carlos and attempting to kick him in the head. Life affirmation sex is a good plot. What makes this story stand out is Jensen's sensitivity, Cougar's kinks and their interesting relationship. Hot, yes, but also with a bit of sweetness.

Like A Blessing by Pistol
Cougar loses his entire unit - but is rescued by the Losers, who helps put him back together again (at least a little bit). Roque, Pooch and Clay need something to take their mind off their own problem - Jensen is missing, presumed dead. Only, is he really dead ...? Yes, their sanity may be held together by 100-mph duct tape and spit, but it works for them. WIP. Normally I'm not much for WIP, but one of my major fandoms and one of my favourite writers in this fandom, so I couldn't resist. I like the premise very much and very hopeful for a continuation. Very nicely described emotions. Poor Cougar. Many good lines. Everyone well in character. Aww for the guys helping Cougar shower. Nooch for Jensen being good at fighting with a laptop. The hooker thing always has me smiling. And the many group hugs. And the Team Jacob thing. And the Tamagotchii. Lots of things, really.

Little Things by symbioticdeath
Jensen joins the Losers and transforms their house to a home with many little details. He especially gets domestic with Cougar. A few days later, Pooch had noticed that Cougar had started to follow Jensen everywhere. Sweet story that made me smile. Several good details. Heh for Jensen tripping Rogue for the zombies.

Locked, Loaded and Ready To Roll by catwalkalone
Cougar sucks Jensen's cock like he handles his gun. With hot intensity and utter dedication. Jensen is not complaining. However, there might also be more. Jensen knows then, with gut-busting precision, that he'll let Cougar do anything he wants, as freaky as that might get. Lovely story, really hot, intense sex, but handles the developing relationship with an elegant touch. Well in character, a good read.

Loser Poker by plingo_kat
All the Losers are gay (or bi) and they used to have orgies. When they got tired of that they made up Losers Poker, where they bet sexual favours (Pooch doesn't play for real). Aisha makes Jensen explain when she overhears. It was all an auditory hallucination? Cute story, it just made me smile to read. Betting gun's interesting enough, but this would really be interesting to lose. A game you can play either to win or lose.

Loser Say What by Creed_Cascade
Cougar's away and Jensen has a fight with Roque. Pooch talks to Jensen afterwards and Jensen's insecurities regarding his and Cougar's relationship are among the issues. I'm surprised it's lasted this long and call me a sucker ... sorry, I can't help it, but call me a romantic, but I'll take whatever Cougar's willing to give me. Lovely story. Everyone well in character. Very humorous, yet touches serious, interesting subjets. Great hints of angst, a bit of self-sacrifice and lots of love. Very nice read overall. I only wish for more. The superglue thing always makes me smile. Several awww-moments.

Loser/Leverage Xover Verse by emocezi
The Leverage team is relaxing at the pub, when someone suddenly grabs Elliot from behind. Not a good idea ... Not even if you are Jake Jensen of the Losers. You broke my nose and you won't give me apology cuddles. I love crossovers and just the idea of The Losers (my favorite movie) and Leverage (one of my favorite TV shows) had me smiling. The title of the first in the series promised - and the story delivered. I was a bit worried at first by the title that it would be Leverage-centric, at the cost of The Losers, as many crossovers tend to favor one fandom above the other, but this was very nice! Aww ... I can so vividly see what happens, it "works", poor Jensen ... Both well in character, I smiled through most of the story, good ending too. Great.

Lost In Translation by freneticfloetry
After Jensen nearly gets killed, Clay orders Jensen to learn Spanish. From Cougar. Jensen isn't very good with learning Spanish, but Cougar is patient - and might have secondary motives for his willingness to act the teacher. Those dark eyes flash with razor-sharp focus, and for a split second, all Jensen knows is what it's like to be prey. Cute story. Aww for them singing. Jensen's obliviousness is adorable. Cute with Cougar hiding on top of a plane. Clay's reason for why it must be Jensen who learns Spanish was really sweet - also awww-worthy.

Magic Carpet Ride by Marvinetta
Cougar drinks beer spiked with acid and Jensen has to take care of him when he goes on a trip. Resting his head against Jensen's shoulder, Cougar silently watched Jensen type, occasionally raising a finger to trace things on the screen. High!Cougar is sweet and I enjoyed the way Jensen (drunk himself) takes care of him. Amusing and very sweet.

Maldita Toalla by kaitlia777
Jensen has to play a role and to do so he shaves. Cougar likes the change. That Jensen is fresh from the shower in only a towel doesn't hurt either. What was uncommon was the fact that he was staring at his teammate and had a stranglehold on the barrel of his rifle. Very nice description of Jensen. And I like Cougar's reaction. Also the description of their little dance. Hot, though with a nice dash of humour.

Maybe We're Not Meant To Be by Marvinetta
Cougar and Jensen are fuck buddies, but Jensen is getting tired of that Cougar seems to consider him a dirty secret. Finally he has had enough and breaks it off. Only Cougar loved him all along, of course. He didn't want to give a name to the feeling when he'd swallowed his pride and asked Jensen to stay, only to have the younger man turn away. Lovely angst, nicely written. I love this type of misunderstandings, strong feelings on both side-angst. Aww ... Overall a sweet read. Both nicely in character.

Mind Drug by sch
Jensen and Cougar are captured and Cougar given a drug that turns him primal, torn only between lust and violence. Jensen has to deal with that his best friend wants to either kill him or rape him. One false move and Cougar would tear his throat out, or fuck him through the floor -- both were equally unwelcome right now. Okay, so I'm just a little kinky this way, but this kind of non-con I really like. Primal Cougar, still in synch with his Jensen and Jensen doing his best to get through a bad situation, strong enough to bend rather than break - and in the end it isn't as non-con as it seems at first. Many lovely lines, in character, nice. I wish there were more, but a very nice, lovely read.

Minus the Form Fitting Leather Suit by symbioticdeath
Cougar drinks a spiked drink and unexpectedly turns into a woman. Jensen takes care of him and one thing lead to another. Sometimes the blonde would wake up in the morning with a comatose sniper sprawled over him because Cougar had been all sneaky. I don't read het. If it had been a Cougar-born-female story I likely wouldn't even have read it. However, I gave this a try and I really enjoyed it, even the sex part. Several great lines. Interesting situation, well handled. I like the little sides too, of Cougar threathening Jensen's female friend, the Cougar sneaking into Jensens' bed, the emotions, Pooch's mistaken belief of Jensen taking advantage of Cougar, Clay's bathroom obsession and everything. Nice.

More Than A Taste by taibhrigh
Cougar follows Jensen and discovers a secret - Jensen is a vampire. Now what? He figured he should be afraid of Jake, but Cougar knew - felt it in his very soul - that Jake would never hurt him. I really like the idea of Jensen being more than he seems. This story is a nice one. I like the idea in itself. Also the thought of Cougar speaking Spanish to Jensen when he's pissed at him. I like the hints of insecurity on both parts and the hopeful, open ending - lovely last line. I'm greedy, so I always want more in these types of stories, but it works very nicely as it is.

Musical Inclinations by Emerald Embers
Jensen loves to sing, but is not very good at it. Cougar doesn't mind much, for several reasons. Cougar can't honestly say that he minds - Jensen's constant chatter and noise is comforting and you get used to it, and when it threatens to get irritating Cougar has the advantage of being an expert in tuning out distractions. Nicely in character, a little awww-worthy. Several good points regarding Cougar's view of things, such as Cougar liking girls partly due to the understanding the hair grabbing thing. Intimate in parts. Nice end.

Next of Kin by storm_petrel
AU where Jensen is not with the Losers. Max holds his sister and niece hostage, forcing him to hack for him. One day he's captured by the Losers, who thinks he works willingly for Max. It's just, out of everything that's happened so far, he really honestly hadn't been expecting actual good guys to show up. Interesting plot, works well. Several good lines. I especiallly liked them sleeping in the same bed, if chastely - still hot. Cute with Jensen's nickname for Cougar. And, of course, as a native Stockholmian, this type of Stockholm Syndrom amuses me.

Nom, nom, nom ... by Cougar's Catnip
What kind of food Jensen prefers? A no-brainer. "Mexican," he said innocently. This really made me smile to read. Short, but funny.

Not What You Were Looking For, But Exactly What You Needed by JinxedAmbitions
Jake can talk the talk - and boy, does he ever. But he does not walk this particular walk. Jake is asexual and even if he flirts a lot, he has no clue what to do if his flirting is ever returned. And then Cougar does return his flirting - and Jake responds in the worst possible way, landing Cougar in the hospital. Can anything be saved? That would've been enough for Jake to love Cougar, but then three days later a gift basket arrived with a note from Sergeant Flores saying he was extremely sorry if he offended Corporal Jensen, and he hoped Jake would accept his apology, and if he could please call off the crazy ass sniper he'd be forever grateful. Interesting story. Good description of Jensen's take on his sexuality. Aww for Jake thinking they're under attack the first time Cougar speaks to him. The boys are very warm together, very good feelings. I like protective Cougar.

Not Your Average Lima Losers by kaitlia777
The Losers get a lead on Max to a school in Lima, Ohio. They go undercover as teachers at the William McKinley high school. The "Glee" high school. One yelp from Jensen and Cougar moved into Aisha's line of sight, letting out a low, warning growl. Lovely idea for a crossover. I really enjoyed this story, I was smiling nearly throughout. The plot works, everyone nicely in character. The hint of Cougar/Jensen is lovely and yes, I can really see Sue Sylvester as one of Clay's exes. Several good lines. I also like Cougar teaching math (if with a lot of nods and grunts) - he would be good at that. And him tracking down missing students. Nice ending. Cute with Jensen translating for Cougar. Love for Jensen's Here kitty, kitty-boxers. I would have loved to see the hint of Jensen being very dangerous more developed, the hints are lovely, but I do understand that it would have been a bit much for this particular story.

Observation by Jain
Jensen walks in on Clay and Cougar having sex. It's a total surprise, considering the DADT thingy and Clay being their superior and so on. On the other hand, he's also intrigued. Appearances could be deceiving, but the expression on Cougar's face hadn't exactly screamed, "Bad touch." Some interesting questions. I got a very vivid image of what Jensen walked in on - hot! Poor boy, though. Some nice lines. Heh for him actually considering that it might be a joke.

Oh The Places We'll Go! by jujitsuelf
Cougar and Jensen work their way through a jungle. Jensen talks and reads responses in Cougar's hat. He's having trouble with his mouth filter and ends blurting out that he thinks Cougar's hot. How will Cougar react? Jensen's voice rose a little and Cougar listened to him, rolling his eyes and reminding himself that killing one's team-mates was frowned upon in polite society. Cute! I like the hat-tilting translations and the playful side of Cougar. Good lines.

On The Origins Of A Man by Creed_Cascade
Scenes from Jensen's life, from age seven through school and when he finally meets up with and joins the Losers; how he grew to become the man he is today. I could shoot you in ways you could never imagine from distances most people would consider impossible. His childhood and familylife was almost painful to read about, but sets the scene very well. I love the scene where he meets up with Cougar and how quickly they fit in with one another. Hot too. Heh for the Mexican carrot thing. Heh also for the interaction between Jensen and Roque. The scenes after the meeting were also fun, but also interesting to read. All-over well-written, very thoughtworthy. I had been pimped The Losers at a con I went to, but a story by one of my favorite authors moved the movie to the top of my DVD pile, so I could look and later read that fic. This fic. Which is a great fic and remains one of my favorites in what is now my second favorite fandom. Lovely, it just makes me want more each time I read it.

Ones and Zeroes by Kayim
Jensen often writes notes in binary. One day Cougar gets curious as to what they say and he starts decoding one. To his surprise it is addressed to himself. 1001001 . 01101100 01101111 01110110 01100101 . 01111001 01101111 01110101. Awww. So sweet. And so Jensen. I really liked Cougar doing the decoding the hard way, bonus points for that. The story made me smile.

Option B by Jain
Almost a month in the jungle and your teammates start to look good. But soon Jensen starts wondering if Cougar might be looking for something more. "Hey, the army never said I had to make the lies believable, they just said I wasn't allowed to tell the truth." Both very much in character. Humour, without it being distracting. Nice hand with the small details to show rather than tell. Believably guyish to seek sex, then turning very sweetly into something more. I especially enjoyed Cougar's reaction when he thinks Jensen is rejecting the notion of "something more".

Pant-bustin' crush by legendary_patsy
Jensen tries to flirt with Aisha while Cougar paints the helicopter. It's not going very well - until Aisha decides to give him a break - and has sex with both him and Cougar. Cougar groans behind her and she glances over to see him sucking on fingers, not his own, Jensen's, covered with her essence, and she almost comes again from seeing that. I'm normally not at all keen on PWPs or threesomes - and het normally turns me off. This, however, is a great exception to that. Very hot, interesting POV. Nice interaction between the boys too.

Pants, swagger, and other things to bring to a gunfight by storm_petrel
Five scenes with five persons who has seen Jensen naked - though two scenes are Cougar-centric and Jensen's not completely naked in all scenes. --so when someone kicks down their safe house door and starts shooting up the kitchen Jensen has time to go for either his sidearm or his pants, and his pants don't stand a chance. I liked all scenes; they each had a nice vibe. Jensen to the rescue - yay! Cougar and him almost chastely clinging to each other in the shower - sweet, I really liked that. And the end was great. Everyone nicely in character. Several good lines. Poor Cougar with the shingles, but great plot device to set up the rescue scene.

Partial Harmonics by Feather
Cougar gets captured. Jensen sets out to rescue him. He gets unexpected company - Aisha. The three grows closer and ends up in a relationship. They win because by the time you figure out they're that fucking crazy, they've already shot you, and then it's over. I really enjoy Jensen to the rescue. I was a bit leery that Aisha's presence would dilute Jensen's part of the rescue, but it worked well. Interesting with Jensen vs. Jake. I liked the backstory for Jensen, with Holly and Beth. Lots of nice lines in these stories, well written. Nice feeling between the three when they're together, with intimacy.

Pushing Boundaries by Marvinetta
Cougar always tops, until Jensen has this brilliant idea as to how they can make the sex-in-the-shower work - but it would require him lifting Cougar into position - and Cougar bottoming. Cougar is cautiously interested. He just hoped he could keep his composure and not have an orgasm just from listening to Cougar whisper really, really hot things in his ear. This story hits a lot of my kinks. Always-top Cougar pursuaded to bottom for the first time, Jensen taking his virginity, Cougar likes it - very, very nummie. Nicely in character, hot sex, cute with Cougar teasing Jensen, planning the garage-scene. Nice circle from start to finish in the shower.

Quis Custodiet Who gives a Rat's Ass? by catwalksalone
After Bolivia Cougar is even more quiet - but he screams in his sleep. The others can't sleep and finally Jensen has to do something. Jensen is spooning Cougar; knees tucked behind Cougar's, one arm thrown over his chest. Sweet story. Nicely written, very intimate. Interesting POV-choice. The one sentence sex scene was very well done, very vivid. The ending was lovely, very interesting explanation to Pooch's action after Jensen got shot.

Recreating Camelot by darkblueballoon
WIP with supernatural "non-humans". Clay's team is a pack of specials. Until Jake had phoned to tell her that he had been taken into the pack, she had held onto doubts about Roque and Clay, but after seeing how they all formed a protective circle around Jake, even in her home, she decided to lay them aside unless either of them gave her genuine cause for concern. Interesting story with many neat details and good set-up. I hope for more. Good when the others stand up for Jensen.

Roll With It by theleaveswant
Clay orders the others to distract. So they do, by playing the role of stranger against one another. More Open-Minded Than Previously Suspected White Dude shrugged and reached for Universal Sex God, who held his hat tightly to his scalp in case this was some sort of trap, but allowed himself to be dipped into a humdinger of a Times Square kiss. I love the image of Jensen dipping Cougar (and Cougar making sure his hat is not messed with, during), the description of Cougar in particular and Jensen braving flickering Cougar's hat (and the genuine terror that follows). Ah, what can I say, I love Cougar. Fun story in a different style that works for me.

Rubber Ducky, You're the One! by Creed Cascade
Jensen and Cougar meet for the first time - in juvie. From then on, they're all each other really has. With time and confidence in their messed up, and mutually obsessive (some might say co-dependant) relationship, they came to realise that the only thing that could come between them was a bullet. Very interesting backstory. Highly enjoyable. I really like the idea of Jensen being more dangerous than he seems. And I really enjoy Jensen deciding from the start that Cougar will be his. The idea of him suddenly showing up in the army really made me smile, as did the rubber duck shooting thing. I did like the part about Jensen's sister and niece too. Several nice lines.

San Valentin by symbioticdeath
Valentine's day and Cougar starts finding presents. He deduces they are from Jensen. How will he respond? He had traded the remains of Persephone for a leather cowboy hat that Jensen promptly placed on Cougar's head. Sweet. I kind of like the whole men giving each other thoughtful, loving gifts-thing. Also the hint of self-sacrifice, or at least risking self. Cougar in fights is also something I like. Good selection of gifts. I really liked the hint of Cougar breaking down and the hand-holding.

Scars by Marvinetta
Cougar sees scars on Jensen and investigates them. When he finds out that all of them have negative associations he does something about this. "As hot as that was, if you ever pull a knife during sex again, I'm stabbing you with it." Interesting, different. I like the interaction between them. And I really like Cougar in this one. Sweet in a little twisted way. Both well in characters. Some hot scenes.

Secrets by symbioticdeath
Everyone has secrets. Jake's secret is a bit special - he can read people's minds, even walk in their dreams. Lately, though, he's been sloppy around the team sniper, as if he subconsciously wants Cougar to find out. "I bet Sookie Stackhouse doesn't have to put up with this shit," Jensen mumbled to himself as he exited the house. Interesting story plot and fresh idea. Sweet with Cougar sleeping with him when he gets cold, I really like that idea. Nice intimacy between them. I would have loved to read more in this universe. I also liked how they interacted after the explosion, with Cougar sticking close to Jensen. The Zombies thing made me smile.

Security Blanket by Cattraine
Jensen wriggles his way closer to Cougar. When someone captures him, they gets a pissed off Cougar after them. It was closer than he allowed most of his one-night stands, but Jensen's bulk was putting out heat like a fucking furnace and for the first time in a week Cougar was warm enough for his muscles to unknot. Bodyheat is hot! And even sweeter when it's one-way sharing (well, more or less). Awww for cold Cougar and Jensen warming him up. Almost better (more intimate) than if they had had sex directly following. Protective Cougar is lovely; ruthless Cougar to the rescue deliciously hot. I like the way one gets to see the warehouse scene from different angles. Sweet, well in character. Very many good lines, hot sex, very nice sprinkles of both angst and humor.

Seduction!verse by iluvpaddedwalls
Jensen tries five easy steps how to seduce a man - Cougar. Things does not go quite as planned. Cougar had gone out last night and had gotten a gallon of Jensen's favorite ice cream, because he was a good person and not at all afraid for his life. Cute. I really liked Cougar thinking he had pissed off Jensen enough for Jensen to threathen him with a chain saw. And the scene in the second part when Cougar ends up "sleeping" with his head in Jensen's lap. And Jensen being distracted by a bunny cloud - perfectly reasonable. And Jensen touching Cougar's hat carefully as not to leave fingerprints. Several good lines and amusing.

Seven Days to Sunday by james
Jensen like-likes Cougar, but he has considerable difficulties actually telling his team-mate that. He seeks help from an unlikely source - his niece. He didn't know if he should be grateful or not that something about Cougar made it impossible for him to say a single word, rather than how he got around the ladies he'd tried throwing passes at with what turned out to be some of the stupidest pick-up lines in the entire history of guys trying to get laid. Funny, but works well and well in character. Several funny or interesting lines. I like the use of the niece.

Shades in the Grey: Deep Waters by grnidshrk
WIP in which the children of Death can move between worlds. Jake Jensen is such a child. He's able to change his shape to a tiger shark and he can talk to the recently dead. This makes him different (and dangerous). He fits right in with the Losers. Glasses and the glare they catch from the light keeping them from seeing nictitating eyelids slip over his eyes as he hacks for hours on end or his odd ability to go from completely resting to vicious and deadly in seconds, when he grins, he's careful to keep his teeth blunt and human, and if a few are knocked out in bar brawls or from a pissed off teammate trying to shut him up he never says, they're replaced days after. Interesting set-up, many good details. I hope for more to the story eventually. I like stories in which Jake is more than he seems. A shark suits him surprisingly well, with the constant movements and grins. Good detail about the nictitating eyelids. Cute with Beth as a crocodile. The description of Cougar was very beautiful. Nice how Jake understands Cougar's body language.

Skin on Skin by Amethystina
Jensen is tactile and most of all he likes touching Cougar. Luckily, Cougar doesn't mind. In fact, Cougar likes the touches more and more. But what does Jensen really mean by them - if anything? It was as if he was trying to become a part of Cougar through osmosis. Sweet with the gradual building and reasoning and rationalisation. Very Jensen. Good feeling. Nice resolution.

Snapshots by ink.bird
One sentence fics to 50 words. Former lovers have tried to tame him—tried to calm the wild energy that flows through his soul and blood and fingertips; but Cougar just sits in the middle of the storm and lets it wash over him with a small grin. Some really nice ones, with good humor and feeling.

So, Yeah, What Else Is She Gonna Do? by Medie
In this story, Jensen is a woman. Cougar still likes for Jensen to fuck him. His eyes darken, but there's a half-second of uncertainty there and she melts a little. I don't like AUs much in general, but this was fun. Well written in character, a hint of angst, hot too. Just the image of Cougar sucking that dildo - very hot!

Some Rules by Medie
Jensen has his mind made up: kissing Cougar is not supposed to happen. But a bit of alcohol, some cock blocking and Jensen talking a lot like usual; one thing leads to another and maybe some rules are made to be broken. Jensen also approved of Cougar licking his lips like he was lining up a shot because, god, how hot was that? Several good lines. Both boys well in character. Very good voice for Jensen. Funny story without being silly; a very nice, amusing read. Cute with not kissing Cougar in other languages too. I really liked Jensen checking Cougar's sniper stats for bragging rights (and Cougar trying to "sneak" into Jensen's system to check them as well). Hot in parts and awwww in parts too - especially for Jensen ranking up there with the hat.

Special Occasion by katemonkey
Cougar gives Jensen a blowjob - and what a blowjob! It was so amazing that Jensen didn't know if he wanted to cry, or to get married, or something equally ridiculous. Normally I'm not all that into PWPs, I do like plot to my stories. This, however, was absolutely lovely! One of the nicest such stories I've read - and one of the hottest blowjobs too. Also well written, several good lines, very nice mood and a lovely ending. Very nice overall!

Stay by Kayim
Jensen overhears Cougar having a problem and decides to give him a helping hand. Then what? He has to remind himself that there is an unwritten code of conduct about hearing a friend masturbate while you're supposed to be sleeping - he needs to just ignore what's happening and never mention or think about it again. Short, but very, very sweet. Awww even. Yet hot and with a lovely ending. Well written.

Stumbling by symbioticdeath
A drunk Cougar stumbles in and goes where he wants to go - into Jensen's room. He was a ninja. Ninjas did not make noise. The door made a noise and therefore, was not a ninja. Cougar is a very cute drunk. Amusing story which made me smile. I do have a weak spot for Cougar talking spanish for certain stuff. A little awww.

Stumblr Fics by vodkaanddebauchery
Bucky sees his girlfriend and embraces her from behind - only he's not embracing his girlfriend, but a rather thin man. Maybe it's just as well? In another story, Jake Jensen wants to kiss Cougar, but dares not. So he does something else. And Coulson has ascended to Geek Nirvana ... For Chrissakes, Jensen needs to remove himself from this situation before he does something monumentally stupid, like lay one on his very Catholic, very likely straight, very likely heteronormative teammate. Several cute stories that made me smile. Good emotion. Good voice for especially Jensen, and cute how he bought Mojito.

Swirl of Sand, Grains and Stars by wild wolf free 17
When he sleeps, Cougar snuggles like an octopus. The Losers have no choice but to let him. Until Jensen joins the team. Jensen actually likes to be snuggled. None of the rest of them ever mention it to him because he is one scary bastard, but he's like an octopus if you're within his reach when he's asleep. So sweet story. It made me smile and go awww. Cute ending too.

Team Dynamics, Family, and Other Things That Will Hurt You by Pistol
After a tough childhood Jensen joins the military. During a course he meets Carlos Alvarez. At first they don't get along all that well, but when Jensen sees how hungry Carlos is, he feeds him - and like when you feed a stray cat, Jensen aquires a Cougar for life. But the path is far from easy. Cougar's bisexual, Jensen's straight (or is he?). Jensen isn't even part of the Losers, but part of Wade's team and there's great danger ahead. If you want me, I am yours. One of my most favorite slash stories overall (and I've been reading since the 80ies). Perhaps if I could have custom made the perfect story for me it would have had a bit more angst and a few other details, but this is absolutely wonderful. Lovely, with nice angst, not too dark, but with a hint of danger. Long without being the least bit boring. Nice to read an author not afraid to take time to explore a universe. Loads of good lines, plenty of humor, several things I adore. I would love to read more in this series and I dearly hope there will be more. A great re-read as well. Nicely in character. I actually laughed out loud several times while reading this (very rare for me). Awww for Cougar's chocolate obsession (including scaring new recruites out of their chocolate and getting high school girls to buy for him) - and I wholeheartedly agree that while the world is full of problems, chocolate will never be one of them. Aww for the whole feeding Cougar thing and Cougar then following Jensen around. Nice interaction with the whole team. There's simply too many details in this great story that I like for me to mention them all. Awww for Jensen hogtying Cougar and carrying him off base - that was hilarious. I liked Rogue a lot in this one too. Great ending, I really like that.

The First Eight Don't Count by Storm_Petrel
Jensen hasn't told his team mates one, minor detail about himself. Not the gay thing - the werecat thing. His alternative self, Cat, also likes Cougar. Then he is forced to reveal himself. "Jensen, they shot me up with something psychotropic, but you're naked, and I'm pretty goddamn sure you were a cat just a second ago." Lovely story, a personal favourite of mine. I love the idea of Jensen as a werecat, it just fits so nicely the way it is described in this story. The ADHD-off-the-meds as a more reasonable explanation for his behaviour made me smile. And I really enjoyed the interaction between Cougar and Cat (and Jensen). Great. Nice little adventure in the middle, several lovely lines, great ending. My only "complaint" is that this is one of those stories you wish there were ten more stories in a series to.

The Hardest Part by der_tanzer
Cougar is great at waiting, but when he gets seriously wounded to wait gets difficult even for him. One day Cougar woke to find Jenson holding his hand, and a few days later he was disturbed in the night by a muffled choking sound and opened his eyes to see the strong shoulders he had clung to on the mountain shaking with barely suppressed sobs. Nicely in character. Good job of returning to the waiting, building the story well. Awww and sweet.

The Long-Distance Call by busaikko
Cougar gets kidnapped, buried alived in a coffin, and it's Jensen to the rescue. Only prior to this Jensen has quite often asked Cougar to marry him. When afterwards Cougar is more amenable, Jensen fears it's just out of gratitude. Is it? Jensen knew how to time a joke to make Cougar's mouth curl up in a smile, and Cougar would disappear into Anna's kitchen and cook the kinds of dinners that made Jensen propose marriage compulsively. Heh for Jensen being Cougar-bait and "a finder of lost Cougars". I liked the view from Cougar on his feelings for Jensen.

The Losers Skippy's List by fierynightangel
Skippy's list for the Losers - rules the Losers are forced to make for themselves - well, mostly for Jensen. If it makes me giggle for more than 30 seconds I should assume I am not allowed to do it. Most of these are highly amusing. Very nice. Many of them would be great to build entire fics from.

The Key In Silence by duchess93309
For the first time in years, Cougar is unable to brush his own hair. Jensen helps him - and in doing so he discovers the key to Cougar's tongue - and learns something unexpected. Jensen stops again, sets the brush down and carefully pulls the shocked sniper onto his lap. Awww - so sweet. Babbling Cougar is so cute - as are the things he says! I like the hints of angst, the love, them sitting together and (later) Cougar in Jensen's lap. Cute with the Jake-kitten. I like the ending. One of those stories I'd love to read more in the same universe as, but it stands very well on its own.

The Man Who Never Shut Up by Katemonkey
Of course Jensen is talkative in bed - and loud too, as all the Losers finds out the hard way, even if Cougar is the only one with first hand experience, so to speak. But after Bolivia Jensen gets very quiet and everyone knows that something is wrong. "Cougar, I'm not asking, and you're not telling, but do you think you could possibly keep Jensen a bit quieter when you're --not necessarily, and as I mentioned, I'm not asking and you're not telling -- having sex?" I like the title a lot. Interesting idea too. What Jensen said makes me smile. A little awwwworthy and poor Cougar ... The scene with everyone relaxing when they finally hear Jensen again also made me smile. Good humor.

The Right Words (to break me up) by katrinbisiani
Cougar and Jensen are fuck buddies - until Jensen overhears Cougar telling his sniper buddies about the lousy lay he's had - with a hacker in fugly t-shirts wearing hideous glasses. And Jensen's world view changes. But was he really just a lousy, convenient lay to Cougar? You were supposed to be my best friend asshole, not the one putting the knife in my back and tolerating me because you wanted to get laid when no else but this lousy fuck was around! Strong. Poor Jensen. I do like these misunderstandings, though Cougar does deserve what he gets -that was lousy things to say regarding anyone, regardless who. Still good with feelings and I liked the end. I also liked Jensen telling Clay what for. Interesting to have a Cougar more talkative than we normally get him. Cute that Cougar's still jealous of Cora.

The Road Ahead Beckoning Darkness by donutsweeper
When Jensen discovers the Supernatural world, he sets out to help. He runs a service to privde some of the creatures with material they need to live and flourish - though only those he approves of. Such as shifter Cougar, witch Pooch, warlock Clay and blood demon Rogue. When Jensen is taken, they join forces to get him back again. Then again, somehow Jensen got away with calling Roque a big teddy bear to his face, something that Cougar was pretty sure that if anyone else tried they would be eviscerated within seconds of the words leaving their mouths, so maybe the two just had some sort of understanding that Cougar was unaware of. Lovely idea with fresh voice, good details and warmth. I hope for more in this universe. Tsk, tsk, Max, you have no idea what you're up against ... Heh for Jensen's app and everything. Good use of everyone's powers. Aww for Jensen inviting Cougar into his home. Good nod to canon too. Heh for Jensen scaring even a rakshasa.

The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven by JoeLawson
Max's snukes works a little too well, shifting the tectonic plates and, in effect, setting off an apocalypse of sorts, leaving the world devoid of working electronics, including cars, planes, the Internet ... The Losers need to cope in a world changed - but they still has each other and they're not giving up. Cougar's face was turned towards him even in sleep so goddamn protective of Jensen no matter that the other man outweighted him by a good twenty pounds, all of it muscles. I love protective Cougar and greater love hath no sniper than he who abandons his rifle for the man he loves. Sweet. I like the story overall, I enjoy this type of story, to follow the building of a new universe and a new life. I liked that both Aisha and Roque are along. Nice OCs too. Another one of those universes in which it would be lovely to read more stories.

The Weakest Link by Themisto's-Heart
One of Clay's exes (and her father) wants to get back at Clay. As they don't get to him they go for who they perceive to be the weakest link in the Losers' chain - Jensen. Jensen is very annoyed by being perceived thus, but is that really how the other losers see him? However, Jensen has something more important on his mind. They had been able to get him as he was preoccupied by that Cougar had been hanging with some of his former team mates and being far more open and talkative with them than he ever was with Jensen. Is their great friendship just a figment of Jensen's sometimes a little overactive imagination? He had to face the ugly truth: Cougar obviously didn’t value their friendship as much as the hacker did. Sweet angst. Both plot lines work and both has a good solution. Poor Jensen - but I do like it when he proves wrong those who underestimates him.

The Worst We Can Find (la-la-la) by Pistol
Movie night for the Losers. Jensen has a plan to show Cougar what he feels and hopefully not lose his teeth. How will Cougar react? It's not easy, but Jensen reminds himself that laughter is a better rejection than a piece of lead or a broken nose. Cute story, funny and a little awww-worthy, especially the end. Sweet. Hah for Jensen donning a protective west, just in case.

This Fucking Business by sch
A chance meeting in Spain, like ships in the night, sniper and hacker, parting after a wonderful night - until a few hours later, when Cougar is introduced to the newest member of The Losers ... Jensen is very happy about things, but Cougar fears he will sully Jensen if they start a relationship. Yeah, so what if he thought about him and Jensen married in his head, it was just a silly thought, but one that warmed him every time Jensen came back to his bed. Nicely built story. I like the immediate, strong attraction. First times are always nice. I greatly enjoyed Jensen pursuing Cougar and Cougar being insecure of him being bad for Jensen. Also Cougar's romantic side, aww ... And him with the other Jensens - very cute. Overall a nice read with many good lines.

Too Right for Me by SCH
Cougar and Jensen meet at the orphanage. Cougar is ten; Jensen four. Cougar loses his heart from the start - and the two belong together from then on. But the road ahead will not be smooth - it might be worth everything, though. He could live with the knowledge that his life wasn't his own, owned by Jensen, as long as the younger boy never left him. Awww. Little Jensen is so cute! And Cougar is so devoted. I like the feral part of Cougar peeking forth and how willing he is to kill for Jensen. Sweet ending. Several good lines. The shared birthday is lovely. Some nice angst. Very sweet about the hat (I like Cougar using it as part of his height, that made me smile).

Tricksters by joidianne4eva
When Steve got the serum, the extra strength and speed wasn't all he gained. He also split in three. In the future he wakes up -and finds his brothers with him: Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four and Jake Jensen of the Losers. They're not exactly human any longer: connected telepatically and especially Jensen is something ... darker. Luckily, Cougar likes the dark. Carlos wasn’t sure if it was because he was aroused or still afraid, then again his love for Jensen had always outweighted his fear of him. Very interesting set-up. Good crossover. The Tricksters sounds interesting. Nice connection between the brothers. Good dashes of humor. Interesting take on Jensen babble. I like the idea of Jensen having darker qualities, it fits him. A universe I would like to read more in. Aww for Cougar thinking Jensen didn't want him any longer. Good use of Max and I don't quite like Aisha, so I didn't mind her role in it. Some nice turns of phrase. I liked Tony in this one, also Cougar's connection to Roque. Heh for Tony being used to Clint's sudden appearances, so Jensen's doesn't bother him.

Under Covers by unfinishedidea
Cougar and Jensen pretends to be a married team of gay assassins. Things go well until they have to pretend to have sex and things get a little bit too realistic. It makes Jensen thrust involuntarily, because holy shit that's hot, and if Cougar couldn't tell Jensen was hard before, he certainly can now. Lovely idea. Nicely executed too. Aww - poor Jensen - but it worked out so very nicely. So good I'd love to read more of the same plot.

Under the Sea by bluehwys
Someone - and Jensen happily points to Cougar as the guilty part - has made it very difficult to get in to the base. It might be that Clay does not quite believe him. "Cougar," Clay began, voice dripping with disbelief, "replaced all of Roque's identifying information - including his picture in the Army database and on his personal military ID with Ariel from The Little Mermaid?" Very amusing. Short, well contained. Everyone well in character. I could see this in a movie. Cute with the scorecard - and Cougar having one in his hat. I like Cougar's reaction too.

Walk A While With Me by LadyJanelly
AU. Cougar is ashamed of his sexuality. He lets anonymous strangers fuck him as punishment. One night he gets slipped a mickey, bashed and almost set on fire - and rescued by one Jake Jensen, hair-dresser extraordinarie. Jake takes him home and a friendship starts - and maybe something more. Jake takes a shaky breath and sags against the wall, "Cougar, Jesus," he pants and Cougar feels a swell of pride that he did this, that he ws good enough. Aww - sweet story! I like the occasional AU and this is a very nice one. Sad backstory with Jake, even if it is necessary for the story. I really like the J-Mageddon nick name, nice touch! Interesting premiss with Cougar wanting punishment for his sexuality - it works very well for this story (even if I wouldn't want to read it too often). Very intimate when they do have sex, hot. Awww-worthy in parts.

Watch by katemonkey
A good sniper must enjoy watching. Cougar is a very, very good sniper. Most of all, though, he enjoys watching Jensen. Luckily, Jensen also enjoys Cougar watching him. The narrow view of the world, the view from his rifle's scope -it focused the sniper, it taught him to avoid distractions, to watch only what mattered most in his life at that moment. Cute, sexy story. Both boys well in character. Nice first time. Hot.

We Can't All Be Winners, But We Might As Well Try by coinin
The Lovers play games - Monopoly, Taboo, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Boggle and Candy Land - in their own way. Cougar takes to the game like a duck to water, surprising absolutely no one - after all, it's basically Apples to Apple for horrible people with no shame. Cute. It made me smile to read. Partly because Apples and Apples is one of my favourite games to play, a slash version with my slasher friends. Also Cougar helping the girls win over Clay and Candy Land for Sundea really amused me. And him stealing from the bank.

"Were" do we go from here? by peacefulsands
When Clay realises that Jensen is a were he's angry. There's not supposed to be more than one shifter in a team and they already have Cougar, who is a cat. Especially since they'll go on full moon missions. Things are complicated further when Jensen finally shows them his shifter form - he's a werehamster. Will Cougar simply just eat him? Once he seemed satisfied with the hamster's appearance, Cougar settled down and curled round him possessively, giving Pooch one final hiss of warning before purring at Jensen, then closing his eyes. Oh so sweet. Highly aww-worthy with Cougar in cat-form dealing with Jensen in hamster form, purely adorable. I'd love to read more in this universe. They work well together too, a good pair. Bad Jolene, though, that wasn't nicely done at all.

What Happens In Vegas by jujitsuelf
Cougar is a hitman. Once a year he treats himself ot a trip to Vegas. At his hotel works a talkative young man by the name of Jensen. Unexpectedly, Cougar starts thinking things he normally never do. Glasses had never been a turn on for him before but suddenly they were the hottest thing in the whole of Vegas and Cougar longed to take them off and see those blue eyes dilate and go a little unfocused as he kissed that incredible mouth. Well in character despite the AU. A nice AU, interesting interaction. Good feeling between the boys, hot sex and a feeling of growth. It reads a bit like the first part of a greater arch. I would love to read more in this universe. I also like Cougar's attitude towards masturbation in this universe.

What the Hell Happened Last Night? by kaitlia777
The Losers go out to drink together. The mornings after are always interesting, like an insane version of Clue. They wake up in various places, in various outfits and under various circumstances. What actually happened? One time they had started drinking in Berlin and the next clear memory he had was waking up in a tree in Madagascar. Very amusing. I especially like Jensen's boxers. And the conclusion that could be drawn in glitter.

When A Child Is Born by Jujitsuelf
Jensen's sister is giving birth. Her brother is with her - but out in the waiting room is also four very anxious "uncles". Everyone knew Jensen had the hots for Cougar, as they all knew Cougar would move heaven and earth to make Jensen happy, but the two of them didn't seem to have gotten around to telling one another yet. Aww ... so sweet how anxious they are. And using Cougar as their secret weapon against the nurses, that really amused me. Sweet story overall.

When the World Stands on its Head, We're All Upside Dow by bookstorequeer
AU in which Cougar and Jensen are separate from the other losers. Clay wants Cougar on his team, but they have no use for a tech. They kidnap Jensen to pursuade Cougar to join them. Only ... they thought Cougar was the tall one. Oops. Of course, Jensen is not happy that someone took his sniper. Because the man they'd kidnapped just smirked and said "Biggest mistake of your lives" rather than freak out. Heeeh, I really liked this story. Funny, elegant and believable.

Who We Are Again by cleo4u2
Steve wants to live his own life. So he leaves the Avengers and disguises himself and turn into some quite different - Jake Jensen of The Losers. And then Cougar arrives and Jake falls for him. Only then there's Bolivia ... and Max ... Will The Losers - and, most importantly, Cougar - realize that Jake is not quite whom he seems to be - and how will they react if they do? Every fiber of his being wished Bucky had never been taken by Hydra, but it was satisfying to know the Winter Soldier would be coming for Max. Interesting crossover. It took me a while to see Steve-as-Jensen, but other than that it was quite interesting. Good emotions, nice dash of angst. Cute with Jess being Peggy's granddaughter. I liked the sight lines thing. And the fact about cats and big cats - I have no idea if it is true, but it sounds great! Very strong with the shooting in the head thing. Good detail with the tracker too. And a good way to end Max.

Who You Wish For by James
Jensen is a centaur. As no other centaur stallion tries to challenge him or wants to own him, he's starting to see the Losers as his herd and Clay as his herd stallion. Only, normally this would mean that Jensen would be in love with Clay - instead he wants Cougar. What will happen if Cougar finds out the truth? Still, it might be nice to know if he and Cougar stand a chance-- if Cougar likes him that way, if he'd run screaming from the idea of shacking up with a mythological creature. I like the idea a lot and the Cougar vs. Clay thing makes me smile. The Zeus thing was a neat detail. I really would have loved some more here, to read more about the revelation of the truth to Cougar. Still, nice ending.

Wounded Tiger by symbioticdeath
When he is ill, Jensen is difficult to deal with. His sister has to leave, so she calls for Cougar to help him. But last time they saw each other was a bit awkward. Can the boys find themselves again? And he felt even more helpless because all he wanted was a Stupid Mexican Sniper to cuddle him until he felt like he wasn't going to die. Awww ... sweet. Silly hacker. The story made me smile.

You're Not Losers, You're Idiots by jujitsuelf
Cougar ended up flirting with a woman - and Jensen flirted with a guy and now they're not talking - and miserable. This effects the other Losers as well, until Clay has no choice but to interfere. "Okay, start talking because the pair of you are staying in there till you’re all lovey-dovey and disgustingly happy again." Heh, cute. And feels like something that could happen with our dear Losers. Poor Clay ...


Disclaimer and information

I've seen all of X-files, though that was before I took images of what I've seen. So the event series represents all of them here. Krycek is my favorite character.

Aftermath by Donna McIntosh
The Aliens won and have taken over the world. Everyone left struggles for survival. For a growing group of survivors an unlikely leader emerges - Alex Krycek. Every President, Prime minister, every royal family, all Governors, all Generals, all Admirals, every police man in every country were identified and immediately eliminated in the first few days. Interesting concept, well thought out and executed. I enjoy world building stories and this is a nice one. I also like this take on Alex, and also that it isn't a "one man story", other characters are also necessary. Several nice original characters. A nice romantic arch with misunderstandings and sacrifice.

Curtains by Sylvia
Sometimes assassins face unexpected difficulties. When forced to shop for curtains, Krycek's path is crossed by Mulder on one of his bizarre cases. Luckily, Krycek knows how to turn things to his advantage. Artificially induced lycanthropy - brought on by a chemical compound disguised as, say, a spray for preventing allergies. Cute story, fun with a nice sense of the absurd. Many clever, highly enjoyable sentences.

Dark Angel's Fire by Megaera (part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
WIP in which the demon Kulain is summoned to Earth. Mulder is sent to investigate the rumors, only to find himself in Kulain's arms. Soon, Mulder is joined by Alex Krycek - and the two are changing into something not quite human. Kulain was only the first, though, he's soon joined by many other demons -and Kulain himself has more conquests to make as well. From the look on Alex's face this morning as Kulain left, he wasn't sure whether he had fallen into hell or won the lottery. Highly interesting world building with interesting OCs of various kinds. A bit dark in place and some stuff I don't quite like, but interesting. Hot sex. A world I would like to read more in and find out how it went. I was sad when it didn't update any longer, as it left off in a very interesting place. Naming a town Lost Hope seems a bit defeatistic. Some dashes of good humor. Heh for the Occult Investigation squad. Some bad stuff happens and I don't always like the character, but still a good read. Several nice touches, like "She who destroys". Good descriptions. Inspiring. I liked Ricky Caruso and Sean Worrell, both were sweet, poor boys. Not a great physiology of demons, not being able to use powers while pregnant. Good mix with canon. Sean with Skinner was cute. I also liked when Alex got stuck in a more primal mode of thinking.

Deliverance by Sylvia
Mulder breaks into an underground laboratory and finds ... a dead Alex Krycek. Or does he? But he found now that when you had been enemies for so long - when you had hated someone with all your soul for so long - their death could be as much of a shock as the death of a loved one. A very interesting little fic. Thoughtworthy, well written and with a very neat twist in the end.

Domesticated? by Orithain
When she learns that Mulder has a boyfriend, Scully's mother invited Mulder and Krycek over for dinner. Mulder accepts, but is a bit worried to bring bad-boy Krycek to such civilized company. But Krycek overhears and gives Mulder a big surprise. It's like having a pet wolf: He cares about me, and he'll protect me against any perceived danger, but he'll never be domesticated. Amusing and in character. I like.

Easter Midnight Bunny Bust by Jamiwilsen
Mulder the Fox and Scully the Squirrel work for Skinner the Eagle at the Forest Bureau. One of their targets is Spender the Snake, but Mulder is more interested in pursuing rumours of Little Gray Bunnies -and, of course, Alex the Rat ... Chasing the Rat was almost as exciting as catching him, although he had to admit in his secret heart of himself that what he really wanted was to hold down the Rat and lick him all over. Normally I don't really like AUs, but this one is very nicely done, well thought out, yet funny. A little angst with Alex the Rat just wanting Mulder to like him again ... Aww ... Cute.

Gabriel by Ganymede
How a possessive, violent, psychotic assassin in love expresses his feelings. Mulder is contacted by a Gabriel Cohen, who is Krycek's current, if rather reluctant, obsession. Steal your destiny from the hands of fate, if you have to. Interesting story with a mix of outsider's perspective when forced inside. Several good lines, I really like possessive, unstable Krycek. Seems to promise a possible sequel, which I would have liked.

Hardened Criminal by Orithain & Nicole S
Alex Krycek is studying to be an FBI-agent, when he participates in a gay bashing. The victim dies and Krycek is thrown in prison. Where works a friend of the victim, a Fox Mulder. Mulder decides for some personal revenge. After a very rocky start, romance ensues. Alex couldn't look at him, couldn't look at the lush lips he'd kissed, the warm hazel eyes he could have sworn had been filled with love. The transition from prison rape to romance is a bit unexpected and not an easy feat to make work, but work it does. Lovely hints of angst, good use of canon characters in an AU.

Jade by Aries
The prince of the Genie, Alexei, spots a human, Fox, and falls in love. He makes contact and soon Fox loves him too. But when the king of the Genie finds out, he reacts very badly and forces them apart. Will their love prevail? And just why is the king of the Genie so against them? As he came nearer, his true beauty struck Alexei like an anvil. Nice storytelling format. Good feelings and I like the OCs too. I even liked Scully in this one, which is rare for me. Good descriptions (fitting for this type of story, anyway). And Jade the cat was a good touch. Sad about Malik's past.

Keepsakes by Julie Morningstar
Krycek comes back after a long mission - and finds Skinner out cold, drunk. Krycek snoops around and draws conclusions - while he was gone, Skinner must have fallen in love, and then she left him. But is this really true? Dealing with a drunk Skinner was like trying to take a dozen kangaroos for a walk. I like misunderstandings - this also has a bit of aww ... and self-sacrifice, which is also good in my book.

Life From the Ashes by Jo B (would love to have full versions of these, have only found parts on the Waywards machine) Also see Fanlore
Aliens releases a virus on Earth. The virus kills off almost all of the human females - and transforms a good portion of the male population to something other than humans- ghouls and neanderthals, but also (not quite according to plan), clairovoyants and sorcerers. Not to mention the true goal of the aliens - a handful of the incredibly beautiful, hermaphrodic, irresistable, highly fertile immortals. The aliens were once also the victim of this virus, and now they subject other planets to it in hopes of that the immortals might be compatible with them and they could start regrowing their race. Mulder turns into an immortal - and ends up in a relationship with Skinner. Skinner (who has loved Mulder for years without saying so) turns into one of the strongest sorcerers in the world. They're joined by Alex Krycek, another powerful sorcerer (and, unknown to them both, Skinner's half-brother), but who - due to a lightning accident, is also turned into an immortal. This is the story of how they get together. But also of the various difficulties they encounter and some adventures. About how the human race is changed by this disaster. And about the many, many children. But the seraphims (the aliens) are still out there, waiting ... "I ah ... sort of ... ah ... overthrew our government and declared myself king," Skinner mumbled, not looking at Fox. Truly epic X-Files AU. It's an old fic I read a long, long time ago. It has a lot of unpleasant details - rapes and genocide among others. Also mpreg (which wasn't common back then), hermaphrodic transformations (among other transformations). A classic and it has plenty of good emotions and love. Hot sex too. It has a large number of interesting details, but also aww-worthy details and overall good imagination. I was glad the X-files got recognition, Mulder and Scully becoming something of heroes. Nice bits of angst and misunderstandings. Interesting familial relation between Skinner and Alex. Sweet pining. Heh for Mulder's immortality lowering the division's insurance rate. Sometimes they act a bit stupid, but still entertaining. Original story, worth recognition. I was glad Dana survived, I'm not normally so keen on her, but I liked her in this (when she wasn't acting stupid). Interesting OCs, both the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak. Dark and gory in places. I also liked the hint of the supernatural. Frohike's various relatives and lookalikes were amusing. Most epic length fics tend to be WIPs that fizzle out, but this one comes to a good, solid end that works for me. I did dislike how Skinner and Alex sometimes treated Mulder. Rory was a nice OC (and heh for him as the royal stud for hire in case of emergency) - as was many of the immortals. Many cool powers. While it is horrible that someone would be forced to have sex against their will, for the survival of mankind I can understand it somewhat: I'm glad the military weren't able to enforce it, but I understood it - and horrible as what the patriot's did (and what a jerk their leader was) they possibly saved mankind at the end. Duffy is one of my overall favorite OCs ever, he's just so sweet and lovely and good, despite that fate made him a neanderthal. Aww for him and Ari. The Sawada-Rory-Shinji triangle was also nice. Gabriel Hunter was another OC I liked and his triangle with Hans and Frohike. While some parts are icky, they are the memorable kind of ick. A bit inspiring. Heeh for King Walter. The story with River always makes me go awwww. One thing I'd like to hear more about would be about how the female immortals differed from the male (but there might have been more information in the bits I couldn't find on the wayback machine). Cute with Arty shutting down the Internet for Mulder. I like the list with the names of all the children. The offer to Sedona was oh-so-sweet.

Mad Dogs by Ladonna King
In his childhood Krycek was fixated on Mulder and he will now do anything for him- including killing either others or himself. Mulder is slowly coming to terms with this and how to handle his responsibility. And, even with this, there will be an adventure. Alex was up, staring down at him with such brute adoration Mulder's breath froze in his chest. Contains my favorite Krycek - mad, damaged and insanely devoted to Mulder. Lovely story. Hot too.

Nighttime Visitors by Sylvia
Scully comes home to Mulder rather suddenly and stumbles over a very ... interesting situation. So what you are saying is that Krycek, who, being a Russian, naturally regards anything above the freezing point of helium as balmy weather, broke into your apartment not wearing any clothing ... and you then overpowered him, handcuffed him, and threw him down on your sofa in order to interrogate him. One of my favorite humor stories. Nice style too, all dialogue. Well in character.

Otis by Shan (and Elevator Music)
Due to the nanocytes Skinner becomes able to communicate to the intelligent elevators at the FBI-building and at his home - Otis. And Otis helps him capture a certain one-armed assassin. And all in all improves his mental health, solving several of his problems in one go. "Walter, you have Alex Krycek handcuffed to your bed?" This is a story I find myself remembering on and off. Aww ...

Proper, Punctuation by Imp
Krycek is writing a case report. He is very, very fond of commas. We find out why. While, it may seem, unusual in the extreme, we have in fact, obtained, five written statements, from bystanders, who witnessed the perpetrator, turning the woman's, jewelry, into goldfish. Very cute fic. It always makes me smile.

Situational Ethics by Merry Lynne
A man calling himself "Mulder" calls Blair. You're the guy who thinks ET phoned the government. Always nice to do the Sentinel crossovers where someone else is a Sentinel and needs Blair and Jim's help. I've written one myself and in part I was inspired by this story and others such as it. What is really sweet is how Blair assumes the man Mulder thinks is a sentinel - an Alex Krycek - is a) Mulder's, b) a pussycat and c) genetically predisposed to protect those around him. And the beautiful line about the fountain. And the ending. Several nice lines.

Substitutions by Josan
Krycek is with Skinner, but only as a substitute for Mulder and when Mulder returns, Krycek goes North. To Cascade. Where he catches the interest of Simon Banks. But Krycek feels unworthy. He'd known from the very beginning that he was nothing more than a substitute. Self-deprecation, love overcoming obstacles, courting. Very warming, good story that I like a lot.

Take me too you're heaven by Niccie
Krycek loves Mulder for a reason. "Oh snuggle bunney, my wonderful love muffin youre not jealous of that oilien are you?" One of the funniest stories I've read. It's bad-fic, but on purpose, for a bad fic challenge, and it's hilarious. It never fails to make me smile.

The Gift of an Enemy by Sylvia
Aliens show up. They want to negotiate with Mulder. As tradition bids them, they start with giving him a gift - an enemy - Krycek. Before things continue, though, Krycek and Mulder are dragged off to the city of Weimar, where there has been mysterious disappearances. A very interesting case for Mulder. Talking to Fox Mulder frequently left the inexperienced with the impression that they were losing time. One of my favorite X-file stories. Lethal, dangerous Alex. Determined, single-minded Mulder. Both close to breaking. Humor too. Strength. Hot. inspiring story overall. Nicely written and well planned. Hints for more in the air, I would have loved more, but isn't that true for most great stories? Many good lines. Interesting original characters.

The Morning After the Night Before by Jennie
Mulder wakes up to something completely unexpected in his bed. A man. Even worse: it's Alex Krycek. Even worse: Skinner is knocking on the door. But it'll get even worse. There's a reason why Skinner's there ... "You called me to ask if I would come to Mulder's apartment and help you, Alex Krycek, to find your arm?" Highly amusing story. Poor, poor Mulder. And poor, poor Krycek ... Tsk, tsk, Skinner. Very nice humor. Nicely written, good structure. Good nod to canon with the bed. I really liked Skinner in this one.


Disclaimer and information

Oh, for the first seasons, when things were bright and the air full of hot promises. Then the show jumped the shark. Alas, I did like the final episode and there were a lot in the later seasons that worked for me too, so not too bad. And several great stories.

Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Smallville!

A Date with the President by Henry Jones Jr
Lex is elected president - and reunited with Clark Kent. Who is single, unattached and gay. The possibilities are endless. "You're the most powerful man in the world and I shouldn't be uncomfortable because I've seen your fanny?" Warm story. A bit of humor, a nice read, good feeling between the boys. Rediscovery of friendship and love. Well written.

A Deal with the Devil by Selene la Luna
Lex's father really is the devil. And his dad is Ezekiel Stone. In this story Lionel is also Lucifer of Brimstone. Lucifer offers Lex that he can tell Clark the truth - if Clark first tells Lex his secret. Which he does. His best friend who, Clark admitted morosely, he had been in love with for half a year. Nice crossover, which I really like. Cute.

A Different Song by Tallihensia
AU in which, when the meteors hit, Lex hadn't gone playing among the corn. Instead a local farmer had brought a horse and took Lex riding. Accordingly, the meteors effected him differently. He can now talk to animals. Several years later, Lex returns to Smallville. And while his folks could run hot and cold to people, if they decided to take somebody in, they really did, with the exception of needing to keep Clark's secrets. Interesting AU and I like Dr Doolittle, so it was interesting to see this version of Lex. Hopeful ending. I hope for more eventually. Good substory with Lana and Whitney. While I'm normally not that keen on Whitney I liked seeing his side of things here. I also liked the Kent's easy acceptance of Lex. Very sweet with Lex and the horse. Heh for the image of a hairless horse, yes, I can imagine it looks funny. Nice description of Lex and the animals. Good detail with the alternate scare crow. Heh also for Lex still never having had a human friend. Beautiful description of the whale song.

A Figure in Hiding by Lady Angel
A dead woman is found in Lex's hotellroom. Lex hasn't ever seen her before, but gets suspected. Grissom and the team investigates. Mercy, Hope and Constance knows what is needed - they fetch Clark. "If you go in there and ask him questions while he's that angry, by the time he's through, you're going to arrest your grandmother for the crime instead of him." Nice crossover. I really enjoy the interaction between the boys, how special Clark is to Lex and how Lex reacts to Clark. Lots of Aww ... Good mystery too, nice twists and solutions. Humor too. Several good lines.

A Half Dozen Photographs by Drake of Dross and sequel A Half Dozen Headlines
Lionel has noted how often Lex gets into trouble in Smallville - so he sends him to Belgium. And Lex continues to get into trouble. He would have been severely disappointed in himself if he couldn't out-sex appeal Lana Lang when he wanted to, even to hometown country boys. With caring Lionel - my favorite. I also like a lot the clever arrangement Clark and Lex has in order to take care of the mutants. Humor. Sweet too.

A Heart Whose Love is Innocent by Coren Lee
Lex has to leave Smallville on vacation. Clark is sad about this, so Lex borrows him a cellphone, so they can talk every day. The talks gets long and interesting. They fall in love. Lex had never expected to hear such a gentle and sincere protestation of love directed towards him. One of those lovely stories you just want to keep reading. Nice emotions. Aww-worthy in places. Also, while Lionel wasn't prominent in the story, I really like the portrayal of him. Several nice lines. I like semi-stalkerish Clark too. Interesting rescue.

A New Life in the New World by peach1250
Lionel sends Lex to the new world - America. He is shipwrecked and captured by indians. Clark is one of the indians and he claims Lex for himself. Alexander smelled right. Not my normal style, but I liked this one.

A Picture of Home by Wendi
Clark has moved away from home, and is miserable in his new place. Then Lex comes to cheer him up and all is well again. Things happen. Clark, just because I stopped asking questions, doesn't mean I didn't want to know. Warm story. I like the mouse and Lex in a hat that says "Porn Star". A bit of awww .... too.

Achilles' Heel by X-parrot
In the future, Lex finds out Clark's secret and goes to him with kryptonite to get revenge. Only, things don't go that way. Lex, watching impassively, asked with false nonchalance, "Is there anything you can't do?" Nice story with a very interesting twist in the end, eery almost. Well done.

Alien Biology Is Hard by Leonore
Clark is finally about to have sex with Lana. Only, it doesn't really go all that well - it ends with Lana running away. Lex finds out and offers to help check if Clark is able to have sex with humans. The things you do for friends ... You know, Clark, I truly appreciate that you've refused to draw any conclusions from the fact that I spend the GDP of a small country on clothes and my favorite color is lilac. I really like stories in which Clark's alienness shows. This is a very nice one. Poor Clark, I really felt with him. Lana too, even if I don't particularily like her. Good on Lex. Nice humor mixed in with the more serious parts.

Alien!Clark by qwertyuip
Lex has nightmares about many, many interesting things that could happen to them - or him - due to Clark's alien orgins, focusing on reproduction. It's our egg, Lex. Some of these are hilarious, others scarily possible.

Aliens in Smallville by Magdelena
When kryptonians appear in Smallville, most likely sent there like Clark, to rule Earth, Clark has no other choice than to tell Lex the truth about himself. Lex's reaction isn't perhaps what Clark anticipated. "I'm a bit busy being inappropriately aroused at the idea that you were sent here for the purpose of ruling the Earth. Fun story, it made me smile. I even liked Lana in this one, which is rare for me. And great reaction from Lex.

Blowup Dolls and Alien by daylight shadow
Lex swears off women. But then he gets into a bit of a bind, as he has already sworn off men. And he refuses to masturbate for the rest of his life. Oh dear, what ever will Clark suggest he tries instead ...? "Maybe I can sleep with men," Lex said casually as he refilled his glass. Fun and well written. Carries its point well.

Boardwalk with Hotel by Gigi Sinclair
The boys play monopoly together. Lex is very, very bad at it. Then things happen. Lex had cried maybe three times in his life, but, for a moment it looked like this was going to be the fourth. We get lovely angst. Humor too. Warm story, boys in character. I especially like Clark in this one. Nice ending.

Bound by Auden
Interesting story-format, exploring the many different meanings of the title word - and how they apply to Clark's relation to both Lana and Lex. Also, one different way of how Lex learns of Clark's secrets. A good reputation may be as hard to shed as a bad one, but it certains helps a lot more in court. Nicely executed story.

Brothers by Henry Jones Jr
Lex is very, very upset at the idea that Clark might be his brother. Because he loves Clark. Then Clark comes to him to tell him the truth - there's a really good reason why Clark and Lex can't be brothers, as Clark isn't exactly from around here. Lex is happy again. Before Lex could blink, Clark kissed him fully on the lips, laughed in panicked shrillness, and was gone. Cute story. I also like scientific Lex helping Clark.

Building the Future by Lady Ra
Clark is taken by a man who auctions off rare and precious things in very exclusive auctions. Lex is bidding, but will even he have enough money to save Clark? At his side he has Martha's cousin, Tony DiNozzo of NCIS. "See how fast I can sell everything I own in the next," he glanced at his watch, "twenty-four hours." Good story with plenty of good details. Enjoyable. I don't like Lana, so her swift death made me smile. Several good lines, I really like Bruce in this one (and, yes, I could see him with Abby). Good pairings in both fandoms. Interesting with Jonathan's reaction. I also liked the idea of the auction, good plot. Nice dashes of humor.

Business Studies by Wereleopard
Clark studies business and gets assign to study LexCorp. Lex helps him - but too well. Clark is accused of falsefying the information (no one knows that he knows Lex). Lex to the rescue! No one came up with revenge ideas like Lex. Sweet, strong overall.

By Any Other Name by Kel
Clark and Lex decides on each other's nicknames. "You called me a walking phallic symbol." I find it amusing, especially naming Lex Sigourney after the one in Aliens that all the alien are drooling over.

Card One: The Fool by Mistress Ace
Clark need Lex's help. To keep women from pursuing him he tells them that Lex is his boyfriend. During the pretend they grow progressingly closer - until the pretend becomes reality. Now what will they do? Lex waited, breathless as hope bloomed in the arid desert of his soul when Clark murmured, "Lex, all you have to do to rock my world is walk into a room. Several good lines. Good story. Sweet, especially in the beginning. Nice progression of the relationship. Nice dashes of humor. The Kori plotline made me wince, that made me feel really bad for them, but it worked in the story context. I like how Lex being gay made the Lexcorp stock rise. Also the subplot with Chloe. And the whole "luckiest person who ever lived" always makes me smile.

Cats and Dogs by J Wolfine
Clark has had enough of Lex's flirting - either he's right about the flirting and they get together - or he's wrong and Lex has to stop. Luckily, he isn't wrong. But then there's the little special thing Clark's dick does after sex ... Lex had no idea how little control he physically had over Clark, so it was up to Clark to override his need and give Lex the ability to say yes or no. I have a distinct liking for imperfect sex and with Clark being alien and all, that opens up for all kinds of neatness. Such as in this story. Fun, interesting story, well written.

Circumstances by joyfulgirl41
Lex figures out Clark's secret - that he is superman. He has no idea of the other secret - that Clark doesn't know he's Superman. Clark has developed a second personality that deals with all his powers - and he doesn't know. Superman tells Lex. One theory is that Clark had a psychotic break. Very interesting, fresh story, thoughtworthy and nicely written.

Closer by Nonotthatone

Conquer the Heart by Artemis
Clark used to want for his friends and family to see how great Lex is - until his wish comes true and it seems as if Chloe is taking his place in Lex's life - and more. But what is really the truth? Importing all the chocolate in Switzerland couldn't have captured Clark's heart so completely as hearing one by one all the ways Lex has been showing his love over the years. Interesting story idea. Good emotion, several good lines, nice angst too. Good use of Chloe. I like this type of misunderstandings and this was a really nice one. Sweet. Nice bits of humor too.

Convergence by Rushlight
Dr Hamilton's experiment on meteor rocks threatens to destroy the fabric of space and time. Parallell universes bleed into each other. I accidentally called your number in a parallell dimension? Interesting story. A hint of humor, but overall interesting. Different relationships between Clark and Lex in the different universes. Inspirational. A good read.

Cool by Ruby
Chloe thinks that Lex has finally found someone - Clark. She tries to convince Clark of this. Finally Clark has to confront Lex. Chloe was leaning back in her chair with a "Well, there you have it" expression on her face, Clark was staring at Chloe like he'd gone mad and Pete was still banging his head on the table when Lex walked up. Really cute story - I especially enjoy Pete banging his head on the table and Clark's reaction to finding out.

Darkly Delicious by Keikokin
Clark confronts his father why he doesn't like Lex, when they're interrupted by Lionel, who demands to know Clark's intentions towards Lex. When Clark tells him the truth, Jonathan reacts badly. And how will Lionel react - not to mention Lex? If you hurt him, I'll kill everyone you care about while you watch then find some pretty green rocks for you. I do have a weak spot for Lionel getting involved. Yay for Lionel's very timely entrance and handling of the situation. While I did like the Clark and Lex part of this story too, I did like Lionel a lot in this one. Nice dash of angst too.

Demarcation by Livia
After Lex moves to Metropolis, Clark and Lex drifts apart. Clark becomes Superman. And one day, on patrol, he finds Lex again. A weirdly giddy prickle ran up and down his spine as the realization broke over him - he didn't have to hide his strength. A little adventure, getting together and a nice twist at the end. Sweet, readable story, enjoyable. A little angst too.

Destiny's Couple by Bleudiabb
Lionel bring Lex back to Smallville to visit the Kents - and Clark, age 4. The boys become fast friends and forms a bond that is only strengthened over the years until it reach its natural conclusion many years later. He wanted Clark to be his and his alone, there was something between thm, some bond: Destiny. I'm very weak for kid!fics. Very sweet, though with a hint of angst and much warmth.

Devil's Deal by Bagheera
Kon died. Tim Drake cloned him, but the clone isn't alive, since he doesn't have a soul. Lex wants to help, but doesn't know how. Then a mysterious stranger shows up, offering Lex a deal - Kon's soul for Lex's own. Is the cost too high? Still, Lex likes to believe that Kon hates him less than he hated Lionel. Interesting story. A good read, well written, not predictable. Everyone nicely in character. Good premise for a story. Nice dash of humor. Several good lines.

Do You Not Hear Me Speak? by philtre
Lovely little story about what the things Lex says or do really means. Sometimes, when Lex says "What can I do for you?", he really means "How can I show you that you're important to me?" Sweet and thoughtworthy. Inspiring.

Dustbunny by La Chatte Noire
Dustbunny is an African Gray Parrot Lex buys. He names him Acheron, but Clark convinces the bird that its name is Dustbunny. In punishment Lex teaches the bird that Clark is Mommy. And later, of course, Lex becomes Daddy. They hung up, wondering why they had each wanted to say "I love you". Awww ... Who can resist Dustbunny? It is incredibly sweet, warm, funny and I really like it.

Emerald Eyes by Ingrid
Lex buys a strange, red stone - and it has a very strange effect on Clark - he turns into a cat. Because if loving him wasn't illegal before, it sure as hell was illegal now. Warm, funny, emotional story with a bit of angst and adventure thrown in. Me likes. Inspiring, too.

Eventual by Suz
One day, when he is 27, Clark realises he has outgrown the world. He has to leave. But there is something - or, rather, someone - he can't give up. Clark, interested as I am in seeing what lies beyond this planet, I think my lungs would have a small problem with the distinct lack of oxygen. Interesting, fresh story with depth.

Family by Kendermouse
Clark and his father drives a truck for Smallville Farmer's Cooperative. One day they pick up a stray - a man, near-naked in the snow. The naked man has amnesia. "You know that Martha would brain me with her favorite skillet if she thought I was even thinking of hurting you." One of my favorite things about the story is how Smallville protects its mutants, such as Kyle, "gifted" as they call them. Also nice with faith/belief in love. And how "everyone" knows - but Clark doesn't know that they know. Very nice vibe to the story. Several nice quotes.

Family, Friendship and Love by Henry Jones Jr
Lex and Clark are drunk one night and have sex. A bit later, Lex leaves Smallville and they drift apart. So Lex have no way of knowing that, a few months later, Clark has a son, Sam. Three years later, Lionel visits Smallville and sees a young boy who reminds him a lot of Lex as young. He doubted he would ever have his feelings returned, but Sam was a tangible piece of them both, proof of something wonderful made by their friendship that Lex could cherish and love without fear of reproach. Heartwarming, interesting story. Sam is adorable. Very nice read, well written. Humor too. Friendship. Responsibility. Love.

Fermi Was An Optimist by Sleeps With Coyotes
Parking in the middle of nowhere, the boys lay and watch the stars - and talk about aliens. It wasn't like Lex had told him what they were going to do, after all, but Lex was practically obsessed with making him happy. Sweet, warm story by one of my favorite authors. Nice ending.

Five Things That Already Happened In Other Fic by Te
Clark and Pete gets drunk and explore their differences. Lex must be having another hallucination and imagine Clark doing entirely impossible things. Clark goes into heat. It might have already happened in other fics, but they're still interesting. "What's that, Lex? You think I'm outrunning bullets? Wow, you probably *already* have a concussion!" Interesting take on these. My favorite was of Clark instructing Lex that he must be hallucinating, that one really made me smile. Sweet with Clark and Pete too, something I'm normally not much into. Poor Lionel - and most of the others in Smallville - when Clark goes into heat.

Forbidden Fortress by Hearts On Our Sleeves
AU in which Lionel Luthor is possessed by Zod. Together with Genevieve and Jason he rules Earth. In the resistance is Lex Luthor and Kal-El. But on his side Lionel has 85.000 clones of Clark. Or are they really on his side? It was a smile that lit up the world, warmed the heart, and made you believe that it was possible for people to actually be that good. Very interesting, fresh story. Enjoyable read. The clones were so sweet, with their dedication and love for their Papa - and their Daddy. Very sad about those that died, of course, very moving. Sweet with Peter and naming them all.

Forever Autumn by Digitalwave
Clark dies in the battle against Doomsday, but serveral months later Martha and Lex receives a strange letter from Lionel. No Mother should have to bury a child. Awww ... There's always hope. One of those stories that make you feel good.

Forget by Henry Jones Jr.
Lex is hovering between being a kid and being an adult. "Can Clark come out to play?" Sweet little story. It makes me smile.

Frantic by Jenn
Sentient goo is about to eat Smallville and Clark is about to reveal his secret to Lex, who takes him to one of his secret labs for them to join forces against the being. I made sentinet goo to chase us across the country, specifically to seduce you in my slowly decompressing lab, right before I die of suffocation. Nice sense of humor. Several good lines. Overall a nice, funny read that made me smile several times. Cute with the goo. The Batman-Joker thing in particular I found very amusing.

Full Disclosure by LaCasta
Lex is preparing his presidental compaign, when one of his employees rush in, asking about his liaisons in Smallville and why he neglected to mention them. Lex's face held the tolerant amusement of a parent listening to a child who has insisted that he was going to tell a story to Daddy for the first time, and had already gotten hopelessly confused. Funny, I like the twist at the end.

Future Legend by glittrejungle
Lex has a breakdown. Superman saves him. The boys get together. Hello, I'm Superman, and I'm voting for Lex Luthor. Cute revelation of Clark's secret, a human side to Lex. Also, I like Lionel in this one - I'm very weak for supportive Lionel. Smooth read, interesting story.

Games by Orithain and Rina
Story of Clark and Lex's life together. Love and friends and dogs. But he was too much a Luthor - and too much in love for the first time in his life - to give Clark up. Heartwarming. Sweet. Aww-worthy in pieces. Many good quotes, lots of things to enjoy. Written in a lovely, engaging way. The dogs are adorable, especially when Lex first gets his dog. One of those series that despite being very long I just want to read more of. Martha (and especially Jonathan) standing up for the boys against Lionel is always nice. Interesting idea with centering the stories around games. Cute with Jonathan welcoming Lex to the family when he can fix the tractor. Lionel in good character, our magnificent bastard, though I'd love to have more of him. Story well connected with consistent archs. I loved when the gay bashers tried to bash Lex. I liked Dave too, interesting OC. Also Bruce and Dick. Fun with the guy who thought Lex couldn't afford the Weimaraner. Nice story overall.

Gravestones by Lady Ra
People around Clark die - of illness, accidents and - eventually - old age. But one day, 23 years after the last person he knew died, Clark gets a message. The ad said: If Clark Kent is still alive, please call 918-555-1313. Great story by one of my favorite authors. Tearsworthy, in a very good way. Awww ... I really like this one.

Growing Pains and Sweet Discoveries by Titti
Clark is gay, but haven't told Lex. One day they, and some of Clark's campus friends, go on a skiing tour. Lex finds out. "If you plan to live and work in this or any other civilized country, then I suggest you apologise to my boyfriend and leave us alone." What I especially enjoy in this story is ruthless Lex that cuts a few would-be bashers down to size. Go Lex!

Home for Christmas by Titti
The Kents are descending on the Luthors to celebrate Christmas. Only, Clark hasn't told his parents that he and Lex are together ... Uh-oh ... It was in instances such as this that Lionel remembered why Lex was so dangerous in life and business. A very heart-warming story. I like it a lot. I especially enjoy Lionel being accepting in it.

Horse Fever by Keikokin
Clark grows more and more disenchanted with the Daily Planet's treatment of Lex, even though they are no longer friends. Finally he quits the Planet, intending to go home. Only, once he packs his apartment, who shows up, but Lex? They'll meet up in Smallville again - only for Clark to find out that there's another Clark in Lex's life ... His ultimate dream was that Lex would someday forgive him, and they would become lovers. I really like Clark regretting the rift between them and then the rift healing, so that was nice. Sad about Clark not able to stay at the Planet, though good on him for quitting.

Hurt & Comfort by bipolypesca
Clark is usually very good at handling his speed and strength. Accidents do happen, however. Lex is visiting the farm when Clark zips in - and accidentally slams Lex into the wall, hurting him badly. Will Clark ever trust himself with a fragile human again? And how about with ... intimate things? Clark had come zooming down the stairs, apparently trying to make up for lost time, slammed into me full force, and, with the momentum, threw my body against the wall by the door, leaving an impressive Lex-Luthor-shaped crack in the wood. Interesting set-up. The story touches several interesting concepts. I did like the POV (in many stories I find it too repetative and off-putting, but this is one of the few stories I have liked it in). Poor Clark, but I'm glad it worked out for them.

In School 1: Freshman Haze by Hautecoffey and sequel In School 2: The Gathering (the Princeton Series)
After a scandal at his last school, Lex is let into Princeton only under strict rules. One of which is that he has to live on campus. He's thrown, however, when a tall, handsome young man shows up in his room, expecting to live there. A handsome young man named Clark. They turn out to be a formidable team. "While I'm sure you think you have a very good reason for being in my room, I can assure you that you are mistaken." he informed his unwanted guest. Good feeling with several good details. Nice dash of humor. I especially liked Lex's voice. Hot too. Good use of senses. They make a formidable team. Nice language. Heh for World domination being vacuous.

Keep You Safe by GothGirl
Clark returns to Earth after a lengthy fight in space, to find that it is common knowledge that he's dating Lex Luthor. Which he isn't. It turns out that Lex has spread the rumour as someone wants to kill him and nobody messes with Superman's boyfriend. What will Clark do? Once he was soaring through the clouds the relief he'd felt at how easily Lex had agreed to end the false relationship quickly faded, leaving Clark with a sudden ache in his chest. Good story, I like the idea, nice end. Good humor too. I especially liked the part of Martha asking if the story about Lex carrying Superman's alien love child is true.

Kill Switch by Lady Angel
Lex finds out about Clark running for class president. Uh-oh ... Next thing, Clark is hiding in his parents room to get away from the circus. Jonathan suggests that Clark distracts Lex, so he does ... This is a high school election and he wants to bring in professionals! Sweet story, it makes me smile. Feels good.

Kissed By An Angel by Henry Jones Jr
Lex and Clark go to a masquerade together, as a devil and an angel. During the masquerade Lex is threathened, forcing Clark to reveal part of his powers to Lex. Lex's conclusion is not that of Clark being an alien. Lex's first assumption had been correct: Clark was an angel. Well-written, interesting read with a fresh tone and a nice feel to it. Amusing in parts, aww-worthy in others. Nice little adventure too and several nice lines.

Lex Luthor Stars In: The Thing That Ate Smallville by ingrid-matthews
A bowl of Jell-O and some kryptonite equals an alien monster trying to eat the Talon. Lex and Clark needs to deal with it. Luckily, Martha's pies conquers everything. Without Clark to believe in him, to understand him and stand by his side, everything seemed pointless. Very cute story, several good lines. Funny, but also a bit angsty. Nice plot twists.

Little Green Men by Lapis Lazuli
Lex daydreams of Clark being the Imperious Leader of an alien invasion. The Imperious Leader orders Lex brought to his loft, naked, bound and gagged. There were days that Lex Luthor was absolutely sure that the entire population of Smallville was composed entirely of aliens. Sexy, though mostly amusing in its irony.

Looks Like A Billion Bucks by X-parrot
Clark gets a CLUE. What he believed to be the way billionairs look at people turns out to actually be the way gay men checks him out! Aha! He considered a moment, then blurted out, "if I say, say, 'Let's have sex right now,' would you say--" Very cute story. A hint of angst too.

Low Men in Yellow Coats by zahra
Clark makes Lex go skating with him. Lex can't skate, but Clark can persuade him to almost anything. On the ice is Smallville Squirt Youth Hockey team - and one of them makes an interesting comment about Clark and his "boyfriend" ... This is the part where Clark is supposed to puff out his chest and assert his masculine heterosexuality, funny how the only thing Lex is hearing is Clark's mumbling being muffled by shrieking yellow demons. Sweet story that made me smile repeatedly. I like Clark's deviousness and Lex's obsessiveness. Cute with Fox and Dana. Sweet ending. Heh for Lex calling jihad on Clark's boyfriend.

May Day by Tallihensia
Lex and Clark are estranged. For the last 15 years, on the 1st of May, Lex has sent Clark flowers. Suddenly, no flowers arrived. What has happened and what is Clark to do? I've never seen anybody else ever look at Lex like you do; like he's precious. Interesting story, nice "mystery" with a good solution. I also liked Lucas in this one. Nice humor too.

Maybe Baby by Jas Masson
This story is a bit special, as Lex is adult, but - due to meteor dust - regresses to a child. And in Lex's weak moment Lionel attacks. It had only been when Clark had been reading an article in The Planet the next day about a society reception with the Mayor and a member of the British royal family that Clark had remembered that Lex should have been there, and had obviously blown it off for pizza and movies with Clark. I can't resist stories with children, either children to the characters or the characters when they are children. Very sweet story with large awww-factor. But also lovely trust between Lex and Clark. A little humor too, several good lines.

Memoirs of An Alien Who Fell To Earth by Dayspring
Clark looks back at pivotal points in his life. Especially one. The one thing I and a hundred thousand dollars worth of shrinks have learned about Lex, is that he bends, but never breaks. This is a strange story: when I look at it I don't want to reread it, but when I do reread it, I like it a lot and I wonder why I hesitated. One of my favorite parts in this one is Clark cooperating with Lionel to save Lex and Lionel being accepting - I have a very weak spot for that ... I also like Clark protecting Lex, as in taking control of his security.

Mercy by Koi
Lionel tells Lex that Clark isn't human. Clark is a data-gathering alien, likely the foregoer of invading forces. Lex believes him. They captures Clark and tortures him until he confesses. Afterwards, Lex treats him accordingly. But can you trust a tortured confession? And scanning Lex's face, it dropped to its knees in an instant, in a display of submission that would make any naturalist reach for his notebook. A bit difficult story for me. Dark, intense - but very good. I find that I hesitate to reread it, but once I do I'm captured by it again and enjoy it greatly, despite a darkness I seldom otherwise like. Well worth reading. Several good lines. Inspiring.

Normalcy is a Subjective Thing by RiseAgainPhoenix
Clark and Lex have a very complicated relationship as archenemies and they are not completely happy with things as they are. "Marry me or else I'll shoot you," Lex said, waving the gun for emphasis. Cute, amusing story. Several nice quotes.

Nothing Comes Easy by Elandria Lore
Clark is at work, when a tall, beautiful, bald woman enters the newsroom. He realises that it is Lex - an actually female Lex. "Are you telling me," Clark started, his voice low and dangerous, "That you let some witch turn you into a girl just so that, what, some guy would finally think you're happily ever after?" Good idea, well written. Tight story, good ending. Poor Lex, but logical and I do like the thought of that he is willing to change - awww.

Of Angels and Geeks by mako2
Lex wants something really bad and Clark gets it for him. Lex was definitely pouting. Fluffy, sweet little story. Definitelly Awww-worthy and heartwarming.

Omiai by Too Much Plor
Lex and Clark never meet in Smallville. When Clark leaves for Metropolis, he gets a Lexcorp scholarship - and a marriage proposal. Lex has been disinherited by Lionel, but if he stays married for a year he inherits 30 millions. So they get married, intending not to let anyone know. But is that all that is behind this? He shifted forward maybe an inch in his seat, moved his elbows some infinitesimally small distance and said, in this low purr, "You're attractive, believe me." Interesting story, nicely written, an enjoyable read.

Partners by Jezebel The Temptress
When Jonathan finds out that Clark has applied for business school at Met U he gets very angry. As Clark is over 18, he leaves his parents to move in with Lex. Not quite what Jonathan had in mind. Instead of becoming a journalist, Clark becomes a business man - and an honorary Luthor. Clark was the perfect blend of innocence and mercilessness - the type of heir that Lionel had once hoped his own son would be. Interesting story, nice development. I like Lionel in this story, even if he's not in it for long. The story plot felt fresh and I like reading about them going in a different direction than usual.

Perfect Day by Evangelene
It's Lex's birthday. Normally his birthdays suck. This year, though, his father gives him ... an icehockey team. And Clark has always wanted to go to an icehockey game! Yay! So they go ... You thought watching ET would be sufficient preparation for telling me that you are an alien? Sweet, funny story with secrets revealed and love.

Pharaoh by fairdrako
Julian as pharaoh of Egypt, Lex as his high priest and advisor, Lionel as kingsmaker. And Lucas, who kills Lionel and Julian and takes over. Lex is dumped for dead - and is rescued by Clark. Who Lex thinks just might be a god. Clark was like no one else and Lex felt as if every moment of his life had been leading to this thing he had never imagined, this need he had never known, a fullfillment he had never looked for. I'm usually not all that much into AUs, but this is a nice one. Interesting plot, well put together, works.

Philalexandros by Henry Jones J:r
Clark needs Lex's help when Chloe is missing. He goes to him, despite the break between them when Clark discovered the Room. Lois goes with Clark and Clark explains to them both in exactly which way Lex is his best friend. “Every Alexander needs a Hephaestion, after all.” Sweet story. Good with the quotes. Nice touch of using Lois to witness. Makes me go aww with the Alexander line.

Policy of Truth by Azrielle
Lex is utterly used to getting into bad situations - and having Clark rescue him. Still, they're not really happy with this pattern in their life and so they decide to change some things. When you're Lex Luthor, you have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes when you wake up, you happen to be tied to a chair. Sweet story, nicely written. Some really good lines. Tight and with nice humor. A little aww-worthy here and there.

Priority One by QueenMorgan23

Promise by Ruby Series
Clark graduates and the boys move to Metropolis, and have adventures with would-be-assassins and AIs. He once promised Clark that he'd make sure everything would be okay and that was a promise he intended to keep, consequences and morals be damned! Very warm stories in this series, showing well the depth of friendship and love between the boys. Well-written, many good lines, humor too. I want more. Angst too. Sweet.

Property of ... by Hope
Lex starts stealing Clark's shirts. Well, he doesn't mean to at first, but later he does, he just can't resist. Luckily, no one notices - or do they? He shifted uncomfortably, and hoped Clark shared his mother's blindness to sudden, untamable erections. Aww-worthy, sweet story that always makes me smile. Very cute.

Ransom by Kel
It's Christmas and Lex has brought a rabbit for Christmas dinner. Clark doesn't want the rabbit to be eaten, so he kidnaps it. Literally. Oh, and there's mistletoe involved. It was signed "The Rabbit Liberation Front". Cute. I like rabbits. One of those awww-sweet stories.

Ransom by La Casta
Clark and Lex finally get together - and the next day Clark disappear. Three years later, a bitter Lex gets contacted by a man who wants to sell Clark to him for a huge sum. Lex thinks it is a hoax, set up by Clark to get money. He wants revenge. Even if Clark had said no more sex, Lex still would have almost worshipped him, pouring everything at his feet, just to see that wondrous smile, the one he would have sworn couldn't be bought with money. Dangerous, dark Lex, but also a Lex that loves intensely. Very thoughtworthy. Interesting plot. Many good lines too.

Real Person Slash by sabershadowkat
People write RPS about Lex Luthor and Superman. Superman listens in as Luthor scoffs at some of the worst bits. But he's waiting for Luthor to find a very special, very specific story ... He waited anxiously, hoping against hope that his plan would work. Good on Clark. Amusing story. And I think I would have skipped on some of the ones Lex read too ...

Reconcilable Differences by Astolat
Superboy is in an accident, with a spinal injury as the result. He will be paralysed for life - until his "other father" decides to take a hand. Later, Kon works to get his fathers together. Kon's not so much the child of divorce as he is the child of an undeclared war. Sweet story. I especially like the trick of WoW played on Bruce, that really amused me. Several good lines. Interesting idea that Superboy could be in such an accident/so hurt. Neat with Lex stepping up to help.

Rescuing Others by Tallihensia
Long after Smallville, Lex Luthor and Superman are enemies. But one day, Clark receives a distress call from Lex, who desperately needs his help. After all this time, Lex still trusts Clark to come to his rescue. Clark hadn't even realized how much of Lex was made up of defence barriers until four little balls of fur had come up and knocked them down without even trying. Cute story. The cats were adorable and I really liked that Lex still trusts Clark. Sweet ending too. What I really liked, though, is the Smallville part of the story, that everyone in Smallville (except possibly Clark's parents) are mutants. Very interesting possibility and something I'd love to read more of.

Run by Dayspring
Lex is almost killed. Clark saves him - and they go on the run together, to keep Lex safe. Lex thought our friendship rested on the fact that I didn't see his faults as clearly as everyone else did, so he told lies or cleaned up the truth, trying to buy himself a little more time before the inevitable, i.e. I discovered the truth about him and kicked him out of my life. Warm story with an interesting plot, easily read, good feeling, several good lines. Nice feeling between the boys. I'd have loved to read more in this universe. Both boys well described. Cute with the ongoing head trauma. I liked Lionel in this one. "The Kent Express" always makes me smile. I also liked the touches at the end with Lex being good to people who helped them on the way.

Secrets, Lies & Misunderstandings by Mahaliem
Lex thinks Clark is gay, Chloe thinks Lex tutors Clark in chemistry, Pete thinks Lex knows about the alien thing and Clark thinks Lex is teaching him how to be an actor. All brain activity stopped when Lex's mouth touched his. Misunderstandings galore - which I like a lot (at least when they work out in the end and this one works for me). Fun too, and with some angst.

Seeing Red by Hope Roy
Lex wants to know Clark's secrets and give him a mixture of green and red kryptonite to lower his inhibitions and weaken him. They end up having sex. When Clark comes back to himself, he gets terrified that Lex knows his secret and will use it against him. Ruining someone's life wasn't amusing and if Lex thought it was, he was sicker than Clark had thought. The borderline non-con bothers me a bit, it's one of those things I have great difficulty with. But the part after that, with Clark scared of what Lex will do and Lex realising he has gone too far, that is very well done and a deliciously angsty read.

Sex and the Single Superhero by Cheryl Forbes
After several years apart, Lex steps back into Clark's life. There is only one problem: he wants Superman, not Clark. "We haven't spoken in five years and out of the blue you show up wanting to fold my laundry?" Batman also has a nice part, I like him. And the Voldemort joke always make me smile.

Smitten by JD
The aftermath after when Lex runs over Clark into the river, only a bit expanded with a conversation between Lex and Clark as they wait for paramedics. If eyes were truly the window to a person's soul then Clark had to be the best, purest, and most innocent soul he'd ever met. Sweet story, nicely written. This would have been such a lovely scene on screen ...

Somewhere I have never travelled by jenn
Clark has become human - and former arch-nemesis Lex Luthor is courting him like there's no tomorrow. For there might not be. A danger is coming. Oh, Lex may forgive him just about anything, but Clark's not sure that even love will be enough to forgive what Clark's about to do to his shoes. Interesting, different story, thoughtworthy, well plotted. With Bruce in it, which I like. A bit of humor to.

Stocks And Bonds of Holy Matrimony by Abi
Due to some severe misunderstandings, Lex is getting a very bad reputation, for being a homophobe among other things. LuthorCorp stock is plummeting. When Clark accidentally gives the impression that he and Lex is a couple, however, things rapidly change. Only, he and Lex isn't a couple. Even my lawyers don't believe I'm not sleeping with you. Very amusing, clever story. Nice solution. I like the openess of the end, the sweet rapport between them and cute about Lena.

Storm Warning Series:C.Roxane (Not available on-line, may not be shared.)
Lex is trying to get closer to the people in Smallville, to start his power base there. Meanwhile, Clark is getting more and more obsessed with him, until he can no longer control himself. Lex's terror was replaced almost immmediately by the most glorious sense of satisfaction, not to mention lust. Classic Smallville story with many of the key ingrediences I like. Unperfect sex, alien!Clark, ruthless Lex, caring Jonathan. I even like Lionel in it.

Story of a Life by Ryu I and Cassiopeia
Lex writes his name on Clark's body - and it won't come off. Which is an interesting way to discover that your lover isn't human ... Lex is more a fortress romantic than a closet one. Cute story. Several good lines. Funny.

Stray by Sue_Dreams
It's Halloween. Clark gets a costume that makes him turn into different types of animals - a wolf, a dog, a cat, a lion ... when he's a dog he's rescued by Lex and taken to the castle. The problem is not only the costume, though. The cats of Smallville have developed psycic powers and a hive mind. They're revolting against the human overlord and dog oppressors, intending to rule Smallville. Feline freedom! If they gave him Clark's origin, his heritage, and all his powers, would he still want Clark? Interesting sub-plot with the cats, very much like one of those things that could be Tuesday in Smallville and something like that would have been fun to see on the show. Nice between Lex and Clark, good humor too. Poor Jonathan, a lot to take in. Heh for Clark thumping his tail hard enough to crack marble. Aww for Clark showing Lex his secret.

Subjugated by Peach
Clark was never sent to Earth. His people take over the earth and Lex becomes his consort. Interludes with different pairings. He had been clinging to the time they had spent together, convinced that he would have to live on the memories alone for the balance of his life. I especially like Thor's Consort and Jhan's Tale. Sweet with standing up for love, even against the object of one's love. Honor, self-sacrifice, sweet. Some nice angst.

Switch: A Comedy of Terrors by RivkaT
The boys unexpectedly switch bodies. So Clark has to play Lex for a few days and Lex discovers that Clark's body isn't exactly standard. As much as he liked Clark, which was roughly as much as he liked breathing, he wanted his own life back. It's great fun - and interesting - to see the boys explore each other's lives - and get together in the process. Fresh, very interesting idea. Inspiring. Humor too. Several good lines.

Taken by Lenore
Clark is stalked by a girl, so Lex suggest that he poses as Clark's boyfriend to scare her off. Things get rather realistic. It appeared Lex had a lot of ideas about how Clark's boyfriend should behave. Cute story and I like the theme. Nicely executed. And good ending.

Tardiness by Kel
Lionel Luthor of Smallville has a relationship with the devil of Brimstone. Things get hot ... Time to give the devil his due. Lionel did have a very healthy fear of Satan; not the usual Christian fear of hell and damnation, but the fear of a man who walked a razor's edge of control with the powerful being in front of him and who didn't want to ultimately lose the balance of power. I really like Smallville/Brimstone crossovers and this is an interesting one for sure. Really hot scenes and in character.

The Best Day in The History of Mankind by Suz
Lex has a very bad day. So he does what relaxes him the most - he spies on Clark. Clark didn't even have to be aware of it, he simply had to be, and Lex's Very Bad Days invariably turned into Very Good Days Indeed. Sweet story, it really makes me smile to read. Aww-worthy and still in character. I would have liked to see their future like this. Good use of both characters.

The Business Offer by Henry Jones Jr
Lex thinks he can't have Clark, so he at least want to help him and his family. Thus he makes them a business offer. Then he does something stupid and has an asthma attack. His head swelled with emotions he didn't normally feel, usurping his usual self-control and, before he realised what he was doing, he leaned over and kissed Clark on the lips. Vulnerable Lex, trying to help, awww ... A really sweet story, some angst, I like.

The Butterfly Effect by The Spike
Lex invents a drug to see the future. All possible futures, actually. Only, each and every one of them ends in horror ... Can't quite wrap his head around the idea of a man loving another man like he loves Martha, but he has no trouble imagining anyone loving Clark. Very interesting concept, nice plot, I like the idea. Fresh. I especially like Jonathan in this one. Inspirational.

The Camping Series by Helena Handbasket
Clark and Lex is out camping and share secrets. A wave of sickly terror swept over Clark as he realized that while it was possible that he would survive the fall, Lex most certainly would not. Rather sweet, though my favorite part of the story is the way Clark choses to reveal his secret - and the repercussions thereof. This I always felt was inspiring. I would like to write something of the idea I get when I read this, but I never got around to it. Several good lines. And I like the idea of Lex having an "Hephaestion account".

The Fetish Drabbles by Lady Angel
A series of fun drabbles, based on short quotes from other fics. "You're wearing clothes again," he growled. Some of these are truly hilarious. Good idea, too.

The Hunter and The Alien by Bev Too
Clark goes to Stanford to visit his uncle, when he unexpectedly gets attacked by a ghost - and saved by a Winchester. Sam and Clark hit it off really well and soon they know each other's secrets. Well, perhaps not Sam's attraction to his brother, but at least the whole Clark is an alien part. Years later, Sam gets invited to a party at Lex's mansion. Maybe he can help Lex get a Clue. As long as he doesn't know about my feelings, I can still at least have him as a friend. Cute story with the two worlds of alien and supernatural colliding nicely, though both boys have pasts that probably make them fairly used to the unexpected. Hot between Clark and Sam, sweet on the other pairings. Cute end.

The Identical Series by Lanning Cook
Lionel has Lex cloned, but that doesn't go too well. The clone has faulty memories and is mentally instabile, though it is still fascinated by Clark, if not in an entirely good way. The real Lex Luthor is hiding with the Kent family. He and Clark are starting a relationship. Both Lionel and the clone are after him. Lucky, Lex and the Kents has Eli Cohen on their side. He's seen me commit arson, grand larcery and commit cold-blooded murder, and he loves me. WIP. Very interesting idea. Nice writing. I enjoy following the adventures. I especially liked Eli, wonderful character. I always wondered if he is from some other show or books or if he is original, but either way he is really neat. Max I like too. I like how Clark keeps saying that the clone doesn't look anything like Lex. Also the strong women. And Clark running like a glass Porche. Nice development of the relationship. I did feel a bit sorry for the clone. Nice humor too. I liked the way people found out about Clark. Several good lines. Good use of the characters. Nice angst. I do hope it will continue.

The Last Laugh by sabershadowkat
Clark's home on Spring Break and visits with Lex. Soon there's a mysterious murder at Lex's company. The boys investigate. They also finds out that a lot of people think they're a couple. We see Lex all year and he’s much more pleasant when you’re home Good feeling between them. Nice adventure. Some good descriptions. Heh for Lex's secretary rearranging his calendar when she hears that Clark's back. Very cute end.

The Kissing Game by Kel
Clark has an idea. He needs to learn how to kiss - and who better to teach him than Lex? Especially since it is Lex he does want to kiss. So he goes to the mansion to ask. Seriously, completely, thoroughly, totally, not-even-Lana-in-wet-red-panties-could-get-him-going gay. Cute story, but with interesting revelation of alien origins, a bit of angst, and alien mating behavior, which all in all makes it a good read.

The Memoirs by Di and Kel
Epic length work about the life in Smallville, embracing parts of Clark's alienness. Clark and Lex get together. Lionel has Dominic Senatori. Life isn't just a dance on roses, but they get through and things happen. Lionel did hope, somewhere inside himself, that Dominic realized exactly how much his invalueability encompassed. Lovely long fic with great details and characteristics. I adore especially Lionel and Dominic. Awww for "Lovely One" and "Jiminy". So many feelings! Not all is up on A=3 yet, I would love to have it all up so I can enjoy it all properly. Nice angst, humor too. Nice handling of Clark's alienness. I really liked Lionel in this one. Interesting dimension between him and Jonathan.

The Prometheus Project by Mistress Ace
As Lex listens over the phone, strangers attack the Kent farm, kidnapping Clark, Martha and Jonathan. Lex starts to investigate, but finds no tracks for a long, long time. When he finally does, the truth might be more horrible than he feared. The Kents had hidden the world's second greatest discovery in among their winter preserves. The greatest discovery, they'd raised as their own son. Angsty, dark, interesting. Several good lines. A third book was promised, but I haven't seen it. I really would have loved to read more in this universe, perhaps more of a conclusion. Still, read-worthy and full of emotions.

The Promise Of Tomorrow by Keikokin
Lionel's dead. In his papers Lex finds information regarding Clark's adoption. When he brings this up with the Kents, they at first think he is blackmailing them. And he does have a few demands. Will they be able to meet them? I know about your adoption, Clark, and used it as leverage to be allowed to help protect your secret and to allow me to be a part of your life. I'm very weak for such stories, with misunderstandings and suspicions - and good resolutions. I did like that Lionel's death was not a focus of the rest of the story, just a starting point, life is like that, sometimes. Sweet that Clark understands Lex. Good feel.

The Proposition by Emelerin
A woman offers Clark a million dollars to have sex with her. Affronted, he tells Lex, anticipating Lex's reaction. To his surprise, Lex doesn't react. But does Lex really not mind? Problem was, of course, that Clark was a permanent resident on planet weird, and if Lex had decided tomove on, that left him there alone, more alone than ever. Aww-worthy story, very sweet. I really like it. Always makes me smile. Many nice lines.

The Terrible Conflagration Up at the Place by Zahra
Lex wants to cook for Clark, but he is very, very bad at it. Then Clark comes to "help" him and things progress. "I'm not impotent - I mean incompetent." This story probably has the most great lines packed in the shortest space of any I've read. Very funny and works really well.

The Whammy by ingrid-matthews
A woman uses kryptonite powers to bind Lex to her. Clark is very annoyed, especially since no one else seems aware of what happens. Apart from Satan. On the night of the rehearsal dinner, Clark discovered he'd gained the most unlikely ally of all - Lionel Luthor. Cute little story, a bit aww-worthy. I especially liked Lionel in this one. Nice humor, good ending.

Three Impossible Things by Jenn
Clark finally realises he wants Lex. Clark is being jealous of what looks like Lex being in a serious relationship. "I've never been anyone else's. Inspiring. Awww ... Sweet story. But most of all I adore Lex's response to someone telling him that he isn't Clark's (see the quote above).

What Happened by Hergerbabe
Lex wakes up in bed with Clark and has no memory of what happened the night before. Clark is happy to fill in the details - but what he says doesn't calm Lex down. At all ... “Whatever I said, I meant it… unless it was bad,” Lex interrupted him hurriedly. Awww ... Poor Lex. Bad Clark, that was not nice. But it worked out well in the end.

Will to Bend by Nifa_Idril
Lionel has told Lucas that he is under Lex's protection. Lucas decided that he must do anything to make sure Lex wants to continue to protect him. He'll pitch, he'll catch, he'll even answer to the name 'Clark' and wear flannell and pretend to be thousand kinds of innocent that he's never, ever been. Delicious hint of preceived future non-con, which I like.

Wishful Thinking by HYPERFocused
Kryptonite-affected turkey makes everyone's wishes come true. Clark and Lex have argued. Then Lex comes, forgiving and loving ... He'd even made the candied sweet potatoes himself, using his heat vision. Cute story. A little angsty, nicely so.

Worship by MidKnight
Basically, Lex touching Clark's hair and Clark letting him. The question was tentative, though the word seemed wrong to describe anything Lex Luthor did. Technically perhaps not slash, more like very intimate friendship, possibly even smarm, but it feels very good to me. I like it a lot. Sweet, with a hint of angst.

Zero Effects by danceswithgary
Lex wakes up with amnesia - every day. He only remembers up to hitting Clark on the bridge. Each morning he listens to himself telling himself all he remembers. The computer tells him he can trust a Clark Kent. I got to fly to the Arctic and checkout alien technology with a fashion-challenged superhero in primary colours. Very interesting storyline. Fresh story.

The Sentinel

Disclaimer and information

A show that still is dear to my heart. And I still think it is good and far from deserving of some of the dissing I hear sometimes.

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-30- by alyjude
Blair's approaching 30 and decides to make changes in his life. He can't change where he works or lives, due to Jim. But he can cut his hair, buy other clothes and change the Volvo for a motorbike. However will the others - Jim especially - react? And will they react at all, considering that all of them forgot his birthday? Simon had finally, after over three years, realized that Blair Sandburg was deeper than the Mariannas Trench. Interesting story that resonated with me as I for much too long have considered my life and improvements I should like to make in it. I also like that changes are not all to the better, even if some of them could be incredible. Some of the things Blair did made me cringe slightly, since I love him so much like he is, so that added to the depth of the story (a good thing). A little sad about even Naomi not wishing him a happy birthday (even if she wrote). Good that everything led to what it did, though. Heh for his students celebrating Blair in the past.

21 Days by Legion
Jim and Blair's relationship breaks up. Jim moves out of Cascade. Blair finds him. Jim has been waiting for this. He'll convince Blair that all is fine and 21 days later he will kill himself. I don't have the courage to walk away from you a second time. Interesting. Heart touching. Inspiring. Very interesting set-up. Powerful. Aww-worthy with a nice dose of angst. Tearsworthy. Imperfect sex is interesting.

A Good Read by alyjude
So, Blair goes to the Police Academy. He's not harassed, but everyone ignores him. He does well. Very well; he would have graduated at the top of his class. Except that they won't allow him to graduate with the others. And Blair is angry. Angry that Jim really believed that Blair would sell his dissertation. Jim doesn't know him as well as Blair would like. Is he right? And then Jim overreads Blair's journal, reading how he truly feels about what happened. How will he react? He'd threatened to pull his friendship over the first chapter of the infamous dissertation, he'd thrown him out of his home, and again threatened to pull his friendship after finding out about Alex, always the friendship, always pulling it, like it was tangible, like there was no room for mistakes, like telling Blair, "Play by my rules and I'll be your friend, but if you don't, you're history", when what he should have been saying was, "I'm your friend for life, it's unconditional, like my love." Interesting take on the Police Academy thing. I found Blair's take on Jim's reaction to the dissertation refreshing. Neat subplot with the hostage taking and I love the resolution: go Blair! Really nice, that bit. Good use of Joel. Yay for the end.

A Visit To Puget Sound by Gila
Jim - who is a werepanther - and Blair gets shipwrecked together. They hope the Coast Guard will rescue them soon, so they're not too worried. At least not about that. Blair does worry about thing: he has a secret he hasn't told Jim yet - a secret that is about to become very relevant ... "Ort!" Amusing story that made me smile. Awww-worthy. And poor Jim with an even cuter Blair. I liked the end.

Alteration in Consciousness by Brak
Jim gets dosed with some kind of gas. He starts shooting at people. Simon calls in Blair. "My Blair!" he shouted to the startled youg man. "Get your own." Jim is awww-worthy in his drugged state - sweet, possessive and horny. As they are not a couple yet this is something I like. And then the next day ... Awww ... and cute. A hint of angst.

An Innocent Man by alyjude
Jim is totally innocent. Everything's Blair's fault. And I've found a whole new food group, top of the pyramid, Blair food. Heh.

Awakening by The Tenth Muse1
After camping alone for several days, Tony returns home a changed man - a very sensitive one ... Gibbs take care of him, with some help from an ex army ranger with an anthropology sidekick. And if that really was a preview of hell, then he was damned sure going to Mass on Sunday and bringing Gibbs with him. Cute. All fandoms need a crossover like this to the Sentinel. Interesting idea, I've let it (partly) inspire me to one of my own stories. Aww for Tony trying to protect "his" guide from strange sentinels.

Away from the Monsters by Marion Seaton
Channel 13's All Night Horror Movie Film Festival and much too much sugar makes Blair hyped and scared of monsters. Jim must protect. Blair exited his room carrying a baseball bat, "Sanity is subjective." Cute, funny and silly (in a good way!).

Best Laid Plans by alyjude
Valentine's Day. Neither Jim nor Blair has a date. But Blair has a plan, so they won't seem like total losers to their colleagues. He proposes that they will each act as the other's secret admirer, sending flowers and so on. So he does, with gusto. Jim doesn't, but soon starts feeling like he should. How can he make things up to Blair - and does Blair have any secondary motives with his plan? I decided that the women of Cascade are idiots, and that if they can't see a good thing right under their noses, well, I can. Cute story that made me smile. Yay for Almond Roca, my favourite candy, even if I lost my supplier again. Heh for Major Crime going into the florist business.

Better Vampire Career Choices by Roque
Blair amuses the precinct with a list of "Things I will Do If I Am Ever The Vampire." If the Hero has to cross open ground, there is no better way to reach out and touch someone than with a sniper rifle. Several funny ones.

Bid him come or bid him stay by Legion
Crippled Jim returns to Cascade after the army and rents the loft. What he doesn't know then is that the former owner - one Blair Sandburg - is haunting the place. Of course, there's more to the story than this. What if my belief that I'm alive is the only thing keeping me here? Good use of canon as to what would have happened if Jim and Blair hadn't been in Cascade for some vital keypoints. A little angst. Interesting. A bit of mysticism. Inspiring.

Bluffing with the Big Guys by alyjude
Finally, Blair will be allowed to the Major Crimes Poker Night. However, when he realises that some of the guys have certain prejudices and preconceptions in regards to him, he decides to play them all a trick ... But I gotta tell ya', H, I was really looking forward to watching the Junior Hippie-Cop Wannabe swimming around with the sharks tonight, trying to play with the grownups. Good humor and definitelly something I could see Blair doing. Cute how he argues with the Corvair. Heh for Junior Hippie AntroKid. Cute end.

Charmed by Texas Ranger
Jim has a really bad day and his colleagues fear he will kill Blair when Blair bops in. The men huddled together for support and prepared to duck under the nearest desk when pieces of anthropologist went flying. Cute in an awww way.

Christmas Eve by alyjude
Blair has left Cascade. He and Jim are in steady contact, but just before Christmas Jim can no longer contain himself. He calls Blair, begging him to come home. And, of course, Blair wants nothing more. Soon he's on his way, with an ETA just in time for Christmas. Jim comes to the airport to pick him up - but something is wrong with the plane ... Will Christmas end in disaster? I've never called him from work, but right now, my fingers are itching and my arm is straining under the pull as I hold back, muscles clenched in the refusal to give in to this need. Good story with nice feeling. I'm very weak for "others find out about Jim's senses"-stories. Sweet with Jim telling Blair even knowing others hear him, I liked that. I'm not entirely sure why, but I did like Mike Gallagher. Aww for Jim having missed the key basket. Nice dash of humor with the antlers and so on.

Click-Click by alyjude
POV of a reporter who ends up seeing a miracle. A kidnapped girl flees, only to get caught by the most dangerous enemy of all - Mother Nature. And Jim and Blair is there to rescue her. But not all go well. The hole was destroyed, Detective Sandburg gone. Interesting story, original and strong. Good use of canon. Gives me a bit of good shives, this one. Tearworthy, though in a good way.

Controlled Substances by T. Botta

Curses by Sorka
Blair buys Jim a bracelet - only this gift has unforseen consequences, as wearing it is a test of relationships and Jim turns into a panther. Only Jim and Blair isn't in a relationship - yet, and even if they might be interested in pursuing a relationship, now what will they do? There was something about being naked with this symbol of raw power which made him feel at once vulnerable, yet totally safe. Very interesting shifter-story. Very boldly written, nice language, good hint of the panther in Jim's personality when he is the panther, very well blended. An inspiration.

Degrees of Truth by Sorka
Jim has a secret and his past has come back to haunt him. He's part of a powerful organisation and now they need him back. Blair won't let him go alone. The impulse died stillborn as both men before Jim knelt one at a time, kissed the ring and said, "I pledge my lovyalty to you, Elder." Very interesting story, building well on top of canon and adding depth to the personalities. One of those stories you wish for sequels to, though it doesn't need it, as it is well rounded in itself. Fresh, original story. I also like how it doesn't focuse too much on Jim's senses, but is a very good story anyway.

Dogsenads by Jane Mailander
AU in which everyone are dogs. Still, the pack of Protectors roam the city of Cascade, defending civilians. Jim is an Altesian. When his senses starts going crazy, he decides to kill himself, as he must have rabies. Only, when he jumps into traffic, he is saved by a yappy Spaniel. But Spaniel's fanning tail stopped in pure astonishment, and for once my silky partner had nothing to say, when I was the first of the Protectors to roll over and bare my throat to him. So funny, yet well written and interesting. Trut both to canines and to the fandom. Very nice ending. I like the "sharp-nose" bit, and the replacement of bitch for woman, that worked well. Poor Peke ... Interesting with the bitches (apart from Collie) in a pack of their own. Cute with Altasian licking Spaniel in approval, awww ... I remember these stories being posted to Senad, they were a treat.

Don't Mess Around With Jim by Karen
The gang at Major Crimes gets a message and believes Blair has been kidnapped. They start turning Cascade upside down to get him back. And thus began the worst day of Detective James Ellison's life. Fun, fresh, half-hysterical Jim always nice. Me likes.

Dress For Success by alyjude
An old army buddy of Jim's comes to Cascade, intending to make Jim his. Only, Blair has just realised that he loves Jim. Let the game begin and may the best man win. Having Jim's body over his was like being under the covers on a cold winter morning when you're feeling warm and soft and safe. Not that the guy ever had a chance against our Blair, but at least he seemed to be a fairly good guy and I do approve of him giving Blair something to work against. Good image of Blair and his clothes. Hot too. Nice dash of humor and good voice, especially for Blair. The stairs joke actually made me laugh, which is not easy. I like the little looks into Blair's mind, like with the snake conversation. Never underestimate Blair, but I did like Brian's tactic to go honest.

Eau de Pheromone by Cenlyn
Jim gets a potion from the Chopecs - it makes him irresistable to all men. Even Blair declares his love. Now what will Jim do? Jim felt Brown slap his back as he passed him, but his smile faded as the officer's hand rifted to brush his ass lightly as he walked away. Angsty. Inspiring. But fun as well.

Everything's Jake by alyjude
Blair leaves Jim (they're not a couple yet) and moves away. In the new place he meets 4-year-old Jake and they form a strong bond. Jim gets back into Blair's life and things start happening. He'd tried so hard, in the last weeks, to get Blair to come home under the guise of watching a game, or working on the new stereo cabinet or any other excuse he could think up - so that he'd have that scent, so that the loft wouldn't seem so empty. Long, lovely story with one of my favorite OCs, Jake. Sweet, adorable an emotional. While I've reread it several times, it still makes me cry, in a good way. Also heartwarming. And a bit angst too.

For the Grace of Blair by Legion
Jim and Blair starts sharing dreams. Bad dreams. And soon the reason shows itself: a serial killer is heading for Cascade. He kills working partners - and he's out to get Jim and Blair. But why does he do it? He brought his face down closer to Blair's, to capture more of him - the sweep of air from his mouth, the fragrance of his words, the brightness of his gaze. Several interesting bits, with the joint dreams, the deepening of their relation and the odd serial killer. Heh for Simon writing, I like that. Aww for when Jim couldn't find Blair with his senses. Vivid dream scenes.

Furbys Need Love Too by Shanny Girl Curses universe
James has been transformed into a panther. Blair is away, but Jim finds a new friend. The furby was talking and chatting away, an the more it talked, the more Jim purred. Aww ...

Getting there by Karen
Jim is out of town and Blair is taken hostage. Something he is very used to by now ... The perp is horrified when he realises who Blair is - Jim's reaction to getting Blair kidnapped has become legend in Cascade. Gavin, a man that 30 seconds ago had assumed his life couldn't possibly get any worse, realised that he had committed the worst mistake it was possible to make when you were a professional criminal in Cascade. Funny story with several great lines. Very sweet, even if more serious later on.

Guides by Dolimir
Jim speculates on the nature of guides. While every guide I have run into could technically qualify as good, they don't necessarily guide good people. Jim's speculating is interesting in itself, but I'm partial to the story within, of how a crime lord has his guide kidnapped and retaliates in force. Oh well, I've always been attracted of a bit of danger.

Haunting by Lianne Burwall
Jim and Blair still work together. They are still lovers. However, nowadays Blair is a bit, well ... unvital. As in, well: You know, I really would have expected Jim to fall apart, last year, after Blair died. Inspiring. Very cute story.

Heroes 18 by YS McCool
SciFi setting with the crew on a spaceship - with a bunch of supercool action figures portraying various series by the author such as Chayenne. If there was any justice, they would have fallen in bed together because I'd awakened something ... forbidden between them. Fun, sweet, different. A little confusing, no doubt, if you haven't read the other 17 parts, but 18 is really my favorite.

Ice by Legion
Fire, Ice and Wind. Blair is walking a dangerous path when a sudden presence helps him on his way. The unseen companion is a tall, strong male. Soon Blair even hears a voice - the man's name is Jim. Later on, Blair is in a position to repay the favor. Jim and Blair had a powerful connection long before they ever met. Instead he cradled Blair's head in his hands, forehead-to-forehead with him, and stared into his face, remembering, remembering, remembering... and loving with all he had. Interesting series with good spiritual images and nice, vivid language. Good connection between the boys, very intimate. I liked the plots too, thought-worthy. A fourth story would be nice, but the series is good as it is. Blair getting his juice spiked resonated with me, because that nearly happened to me once, icky ... Nice touch of Jim's past making him immune to the rants of the speaker trying to get to Blair.

In Vodka Veritas by Gloria Lancaster
Blair gets drunk and Jim is called to pick him up. Things are revealed. Erm, Blair's in a little trouble, man, he's - he's hiding under a desk and refusing to come out until someone called Blessed comes and gets him. Cute drunk Blair. Several nice quotes in this one.

Jake & Jesse by Dolimir
Alyjude's stories about Blair and Jim's son, Jake, is among my favourite stories in the Sentinel fandom. In this spin off we see Jake's sister, James, from when she comes to the family until the family is confirmed by her wedding. Once when she was little, her Pop had told her that whenever she needed to find her center, all she had to do was listen to the beat of her Dad's heart. Sweet story. Really nice dynamic between the children as well as between the children and Blair and Jim. Cute with Tommy and Jake conspiring against James's date. I liked how James's names forms the new name and it is Jim's name too - nice touch. Sweet when Jake finds James and Jim tries to break it slowly to Blair. Very likeable OCs. Good resolution. Nice humor. Jim protective of his daughter always makes me smile. I also liked Tony asking to marry James on the day 16 years later as Jim told him he could.

Jamie series by Gillian Middleton
Series centering around Jim and Blair and their son, Jamie. Jamie is also a Sentinel. "Remind me again that Jamie is only five and Sean is just three," he croaked. I really like stories when they have children and this is a lovely one. My favourites are #14 -Mine, and #20, Time Will tell. Nice series I would love more of. I especially like when Jamie's guide-to-be is in trouble and needs his help. Lovely little drama and good continuation.

Kids Under 12 drink free by Mallory Klohn
Jim and Blair goes to Las Vegas. They play in the casinos. It doesn't go too well for Blair, but Jim has a good thing going. So very cute how he plays and gives Blair the quarters he win, "sugar daddy" even if there's no love going on - yet. "I see you peeking at my ass, you fucking, dirty-minded, nasty little pig." Sweet, humorous story. Several nice quotes. One of my favorites.

Lifebond by Calicocat
In this AU Sentinels are sold as little other than slaves. Blair reluctantly attends the annual Cascade Sentinel Auction. He's there to help a friend get a scoop, but ends up with a previously very abused military Sentinel - James Ellison. There were times and places for defiance; this was neither. A bit dark, but then brightens. Very interesting, I like it a lot and I do hope for more of it eventually.

Lost and Found by Caro Dee
Jim is still in the army. Away from base one evening he meets a young man named Blair, who shows him what he has been missing out on. The night is highly enjoyable. They part ways, but afterwards Jim miss what he briefly had. If I thought my cock was hard before, I was wrong. Nicely done. A bit of a shame it was never finished, for I really would have liked to read the final part, but still a nice read. Very well done sex scene.

Match Made by Legion
Jim is undercover. Simon and Blair learns of a threat towards him - so Blair goes in, also undercover, to warn him. Blair's captured. To avoid one of the bad guys, Jim pretends to going to use Blair for sex - only things get a bit too realistic. And Jim is hiding a big secret - how will Blair handle this? And maybe Blair has a big secret of his own ... Thinking dimly that Blair kissed like he did everything else in his life, whole heartedly and with enthusiasm, he tried to make it a gentle one at first. I remembered this story from when I first got into the fandom, many years ago. It amused me then and made me smile, and it still does. Good point to have Blair record message under the music. The condom thing made me smile as well as the fear of the bad guy on seeing Jim's assets.

Meditations on Childhood by kungfunurse
Already as children Jim and Blair had a connection. The story followes them from Blair as a baby over the years. I especially like the part where Jim's in the rangers and when all his team members come back insane from a mission, he was the only one who was cleared for field work again, because ...: "I survived, because my imaginary friend held my hand the entire time." I'm rather weak for well-written stories of the characters as children/younger. And the mythical stuff and bonds also appeals to me. Also a hint of angst. Inspiring story.

Mistaken Identity by Bluewolf
Blair gets kidnapped. The kidnapper wants to blackmail Jim to help a criminal he caught, or else they will hurt his friend. Only ... Jim hasn't even met Blair. Cold, hard, it was the look of a man who could - and would - kill, ruthlessly and efficiently, if he felt the situation called for it; and for a brief moment he felt a touch of sympathy for Oliver Finnison and whoever had kidnapped the unknown man they believed was Ellison's 'friend'. Interesting AU. I like the idea, it felt fresh, very thought-worthy, even inspiring. I liked Davis too, nice OMC. Nice read.

Moonhunt by Dolimir
Blair Sandburg is hunted by a pack of Sentinels that wants him. The city is guarded by Sentinels, but after dark on a full moon, everyone still outside is offering themselves as guides. But Blair doesn't want to be a guide. Jim is the alpha sentinel of Cascade - and unbonded. Of course, it's not just "that simple". Blair is a shaman - and potentially much more than just a guide - he could be a pack guide - even maybe a clan guide ... The Sentinels are determined to have Blair, as it haven't been a clan guide in the northwest for over a century. He would either be the clan guide and face the demons of his past, or he would face a liftetime of fighting off sentinels. Interesting AU. A bit awww-worthy.

Obfuscator by fc7
Girls are interested in Blair and Jim has to work hard to discourage them. I didn't know you were into that. Fun and - yes, I could completely see Jim do this.

Olives by Aouda Fogg
Jim and Blair is eating when Blair gives Jim his olives and Jim realises that they are a couple. That there were times when he wanted complete silence when he came home, and times when he wanted to be silent, but that the constant chatter Blair provided was the only thing keeping him sane. Cute story that made me smile. Epiphanies are like that, suddenly yet logical in a strange way. This felt natural. Amusing, but not contrieved.

One Kind Deed by Dolimir
Ranger Ellison, King Simon of Cascadia's personal trouble-shooter, searches Cascadia for the king's son's missing birthstone. He finds B'lair Woodfoxen, a thief and elf, and enlists his help in finding the stone. But there is a lot about the elf that the ranger does not know, things that will have repercussions on the entire world. B'lair wrapped his arms around the warrior and held him tight, wanting to believe they’d have an eternity, but knowing his destiny, whether he wanted to face it or not, would be determined once they reached Spokane. AU. Nice fantasy! I like how The Sentinel characters were used for this. Normally I'm not all that much into AUs, but this worked very well for me. Interesting stories too, well connected. A nice read.

Panther Tales by Saraid
The government captures Jim and Blair and performs terrible experiments on them. They escape at a high cost, but they are shadows of the men they were. Much later we meet them again as Panther, a legendary mercenary for hire, and Chief, his shadow, who can't function without him, but in return has some very special powers. They are bent and changed, but not broken. And maybe there's a future for them. They will always be together, despite everything. I love to say I love you and hear the words in my ears as well as my head and my heart. A very strong story. When I first read it, many years ago, I couldn't quite stomach the dark parts, but rereading it now, many years later, I find it very compelling and deep. A good, gripping story with powerful subjects of power, love and loyalty. Good adventure stories too and a good, suitable ending. I like Cullen a lot, his presence as an outsider adds considerably to the story. Raman too. I found Chief borrowing words and vision very interesting. I really liked how Blair was able to lecture again, in a way. That National Security - book sounded good.

Partners by Josephine Darcy
Rafe and Brown gets the bright idea that they will take Blair along on a case. They will soon regret themselves. And Jim is not happy. Things get rapidly out of hand. Hand grenades, lions, drug labs, car chases, kidnappings, jumping off buildings, oh my. He hadn't the foggiest idea what Blair was saying, but it sounded perfectly scientific and therefore reasonable. Sweet and very funny story. A little silliness, but overall fun. Inspiring.

Peanut Butter Delight by Shanny Girl
Set in Sorka's panther universe. Jim's been turned into a panther. In this story he's at home. He's up for something sweet and not feeling up to waiting for Blair to come home. Things does not go quite as planned. There sat a panther, blue eyes crossing to look at a muzzle covered in chewing gum. Very sweet. Made me smile.

Possessions One by firefrog
Jim might love Blair, but he might love other things as well ... Jim Ellison sprawled happily all over the couch. Aww ... Sweet. Naughty Jim ... But smart, as he gets what he wants.

Progeny by YS McCool Part of Chayenne universe. J/B/S
Jim, Blair, Simon and a huge, extended family, including several interesting OCs - Tank being my personal favorite. In this one Jim gets a shock - finding out that he has a ten year old son. "If I told you, I'd have to lick you to death," Jim growled. I'm a sucker for stories with children in them. A bit complicated if you haven't read the rest of the series. A bit of mysticism. And sex. And fun.

Quack by Legion
Jim Ellison is on bodyguard duty for a "flash'in'the'pan, self-important, egocentrical celebrity" - also homophobic. Jim and Blair isn't in a relation yet, but play things that way just to annoy the guy. Of course, thins go from there. "On second thought," Blair mumbled for Jim, "can I help you hide the body?" A bit sweet silliness. Several nice quotes. Inspirational story. Fun. Besides - 'quack' means 'I love you'.

Resolutions by alyjude
Jim has planned that New Year's Eve will be the day he finally confesses his feelings for Blair. Only his intentions are dashed when he learns that Blair has a date for New Year. But what is Blair's thoughts on the matter? And what's up with Blair not being invited to the upcoming Cascade's PD New Year's Eve dance? After all, if one member of their team had not been invited, then none of them were invited. Nice misunderstandings. Good feel between Jim and Blair but I especially liked the rest of the gang backing up Blair. Good use of Connor. Good plot device with the car accident, it gave good pause to the story and hightened the tension. The way Jim found Blair at the hospital made me smile. The betting pool is always amusing.

Sentinel School Universe by Lady Ra
Blair is kidnapped by a madman who collects Sentinels and needs a guide for them (a guide is much rarer than a sentinel). Blair learns that Guides and Sentinels can bond and if five unbonded Sentinels are together, they will put out a call for guides. And there are more of both sentinels and guides than Blair could have dreamed about. Later, he and Jim starts up a school for Sentinels and guides. "So how is it, Simon," Jim interrupted, "if we're such alpha guys, that we always end up doing whatever Blair tells us to." Lovely, long story that I enjoy to read and reread. Nice plot idea, lovely OCs, good crossover, good feeling between the guys. Several good lines. I really like the spirit animals. The president-thing always makes me smile. So sweet hos some of the Sentinels react to Blair - and of course they think he's the best thing since sliced bread. Sweet that Jack and Daniel could bond, of sorts. Interesting point that so many in the army could be sentinels, that worked well. One of those sweet, lovely stories I would just love to read more and more and more in the universe of. I really liked Chad, the cut-throat lawyer guide - a great story there with Hilary and the others. Sweet with Jim knowing something the way he knows Blair loves him - awww ...

Situational Ethics by Merry Lynne
A man calling himself "Mulder" calls Blair. You're the guy who thinks ET phoned the government. Always nice to do the Sentinel crossovers where someone else is a Sentinel and needs Blair and Jim's help. I've written one myself and in part I was inspired by this story and others such as it. What is really sweet is how Blair assumes the man Mulder thinks is a sentinel - an Alex Krycek - is a) Mulder's, b) a pussycat and c) genetically predisposed to protect those around him. And the beautiful line about the fountain. And the ending. Several nice lines.

Snap to It by Jane Davitt
Jim overhears gossip of how obedient Blair is to him. But is there any truth in the rumour? And he knew what Blair was going to do next, knew it, and wanted it, and his heart was beating faster, too, anticipation, sweet and choking, like honey in his throat. Cute story that made me smile. Well in character.

Substitutions by Josan
Krycek is with Skinner, but only as a substitute for Mulder and when Mulder returns, Krycek goes North. To Cascade. Where he catches the interest of Simon Banks. But Krycek feels unworthy. He'd known from the very beginning that he was nothing more than a substitute. Self-deprecation, love overcoming obstacles, courting. Very warming, good story that I like a lot.

The 'Actor & Jockey' Series by alyjude
AU in which James Ellison is a famous Hollywood actor. He comes to Bank's Folly, a racehorse farm owned by one of the wealthiest men in Cascade, Simon Banks (and his lover, Joel Taggart). There he meets Simon and Joel's son, Blair Sandburg, an equally famous jockey. They instantly connect, but someone is out to sabotage Blair's big race. What is happening and can their new love survive? Simon had been standing only a few feet from the two men when they'd first touched via the simple gesture of a handshake, but he would swear to his dying day, with his last breath, that something had been created when Blair's hand had slipped into Jim's larger one. Solid AU with good use of canonical characters. Nice descriptions of environments, both the race horse farm and the movie making. Several nice lines. Interesting set-up with the different backgrounds. Good adventures too. I like the ease with which they come together. My favourite character, though, is GM, he really caught my interest with his story. I don't know much about either race horses or movie making, but what was described sounded believable.

The Christmas Elf by Lady Ra
AU in which Jim doesn't meet Blair during the pilot. Instead his problems gets worse. The only bright spot in his life is going to a mall and look at where children can meet Santa. Not due to the children or due to Santa - but due to one of the Christmas elves, who have a strangely compelling allure. It felt like what Christmas was all about, his own private untarnished, peace on earth, good will to all mankind spot, and it all centered around the short hairy elf. Aww-worthy story, warm end with a dash of humor. Poor Jim, but a good ending for him. Nice descriptions of how Jim's senses troubles him. Aww for the courting gift-engagement fantasy of his - so sweet. Nice description of Blair too, he comes very alive. Heh for the sweeter deal joke. I do like the idea that they are fated to get together sooner or later.

The Day I got lost by Snuffles D Bear
Snuffles d Bear tells his version of the day that Blair lost him. But, when Blair finally met me - My Jim hid me for a long time- Blair took me in his hands- and let me say, he has very gentle hands- and held me and then reached down and gave me the biggest nose rub and muzzle kiss! Awww! So cute! While my own Snuffles (BBK) is a boar, I simply adore Snuffles. So, so, so sweet. Hugs and cuddles, all the way (and BBK sends his bestest, pinkest greetings)! Lovely story I had forgot how much I adore. Great language and lovely humor. And strangely suggestive, I swear I nearly cried at the reunion. Awww ... Cute how Snuffles describes Jim's sense of smell.

The Healer by alyjude
Blair is present when a hostage situation at a post office goes horribly wrong. The FBI-agent in charge blames Blair and when Blair wakes up after a coma he falls into, his mind has returned to when he was five years old. An adorable five year old, but what will happen now? And who is "Mickey"? Then the most joyous and beautiful expression Blair had ever seen moved over Jim's face as he breathed out one word as if it were the most beautiful, miraculous word in any language. "Chief." Very sad to start with, but with strength. Five-year-old Blair is adorable, of course - as is the way they help him. Nice writing technique, I liked especially the beginning, introducing everyone with a sense of foreboding, but nicely done. Nice original characters. Easy visualised. The subplot with Deva is absolutely lovely - and I liked the wolf bit of it too. Yay for the Blair-schedule. The Yosemite part was also nice, I'm very weak for such things.

The Mountie Who Fell to Earth by Josephine Darcy
In the wilderness of Cascade, Jim and Blair runs into some visitors from Chicago (and Canada). They end up sharing adventure. Hey, is it just me, or are those moose starin' at me funny? Nicely mixed shows, with good use of canon. My favorite episode of SVS - and I could see the adventure part of either show without any problem. Nicely written and fun. Even a hint of angst, which I like. The boys work well together. Crossover with Due South.

The Sentinel's Rules For dating the Guide by Diana Williams
The rules for dating the guide - and the storyline behind them. Jim does his best to take care of the men who dares to try to date the guide ... If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off my Guide's body, I will remove them. Rather hilarious. Nicely worded, me likes. Several nice quotes.

The Visitor by alyjude
Blair's away. Jim's watching a Jags game, when he's suddenly no longer alone. A five-year-old Blair visits him. How will this go? Why is the young Blair there? And is he just a hallucination? i know that if i ever get a true friend, i will treasure him or her, and be the best i can be and protect them, and be true to myself. if that's not enough – then they aren't my friend. Blair of five is very sweet, yet very him: believable and in character. Good message, but also a nice dash of angst at the worrying why Blair might be visiting in this shape. Good on Jim for handling Blair's concerns of reading - no such thing as "too many" books! Good touch with the marble.

The Warlord's Sentinel by kyanoswolf
Lord Simon Banks, Warlord and conqueror of over a hundred world. His adopted son, Blair. They arrive to the planet Cascade to accept its surrender. As part of the tribute they get a slave - James Ellison of the border Watchmen ... Intrigues and love follow. What was it about James Ellison that brought out such nurturing in strangers, but had led his own kin to plot murder by neglect? An AU has to be extremely good for me to like it - this one is. Sci Fi. Nice use of canon in AU. Overall nice story, sweet. A little angst too.

Tom by Gloria Lancaster
Blair says that it would be easier to live with a panther than Jim - so Jim becomes pantherish. Then Jim blinked, very slowly, his eyelashes lazy but emphatic and then Jim wasn't there any more. Cute. Several nice quotes. I like the end too.

Triathlon by YS McCool
The fifth Annual Cascade City Employees Triathlon. Simon gets Blair to participate with the rest of the gang. Jim finds Blair's presence before him very inspirational. He even gets territorial when other runners get between him and Blair. He continued to hug the very cuddly Blair until he realized that Jim was giving him the "evil eye" while boxing more viciously. Cute story, I like.

Twas the day after Christmas by Laura Trout
The Sentinel version of a traditional Christmas poem. Twas the day after Christmas and all through the loft, The Sentinel and Guide, like two bunnies they boffed. Nicely done, makes me smile to read. I remembered this one after many years.

Two Faces by alyjude
AU in which the FBI realises that Jim Ellison is a doubleganger of a Jim O'Keefe, a mafioso who are setting up in Cascade. O'Keefe died in an accident, so they send in Ellison to replace him. It all goes well until the mafioso's toy boy - one Blair Sandburg - realises that "O'Keefe" is not who he says he is. Now what? As he was rolled out of the house, he kept his eyes locked on Jim and God, how he would have loved to have heard that voice again and felt that -- touch -- one more time. Interesting set-up for an AU. I liked the mystical aspects of Blair's foreknowledge, even if it led him astray initially. I did feel bad for him, of course, and with the fire too - good nod to canon, though. The gifts he got and his happiness was lovely, it made me happy to read. Good set-up with the death of "Jim" in the beginning, had me worried for a moment. I would have thought some co-worker of Morrison's would have seen something about Ellison in the magazines and connected him to O'Keefe, but it is plausible that no one did, so it works. I liked the Naomi-Morrison thing and wondered a little if there was more in the making there. Heh for Blair knowing so much and also for his knowledge being of use to Jim. Awww for the Jim liking leeches thing. Several good images and good nods to canon, also a bit of humor. The substory with Orvelle Wallace was very sweet and moving. I also liked the idea of the gift basket making business, nice touch.

Viva Las Vegas by Alyjude
Jim and Blair goes to Vegas. Blair has a plan: either tell Jim of his feelings - or move on. But before that happens, Blair plays some poker. He wins - and wins big. How will this effect their relationship? “Believe it or not, we’re being followed,” Jim managed to say without moving his mouth—much. This story has a nice feel to it, a good vibe between the guys. Yay for Blair winning and good with the bust of the guys who tried to steal his backpack. I did like the very natural feel of them nearly falling together. Heh also for the smell of good guy gun vs. bad guy gun, nice detail.

Wild Sentinel by kyanoswolf
A ship goes down on a planet. On board is Jim Ellion, 10, and his parents. His parents die, but Jim get adopted by an intelligent feline. 15 years later, Stephen Ellison (in this story older than Jim) returns to the planet in the search for his brother. On board is Doctor Blair Sandburg. And so Blacker Than Night, the Great Hunter, became the protector of Jim, The Little One. Cute story and I like the Oncas.

Wishin' and Hopin' by Gena Fisher
Jim is sometimes very tired with Blair doing anything he wants and putting himself in danger. He makes a wish that Blair was a child - and suddenly Blair turns into a three year old. Now what? Jim glanced over at his partner, inexplicably mesmerized by the sight of his friend munching his sandwich. Nice story. Several great lines, cute situations and good feels. Poor Jim. Interesting end. Good dash of humor. Aww-worthy in places.

Harry Potter

Disclaimer and information

A fandom I like mostly for the fandom. The books are okay, so are the movie, but no big thing for me. Lots of lovely stories in the fandom, though. My favourite pairing is Snape/Hagrid, but Snape/Harry works too and some other combinations.

53 Stories About Snape & Black by Amanuensis
53 answers to challenges, some silly, most funny, some very good. Hanged for witchcrafted, hanged for buggery. My favorites are 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 20, 21, 22, 33, 34, 40, 47, 48 and 53.

A Convenient Marriage by Diana Williams
Lucius Malfoy invokes an old tradition that will let him marry Harry - unless someone steps in and stands as Harry's champion, defeating Lucius Malfoy in battle. The only option is Severus Snape, who eventuelly agrees to try - and succeeds. Only, now he has to marry Harry instead. For once in my life, I wanted something pure, and in my foolishness, I have destroyed it. Interesting story, with a bit of angst, of imperfect sex, of making difficult choices, doing the best of a situation, and more.

A Fitting Body by ptyx
The Final Battle and Harry kneels by Snape's dead body. He never even told Snape that he loved him. But there is something that listens to him. A small serpent slithers up to Harry. Maybe not all is lost. "I should die more often, just to hear you speak of my body with such high admiration!" Cute with the poor little snake. And interesting backstory leading up. Good use of the snake. Interesting possibilities of other bodies, though I did like Harry's answer.

A Hiding to Nothing by Meri
Severus is sentenced to a life as an indentured servant - to Harry. At first Harry hates him. They have a difficult time of it. Later on, things get much better, but the situation remains rather bleak. He seriously thought about trying to kill Potter, but the strategist in him knew he'd never get close. I like part of the story a lot, even if it is a bit dark.

A Life More Ordinary by Lexin
Merlin's Curse is active and a protector will be born. The parents are selected - Severus and Harry. Neither of whom are happy about this. But they comply. A bonding marriage is performed. "You were trying to tell me you're ugly." Mpreg, semi-non-con, past rape. Very interesting, refreshing story. Well written. Some angst. Self sacrifice.

A Nick In Time by Tira Nog
Harry and Severus are transformed back to child versions of themselves, with no memory of their adult lives. Hermione and Ron takes care of them. Albus seems behind it, though he is dead. Slowly they become a family. But the state does not last forever. What could I offer that he couldn't get elsewhere from someone younger and more comely? Several aww-moments. Angst. Very warm story, me likes. Also long and overall an interesting, good read. I have a very weak spot for especially Ron in this one.

A Winter's Tale by Foxfeather
Severus and Lupin get together, a mission from Dumbledore demands a werewolf, which rips the soul out from Remus's body - the werewolf part ends up in Severus and the consciousness in a mad wolf, Hugo. Lupin and Severus' days were filled with classes and books, but the nights were theirs. Cute story. Their interaction is very interesting. I also really like the demon Voldemort summons, who is neat. Also interesting about prejudices. Hugo is lovely.

And Severus Snape Goes To ... by Starkindler
After the war, the Dark Lord rules - and his name is Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy captures Severus Snape and sells him to Harry Potter as a slave. When I was prophesized to defeat Voldemort, no one said anything such as "Harry, when you defeat Voldemort it will completely shatter your innocence; your soul is going to turn Dark and you'll become the next Dark Lord." Harry Potter is a bit unstable, but I can't resist these kinds of stories, with dark!Harry taking over, slightly mad and especially not if Severus is involved. I also like the use of Draco here.

And Then It Bit Him by who_la_whoop
Snape is trying out the animagus spell when he is discovered by Count D, in England to try to persuade Nessie to join him in his shop. It turns out that the kami has no knowledge of the magical world of wizards - and the many, many interesting creatures within it. A Snape - whether in company or no - did not wiggle. Lovely crossover idea. And I like their respective views of one another, both are well in character. Good humor. I would like to read more in this universe.

Atonement by Amber-and-Ash
WIP in which Albus orders Severus to be Harry's servent, enforcing the condition with an oath that makes it possible for Harry to order Severus around. You went down on your knees and told me you would do whatever it took, for the rest of your life, to assist the ligth side and atone for your sins. A promising story, sadly it seems unlikely to be finished. Nice setup, with a hint of angst, a bit of powerful!Harry and Harry standing up both for himself and Severus. I would have loved to read more.

Blood by Artemis Luna Diana
Harry is sent back in time - to a couple of hundred years BC - and turned into a vampire. He has to make it back through time the hard way - by living it. He becomes the leader of the vampires and guides them through history intent on being prepared for Voldemort. Besides, there was a need for Dumbledore to know everything that went on. A truly lovely start of what promises to be a most captivating, interesting story - if not for that it is a WIP and I fear it won't be finished ... Many interesting details, angst, huge potential. I can only hope for more ...

Call 1900-Potions-Master by Abbey Road
Voldemort forces Severus to try to seduce Harry. Kind of. In fact, Severus is not amused and does not really try his best. The war had become predominantly civil after Harry's time as a student at Hogwarts, and gradually Voldemort's tenuous grip on reality had drained away like so many dead goldfish weaving down the s-bend. Well, if there was a 1900-Potions-Master line, I would be tempted to call, yes, just to hear that voice ... Considerable humor; fun and a cute read. I like.

Care of Magical Creatures by Bernice
Hagrid courting Snape - awww! Sweet. Of course, Snape is not making it easy for either for them (and am very suspiscious). Hagrid fidgeted nervously, obviously girding his loins, then, "Yeh've got pretty hair." Good characteristics, very sweet story, a favorite. Also, Hagrid isn't a "stupid ox" in this one, which I really like. A little angst too.

Courtship Dance series by Sylvadin

Deepest Bonds by Eleonora1
Sirius Black is called back through the veil because he has inherited a slave (the bond between them being what brought him back) - Severus! Severus is a born slave, who has been abused most of his life. He'd probably never get used to Snape asking for his, or anyone's, permission for anything. It's a difficult theme to pull off, but the authoress succeeds fairly well. Eventually they come together. There's more to the story, though. The late Remus plays a big role and the plot flows naturally and there's a nice, well-made twist in the end. Also some humor and nice angst. Very dark in places.

Enter the dragon by Doghead Thirteen
Gen WIP in which on a trip with the Dursleys, Harry hits his head on a magic node and is transformed into a dragon. He's just eight years, though, so he's a rather immature dragon - but still a giant dragon. The Dursley's can no longer keep him, so they send him to Dumbledore, who takes Harry to Hogwarts, where he grows up in the care of the teachers - and especially Snape. "The boy-who-lived is now the dragon-who-lived and the question has become, what in Merlin's name are we to do with him?" Normally I don't read gen much and I don't remember at all how I stumbled over this one, but it's a fun, imaginative read and it would have been nice to see where the author intended to take this. Harry is very cute in his hunt for damsels and treasures and his revenge on the spiders. Highly interesting with the magical nodes and the building of magic in the world. Nice language, though McGonagall's thick accent when excited was somewhat distracting. I liked the use of the goblins. Nice dash of humor - heh for the "cnighets". Several good details. Good world building.

Everything and Nothing by Carawen Javolia
Dark!Harry has taken over the world, in order to get Severus. Now he claims him. Once he had secured Lucius Malfoy's help, it was ridiculously easy for Harry to defeat Voldemort. A favorite of mine - and I might have posted the challenge which prompted it ... Mpreg. Nicely written. What can I say? I like dark!Harry. Also, dark Dumbledore and nice use of Lucius Malfoy.

Fostering Family Unity by Alisanne
Harry meets some of Severus's relatives at a gathering - including some traditional Princes. Maybe Severus had some secondary motives in setting up the meeting. Or perhaps it was because I took everyone aside and reminded them that you obliterated Voldemort and could do the same to them should they cross you. Cute story that made me smile. I like powerful!Harry - and also Severus using this fact.

Growing Pains by Tira Nog
Pre-slash blooms and they become a couple, with lovely angst and overall heartwarming. Something in his tone must have challenged Potter, for those green eyes glanced his way, and then Harry encapsulated his day with five truculent words that were enough to chill any teacher's blood: "Trelawney had my third years." Lovely continuation on one of my favorite stories. Again, I like Ron a lot in this one. Very many nice details and overall an enjoyable read. Also powerful!Harry, which i like a lot.

Haint it Funny by Bernice
Hagrid wakes up after his and Severus's first night together - alone. He wonders what went wrong. But are things really that bad? It was their first night together, after all of Hagrid's carefull planning and seduction. Cute story, very in character, a nice read.

Harry Potter And The Sun Source by Clell65619
Harry Potter is placed on the Dursley doorsteps in 1981 - but the hands that lifts him belong to Chiun, Master of Sinanju. In Harry Chiun sees another of Sinanju's legends. He adopts Harry and takes him on as an apprentice. In 1996, Dumbledore hires Harry to come to Hogwarts and kill Voldemort. "Luna," Hermione was saying as Neville approached, "I'll admit you were right about Harry Potter being raised in Korea, but that doesn't mean he was being trained as an assassin by an ancient house of assassins." I love the The Destroyer series and to find a long, lovely fan fic was great. I kept recognising canon details and smiling. I like the addition to the legend, like the magic village in Korea and things. The Goblin connection was a nice touch. To see Chiun and Remo "again" felt good and inspired me to reread some old favorite books. Nicely written, several good quotes and feels much in style with the The Destroyer books. Remo's letter to Voldemort made me smile. Personally I quite like Snape, so I was a bit sad about that, but I understand Harry's reaction. Good use of Luna and Bulstrode. Heh for forensic wizards. And the nod to the Queen. And Chiun being commissioned to kill not only Voldemort but also Grindewald (made me remember the whole hired to kill Hitler thing). And the running gag of more and more people giving commissions to kill Voldemort. Bo-Bae I didn't remember, possibly an addition. And possibly overlooking the whole Dutchman thing for "only two white and had ever be so honored", though I'm not sure Purcell was as much honored as he was cursed ...

Home Brew by Lynda
Severus needs to brew a potion for the order of the Phoenix, but he needs a very special ingredience - giant seed. And the giants are no longer in contact with the wizarding word. So where, oh where, to turn? "Does this extract need to be from a full blooded giant?" Albus asked quietly. Sweet story, with a bit of humor and sex.

Howdy by Juxian Tang
Severus is suffering from a curse. When he's in the hospital he meets a boy, Howdy. And they form a mutual bond. Severus decides to adopt Howdy. But when he comes back to the hospital, Remus Lupin has already beat him to it. Howdy ... is a werewolf. Severus is pissed, but slowly he's pulled back to the two werewolves. It was as if Howdy really liked him - didn't notice what a kind of person Snape was, ugly and mean and disagreeable. Sweet story, keeping Severus well in character. Howdy is a great original character. Very warm, enjoyable story. A bit of angst too.

I Have Not Forgotten by Heather Sparrows
Hagrid goes to the Shrieking Shack to fetch Snape's body. He remembers how he and Snape had a relationship before Snape left Hogwarts. But things may not be what they seem to be ... Instead, there was a wild animal to tame, willing and unwilling at the same time, prepared to trust and get feral; his long arms opening in a welcoming embrace and yet pushing Hagrid away at the same time. Good language, several good details. Nice handling of a potentially sensitive subject. I really like the development and the end of the story, very open for possibilities and suggestive. A universe I would like to read more in. Good voice for especially Hagrid. I especially liked the touch of the giant bathing ritual tradition - interesting.

Idyll by Rowen Redford
Snape picks up a timeturner - and finds himself on a flowerbed 1000 years ago. A flowerbed with daffodils belonging to one Salazar Slytherine. Who finds Snape remarkably clean and attractive. "And I have an enormous library," he added flirtatiously. Highly interesting set-up. Fresh feeling to the work. Good humor - I especially enjoyed the end. I'm glad for Snape ending up so appreciated. Good descriptions. Tsk, tsk Gryffindor for stealing the robe.

If You're Gone by Taran & Lady Moonlight
Harry goes back in time to the time of the Marauders, when he meets Severus and they fall in love. "I'll wait forever to be with you again, Harry." What is especially interesting in this story is that while in most of the time-travel stories makes a point that the future must never be changed - this one does change it. Refreshing and overall good read.

Learning the Language of Harpies by Bernice
Hagrid outs them and we follow the reaction from different people. "You know, Lucius, of all the Lords I have followed, be they dark and bitter, or light and sweet, not a single one of them has, after I've spent a long day standing in front of a class, ever fetched me a cup of tea and rubbed my aching feet." Very amusing in part. I especially enjoy Lucius reaction. Aww-worthy end and several nice quotes.

Lies by BradS
After the dark lord conquered the wizarding world, Snape mourns - and all he ever says is "I'm Fine." Obviously, he's not. The dark lord, Harry Potter. I thoroughly enjoy Dark!Harry, and especially if Snape is involved. Short story, but with depth.

Magic And Moving Pictures by Heather Sparrows
Hagrid gets two Muggle movie tickets and persuades his lover, Snape, to go with him. Only the tickets are enchanted and they find themselves thrown into the movie. King Kong ... He can be foolish like a six-year-old and wise enough for six hundred years. Interesting story, inspiring plot. Sweet. Nicely written with good emotion and humor. Awww for Hagrid's love for all the animals. Thoughtworthy.

Make a Wish by Rorschach's Blot with sequel The Hunt For Harry Potter and omakes Back in Black
Harry thinks he is going to die. So he decides to go on a vacation before he dies, tour the world and see the sights. He gets spells to hide his looks and goes under the name Mr Black. Unfortunatelly, Harry is under a curse. He's the favored son of Justice and Luck. Nemesis makes his life very adventurous - and Tyche gives him the luck get through the adventures. Things just keep happening to him. And people start noticing. The legend about Mr Black grows and grows - and grows ... "I don't believe it." The biker looked down at the bottle in his hand, then returned his his gaze to the retreating Mr. Black. "On a pale horse he rides, on a pale steel horse he rides . . . they say that every time you get on your bike you ride with death and we . . . and this time, we actually did." A bit choppy in places, but one of those long, lovely rides, where it's just nice to see what happens. A continous amusement with several run-on gags. I'd love to go on such a long vacation myself, if with no such excitement. Lovely souvenirs that Harry picks up on the way, very useful objects. Nice OCs, like the Professor and Henchgirl. The Lovegoods well in character. Great detail with the Basilisk fang and Harry's blood being poisonous. Good nod to historical details. I think my favorite bit was when Harry was out on the balcony and the death eaters just fell past him. I was a bit surprised at how long it took before someone linked Mr Black to the Black family. Awww for Norbert. The Veela thing was also cute, heh for Mr Black being protector of marriage by keeping them busy. Very cute with Harry's goddaughter and things happening around her. Cute crossovers too, I especially liked the Discworld one.

Mounting a Defence by Alisanne
Snape and Harry are eating out, when someone says bad things about Snape. Harry is quick to set them straight. So to speak. “Severus Snape is the reason we all live freely today and not under the yoke of a crazed Dark wizard.” Yay for Harry to the rescue! Good points and well said. Nice structure too. Nice dash of humor.

Nocturne by Tira Nog
Severus is a vampire, a condition which in this story is punished by mandatory execution. Harry is an auror. He saves Severus from execution and helps him. They make a very interesting deal - blood for sex - which very quickly turns to love. This may sound melodramatic, but I consider you the only brightness that has ever graced my miserable existance. I admit I'm a bit of a perv, but I adore how Severus assumed he is unworthy of any affection and expects rejection at any point. This one is particularly yummie. Interesting story, many good quotes, hot sex, overall one of my HP favorites. Also powerful!Harry, which I always like.

Elementary, Odd Ideas 57 by Rorschach's Blot
Harry is extremely smart and logical. He helps inspector Llewelyn solve crimes, with Dudley as his side kick. One day, when he's 11, he gets a letter inviting him to start school at Hogwarts. "I'm wondering why she considers a thin twelve inch stick to be a weapon," Not slash. Interesting possibility. And I do like how Dudley isn't on the bad side here, for a change. I also liked the Inspector, he seems nice. Heh for Hermione recognizing Harry from the Times. Nice omakes.

Protean Charm by elanor isolda
Severus teaches Harry defense against the dark arts. Severus is turned on by Harry's powers and parseltongue. Severus sees Harry as a force of his own, neither by Albus nor Tom. He wants to serve you, to be yours, to feel your power flowing into him. I always liked a hint of Dark Lord!Harry. Not quite with all of the sex, but overall nice and hot. And again - Dark Lord Harry is my favorite, especially with Snape.

Resolutions by Josan
While this story contains a nice slash pairing, even one with warmth and a hint of angst, that's just gravy. The real enjoyment of this story for me, is the great final war, set at Hogwarts, involving all the students - even the house elves, working together in different ways. "And considering the things I learned while in Azkaban, believe me, you do not want to displease me." Heart-warming, moving - sad in parts, funny in parts, uplifting. Very well done.

Safe Popularity by Alisanne
Severus is out and about, a very popular Potions lecturer. Hermione wonders if Harry's comfortable with his lover being away from home. He is. I put an Anti-Cheating Spell on him. Made me smile. Poor Harry ...

Say It With Flowers by Sylvadin
Hagrid gives Severus a bouquet of flowers and declares his intent. At first Severus sneers at the flowers, but then he realises what a great gift he has been given. "I thought yeh might fancy somethin more practical than roses." Lovely story that really made me smile. Several good points made and many good lines. One of my favorite writers and favorite pairings, as well. In character. Overall me approves.

Screaming Virgin by Predatrix
Black makes fun of Severus's lack of sexual experience and that no one would want to be with him. Hagrid tells differently - and he and Severus does something about the "problem". "I'd shag 'im in a 'eartbeat, 'e's gorgeous!" Hot sex, interesting story line, a bit fun too.

Service Rendered by Skye

Seven Days Can Change the World by Snapespet
Harry Potter wins the war - but falls into a coma. While he is out Snape is sent to Azkaban. When Harry wakes up and finds out, he gets pissed. So he takes over. It was a Saturday, forty days afte the final battle when Harry Potter changed the world again by simply taking control of it. I do confess that I have a very soft spot for Dark!Harry. And a very nicely structured story, nicely plotted. Good use of Lucius too.

Size Queen by Predatrix
Severus is persued by a female professor - and seeks refuge with Hagrid - who is all too happy to have him. A bit of Hagrid's home brew and one thing leads to another. Many and various creatures had found refuge in Hagrid's cottage, but professor Snape was a new one on him. Nice guest play with Neville. Warm, sweet story.

Snake Charmer by Sylvadin

Smitty the Basilisk by Lychee
Smitty is a five-year-old basilisk, son of the one Harry killed. He befriends Harry and Ron and Hermione. Later he learns to transform into a human, acts as a matchmaker at Hogwarts - and falls in love ... My name is Smisssssssmmssssaaaalll, which in Parseltongue more or less means 'Prince of the Sparkling Scales'" Interesting perspective, original story, also funny. I like Smitty.

Solstice Lover by Josan
Once a year, Severus Snape has a visitor. Each Solstice, the love of his life comes to him. Have you truly seen me as I am all these years, my Severus? Lovely story, it always feels right to me. Nicely written, a little angsty, mostly warm and fitting.

Surprising by Slayer_of_Destiny
Voldemort has a new ally, but one of this person's demands to ally themselves to Voldemort is ... Severus Snape. Voldemort never hesitates and soon enough Severus finds himself bound in bed, waiting for a new master. He could feel dread and fear rising in his chest as he realised that the man that now effectively owned by Harry Potter, a Harry Potter that he had clearly underestimated if they were in this position right now. I do enjoy a good dark!Harry story. Nice bit of angst and good emotion.

Tango Lessons series by Sylvadin

The Curse of Fate by Mistress Nika
Harry is a true immortal vampire who has lived much too long. He goes back in time and relives his life. This time things will be different. He starts by stealing Voldemort's Death Eaters. Yes, some sort of dark god who has chosen, for whatever reason, to deign the lowely humans with his presence. Interesting story with many dimensions and interesting details. And I adore Nellie, Harry's crazy snake. One of the few WIPs I wait for. Latest chapters has a nice addition of Severus to boot.

The Fourth Deathly Hallow by Gingertart
There was a fourth hallow - the sister's pocket watch. With it, one can travel in time. By accident Snape, Harry and Draco travels back to London, 1895, to the time of Sherlock Holmes. Only they lose the watch. The story as told by John Watson. The game's afoot - and Moriarty's a wizard. Maybe it was the intensity in his glare, or the fact that he acted as if he held a loaded revolver, not a twig that I could snap with one hand, but I instinctively felt that I was in great peril. Very interesting, well-written crossover. I enjoyed the take of the wizards (and from the future) as seen by the muggle, Watson. Also nicely done show of Holmes's remarkable intelligence. The adventure well developed, not predictable and interesting to follow. Good, open end. A universe I'd like to read more in. Good language/voice for Watson. Several good details, such as the goblin charm of wizarding currency to protect it from transformation, and the view of homosexuality at the time, the logical paradoxes, the background story of Draco befriending Harry (or trying to), etc.. I liked the show of protectiveness Holmes displays of Watson and how he defends him. I liked the view of Watson too, not a stupid strong man as in some stories, he's shown as intelligent and having learned from Holmes. And I really liked Watson shooting the man mid-Avada.

The Lightning Child by Richan MMIII
Harry is cast back in time 20 years, where he stayes in Hogwarts with the Marauders, his mother and Snape. They form bonds, but time is out of joint and soon enough, Harry's soul is split - one half into his mother and one to the death realm. What will happen when time closes the gap 20 years later? And what will happen with his and Snape's relationship? Finally, as the sun crept up in a blood-red sky, Severus resigned himself to a lonely destiny. Timetravel, love, death. With powerful!Harry. Nice angst. Fresh story, I like.

The Measure of Our Torment by Amorette
Ten years later Harry returns to England to find that Slytherines are treated very, very badly, and especially so the man he has loved for all this time. He sets out to make things right. "Someone once told me," Severus said, not mentioning that 'someone' was the late, unlamented Lucius Malfoy, "I would be beautiful to a blind man." I always have a very weak spot for powerful!Harry and Harry forcing the world to do his bidding. And even more so if he does it to protect Severus ...In this particular story Harry isn't very dark, but it is still very nice. Spicy little hint of barely there non-con as Severus reacts as if Harry was a new master to him, one who wants slightly different things than Voldemort and Albus. Nummie.

The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue
Epic WIP in which Cornelius brings a mirror to Hogwarts. Not the Mirror of Erisad, but the Mirror of Maybe. It shows people a glimpt of a future that might be. Except when Harry looks in the mirror he's sucked in and lives for twelve years in the mirror, believing it to be reality. He becomes a War Mage and Snape's lover, among other things. But then he's spat out again, into the body of his 15 year old self. What can he do to even remotely gain back his future ...? That said, there wasn't anybody Harry currently felt that kind of sexual/emotional connection with, except Severus -- and at present Sev' would probably knee him in the groin if 'Ash' tried to kiss him. Highly interesting, fresh idea with good world-building and lovely potentials. I really would have liked to see where the author would have taken this. Many good details, well described. I liked the tattoos and the heart magic. Oh, and the goblins. Nice dashes of both humor and angst.

The Nameless Island Series by Heather Sparrows
The war is over. Snape is thrown into Azkaban, where he is abused and hurt. But he is not utterly alone. Outside, Hagrid does his best to help his case and tried to go visit him. Grieving, Hagrid has made himself familiar with the thought that his visits probably will remain like this until one of them dies: Talking for half an hour every two weeks to the empty shell of a once brilliant man. Sad in parts and very dark in others, with some very difficult concepts. Still, also a very warm, touching story with many great details. I like the "original" characters a lot - especially Ares Iron. The time on Nameless Island is great - and such lovely animals (especially the Eberbachian hogs). A universe I'd love to read more in. Nice humor too. Interesting substories with the daughter, Lucious and the Cenobites. Nice bit of angst too.

The Potter Secret by Simone of the Zordiak
Harry is apprenticed to Severus. A potions accident reveals Harry's secret - he is a hermaphrodite, whose blood is very special. In the accident he is transformed into part dragon, part fae. Also, a big secret through time. So either Harry was something new and unique or he had more secrets hidden than he had previously thought possible. A sequel is promised and I really would like to read it, alas, I haven't found it so far. Barely even pre, but I hope for more. Interesting and very promising story, setting up premises for a very interesting sequel nicely. Also a bit of humor. And I really like the view of the potions guild.

The Return by Kulfold
Harry and Severus marries and lives their life together. When Severus grows old, Olivander pays him a rare honor: he asks for his wand in return. This only happens once or twice in a generation, every hundred years or so. Albus was given the same honor and, maybe, in time, so will Harry. But what will happen to those returned wands? Indeed, if anyone claims that Ollivander has asked for a relative's wand to be returned, you would normally assume that they are lying, the ultimate vainglorious boast. One of the most beautiful Harry Potter fanfics I know. It moves me every time I read it, but not out of sadness. This is very rare for me. I'm not even sure quite what does it. Lovely set-up, lovely idea and I really like the end too.

The Return of the Prodigal by ClothoCachesisAtropo
Harry goes back in time, gets sorted into Slytherine, befriends and falls in love with Severus Snape. Then he has to leave and go forth in time the hard way - by living it, until he can finally return to Hogwarts and Severus - who never has any idea of who the man he loved will be/was. "If you die, Potter, I will personally resurrect you in order to make death happen again, more painful than Voldemort could ever imagine." I especially like the way Harry protects Severus and the reverence shown to parcelmouths by the Slytherines. Nice angst too.

The Snidget by Sinick and ac1d6urn
Harry dies and Voldemort rules as a half-snake cross between himself and Naigini. Severus still teaches at Hogwarts. One day a snidget shows up (a tiny, fluffy golden bird; a magical hummingbird that first was used in Quidditch as snitches) and makes itself at home in Severus's rooms. It wasn't long before he took it into his tiny feathered head to slide down the greasy slope of Snape's hair. Cute story. I enjoyed the antics of the snidget. "Featherless the Giant" made me smile. Nice end. Great detail about the Sword of Gryffindor and how it was put to use.

The Truth Hurts by GMTH
Potter thinks that Snape wants him. So he and Ron slips him a sleeping potion and veritaserum and then Harry casts a spell to make him talk in his sleep to make him say who he wants. The answer might surprise them ... "Hagrid," Snape breathed, his face softening into a smile. Short and sweet. Well-written for such a short story. Good humor.

The Young and the Hopeless by moraco
Young Snape is sent through time to present day Hogwarts where he meets and falls in love with Harry Potter. But he needs to go back. His older self is still there, though, and he still loves Harry Potter. You know I won't be here forever. Nice angst.

Trick or Treat by Sylvadin

Unnatural by Lexin
Harry is the rarest of all wizards - a hermaphrodite. No one knows, though, until Severus finds out. Harry becomes pregnant and the news spreads. I am completely unworthy of someone like you. Original, interesting story. I like. Some angst too. I also like Ron in this.

Whispers of Intent by Tira Nog
Harry and Severus meet up at a gay bar and get together. At first it is just sex, but it develops. Sitting there, watching Severus eat the last of his tiramisu while that dark gaze roamed the restaurant, taking everything in as though he were memorizing it in case he never experienced something like this again, Harry was resolved to introduce Severus to some of the joys he'd missed out on. A delightful, long story, well written. Warm story, very sexy. I do enjoy greatly stories in which Severus feels unworthy of love and has to be gentled to it - and this is a very nice one. One of my favorite authors. Good use of other members of the cast too.

Star Trek - TOS, TNG, Voyager, Reboot

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Fun to watch and lots of possibilities.


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A Far Distant Star by icarus_chained
Q is helping Deanna with a telepatic matter, when she oversees his true nature and soul - and breaks. Q takes her to Picard, where she shares the truth of what she saw with Picard and the ball is set a-rolling. His head was bowed as his voice faded, bent under the enormity of what he proposed, the infinity that lay between him and his goal. Good emotion, lovely description of Q. Powerful concept of Q's loneliness and an interesting read. Nice dash of humor too. Very thoughtworthy about the stars and the darkness.

A Kiss Before The War by Alara J Rogers
Picard enters his quarters - to a baloon party, streamers and congratulations to mankind for graduating to sentient species, level 2. It's all on Q, of course. But that's not all Q is there for. Q reveals a rift within the Q. The continuum is on the brink of civil war. Why? Because some Q wants to be allowed to have emotional attachments to beings of lesser nature ... If you absolutely insist on knowing, I wondered if you might have influenced my mind to make me attracted to you. Very Q with the graduation notes and all. I could well see him doing that on the show. Cute with Q having the other Qs sign the cards. Heh for Q not being a tame lion - and for the pomme de terre endearment. Nice part with Picard's worry that Q's altered his mind (or emotions).

Accidental by astolat
Picard startles Q, who manifests in his true form - wrecking havock. I poked a tiny little hole in that flimsy field you use to hold in the antimatter in your warp core, and kaboom. Amusing and in character, even a little sweet.

Between Sand and Stone by tiranog
Based on what happened at Vulcan during his Pon Farr, Spock realises that he has formed an improper bond with his captain. He decides to seek a position on another ship, which he thinks is the only logical solution. However, when Jim finds out, he wants to know why - and when Spock explains to him, Jim doesn't think Spock's solution is logical at all ... While the universe might be rife with uncertainty and broken promises, the one thing Spock had learned he could count on was James Kirk. Nicely written, interesting read. I liked the reasoning of both boys. Silly Spock. Interesting about the stand and stone analogy. I really liked Jim in this one. Several interesting details. Very thoughtworthy in places.

Animalia by Amirin
Tom is bitten by an alien feline - and turns into a wereanimal. Only, to turn back become more and more difficult - and one day he wont be able to turn back. Unless he mates. Tom was perfectly capable of feeding himself, but ate from Harry's finger anyway, carefully taking the offered pieces of meat and watching his teeth. A story I read first many years ago, but which still feels fresh and interesting. Love and sacrifice for friendship as well as love.

Art for Art's Sake by mithen
In the middle of his and Picard's first kiss, Q takes a moment to draw Picard's image in the stars. There, painted in stars, is a visage that will look down on this lucky planet for all its existence, watching over it: the quizzical eyebrows, the stern jaw that contrasts so delightfully with the wry mouth, the hazel eyes full of light. Sweet thing, interesting idea. Poor inhabitants of that world from which Q's artwork could be seen.

Douse by Baltar4Prez
The Q can't get jealous. But when a member of the Pyrrhia, a highly intelligent race, is getting close to Picard, Q does something anyway. So, since protecting Picard was allowed in the Q Directive, Q felt no guilt whatsoever for making it literally rain on the Pyrrhian's party. Oh, Q ... Cute story that made me smile.

Fair Maiden's Honour by Slightly Sinister Sinestra
WIP in which Q comes to the Enterprise and acts very strangely. He demands to have Picard - right there and then. Luckily it quickly turns out that Q isn't Q. Well, he's Q - a Q, just not Picard's Q. And Picard's Q's furious at what the other Q tried to do. But why did he try to do so? If you can't move an object within the confines of the universe, then move the universe. Interesting set-up. Would have been neat to see how it developed. I liked bringing in JR and Janeway. And I really liked the issue of Picard being able to use Q's real name. Another nice detail was how Q's powers measures.

Falling by Amirin
Chakotay and Tom has an accident on a planet. Tom has to carry Chakotay to safely. If Tom falls asleep, Chakotay dies. Even once they get out of the trouble, Tom is unable to sleep. I sleep; he dies, I sleep; he dies. Love blossoming from sacrifice. Also mind over matter and a bit of humor thrown in.

Fear the Reaper by CreedCascade
Leonard McCoy is actually John Grimm, the Reaper, builder of the Terran Empire. He finds a young Jimmy Kirk and thus meets his future soul mate in lust, love and blood, to rip the empire asunder again for fun and bring havoc to the universe. They gather a psychotic, deadly crew to serve on the Enterprise. Everybody dances with the Grim Reaper, but there is only one who lives to tell about it. Very interesting crossover. I like the change to the characters, the freedom of the obsessive psychotic love. Several nice quotes and always interesting to see what happens next. Many interesting character descriptions.

His Beloved Pet by Ruth & Atara
Q dares Q to seduce Picard. So, Q does. He and Picard enters a relationship with strong BDSM tones. Only, Q's feelings change. And Picard doesn't know about the dare - when he finally finds out, there's hell to pay. "I'm also a conceited , selfish, arrogant bastard and only a god could master me." Normally I don't like BDSM much, but this is hot. Very nice, with lots of angst. Long, lovely tale, one of my overall favorites. Love the angst, love the ending - which has inspired me.

Love Like Q by MadameReveuse
An accident releases an aphrodisiac gas through the Enterprise. Picard is also effected, but he can't ask anyone to have sex with him, as that would be abuse of his position. Even if not having sex likely will kill him. Enter Q, who offers to have sex with him - and also reveals that he loves Picard. Picard eventually agrees and is saved. Q, who wants to show Picard how much this means to him, considers very carefully what he can do for Picard. The answer is what Picard has actually always claimed he wants from the entity - to be left alone ... But is that really all Picard wants any longer ...? Maybe it was the aphrodisiac working its magic, but at the moment, Q’s clumsy, petulant declaration of “devotion” suddenly seemed unbearably attractive. Well-written, interesting story with good language and structure. Oh, Q ... Poor Q. But he tries very admirably! Picard handles the Q-situation well. Sweet with Q enjoying the sex so much he switches to his natural language of telepathic communication. Awww for the shape of Q's essence changing to his mood. Good on Q to think things over so carefully. I almost felt sorry for him when Picard set him right. Sweet dash of angst.

Lovers and Angels by Alara J Rogers
Picard sees Q in as close to Q's real shape as Picard can perceive. He's still beautiful. Not a flash of light, bright and then fading, but a cloud of light, a river of light, flanking the Enterprise and keeping pace with her easily. Q's shape is an interesting subject and I found it very well described here. Nice details. Heh for Q preening, showing off Qself.

Parry by Amirin
Chakotay breaks up with Tom the day before they get back to the Alpha Quadrant. Tom's old gang from Auckland meets with him on arrival - they've been waiting for him, so they can go ahead with their dream - to build The Integrity. Of course, this isn't the last Voyager (and Chakotay) sees of Paris. He has surprising news - especially for Chakotay. If we don't there won't be a Cardassian still breathing in this quadrant by the time Tom's through. Always nice to see an "impossible" daydream come true. I also like the Paris-to-the-rescue. Nice with a bumpy relationship.

Past Duties by astolat
Picard is old now - and retired. And bored. One day, Q comes to visit him. He wants Picard to come out and play. One final time. It was extraordinary how Q could make the simple act of speaking feel a great deal like taking a leap off a cliff with an uncertain parachute. Bittersweet, thoughtworthy. Nice title. A bit inspiring. I would have liked such an end for them in canon.

Perfect Timing by Myrna
When Chakotay and Paris are on a planet together Chakotay discovers Paris's secret - that his father beat him mercilessly as a child. This makes Chakotay reevaluate things. They get together, but Paris gets very ill. And they get back to Earth, where Paris's father waits ... Very gently, very softly, in the voice he would use to tame a frightened animal, Chakotay whispered: "May I kiss you, Tom Paris?" I especially enjoy the solidarity shown in this story, but also the soul mates and how one can't really know someone unless one knows the vital parts. Hasty judgement can bite you in the end. Warm love in this story, sex too.

Quid Pro Q by ChuckleVoodoos
Q and Jean-Luc are lovers. They have been for some time. But one day Q comes to Jean-Luc, wanting to know what Jean-Luc wants from him. Every other that Q has had sex with have demanded something - power, money, prestige or knowledge. And by now Q figures that he owes Jean-Luc quite a lot. He has nothing against it, but he really wishes that Jean-Luc wouldn't hang it over him any longer. How will Jean-Luc react? It is all so simple, so brilliant, so Jean-Luc, that it makes his head spin and his heart swell and a small solar system several galaxies away implode. Interesting look on Q's situation. Nicely described, strong. It's difficult to imagine Q like this, but it works well for the story. Good description on how Jean-Luc's words get to Q. Nice angst, but also awww-worthy in bits. Good language at the end: I wouldn't have liked it through an entire story, but it fits very well at the very end.

Rituals by MadameReveuse
Amanda visits Enterprise, to seek Beverly's advice regarding a Q who is courting her. As she does, she explains about Q courting rituals. And Picard finally realises what Q has been doing all along - courting him. How will he react? Since the thing most Q want is a distraction from all that boredom they’re always suffering from, the gifts usually take the form of challenges and games for the intended. Interesting rituals, believably described. Good bringing Amanda in to explain things. Picard handles things very well. Oh, Q ... Yes, I could well see him doing something like that ... Good voice for especially Picard, but Q too. I like the idea of "creation" listening to Q vows.

See You Out There by Anonymous_Ostrich
Q comes to find Picard to say goodbye. He will only come back if Picard solves the riddle of a very special flower he leaves with him. The flower's meaning is highly unexpected -a love declaration. But what does Q really mean by it? And how will Picard react? And how will the story continue afterwards? The very foundation of my life has changed course so that it both begins and ends with you, and I've fallen so hard and so painfully that the only solution I can find is to either leave you alone forever and never think of you again, or beg you to accept me. Nice, long story with many neat details and lots of good emotion, but also nice dashes of angst and humor. Tsk, tsk, silly Q. Good use of Data. Strong scenes with the emotions. Interesting subplot with the gelfa - and their mythology. Q in good shape. I liked Q's explanation of his power usage, likening it to human blinking. Heeeh for Q writing Dixon Hill/Big Quincy fanfic. The Venki and Syak aliens were also interesting. Cute with the lunchdates of Q and Data - and Geordi. Danver's a real jerk. Very neat sacrifical test, good setup and angst. Nice way of handling their respective life spans. Good end.

The Louder the Song by Varoneeka
Q falls in love with Picard and thus blackmails him into spending time together. The situation slowly changes. But there is more: if Picard and Q isn't together, the universe might cease to exist. But Picard didn't love him, and never would, and certainly didn't want to be subjected right now to Q's abject adoration. A little self-sacrifice, a lot of angst, hot, interesting and inspirational. Many nice lines.

The Next Sensation by astolat
The Enterprise is in trouble, when Q shows up and offers to help - for a price ... "And I'm omnipotent, remember! I declare that 'wee' and 'little' no longer mean the same thing! So there!" Several lovely snippets of dialogue that has stuck with me for a long time. More humor than serious, though.

Tom, Dick and Harry by Emma Woodhouse
Paris and Kim are trapped on a planet. A bit of accidental kissing and when Kim confess how much he misses being inside his girlfriend, Tom offers to let Kim do him. Tom was raped in Auckland. Thinking that this will make him feel better too, Kim agrees. Soon enough they're at it like mad minks. Everything's roses - until they go back to the ship. Tom is in love, but Kim is no longer interested. Tom plays indifferent, but inside he is torn up. She sat silently and listened to the dark ribbon of words and this was heart's blood, a chilling litany of despair, self-loathing and always the hopeless, passionate longing for the other, for the one he wasn't good enough for. Lovely angst, very nicely played. Sacrifice in the name of love ... Also funny in places. Especially the Mad Minks reference always makes me smile.

The V Story by Amirin
V for Voyager. Voyager has become sentient - and in love with its pilot. Aww ... A feeling of humility descended upon him as he realised he was the only thing protecting Tom from the vacuum of space. One of my overall favorite Star Trek stories. Very original and interesting. One of the stories I want a sequel to the most. I would have adored reading more about them.

Pirates of the Caribbeans

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I liked the movies, even if towards the end they jumped the shark a bit. My favourite character was Norrington, though and I'd love to find more good stories with him in them. Alas, after what happened ... The last movie get bonus point for using Oscar Jaenada, one of my favourite actors.


A Plan Well-Laid by hija_paloma and Webcrowmancer
Jack and Norrington have had sex before, now Jack returns to return the favor (Norrington topped the last time) But as he did so, Jack's eyes widened in recognition and Norrington again felt himself the prey, giving himself over to the panther's mercies. I love this pairing, but sadly haven't found too many stories. This one is sweet and sexy, deals well with emotions and sex, but good in character.

Duty and Reply by Raphe
Love is a hard choice to make when duty is involved, but som pirates won't take no for an answer ... For stakes as high as you, I'm a pirate mate, I'll cheat. One of my favorite poems overall - simply beautiful, it always makes me smile.

Pain in the Arse by Kleio
After Jack saves Will from near-rape in Tortuga, Will asks Jack some questions regarding sodomy. Jack shows him. "Any chance you fellows would cease to molest my companion?" I like Jack rescuing Will and Will being both willing and not. Also unperfect sex.

Proof by Sheila
Jack takes Will for a walk in Tortuga. A giant pirate expresses an interest in Will, causing Jack to claim him as his (not quite true at this point). The pirate requires proof of his claim. But is that the full story? His eyes looked like something from the very pits of Hell, dark and terrible, unflinching in their intensity and locked steadily on the big pirate's face. Cute little story, nice twist at the end, some nice lines. I like the plot too. It amused me to think of Will's reaction if he found out about what really happened. Nice with the slap.

Reclamation by Creed Cascade & TJ
When Jack boards a pirate ship he finds Will, who has been forced to serve as the captain's sex slave. Will is broken. Jack takes him back to the Pearl and takes care of him. He had decided that whatever Jack wanted, Jack would have. A bit dark, but in a good way. Me likes.

Taxes by The Mad Fangirl
AU in which the crew of PotC are reborn in present time - and now has their former characters in the back of their minds (but they can also step forward and take over). Monday dawned, and pirates-turned-accountants-turned-managers, and haunted commodore cowboys all had to go to work. Cleverly done, nicely written. I especially enjoy the hint of possible XO to Sleepy Hollows and Once Upon a Time In Mexico. I hope it will be continued at some point, I've read up to 9.

The Pirate Way by Haleth
Jack used to be lovers with Bootstrap, and at first he compares Will with him. But soon he realises that there's no comparison. He loves Will. And when they meet Bootstrap again, he's happily married - to Anna Maria's mother. Who is also the mother to a whole clan. Jack and Will enters the family, which just keeps expanding. Oh, and there's a God on the island they live on, which likes them both. "I called out your name, instead of hers. I called for you, Jack, because you're the only one I really want." Epic-length family-building fic with plenty of good feeling. Heaps of sex too, mostly well written. Could have been betaed, but the mistakes aren't very distracting. Several good pairings and interesting developments. Tsk, tsk, captain, that mouth of yours does get you in trouble. A bit dark in places. I liked Bootstrap's journey under the curse, very interesting. Several nice pairings. One of my favorite are Charles and Jacob, lovely angst. Nice family complications. Neat with the Aztec God. Heh for the cat "Monkey". I liked Elizabeth in this one, which I rarely do. I especially liked the future scene of how the family develops to modern time - good touch.

Who Loves Him True by Sky Fire
Will has decided that courting is necessary, though he and Jack have been together for a good while. Jack is not pleased, as not only has he got to do the courting, but they have to stay celebate - and for an entire week!! What does a ... gentleman ... do when courting ...? Cute, humor, yet romantic. Inspiring. Sweet.


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A favourite show of mine. I'm still sad it didn't continue. And no official DVDs, gah ...

A Deal with the Devil by Selene la Luna
Lex's father really is the devil. And his dad is Ezekiel Stone. In this story Lionel is also Lucifer of Brimstone. Lucifer offers Lex that he can tell Clark the truth - if Clark first tells Lex his secret. And he does. His best friend who, Clark admitted morosely, he had been in love with for half a year. Nice crossover, which I really like. Cute.

A Plague of Ghosts by Sidewinder
The last tattoo is gone and Zeke is presented with his second chance. He offers to stay with the devil, if the devil can give him what he wants in return. Will the devil be able to do so? In silence they had held each other for hours, the devil tracing over the lines of the last few tattoos on Zeke's body, over and over, never saying a word as he did so. Sweet, love conquering, sacrifice and so on. What a lovely ending to the show this would have been ...

A Wanderer on the Earth by lonelywalker
Ezekiel nearly dies, stabbed in the eye by an escapee. When he waked up he's whole again - and has apparently had sex with the devil. Some kind of deal has been made, but what kind and with whom? And what really happened last night? Ezekiel Stone has been fucked - really, truly, royally fucked - by the devil himself, and has lived to suffer the consequences. Interesting take on the old "the morning after the night before". Nice little story. Several good quotes, nice angst, lovely resolution. I liked the part of the sin being much more difficult to wash off than blood. I also liked the devil a lot in this one, well in character.

Absolution by Lonelywalker
Zeke succeeds and gets his second chance at life on Earth. 15 years ago with Rosalyn. After a while he starts seeing the Devil around. They start an affair - but how will this effect Zeke's marriage - and his immortal soul? The Devil is, after all, a snappy dresser with a quick smile and a wicked sense of humor that'a always hilariously funny to anyone who doesn't realise he's being entirely serious. I like stories set after Zeke succeeds, to find out if he will get his second chance, how it plays out and if the devil will remain in his life. I like the description of the devil here and the inevitableness of what happens. Lovely, sweet ending.

And season him thy last and sweetest prey by Sleeps With Coyotes

After by Melissa
Zeke dies - and go to Heaven ... He's miserable. But one day he finds a wall, climbs over it and falls ... Apparently sleeping with the Prince of All Evil was not a great a sin as one might think. Sadly I have only read 2 parts of this lovely little story and it is a WIP. Still, what there is of it is intriguing and promising. Too bad there isn't more ...

Date Night by Lonelywalker
The Devil comes to Zeke's room with popcorn and movies. Zeke's never been so scared in his life. But all in all, the evening isn't all that bad in the end. Because yes, this is the Devil, and the Devil can have any man or woman across eternity, and the Devil wants him. Several good quotes. Nice, interesting idea. Both well in character. I like the impromptu foot rub, the devil's little fetish of liking seeing people melted by lava flows and much more. Hot in parts, but with warmth and intimacy and a nice little dash of humor.

Demons at the Gate by Summer Rain
Zeke's next demon takes him to Cascade. Where he meets up with one Jim Ellison and one Blair Sandburg. They work a case together. What will Jim do, though, when he realizes that their new friend doesn't have a heart beat? And what's up with the yellow handkerchiefs? And, finally, what does the devil really want? "That is, unless you _want_ to spend eternity with me?" the Devil queried his lips just scant inches from Ezekiel's. Interesting crossover that makes good use of both fandoms. Strong beginning. Heh for Zeke suspecting Jim at first. Nice description of Zeke's voice. Awww for the devil bringing Zeke flowers. Also good on the closeness between Blair and Jim.

Despair A Love Story by buggery
Zeke did worry about if the devil would trick him, once he'd sent all the souls to hell. It turns out that wasn't what he should have worried about. Being back among the living is like nothing he could ever expect. He finds temptation more and more ... tempting ... Will he fall again? He almost missed the way the Devil himself always used to show up and deliver obnoxious commentary on Zeke's handling of his afterlife. Poor Zeke, things are really not easy for him. But it seems that someone's keeping an eye on him, so that's nice. Lovely ending, very nice. Good start too, good structure of the story overall.

Fallin' From Grace by writingrose
The Devil comes to visit. They end up having hot sex. Afterwards Zeke speaks of love and thinks it is an impossibility. That had been the day that the devil had changed from "irritating boss" to "someone I can annoy as much as he annoys me". Lovely, angsty moments. Possessive devil is hot and other feelings are also nicely hinted at.

His Favorite by kelex
Zeke returns to life, but eventually he dies again. He is given a choice - rebirth or Hell ... No one has ever chosen Hell of their own free will. Lucifer stands at the gate to greet him back with a kiss. "If you can't be bothered to let me into Heaven, then send me to Hell, because at least then I know what I'm getting into." I'm a sucker from Brimstone fics with happy endings. Awww ...

Man Of No Means by kelex
The devil shows up as he always does. This time, however, the reason is something different: an anniversary. So he takes Zeke out for a meal, if a bit different meal than Zeke is used to. A nice meal, though - and who better to have a meal with ... than a friend? He sought out solitude, because there was no other soul on this Earth like him, but as long as he had the Devil, he wouldn't be alone. Nicely detailed meal. I've never been into sushi, but this gave me some understanding of the meal. Awww for the devil's reaction to Zeke calling him a friend. The devil well in character. I also liked that Zeke's tattoos react to the Devil's touch, that worked well for me. Nice present for Zeke too.

Midnight Sun by Sidewinder
Zeke fullfills his part of the deal - and so does the devil. Zeke has his mortal life again. He lives his life well - and eventually he gets old and is about to die. The devil, who never stopped loving him, comes to his death bed. If I am the Morning Star, then you, Ezekel Stone, you are ... my Midnight Sun. Beautiful story. It made me teary-eyed in parts. Very nicely done, good emotion. I would have liked a little more definite end, but this, too, is good.

Nativity by Milkshake Butterfly
Rejoice. A savior is about to be born. Bethany Sloane is driving through the snow. She's eight and a half month pregnant now, but she can't find a place to stay for the night. Not even the Days Inn had any rooms to spare. There should have been a barn, but instead she finds shelter at a local Walmart. The devil's there, so is his detective, Metatron and three nuns. Then the Sometime Hound of Lucifer pushed the Mother of God and the Light of the Morning past the Angel of the Abyss and the Voice of God, towards the cashiers, where the Three Wise Nuns waited with gifts, mostly charged on their gold card, for the newborn Queen. Several good details, such as the nuns and their gold card. Good use of Ezekiel too. Heh for the father being 'in Heaven'. Nice, smooth read with a good dash of humor.

Slow Burn by lonelywalker
A conversation about going to heaven and going to hell between the devil and Ezekiel. The conversation slowly leads to a revealed attraction. I am the desire that will tear your heart out through your scrotum and leave you begging for more. Interesting argumentation and some very nice lines. I liked the devil especially in this one, well in character. Nice end. Enjoyable read.

Survivor by elfin
It wasn't 113 souls that broke out. 115 escaped. Lucifer let two more go, in the general chaos. It was mostly on a whim, but it comes back to haunt them. Now there's even more to do for Ezekiel. Later, Lucifer is put in real danger - will Ezekiel be able to save him? A hand like iron was clamped to his head, over the places where his eyes once were, somehow holding back the inevitable flood of his soul down to hell. Good feeling with interesting plots. Both the devil and Ezekiel in good form. Good use of Milton and Tennyson. Yay for the devil to the rescue. I liked how Ezekiel felt the devil like an unhuman creature against him when the devil holds him together. Unexpectedly sweet in places. Nice descriptions. Hot sex too. Heh for the professor summoning Lucifer by mistake. Poor Cassidy, no chance ... Very generous devil. Interesting view of angels. Nice end.

Tardiness by Kel
Lionel Luthor of Smallville has a relationship with the devil of Brimstone. Things get hot ... Time to give the devil his due. Lionel did have a very healthy fear of Satan; not the usual Christian fear of hell and damnation, but the fear of a man who walked a razor's edge of control with the powerful being in front of him and who didn't want to ultimately lose the balance of power. I really like Smallville/Brimstone crossovers and this is an interesting one for sure. Really hot scenes and in character.

The Day Hell Froze Over by Glittrejungle
It's the day Hell freezes over and the devil is alone with his human. The day hell froze over, the devil started learning how to play ice-hockey. This doesn't really have to be Brimstone, I suppose, but I rather like the idea that it is. Both fun and serious, a little aww-worthy too.

The Perks by trascendenza
Zeke doesn't like snakes. There are, however, some snakelike attributes he likes. Forked tongues, on the other hand, were fantastic. Lovely drabbel, well written, nice title, good end too. Highly enjoyable read.

Due South

Disclaimer and information

Lovely show. While I like Ray K better for slash, I found the first seasons great too, very amusing.

Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Due South!

Love and Hate by Lucy Hale
Turnbull is in an abusive relationship with a man. When Ray and Benton don't know what to do, salvation comes in the unexpected form of Lieutenant Welsh, who takes Turnbull with him home, for protection. However, soon Welsh finds that he likes having Turnbull in his home. How does Turnbull feel ...? In fact, he noticed with puzzlement that his level of happiness these days seemed to be directly related to Ren's. Lovely story. An unexpected pairing that work very well for me. Very sweet. Poor Turnbull. Warm and good emotion. Nice dash of angst too. I liked the sense of domesticity. A fic I remember for a long time after reading it. Cute end too.

Roasted Hog Day by Jo & Ashinae
Before 11:54 each today, someone dies - usually Ray. Benton has to figure out a way to stop what's happening. At the same time he discovers his and Ray's feelings for one another. "Ahh, nothing like some roasted hog in the morning!" Ray said joyfully. Fresh take on the classic storyline, with a lot of humor, but also a bit of angst and sweet love. Great resolution.

The Lesser Evil by tiranog
A misunderstanding leads to Fraser revealing his feelings for Ray Vecchio. He loves him. Ray is shocked and does not reciproce these feelings. But when he realizes that Fraser feels unable to stay in Chicago with the things that has changed between them, he mans up. To get Benton to stay, he is willing to have sex with him. What Ray doesn't count on, though, is how much he himself will come to enjoy the sex with Benton and just being with him ... Though the Mountie drove him crazy sometimes, Benton Fraser was Ray Vecchio's proof positive that mankind was worth the trouble. Interesting idea. Normally I'm not keen on non-con or dubious con and this was a bit borderline to me, but it works for the frame of the story. Nice dash of humor too. Poor Benny, with the big misunderstanding. Nice description, especially of Vecchio's conflicting emotions.

To Laugh in Troubled Times by Lucy Hale
Many hide behind a facade - but few hide so well and deeply as Turnbull. We can hardly feel bad for being recognized as what we both pretend to be. I always liked the idea that there are far, far, far more behind Turnbull than the eye can see. Very interesting story from a different perspective. Overall cute.

Trinity by musegaarid
Ray and Benton put away a drugdealer for life. On finding out that the drug dealer's six-year-old daughter will be put in foster home Fraser announces his intention to adopt the girl. Only, living as he does at the council will count against him, so Ray offers that both Mountie and girl can live with him. So the three form a family of sorts. One day it is revealed that Fraser is a homosexual. Ray isn't. Too bad. Or can the arrangement work anyway? If Ray could somehow be gay, too, and Fraser could be convinced to be attracted to him - oh, that dangerous question again - it'd be perfect. Sweet story. Trinity is a nice OC. I do like the set-up with Benton gay and Ray not - especially when it still works out so nicely in the end. I'm a sucker for that type of stories. I like Ray's approach to the problem. Nice humor, very fitting for the show itself. I found it very cute when Ray was able to "translate" what Fraser said so easily he had to do so before he realised what Fraser was actually saying.

Lord of the Ring

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I read the books when I was rather young and have always loved them. The movies are neat too.


Contractual Obligations by Lumelle
Legolas and Gimli confesses their feelings and becomes lovers. But much, much later, the inevitable happens: Gimli grows old - and Legolas does not. Legolas mourns their eventual parting. Unbeknownst to him, though, Gimli is also concerned - and has done what he can to make sure that he and his elf will never be parted. Will his plan work? As long as he stands beside me, I will not set sail, for the call of the sea is nothing when he still stands on the shore. Nice set-up, very good emotion, nice with the angst and lovely fix with the contracts. Many good details, such with the dwarf beads and courting braids. A nice read. I really liked Gimli's speech on talking to Legolas' father about their love, very moving and warm. Nice dashes of humor too. And I like that it's not completely "Happy ever after", but how even in "paradise" there can be longings. A bit sad about Frodo and Sam just going, I hope they make their journey. Neat with the "Kili-loophole". Nice shifts between Gimli's hair going white and then red. While Gimli and Legolas is my chosen pairing in this fandom, I did like Bilbo/Thorin too.

Crystal Journey by The Magic Rat
As a young Elf, Legolas go with his father to visit Erebor. There he finds a baby dwarf and falls in love with him. Many years later, they are reunited. "And when you grow up you're going to marry me! Sweet story. Awww-worthy and inspiring. Nicely written and good language. Good descriptions. Good dash of humor.

Dance of Terrible Grace by Adina
Legolas enjoys killing. Gimli is terribly good at killing. Legolas likes that too. Each arrow flew like the little death of love, delivering the greater death of war. Highly interesting look on Legolas. Feels fresh and interesting. Normally I'm not that keen on breaking the 4th wall, but it works well for a story like this.

Getting Warmer by Lumelle
It's cold in the mountains, with not enough dwarves to use the forges to heat up Erebor. Fili's amused that Thorin doesn't seem to see that Bilbo's courting him. Some of the others are amused that Fili doesn't seem to see that Ori's many knitted gifts to Fili might have more purposes than just to help Fili stay warm. The gloves stayed with him, though, and he kept them on even as he got into their rooms and the relative warmth therein. Sweet story that made me smile. Warm, pardon the pun. Ori's very sweet. Poor, clueless Fili. Ori's work sounds very fine, nice descriptions of them. Good on Nori to push Fili ahead. Interesting about Thorin's abdication and the reasons for it.

I Will Follow by arachne
Gimli ponders what to do with Galadriel's gift and Legolas comes to his rescue. Who can say what is fair to another's eyes? Very sweet and promising. Short, still awwww-inspiring.

Of Rowan and Ruin by Thundera Tiger
A story about the growing friendship between Legolas and Gimli after the destruction of the ring. And the symbol of a rowan tree. But though the Sea calls, there are others here with louder voices. Interesting insight about the character. Gives a strong feeling for the tree. Nice language. The tree was a nice way to show the passing of time.

The Very Secret Diaries
My personal favorites are those of Aragorn, Arwen, Boromir, Gollum, Sauron, Legolas, Meriadoc, Saruman, Pippin and Theoden. Still the prettiest! Some of these are hysterically funny and I really adore some of them.


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Pratchett is a brilliant writer. Saw him across a room once, yay. The movies are good too, I like them. I haven't found many good stories, I think since so few measure up to the Master. I'd love to find some more Vimes/Vetenari though. Vetinari rules.

Music by B.S. Johnson
Vetinari did something that alerted Sam to his interest. But while Sam might be interested, he is also a married man. But when Sybil realises what has Sam so upset, Sybil proves to be surprisingly encouraging. I have a rather alarming degree of faith in your husband's ability not to kill me, unless he really means it. Poor Sam, no chance. Lovely use of Sybil. Nice work on the emotions, told by the faint signals between Sybil and Vetinari. Heh for Sybil socialising with Mrs Palm.

Non Temetis Messor by Mistress Arion
Vetinari finds that he must deal with the most dangerous man in Ankh-Morkpork - no, not himself ... But things doesn't really go as planned. A genius with rose-tinted lenses and the world-view of a concussed duckling would never, could never be safe. Good language, funny. Definitelly awww-worthy. Not a huge romance, but something that warms my heart.


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A Blue Demon in Vegas by KerJye

Canada by Emily Brunson
After Nigel, Nick needs to get away. He goes on a road-trip. He goes down to Texas -and then up to Canada. When Gil finally hears from him, he drives up to help him. Once it's just the two of them, though, there's an unexpected development to their previously friendly relationship. Grissom's hand came out, just an automatic touch, but his hand on Nick's bare waist was like a caress from a cattle prod. Sweet story with lovely angst and good feeling. Warm, too. Poor Nick. I'm glad how it turned out for him. Heh for Gil not having slept for 52 hours before he started his own trip. Hot sex.

Nicky by Evan

Walking With Death by Tiffany F
Death has noticed the CSI workers and are wondering what they are doing. So he asks Grissom. Who tries to answer. His eyes narrowed as he realized it was a seven foot tall skeleton in a black robe holding a scythe. Lovely idea, with humor.


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I don't like RPS, so sometimes I have to remind myself that, well, yeah, Alexander ... I have been a Philalexandros forever and ever, he's kind of my hero ... The Stone movie I actually like: it's not accurate in all details, but it has a nice flow and it makes me smile. And the subtitle always makes me go awww ... The Greatest Legend of Them All ... Was Real. Yes.

Battle Manuevers by Lysis

Hephaistion's Gift by CharlieMC
Bagoas helps Alexander and Hephaistion fullfill their love. I swear to you that I would have died the most delighted of men had I been struck dead in that moment! Rather sweet threesome, mostly PWP. A bit hot. Well written.

The Bandit Chief by Moon 71
As children, Alexander and Hephaestion plays together. Already it is clear they are important to one another. "Alé was pretending to be Iolaus, charioteer of Herakles," Hephaestion responded defiantly, "and he'd been captured by bandits, and I was the bandit chief so I was threatening to sacrifice him to my god of death, but then I was going to be Herakles and come and rescue him!" Nicely written, sweet story. Good view from Amyntor. Several good details. Cute nicknames.


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Fun to watch and lots of possibilities. I really disliked the last movie though (Logan).

A Blue Demon in Vegas by KerJye

Die Bier by Traum
Logan get drunk together with Kurt and they have sex. Logan seemed intrigued by how soft and warm Kurt's fur was. Hot, slightly kinky due to Kurt's fur and tail. Seems well thought through.

Mine by glacis
Scott goes after Logan and the bike. However, when he finds him, Magneto is there and uses his powers to try to get Logan to kill Scott. Logan fights back with all he's got and in the process goes a bit primal. He had literally broken every bone in his body and ruptured every muscle and joint to keep from hurting Scott. Powerful idea of Logan fighting Magneto at the cost of his own body. I do like stories about self-sacrifice and such. I also liked the primal aspects of Logan here. And the image of Logan and Scott literally locked together by Logan's embrace. Nice ending too, with Xavier and the hint of Magneto - and aww for Magneto always missing Charles.

Pack Loyalties by Creed Cascade & Echo's Revenge
Wolverine and Scott finds two boys who turns out to be clones of Wolverine. They adopt the boys. Epsilon and Zeta are rather feral and its a bumpy road. They consider Wolverine their Alpha and Scott his Beta. Later on, they get a Beta of their own. There was nothing like a pair of your lovers overpossessive children to drag you kicking and screaming out of the closet. Interesting story. Warm, a good read. Hot. It would be fun to read more.

Starsky & Hutch

Disclaimer and information

I'm into the old series, not the new movie, but right now I only have the movie. For the record.

Conflict of Interest by managerie
Finch and Reese gets a new number - one David Starsky. Starsky is now a police captain in Brooklyn. His lifepartner, Ken Hutchinson, is a NY city councilman. Reese goes undercover as a transfer police to Starsky's station, while Finch gets them a house opposite to Starsky & Hutch's and joins Hutch's gym class. Who is threathening Starsky and why doesn't the person seem aware of that Starsky & Hutch have been a couple for decades now? If I only got you for a few months, it was more than I’d ever dreamed I would be allowed. Enjoyable crossover that treats both fandoms very well. Also an interesting case that works. Good emotion in both pairs. I seldom comment on the sex parts of a story apart from 'hot', but I found even the sex well written and with good details. The slow awakening of Finch was interesting and I liked Reese's obvious devotion to him. Many good lines and vivid images. Nice little misunderstanding about Reese's attitude to disabilities. Aww, John's masturbation fantasy of being welcomed home to Finch's house is so sweet! Cute with Fusco knowing of Starsky/Hutch being a legend. Nice touch with the "Starsky's wife" thing. And I really liked the friendship described between Finch and Nathan, very warm and sweet. Nice dashes of angst. Cute with Bear. Nice end. Yay for the Machine assisting. Heh for Finch kneecapping the guy. One of my favourite parts was Starsky telling Reese that if Hutch wanted him dead he'd rather be dead, so good!

The Last Charade by Rosemary
Hutch finally has to tell his partner that he is in love with him - and face the consequences. He wondered how Robin would tell Batman he was in love with him. Angst - lovely, lovely angst. Powerful story, very nicely done. Lover overcoming all obstacles. Intense.


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I'm into the old series, not the new movie, but right now I only have the movie. For the record.

In Another's Shoes by the_tenth_muse1
Hellboy wakes up human. They have no idea if - or when - he will turn back. Meanwhile, John takes the opportunity to show Hellboy a bit of the human world. Where's my God damned tail!? Interesting, amusing story. A bit awww-worthy. Sweet end.

What Might Have Been by lurker521
Hellboy doesn't save the day - instead he stays as Anung un Rama. He keeps Myers, though. Stroking the unconscious human like a beloved pet, he settled back to watch the world burn. My favorite Hellboy-fic. And a drabble - a longer version was promised, but I still wait eagerly for it. I find this one very inspiring and really wish for more.

Pet Shop of Horror

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One of the few manga I like.

December Deals by Lady Hinoto

Enigma by IcePrincess813
Count D leaves with Sofu D, but Sofu D realises that he condemns his grandson to an eternity of regret - and sends him back. What will be waiting for him when he gets there? And how will Leon react? Every damn day for the past few months I have come here and there was nothing but a condemned building, but now I come by and here it is, Count D's Pet Shop, as if nothing has changed. Would have been lovely in the manga. Very interesting take on how the kami can manipulate human memories. Awww for Leon clinging to his, though. And for him offering to wait an entire week before trying to arrest Count D. I liked the show of how Count D feels and sees emotions. Not everything so well handled by Leon, but he's only human.

The Sugar Series by Himenokori
WIP in which Leon and Count D lives happily as does Ryo and Dee with their extended family. They're part of the Arcadian kingdom. Over time they face various problems had has adventures. Leon realized he was just standing there sniffing D, like some horny bloodhound and felt shame curdle to the depths of his heart. Long, sprawling saga that I enjoyed at and was very pleased to see at AO3, as I don't read on any longer. Several interesting OCs that are likeable. Good feeling between the main pairings and nice way to bring the mangas together at the start. Interesting background story for the Kamis. I liked the subarchs with Bikky's aunt as well as the one with Justin and Rissa. Also the phoenixes were cool, as well as the Kirins. Good dashes of humor, like playing hide and seek with the tree-headed dragon. Good myths on the dragons, by the way: I really liked the mating claims and the way Bikky also got to join in. Some nice descriptions. Awww for Lyo giving George Mr Pudge. I hope for more.


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Classic fandom, though most of all I like Methos.


Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Highlander!

Deal With A Devil by LadyRa
Joe sells his soul in exchange for his legs. Methos finds out and goes to the crossroad to bargain back the soul from the king of Hell (and of the crossroads) in exchange for his own. Crowley agrees. Regret eating away at him, guilt, guilt, guilt, a Mount Vesuvius of Guilt, deadly lava flowing and destroying everything in its path, and years, decades, centuries, a millennium of life and death, and losing loved ones, killing loved ones, anger and rage and fury like a tsunami, and it all rolled over Crowley like the world's best champagne. Nice idea for a crossover. Both main characters works well for me. I don't see Methos as self-sacrificing, so I tend to think he had some deeper plan behind it all (while he did offer Duncan his throat, I fully think he banked on Duncan not accepting), but it all works out well in the end, so maybe he did. And I can fully see part of that plan involving beer. For some reason Crowley gave me a hint of Good Omen-vibes, while completely separate from the story. I found myself wondering what Aziraphale would say. And yes, I could easily see Methos able to hold his own and be himself with the king of hell. Nice bit of them both being protective of one another in the end, that made me smile.

Headhunter by Sleeps With Coyotes
The Hessian's sword thrust killed Ichabod, even if no-one noticed. He is an Immortal and returns to life. Methos has no time and no will to take on a student, so Ichabod turns to the best swordsman he knows - the Hessian. I'm standing guard as a man I just met engages in an alley with a murdering undead - the last time I was here, at least I had a scythe ... Perfect crossover with the swords. I love Methos, but seldom enjoy HL slash, so this was very nice. Neat idea, well written. Lovely, clash between the Hessian cutting off people's heads - and that being the only way to kill an Immortal.

Ka, Akh, Ren by icarus_chained
Methos has had worse awakenings. Sure, they've already killed him once. Not to mention that they seem a bit hung up on mummies. Still. He's had far worse awakenings. A good cup of coffee is just the thing a body needs after some impromptu resurrection. Highlander meets the mummy. Different types of Immortals, but they still go well together. Good voice for Evie. Nice dash of humor. I do like Evies attitude. Good on Methos banking on the British reacting to requests for good manners. Cool with Methos knowing of Imhotep. Interesting with the egyptian terms and how Methos apply them to himself.

Match light: a winter's tale by Rory V Pascaul
Outcast by everyone, Duncan sells matchsticks to survive. Following the classic story he lights three and at the third meets Death. That earnest entreaty stirred emotions in Death's heart that he long had thought lost. Nice fairytale. Weepy Duncan a bit, but nice still. I like the portrayal of Methos. Fairytale ending possibly unrealistically happy, but it is a fairytale, so ...

Quality of Mercy by tiranog
After Duncan finds out about Methos being a horseman, their friendship is really shaky. But slowly they drift closer and even enters a relationship. But that's just the start for soon enough Alexander the Great appears and he has a score to settle with Methos. The Macedonian is ruthless and goes for Methos' greatest weakness - Duncan. Will Methos be able to rescue Duncan -and even if he gets him back, will Duncan ever be the same after the ordeal he had? “If you cure him, I will gift you with my head,” Methos whispered, barely able to get the words out. Epic-length, great angst, many twists and turns and good ending. Overall good read. Sadly I'm a great Philalexandros, so the bits about Alexander the Great really grated, but that's a personal problem of mine, not a slight to the story as a whole. Poor Richie. Good voice for Methos. I liked the mysticism. Nice with the Arthurian Mythology. Good touch with separating Methos from his Death personality. Several strong subjects. Good descriptions of emotions and sensation. Visual and vivid. Heh for Joe figuring them out at once. Many good details. I also liked how it ended with Mac giving himself to Methos. I often hear how it isn't important who tops or if anyone does, but for me it's a big gesture. Not entirely sure if Methos' first owner would have waited for over twenty years to accidentally kill him, considering the average life span back then. Some nice dashes of humor. Again, lovely angst to the end. Very sweet with Joe and Grace - Joe really deserves happiness. I rarely like Cassandra, but I liked her in this. I liked Methos' reason for not killing Darius. Greater love hath no man than he's willing to listen to opera ... Also nice touch with Methos' view of the game and how it might (or may not) turn out. It was a long time since I saw Highlander. I need to catch up on canon to more appreciate some points here, like the amputation thing, LeBrun and more.

Swords at Sunset by Rory V Pascual
In payment for service rendered, each 10th year the Rider gets a virgin bride from one of the clans. This year he comes to Duncan's clan - only, none of Duncan's sisters is a virgin ... He takes Duncan instead. The Rider is under a curse breakable only by the love of an innocent. Kronos is involved and thing go dark. Since you and your daughters sought to break the pact, then I will make a different demand. Interesting story, I like the format, Duncan's sacrifice and humiliation and the struggle to turn what happened into something bareable. Hints of Beauty and the Beast.

The Duke's Reward by Astolat
The queen has decreed that Duncan must marry Adam Pierson, Duke of Montmorency. Duncan is not pleased to have to marry the foppish dandy, but will do his duty. And dying can be very inconvenient, especially with so many witnesses. I like the arranged marriage idea - that works out well. I have used it myself, even. Also am prone to like fops, as I'm into From Eroica With Love.

The Ghost of Adam Pierson by Dar

The Gift of the Gods by Ann_P
Methos revives in front of witnesses and is declared a Gift of the Gods to the village he lives in. Only, another village also wants such a gift and captures him. Joon felt like his soul was being weighed and judged by those ageless eyes. Interesting insight in Methos' past, including an awww-worthy little sidestory about a Watcher who meets him.

The Seduction of the Desert Prince by The Krell
Set in the past. Duncan is captured and sold as a slave in Arabian. The buyer is a sheikh called Rashanal - or, a name he doesn't use openly, Methos. Methos wants Duncan - and intends to have him. Duncan, however, sees it as a disgrace to lay with another man - at least to start with. Methos can be very persuasive. On the other hand, Duncan is very stubborn and life in the desert not easy. A king's ransom would not be enough, Methos thought, swept with a possessiveness so fierce it burned him. Used to be an epic WIP, but now finished. I remember reading when it was still being updated. I see it mentioned in discussions about WIPs sometimes. And how many fics have had vids made for them, that says a lot about how popular this fic is. Many good lines - I always remember that part about a copper for each day working, a silver for every day on his knees and a gold for each night on his back ... Lovely. Interesting play between Methos and Duncan - the borderline non-con, the power-dynamic, the submission and dominance. A bit of bodice ripper romance. Very hot sex. Interesting to have the scenes from both angles.

Who Needs Chivalry? by dkwilliams
Duncan is in Normandy, when he happens on a coach being attacked by highwaymen. There's an immortal in the coach - one Piers Adams. Who takes Duncan home and they start up a relationship. How will it end and who is Piers Adams really ...? "Good thing that I was born long before chivalry then." Cute different meet. Good language. I liked the end too, goes well with the start of the show, of course. Heh for the mi casa is su casa. Awww for Duncan admiring the library.

Sherlock Holmes

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An old favourite. Though I mix in Sherlock with Sherlock Holmes here - I love both and see no reason to separate them. If I had the time I'd check out more Mycroft/Lestrate stories.

Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Sherlock Holmes!

A Series of Events by Spooky831
At John's birthday party, Mycroft and Lestrade starts talking and they get along well. Mycroft gets a little drunk, Lestrade helps him home. To thank him, Mycroft invites Lestrade out for dinner. Things develop from there. But Sherlock is highly sceptical that Lestrade would have anything to do with a 40-year-old, fat virgin ... “If you inform me of your holiday plans I can postpone any coups until after your stay,” said Mycroft. Sweet series that made me smile. Things develop very naturally. Awww for Sherlock's way of saying he would miss Mycroft if he died ... Mycroft and Lestrade go well together and I like seeing the uncertain side of Mycroft. Heh for their Star Trek interest. Nice dash of humor. Poor Mycroft with the cruel children ...

I Know The Steps by stardust_made
Mycroft has long longed for a reason to see Lestrade in real life and one day he gets a good reason. And in real life Lestrade is even more fascinating than Mycroft could have guessed. This man might cost him a great deal after all; Mycroft realises he's quite prepared to do anything to keep him. Nicely written. A bit aww-worthy in parts. Sweet. Several good lines. The two goes well together while both being well in character. Especially Mycroft is almost sweet. Good language. Nice touch of humor.

Let You Kiss Me by out_there
Sherlock starts kissing John. At first John assumes that this behavior is just part of some bizarre experiment, but slowly he begins to suspect that Sherlock has a special reason for what he does. Only, what can that reason be? "You kissed me to stop me getting married, having children and moving to the countryside?" Several good lines. Both boys well in character - good use of Mycroft too. Interesting read, nice sense of humor, yet not silly but with a serious side. I like the comment of Sherlock as an alien and Sherlocks scheeming to keep John.

Paper Chase by sam_storyteller
John and Sherlock goes to America to help catch a serial killer. The killer goes after artists, so in on the chase is also Neal and Peter. On hearing how long it took for Peter to catch Neal, Sherlock is not impressed. So Neal challenges Sherlock for a 12 hour chase during which Neal will commit a fake crime every hour as Sherlock tries to capture him - and keep him captive. How will the chase end? A chase game across the southern half of Manhattan between one of the world's best fugitives and the world's only consulting detective was enthralling and could very well be educational. Nice crossover with good equality between the fandoms. Would have made a fun episode to watch.

The Case of the Haunted Hospital by Mistress Arion
Doctor Watson gets a mystery for himself to solve - a moving corpse ... I assumed you knew, and tolerated my emotions as you would a child's longing for the moon. Nice language. I especially enjoy Doctor Watson giving Sherlock Holmes the what for. A lovely dose of angst. Sweet too. Accusations, confessions, several nice lines.

The Fourth Deathly Hallow by Gingertart
There was a fourth hallow - the sister's pocket watch. With it, one can travel in time. By accident Snape, Harry and Draco travels back to London, 1895, to the time of Sherlock Holmes. Only they lose the watch. The story as told by John Watson. The game's afoot - and Moriarty's a wizard. Maybe it was the intensity in his glare, or the fact that he acted as if he held a loaded revolver, not a twig that I could snap with one hand, but I instinctively felt that I was in great peril. Very interesting, well-written crossover. I enjoyed the take of the wizards (and from the future) as seen by the muggle, Watson. Also nicely done show of Holmes's remarkable intelligence. The adventure well developed, not predictable and interesting to follow. Good, open end. A universe I'd like to read more in. Good language/voice for Watson. Several good details, such as the goblin charm of wizarding currency to protect it from transformation, and the view of homosexuality at the time, the logical paradoxes, the background story of Draco befriending Harry (or trying to), etc.. I liked the show of protectiveness Holmes displays of Watson and how he defends him. I liked the view of Watson too, not a stupid strong man as in some stories, he's shown as intelligent and having learned from Holmes. And I really liked Watson shooting the man mid-Avada.

The Maiden Voyage of the Tiresias by astolat
Watson arranges for him and Holmes to go on vacation, but Holmes only agrees if he can go in disguise, challenging Watson to find out who he is. Only Watson does a bit of snooping and is shocked to realise that Holmes intends to go as a woman. Now what will Watson do? "Thank god, you do know," he said, and gave himself over entirely. Beautiful language, nice story, well executed, nice emotion.

The Paradox Series by Wordstrings
John and Sherlock's relationship is riddled with paradoxes. They're both happily obsessed with one another. Sherlock can't always tell right from wrong, but now he's got John to do so for him. What if this was all a terrible mistake, and now John is stuck with a charming and otherworldly queer instead of an infuriating John-sexual tosser with a brain like a razor blade? Nice description of both characters and I like the way they interact. Both show great love, though I especially enjoy Sherlocks' intenseness in his obsession. His lists are also interesting. Nice touch of humor. Strong emotion, well described. I was especially touched by Sherlock's pleas for John to come home again when he thinks that John has left him.

Till Your Presence of Body by Mara
John is getting fed up with finding body parts around the apartment. Finally, Mycroft takes him aside for an illuminating talk. "But if I don't let him keep the body parts, he thinks I'm rejecting his ability to, what, be a good flatmate or husband or something?" Fun story and a very amusing explanation of the body parts. Interesting hints to the background and I like Mycroft in this one.

Your Moral Crisis is Stupid by etothepii
Sherlock is romantically attracted to Watson, but not sexually. He's asexual, but willing to have sex with Watson to keep Watson happy. However, Watson is not happy with this compromise and Sherlock thinks things won't work out. Can they? "I love you," Sherlock says steadily, like the idea doesn't make him feel panicky and shaky and vaguely nauseous. Nice description of asexuality, it works very well in the story. Several nice lines, also a nice bit of humor. Warm and interesting. Nice hints of angst. Cute title too. I like Sherlock's fascination with Watson.

Sleepy Hollow

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Lovely movie, one of my favourites. I watch the series too, but it's not quite the same.

Claiming by Sleeps With Coyotes

Dance of the Damned by Sithelf Jen
Brom scares Ichabod, pretending to be the Horseman - only the prank go very, very wrong. But the real Horseman is still around. I want them dead, especially Brom, and to Hell with the consequences. Somewhat dark story, but understandable.

Ichabod and Robert by Heather Sparrows
Katrina and Ichabod travels to the city, but they are not in love. However, in the city waits what might be both of their future in a very special pair. Also, a clarification of Ichabod's past and a special case to solve, with a special guest star. Lying in the arms of a man who easily could maim and kill you, and who would never do so, who would protect you against all evil instead, was an erotic thrill not to be underestimated. Several interesting original characters. Dark in part, but interesting. The diary I liked. Nice dashes of supernatural, very suitable for Sleepy Hollow. Nice with the crossed pair of lovers/married couples.

Ichabod and the Hessian by Heather Sparrows
Ichabod is about to leave Sleepy Hollows, but is stopped by the Horseman, who wants him to help him with something. Will Ichabod be able to help and what will happen afterwards? Later in the series a crossover to a From Eroica With Love AU, set in the time of Sleepy Hollows. One of Klaus's missions take him to America - and he has to bring Dorian. In America he meets up with an American police man, Ichabod Crane, and an associate of his, a man with very sharp teeth. Lord Gloria was indeed a picture to stare at, a tall, slender figure in an electric blue dressing gown, enhancing the colour of his eyes, a lion’s mane of golden curls framing his handsome face and falling down to his shoulders. Interesting story, well written, nice details. Nice description and good emotions. Nice touch of a bond between them after Ichabod touched the Horseman's skull. I especially liked the view from Daredevil - beautiful. Interesting backstory for the Hessian. The crossover also interesting. Good, intelligent plot. Several interesting original characters. Warm, even if a hint dark in places. Nice dashes of humor. Good, suitable language. James in good shape and I like that he got a happy ending and aww for him giving away money. Cute with Klaus smoking pipe and heh for the tank drawing.

Headhunter by Sleeps With Coyotes
The Hessian's sword thrust killed Ichabod, even if no-one noticed. He is an Immortal and returns to life. Methos has no time and no will to take on a student, so Ichabod turns to the best swordsman he knows - the Hessian. I'm standing guard as a man I just met engages in an alley with a murdering undead - the last time I was here, at least I had a scythe ... Perfect crossover with the swords. I love Methos, but seldom enjoy HL slash, so this was very nice. Neat idea, well written. Lovely, clash between the Hessian cutting off people's heads - and that being the only way to kill an Immortal.

Hearts in Darkness by ZzoaozZ
Ichabod is pulled back towards Sleepy Hollow and the waiting Hessian. However, Katarina is not willing to give him up. This was the culmination of his life and death, the salvation he had not thought to find, his only glimpse of Heaven. Nice read, interesting series with believable plots for each part. I liked the room of the Hessian. Nice take on the Hessian and how he sees Ichabod. Interesting crossover in the third part. Nice dashes of humor. Bad Katerina in the first part, but she did better in the second, so that's okay. Heh for Ichabod having vast experience in hiding and chosing Wolverine as a safe place to hide behind.

Slash Hollow by Kadorienne
AU in which Brom is not killed by the Hessian. Insteads he protects Ichabod. And when Ichabod leaves for New York, it's not Katrina that goes with him, but Brom. Brom becomes a constable in New York, working with Ichabod. They also live together and shares a bed. Do the math. Everyone but Ichabod was afraid of Brom, and Ichabod was afraid of everyone but Brom. While Brom/Ichabod isn't my main pairing in Sleepy Hollow, a good author can make it work and this certainly works. Sweet relationship, but also an interesting story when they solve crime together. Nice feeling between them and I like how devoted Brom is to Ichabod, yet is not afraid to joke with him. Several good lines. Nice plot device with the chinese dragon. Interesting backstory for Ichabod and what happened in his early career in the police force. Nice that ichabod gets to prove that some of his techniques work. Aww for Brom spending the rest of his life as Ichabod's "bodyguard".

Sword and Bones by Sleeps With Coyotes
Someone steals the Hessian's sword for a dare - and the Hessian follows. Only the man manages to hand over the sword - to Ichabod. And when the Hessian finds Ichabod with the sword he is not amused ... However, there's more behind the theft of the sword than a mere dare. A man could not serve two masters, and apparently neither could a ghost. Interesting concept, nicely woven tale. Interesting ending - and always nice to read well written Sleepy Hollow.

The Christmas Gift by Anna-Karin
There is a party in Sleepy Hollows. Outsides stands the Horseman, looking in. Ichabod joins him. If you didn't faint every now and then, I wouldn't recognize you. This story is very warming. The image of the horseman always moves me. But also I find very inspiring how Sleepy Hollow accepts the horseman. Sweet too, nicely written.

The Demon Seed by Starr Dust
A coupling combined with magic waters result in something truly unexpected. He would only pray that the beautiful young man would take pity on him and allow him to see their child once in a while, but he knew that it was much more than a monster like him deserved. Not a fandom I would expect mpreg in, but it worked for me. Some lovely parts with nice angst. I felt a bit inspired by this one, possibly for some future story. A bit of casual to the mpreg bit itself. Bitchy Katrina, which I like on occasion. The story picks up for real about half-way in, when the Hessian appears.

The Strange Case Of The Reverend by Heather Sparrows
Professor von Helsing is travelling in the US with a friend when they're lost in a snowstorm and finds shelter with Reverend Crane. But something strange is going on in the household. Then the Reverend turns up dead - what happened? And what will happen to the reverend's young son, Ichabod? //Wish I was just a silly old man, making a fool of myself, seeing ghost where there are none, suspecting an innocent man in my dirty, twisted mind ...// Interesting little whodunnit, with depth. A bit dark, but interesting story idea, well executed. Good language and I like the ending.

Van Helsing

Disclaimer and information

Interestning movie and I really liked the dynamic.

Brother Wolf by kydasam
Carl is dragged out on a case again. He has invented a werewolf serum and Van Helsing goes up against a werewolf. The serum works - Van Helsing doesn't get transformed - but Carl does ... He remembered the handsome man the friar had been, but the wolf he had become was mythic. Nice language, good feeling. Series sadly not concluded, as author died - family hopes to have story finished by someone too - I hope so. Really nice human-wolf interaction. Nice bits of rape threats. Nice archs and action. Especially nice to see Carl as the stronger part of the duo. Amusing in places.

Brothers In Arms by JoeLawson
Carl goes with Van Helsing to the Carphathias to fight Dracula. They join forces with Anna and the movie plays out. However, Carl is attracted to Gabriel and the two men grow increasingly closer. His hands no longer shook when he found himself within touching distance to the Church's greatest assassin and the long folds of his cowl hid the occasional erection nicely. Several neat phrases. Nice descriptions, emotions well shown. I do have a weak spot for Carl topping Van Helsing and this was very nicely written. Some hot sensual scenes, also nicely done, but I liked best Carl's emotions and the described feelings. Good ending with the manticore blood and a nice twist with Dracula.

Heart by H.J. Bender
When Van Helsing gets back for a mission, Carl has a gift for him. "Why else would you give me the symbol of everlasting love?" Short and sweet story.

Irresistable Forces by kydasam

Modern Day Hunter by Seadragon68
Carl is attacked by gargoyles - and saved by Van Helsing. Van Helsing is injured, so Carl takes him home. He realises that Van Helsing has very little help from the order, and he decides that he is the man to help Van Helsing. It's a rocky road, but the two are good for one another. Hey Carl, I know this will probably horrify you, but the mongrel you took in has developed feelings for you. Set in modern time. Cute idea, a nice read and a hint of angst too, very nice. Nicely in character even for an AU.

Secrets by Seadragon68
Carl has a secret. He's writing on something - and Van Helsing is not allowed to see. But then Van Helsing reads it anyway and have to deal with the consequences which can break them both. Did this mean that Van Helsing's disgust ran so deep that he would turn Carl in? Angst, bordering on fear which has a nice feel to it. Sweet too.

Kyo Kara Maoh

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One of the few animes that I really like. Sadly they stopped translating them ... My favourite pairing is Yuri and Conrad, but Yuri/Gwendal works too, or Gwendal/Gunther.

At Snail's Pace by Celeste1
From childhood, Gwendal has helped Gunter with all his problems, solving them neatly. Now Gunter has a new problem - he needs a boyfriend. "I need a boyfriend, and you are a snail," Guther said almost shyly, and made Gwendal blink again, because he wasn't sure how those two things were related. Sweet story with hints of classic fairytale mixed well with canon elements.

Can't Take No For An Answer by Kali-Cephirot
Lady Celi comes to visit Stoffel to discuss his feelings for Raven. Stoffel is a bit surprised, as he thought Celi loved Raven. Celi, however, is quite determined. "Excellency," Raven said, a bit of panic over his voice, "We seem to be ... locked in, Excellency." Cute and I always saw this pairing in the anime.

Grey Memories by PsychicDreams
Yuri wonders why Gunter and Gwendal are the only males with long hair at Blood Pledge Castle. Gunter tells him the story. It goes all the way back to when he and Gwendal first met. And though Gwendal never answered back, he would always stand and move to sit somewhere else more visible so that the silver-haired companion could always find him. Normally I don't like frame stories all that much, but it works here. Visual and interesting. Poor young Gunter. Good image of young Gwendal. Good feeling between them. Nice description of them fighting together. Sweet with Gunter's being lost even despite his Gwendal-tracking skills.

I heard that by Kukki
No one in Blood Pledge Castle listens to rumors. Except when Wolfram walks past the three maidens they are gossiping about Yuri and Conrad, saying the most juicy things. Wolfram gets very upset. But are there any truth to those rumors? Rumors were nasty little things that would fly into someone's ear and worm into their brain, planting doubts and disbeliefs, mostly false, twisting how they viewed someone or something until the beautiful image before them becomes revolting. Nice set-up and amusing. Poor Wolfram ... But I always liked Conrad better, so there's that.

Learning by icefalcon
List of 10 points Yuri learns during the day, mixing ordinary things with slashy stuff. He learned that when Gwendal was heading very fast in one direction, it was best to run and ask questions about Anissina's new inventions later. Cute, but mostly on the humorous side.

Souvenir by MusikVibe
Going back to Earth, Yuri manages to drag Gwendal along ... You have some interesting quirks, but you're really a nice guy. Sadly WIP, as promising, interesting story. While I prefer Y/C I do have a very weak spot for G/Y. A bit wavery here and there, and I'm not used to the used tense, but still interesting. Too bad it doesn't seem to be finishing ...

The Dance Of Earth And Wind by jellybeanfactory
Gwendal is a good dancer, but the Dance of Earth and Wind is giving him trouble. When his partner is a man, there's always tension and arguments of who will dance Wind and who will dance Earth. Until his mother introduces him to Gunter von Christ, who prefers Wind. "I can't imagine why other men wouldn't want to be Wind to your Earth," Gunther replied, while wrapping his arms about Gwendal's neck in answer to Gwendal's gesture to prepare for the dance, "even before dancing, you seem to have the perfect disposition for it." Interesting story idea, I can really see the situation before me - and would love to see it in the anime. I like the ending - aww-worthy.

Token of my Love by peroxidepest17
Gwendal teaches Gunter to knit. This does not go very well. In order to prevent Gunter from meddling and Yuri from having to actually wear the things Gunter knits, Gwendal makes a considerable sacrifice. The lavender-haired man was practically sobbing into the kitty-ears cap he was attempting to knit for Yuri, a self-proclaimed mission of love he had put upon himself after thinking that the young king looked particularly dashing in the bear one Gwendal had made four him. Sweet story that makes me smile. Nicely in character, especially Gwendal. One of those stories I'd love to see illustrated.

Two Ways to Interrupt or Otherwise Ruin a Young Maou's Love life by Elf Asato rewritten to The Definitive Way to Ruin a Young Maou's Lovelife
Conrad and Yuri are getting it on, but this story - two versions of the same theme - shows the danger in such situations, when you travel by use of water. In two words: water-based lube ... It wasn't easy to traumatize Conrad, but it was, in fact, possible. Kind of funny.

Unforgettable by Raven Deathstar
Yuri and Conrad are in Japan and learn things about one another. I am a seasoned soldier, the king's protector, and yet I'm swooning over every single thing his majesty says to me. Lovely little dose of angst in thinking oneself unworthy and thusly sacrifising - awww ... Sweet.

Good Omens

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A Hundred White Feathers by Hopeakaarme
WIP reply to the 100 challenge in which each part of the challenge is used to tell a bit of a single fic, telling the life of the new angel, Aziraphale, how he grows up - and about the other new angel, Carowiel, who fell. And how they meet up again on Earth. "Fighting with a demon" sounded much better in a report than "argued over what wine to drink over dinner", didn't it? Interesting way to reply to the challenge. Well written, nice, with several interesting pairings and things happening. Sadly seems abandoned, but I would have liked to read the full story. Baby Aziraphale was very sweet. Nice descriptions of the religious aspect. I liked the discorporation details. Good humor. I found their descriptions about their chess games to their superiors highly amusing. Some nice descriptions. Cute with the feather-rankings of the generals. Good dashes of angst too, especially with how Uriel kept Crowley's room and sword.

A Slip of the Tongue by DoctorTrekLock
Cowley ends every communication with Aziraphale with "I love you, angel." He has done so for the last two centuries. Only ... this time he does so out loud ... How will Aziraphale react? Aziraphale hadn't quite worked up to texting or email yet (which suited Crowley fine, as he was mostly bluffing when he said he knew what "emoticons" were), but Crowley had eventually pressed a mobile on him for ease of frequent contact. Sweet story that made me smile. Poor Crowly ... Nice humor.

Adam Young's University Days by Igorina
WIP for Good Omens, crossover with Harry Potter. It's time for Adam to go to university. He doesn't like to move far from home, though, so suddenly the University of Tadfield gets built. Aziraphale gets invited as a librarian and Crowley as a student counsellor. Then Hell sends up newly dead Draco Malfoy and Nagini (in human guise) to run the local pub ... The expression on Brian's face suggested that the thought of 'sorting things out' was inducing around the same level of apprehension as the prospect of, say, sitting in a piranha infested paddling pool for twenty minutes. One of the nicest voices for Good Omens fan fic. Close to canon in tone, with good nods to canon details. Several good sentences. Very nice humor. Poor Voldemort ... Would be great if Adam dealt with some of the current politicians ... Too bad the fic seems abandoned.

Between Heaven by ohioisforlovers
Aziraphale likes Crowley - a lot. But he thinks that Crowley can't like him. And the ducks at St. James' park. Then one day a daddy duck would be sitting alone and say sadly to his baby ducks, 'That one with the white-blond hair will come and feed us, don't worry' and then they all starved, and there was nothing but dead ducks lying about? He wasn't going to be the one who knew he killed all the ducks. Cute, both with the ducks and the entities.

Crumpled Memories by QueenStrata
Crowley was taken to Hell for punishment. Some time later, Aziraphale rereads a crumpled note Crowley once wrote, and finally makes his decision. Well, Heaven's fury is found in this one angel, for he alone of them is heartbroken, vengeful, and full of hate. Kickass!Aziraphale is delicious and I'm always glad to read him. Cute note. Normally I don't like open ending much, but in this case it works very nicely as I felt secure with that all with end well. Nice read. Awww for Crowley making Aziraphale take the rose.

Falling Rain by AriaStar
God floods the Earth, killing everyone not on the Arc. Crowley hides as a snake onboard, to avoid the holy water. However, Aziraphale finds him. This is before the Agreement- but perhaps they are off to a good start when Aziraphale lets Crowley stay on the Arc and gives him wine. There was just some sort of horrible ache in Crowley's chest, and as long as he ignored it and buried his face in Aziraphale's shoulder, everything was all right for a little while. Lovely idea of the rain being holy water and Crowly must avoid it. Nice build up between the two. Very aww-worthy towards the end. Several good lines.

Falling Without a Parachute by Musegaarid
Bond meets a very suspect character and attempts to seduce him out of his secrets. I remember thinking at the time that it was odd how well-developed the muscles in his back were compared to the rest of him. Hot and interesting. Interesting idea, especially how an outsider can view the mystery that is Crowley.

Feathers by H.J. Bender
Crowley can't resist angel feathers. Aziraphale exploits this all over the bookshop. Or does he really? Crowley saw the opportunity and seized it like he had seized nothing else before in his immortal life; he quickly leaned down to the warm, rustling feathers, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Surprisingly hot. Well described scents and I liked Crowleys strong reaction. I don't see Aziraphale quite like that, but it worked in the story.

Gray Areas by Macx and Lara Bee
Each part is more or less separate story from the life of Aziraphale and Crowley: some just examples of their love, others small adventures. They are no longer representatives of Heaven and Hell, but independent agents that TPTB sometimes ask to do things. A second arc is the budding relationship between the Prince of Hell and God's second in command - and their adventures as well. Also a cute CSI Las Vegas Crossover in one part. He shivered, aware that there was a very powerful demon touching him, that this demon had him at his mercy, and that there was nothing he could do should Beelzebub decide that playtime was over and to score with his boss by taking out the highest of archangels. Lovely angst, great emotions. Both pairings are lovely, though I'm especially fond of the B/M relationship. Nicely done the substories of each of them getting hurt and being rescued - I like that. Open end, but can definitely be read as whole, each story in itself is finished, so while I do hope for more installments it's not what I'd label a WIP.

Innocence and Experience Redux by Musegaarid
Crowley is shocked to learn that Aziraphale has been "making love" to humans! He himself is a virgin. Now he insists that Aziraphale does it with him too. Aziraphale obliges. Of course, that's not the whole of it. Meanwhile, Crowley felt as if he'd been temporarily forgiven and accepted back in Heaven. Clever little story, nicely written with considerale feeling. Very sensual massage and especially with the wings, very descriptive. Nice dash of humor. I especially like Aziraphale in this one. Aww for Crowley joining orgies for warmth. Also for Crowley having a painting of an angel (with some resemblance to Aziraphale) in his bedroom.

Love Sentence by Hopeakaarme
My favorites: bugs, doors, end, flying, green, hope and light. Aziraphale always made sure to close the door carefully, so when Crowley heard the loud slam, he knew he was in trouble. 1 sentence challenge. 50 words, you write a sentence each for the pairing. Made me start my own sets, actually. Some very cute one-liners and neat ideas.

Pirate of the Apocalypse by CaptainEmo
It's the apocalypse (again ...) and Aziraphale and Crowley meet again. Then they were back-to-back, a tag team against the forces of good and evil. The set-up is a bit odd, but the conclusion makes up for a lot.

Redemption by Slightly Sinister Sinestra
Crowley and Aziraphale will have dinner, but Aziraphale never shows. When Crowley comes home, an angel meets him. Not Aziraphale. Aziraphale is missing. He's been taken to Hell. So Crowley goes to get him back. Arching down like a bird of prey, eyes blazing yellow fury, claws fully outstretched, Crowley rent open the way to Hell and plunged into its lurid depths. Dark in parts, but also a powerful story. Nice language and strong. Also a nice secondary story with Crowley and Jesus. A bit tear worthy, even. Self-sacrifice in the name of love.

Remnants of an Old War by icarus_chained
Crossover with Supernatural, where Crowley is the Crowley of both. After the first almost-Apocalypse, Aziraphale is hideously punished, but Gabriel helps Crowley rescue him. And later, Gabriel finds refuge with them. Stubborn angel can't stand not being able to help, and Crowley can never resist him when he really wants something. Interesting crossover, a hint sad with what happens to Aziraphale, but some very nice phrasings and also beautiful. Loving. Nice little humor too.

The Buddhist Baths by Vaguely Downwards
Bored by everything, Aziraphale joins a Buddhist temple as Brother Ladybug. One day, when he goes to the baths, a snake is waiting for him. I've been on the receiving end of your righteous sword, angel, and it's not as pleasant as it sounds. Aww ... Several cute remarks, very nicely in character and in good tone with the book.

The Mummy

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Fun movies and with some interesting possibilities.

Another Time by BlackRose
Rick does not believe in past lives - but Ardeth does - and he remembers Rick from one of their past lives - and what they were to one another. If he did, would he remember the press of my thighs or the feel of my body as I gave to him, willingly, what I would have killed another man for even suggesting Poor man, I do hope things will work out for them eventually. I like the style in which this was written. A bit sad, but very potent. Short, but with good lines.

But Why Me? by Remo Con
WIP in which Jonathan picks up an artefact for Evie -and suddenly finds Imhotep on the outskirts of Cairo. Sadly, they don't speak the same language, so they have some difficulties, even if Imhotep perhaps doesn't want to eat Jonathan's spleen. In fact, when you thought you saw me threw that spear, which led to your inevitable defeat, you were actually hallucinating. Really." Interesting story that I would like to have read more of. Good voice for Jonathan. And Imhotep also seems interesting. Good humor. Several good sentences.

Ka, Akh, Ren by icarus_chained
Methos has had worse awakenings. Sure, they've already killed him once. Not to mention that they seem a bit hung up on mummies. Still. He's had far worse awakenings. A good cup of coffee is just the thing a body needs after some impromptu resurrection. Highlander meets The Mummy. Different types of Immortals, but they still go well together. Good voice for Evie. Nice dash of humor. I do like Evies attitude. Good on Methos banking on the British reacting to requests for good manners. Cool with Methos knowing of Imhotep. Interesting with the egyptian terms and how Methos apply them to himself.

Marks by Nanuk_dain
Jonathan is attracted to Ardeth Bey, even ten years after their first meeting. Little does he know that his feelings are answered, so to approach the Med-jai seems like a bad idea. Jonathan avoided looking at the Med-jai, not wanting to see his death sentence in those dark eyes just yet. Sweet story. Them sleeping together was really awww-worthy, as was Jonathan going with Ardeth out in the desert. Overall a nice read. Hot in parts too. I liked the ending - and the sequel was also a sweet read. Warming story.

The Mummy Survives by Katatonia
Just as Imhotep is about to die, Jonathan saves him. Imhotep is graceful and interested as to whether Jonathan has a wife or ... not ... Maybe it wasn't a matter of finding the right woman so much as finding the right person. Nice story.

The A-Team

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I don't Wanna Fall In Love With You by sweettsakuya
Hannibal falls in love with Face the first time he sees him, but Face has secrets and has been hurt before, badly. Will Hannibal be able to get his beloved to trust him? He craved the little accidental touches, and the smile he received for procuring those cigars always took his breath away. Warmly written, romantic story with a nice dose of angst. Strong emotions and love. Nice description of Face's abilities to get things. Poor Face.

Madness In The Spring by LucyToo
When Face meets Murdock he, at first, doesn't know what to make of him. Face provides men with things they want - but what Murdock wants is so different than from most others. And later on he intimates that one of the different things he wants might just be Face himself. How will Face react? "You gonna murder me for making a pass, Facey?" Good view on Face as well as Murdock - and BA too. Good voices for them. A bit dark with the torture bits, but war is not pretty. I liked Face in this one and his getting things for the men. Sweet with Murock getting himself Christmas pressies (well, been there ...). Very, very sweet about Billy, good touch.

Blood Ties

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Good books by an author I like - and I really liked the show, especially the dynamic between Fitzroy and Celluci. Sadly I haven't found many good stories.

Close Enough by Ellex
After Fitzroy drinks from Celluci, both are tired, especially Celluci. Vicki takes them both to Fitzroy's apartment, but then she leaves them sleeping while she gets food for Celluci. Fitzroy wakes first and watches Celluci sleep. When Celluci wakes up they starts to reach a truce - or even more. Running his own hands across Henry’s back, feeling muscles like steel cable sheathed in smooth, yielding flesh, he was once again struck by how easy it would be for the vampire to overpower him – but this time, the thought was almost titillating instead of frightening. Nice tension between the two men. Several good lines, hot sex. I would love to read more about them, while good in themselves these stories would have been a great start for a long series. Still nice reads. Well described emotions and sensations.

Meet The Council by BELOVEDbyWAR

Reason To Live by BELOVEDbyWAR
Mike gets suspended and depressed. Henry orders him to find a reason to live - so, Mike does: Henry. But a careless comment from Vicki nearly ruins everything. On top of this a tragic love story spanning the millennia and which might finally reach a resolution. By laying his head on his folded arm, he exposed his neck and those pulsing veins even more to the vampire’s gaze. Poor Mike. Hot and lovely between him and Henry. I greatly enjoyed the subplot between Augustus and Sandulf. Some very nice descriptions of especially Sandulf (but of others as well).

Second Chances by BELOVEDbyWAR
Mike is on a vacation when he unexpectedly runs into a gang of vampire hunters - and rescues their intended victim - Henry Fitzroy, ex Duke of Richmond. Afterwards, Henry needs blood ... Strong arms lifted him up and he found himself being cradled to the tall cop's broad chest, his head buried in Mike's neck, - hearing the man's heartbeat, feeling the blood running threw his veins – while the blond carried him out of the alley, Henry could not help himself and sniffed and nuzzled it, wanting nothing more, than to sink his fangs into the warm, pliant flesh. Nice fic with good feeling. Good interaction between the boys. I liked Mike playing the police car siren sound file. Several good details. Hot too.

Unintentional Attraction by BELOVEDbyWAR
Henry has a problem with women pursuing him. Celluci helps him by pretending to be his boyfriend. The acting gets a bit too realistic ... Big hands wandered up and down his back caressing him like he was something precious while that delicious mouth planted butterfly kisses down his jaw, only to finally dive down to suck at his throat. The setup made me smile. Poor Mike ... I do hope it works out for them. Some hot scenes. I hope for more parts of this story, as it ended with a bit of a cliffhanger.


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I love Dexter, he's great. I prefer the TV show to the books, though. As I mostly read slash I haven't found many good stories, considering Dexter's limitations and, well, the slashes tend to be rather bloody around him ... I would love to find good stories with him and Quinn.


Bone Yard by xzombiexkittenx
Crossover HannibalXDexter. The Bay Harbor Butcher's victims are found. FBI sends Jack Crowford and his team to negotiate. Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter comes with them. Dexter finds Will's ability to read him a bit creepy. And there's something strange about Doctor Lecter ... Then whatever humanity there was in Lecter’s face begins to fade away and Dexter feels like he’s staring into the face of his own Dark Passenger. Nice idea for a crossover. I hope for more in the series eventually. Heh for the doctor who doesn't know Hannibal isn't one too. Good voice for Dexter. And heh also for Dexter using Doakes to see if he thinks something's weird with Hannibal.

Promises on a Silver Wind by amosanguis
Brian agrees to follow Harry's code. He and Dexter kills together. And to kill together isn't the only thing the brothers do together. Eventually, Debs finds out. Debra doesn't know which is worse. Finding out that (a) her brother is gay, (b) said brother is fucking her boyfriend, (c) said boyfriend just so happens to be her brother's brother, or, (d) they're both serial killers. While this story diverges from canon it does so in a very true fashion. I could have easily seen Brian join Dexter instead of what happened. Maybe they wouldn't have brought incest into the play, but the rest I could really see. Poor Debs. Lovely darkness, well written in a nice flow that seems believable. Several nice lines for such a short story. I would love to read more in this universe. Dark, but then, it's Dexter. Good dynamic between the brothers.


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The Wedding Night by Bad Faery
Melchett marries "Georgina". And then what ...? Maybe the General would kiss him again before he shot him. I hesitated when I saw the pairing, but the fic was quite lovely. Actual moments of awww ... Angsty too.

Artemis Fowl

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Don't Underestimate Me! by Turin resurrected
WIP. Artemis has a higher IQ than Einstein. However, he's not yet one year old and he can't talk or make the adults see that he wants better books and people to treat him like he's not stupid. The nannies can't handle him, so his Butler is sent for well in advance. But will even Butler manage to deal with Artemis? If Artemis and he were to be together – till death do them part – yeah, sounds creepy, but that's how it is – Artemis must learn not to sabotage him! Sweet story that I really enjoyed. Highly amusing. I liked the POVs both from Butler and Artemis and I would have liked to read more in this universe, but it sadly seems abandoned. Good humor. Poor Butler. And awww for how sweet Artemis is with dear Teddy.

Mine by Kelly Holden
All his life, he had belonged to him. As simple as that. "He is mine now, my lover, mine alone." There are not many stories out there of this pairing - and fewer still that are good. Clever writing on the author's part, a hint on non-con in the air, interesting, though highly believable twist in the end. Well done for such a short story.

Out of Sight, out of mind by Mottlemoth
Artemis is rendered blind in a car accident, which also kills his parents. Butler cares for him in the hospital and later at home. But there's a complication. Artemis has a huge crush on Butler - and he's very scared that Butler will find out. Also, Butler is realising that he has very strong feelings for Artemis. When Butler leaves Artemis alone for a bit to come to terms with his feelings, Artemis gets hurt. So Butler leaves. Artemis does not take well to being left. Heterosexual intercourse suddenly seemed like a poor substitute for Domovoi. Nice fic with an interesting premis and plenty of nice details and development. Good angst, nice feelings and hot sex too. Good descriptions of feelings (both good and bad). Good use of all senses. Several bits that are aww-worthy. I also enjoyed the story about Dmitri och Oliver, very sweet and good resolution. Lovely entrance of Artemis on his return.


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A Day Gone Wrong by Lady Jane
Tony loves Gibbs. But when Ziva hosts a dinner party for everyone, not inviting Tony - and no one cares, not even Gibbs, Tony knows it is time to leave. But what is really going on? That little tidbit he'd kept to himself all these years, knowing Gibbs would can him if he even suspected he was the object of his senior agent's desire. Sweet story, with feeling, but also a bit of humor.

A Greater Gift than Love by Terizia Glenn
Tony has a really shitty day and then he gets the ultimate proof of Gibb's love ... Because he knew without a doubt, totally, unquestionably, indubitably that Gibbs - Jethro - loved him more than life itself. Funny and Awww ... Makes me smile.

Angel of Death by ksl
As Gibbs watches over Tony as Tony recovers from Y Pestis, Tony has an unexpected visitor - Sam - a death angel. It turns out that Sam and Tony has met many times before and are good friends. "You can't have him," Gibbs hissed, eyes narrowed in importent anger, determined to do the impossible. Nice building of relationship, but I also find the idea of the death angel and his friendship with Tony both intriguing and inspiring.

Anonymity by James
Tony has a habit of getting men to tie him up and fuck him. This has gotten him into trouble at previous work places. When Gibbs comes to confront him about it, Tony's sure his time at the NCIS has come to an end. But what is Gibbs really angry about? For a brief moment he thought he should have tried to beg for his job. Lovely bit of angst when Gibbs confronts him, I really like that. Nice twist, hot, interesting, but a bit of sweet too.

Awakening by The Tenth Muse1
After camping alone for several days, Tony returns home a changed man - a very sensitive one ... Gibbs take care of him, with some help from an ex army ranger with an anthropology sidekick. And if that really was a preview of hell, then he was damned sure going to Mass on Sunday and bringing Gibbs with him. Cute. All fandoms need a crossover like this to the Sentinel. Interesting idea, I've let it (partly) inspire me to one of my own stories. Aww for Tony trying to protect "his" guide from strange sentinels.

Good Boy by copperbadge
Tony is a serial killer - and Gibbs knows. He never takes souvenirs, already aware he's going to be a cop. Interesting story, thoughtworthy. Partly inspired me to one of my own drabbles.

Macavity by Lady Ra
Tony will soon be 40 when he starts receiving strange phone calls, warning him. He spends the evening before his birthday in Gibb's house. Then it's his birthday - and he's bit by a rat. Suddenly he can understand and command rats. And then he's scratched by a hawk - and he can understand and command hawks. Follows cats, wasps, owls, bats and so on and so forth. But as Tony's power grows, it also grows more difficult to keep secret, and many sees his power as something that can be used - for good or for evil. One of the forces of good is SHIELD with Coulson sending Barton to find out more. The cat wasn't much for talking or apologizing, but Tony did get a strong sense of the cat being very sure that he was Tony's consigliore, standing loyal and ready to kill anyone who looked at Tony the wrong way. One of the most original, interesting stories I've read in a long time. Nice crossover with two strong couples, heaps of great OCs and lots of lovely details. A universe I would love to read more in and some threads that would be neat to know more about - where does the power come from, who made the initial calls, the getting younger bit, etceteras. Interesting with the main characters not yet in a relationship when the story starts, but so very intimate with one another, dancing and so on. Very nice interaction between the main characters as well as between them and the animals. Nice humor. I love all the animals, great personalities all around, so much warmth and love. Cute with the changing rules to allow Gibbs, later Barton and others, to participate in the miracle. I'd been recced Coulson/Barton prior to reading this and this was the push I needed, I've now read huge amounts and love them! Baloo is lovely - everyone should get bear hugs. And I do like Moth and Beetle - so cute with Barton admiring Beetle. Sad about the aunt. The rescue mission at the end was really cool, good use of everyone and Tony's powers. Macavity and the mobster system also made me smile. Neat with the tattoo. Heh for Baloo and Raksha trying to knock treed Barton down and his call to Coulson to let him know was great.


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Nice show that I used to read a lot in a couple of years ago and keep meaning to get back to, now that it is finished. Alas, so many shows, so little time.


Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Merlin!

A Banquet To Remember by Fortassetu

A Different Kind of Release by songbird's Besk
The castle residents are happy that Arthur and Merlin finally got together. They're a little less pleased when Merlin's magic goes havoc when he and Arthur is intimate. So they approach Arthur with the problem. Will he be able to do anything? While all of us are quite glad that you and Master Merlin have finally realised your feelings for one another, we've noticed that when you two are being…well, intimate, things levitate. Amusing. Nicely written. The end especially made me smile.

All The Laughter From Before by waldorph
Merlin uses magic to save Arthur's life - and Uther has him summarily executed. With Merlin dead, things in Camelot gets very, very different. Uther might very well come to doubt his action. But what really happened that day? Finally, ageless moments later, Arthur shimmers green and Merlin sparkels gold and then he steps back and his lips quirk inappropriately and he says, "Well, if I'm going to die, I might as well save you one last time." Strong, very thoughtworthy story. Very interesting look of Camelot after what happened. Vivid and realistic. Interesting development. Sad in parts, of course, but well worth it. Great end, leaves on a good note despite the death theme. Me likes.

Am Prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich by Kaz
Arthur and Merlin are captured by bandits and in the process Merlin's magic is revealed. Now what will Arthur do? "Could you possibly stop shouting at me for just a moment and tell me whether you're going to have me executed or not?" Cute story. Shows emotions very well. I enjoyed Arthur's disbelief, but also Merlin's fright was interesting. Nice lined, well formulated, a good read.

An Age Old Fandom Cliche by Chudley Canons
Merlin gives Arthur a love potion. Accidentally ... And as he's the first one Arthur sees, Arthur falls in love with him. And starts following him around, writing poetry and trying to kiss him ... What's Merlin to do ...? Merlin had done a number of stupid things in his time but giving Arthur a love potion was perhaps the stupidest of them all. Amusing. Nice resolution to this. Good dash of angst. Heh for the poetry thing, poor Merlin. Good feelings.

And Eyes Without Speaking Confess by BlackEyedGirl
Five short stories in which the secret is revealed (or isn't). Uthor finds out about Merlin's magic, Gwen does, Arthur at different times - all with different outcomes. He knows that modesty is a virtue, but he has wanted so long to show someone else what he can do. I liked several of the stories, ranging from sad to potent to amusing to thought-worthy.

Bath Time by Faramirlover
Arthur accidentally orders Merlin to have sex with him. Merlin's reaction isn't really enthusiastic. Why not? It was only when Merlin stood up that Arthur realised that Merlin hadn't kissed him back. Nice story, short, but sweet. Logical.

Before the Morning Watch One Vision and Five Futures by Deastar
Morgana dreams that she will have a child, from which follows five separate stories in each of which a different man is the father and different paths follows. "I have given my body to men for money," she exhales in a rush, and without her consent a tear slips out of her eye and down her cheek. He trembles against her, and just as she is about to turn away and forget this as a foolish thing, he breathes out, shuddering, "So have I." The different stories are all interesting, but my particular favorite is the story with Lancelot, two broken people working together, helping each other and moving towards their destiny. That story worked very well for me, I like the angst and the strengths and the weakness. Good ending too. Several good lines overall, though, and I liked the others too, especially the Merlin one.

Destiny and Lying Dragons by Ramasi
Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic. He doesn't react too badly - in fact, he seems to have a thing for it. I'm going to have the ban on magic lifted because the new king gets off on the way my eyes change colour when I do magic. Nice touch of emotion and uncertainty on Merlin's part as to what Arthur will do. I wasn't quite sure of the order of the stories, but together they tell a nice tale.

Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock
Modern day AU. Arthur is the prince of Wales. He visits a hospital and encounters Merlin, who works there. They keep meeting up and one thing leads to another. But what will the world say if the paparazzi finds out that the prince of Wales has a male lover and what will that do to Arthur and Merlin's relationship? Leaning heavily against a wall, Arthur said in between catching his breath, "This may surprise you, Merlin, but the monarchy doesn't actually keep a pack of trained rape dogs." Interesting premis. Nice story too. I like the interaction between the characters, the nearness, but also the humor. Several good lines. Especially the rape dog comment made me smile. Nicely written.

Five Things that Never Happened by BloodredCrimsonhands
Five times Arthur told Merlin that something didn't happen. Some of them are somewhat intimate in nature. One ... isn't. Arthur is not too surprised to wake up and find himself naked and entwined with his equally naked manservant. Very cute. Made me smile. The last one is nicely set off against the other ones.

In Soggy Slippers And Bathrobe He's Crowned by Emrysmile
When Arthur is taken to Avalon, Merlin finds a way to wait for him. Current time, Arthur, six years, goes out in the forest and finds a strange rock, with a sword on top. He can't pull the sword, but the rock likes him. Arthur visited every day without fail for almost eight years, bringing homework – which always seemed to grade well now - to complete upon his boulder, chatted vaguely about girls he liked until he noticed the rock turned cold when he did so he stopped. I found the image of Merlin waiting for Arthur like this powerful and the reaction of the rock moving. Good images with a nice ending. What they did in the series end was interesting, but something like this would have worked for me too. Good use of Morgana. Cute with the woods protecting Arthur.

In Turning We Come Right Around by Janne_d
Arthur is magically turned into a woman. He and Merlin has to hide this, as Arthur will otherwise be disowned as crown prince - and possibly married off. As a complication, Merlin is attracted to Arthur. "Did you do this to me?" Arthur bit out, finally turning with a set, cold expression on his face. Interesting story. Very hot in part, nice ending.

Love Potion No_9 - or - A Midsummer Night's Dream in Camelot by rubberbutton
Merlin makes a kind of love potion, which makes people fall in love with the first person they see. Unfortunatelly, Morgana accidentally drinks it. And Merlin is the first she sees. And then Arthur also expresses feelings for Merlin ... You've already said you don't return my affections, though kissing me seems to be a colossal case of mixed signals. Classic set-up, but one I never get tired of. Awww ... Nice with a satisfying resolve. I like how things came about too and I can really see Merlin getting into this mess.

Merlin!Merlin Verse by firewolfsg
Merlin is transformed into a merlin. In this shape he stays in Camelot with Arthur and has adventures, such as learning how to fly - and, which proves much harder, land. Geese, rabbits and cats. And Arthur, supportive, if a bit exaspirated at times. Honestly, Arthur swore Merlin was really the most incompetent bird alive to be afraid of heights. Aww ... Sweet series, one of those that makes you smile all through reading. Very cute idea, nicely developed. Makes me want more. Several funny scenes. I really like the interaction between Arthur and Merlin, but I also liked Uther in this one. More would be great, but it works very well as it is, too. Nice use of the dragon. Preslash.

Not A Word by astolat
Merlin had warned Arthur about the goblins, but Arther hadn't believed in goblins. Now the goblins have Arthur captive and demand help to deal with a witch who has cursed their children. Not from Arthur, though. From Merlin, who they apparently think is some sort of wizard ... The goblins all looked fairly unhappy about it too; they clearly preferred their own marvelous idea that Merlin was a great sorcerer who’d wave his hand and turn all their children back in an instant. Cute, amusing fic that made me smile. Interesting voices for the goblins. Good descriptions. Poor Merlin, not easy for him.

Off The Beaten Path by Natala
Merlin leaves Camelot, to stop attracting magical danger to Arthur (among other things). 372 days later, Morgana leaves to find him and Mordred. Eventually Lancelot joins their little community - now only Arthur and Gwen are missing. But the group knows they must, eventually, return to Camelot - where a great mystery is about to be unravelled. What had protected their home, where Arthur had not been, would only be a shadow in comparison to the strength Merlin would put in to protecting Camelot. I like very much the bond created between the group away from Camelot. Especially how Lancelot became part of it. Loyalty is important to me. Also how feared Merlin is, when Arthur is threathened. Several good lines. Good ending, I like how things tied together.

Personal Property of the Court Magician by Phoenix G Fawkes
Arthur is king, with Merlin as his Court Magician. As the Court Magician Merlin doesn't have time to work as Arthur's manservant as well. So another manservant is hired. Only, the new one seems much too interested in Arthur for Merlin's liking. One day Merlin walks in on the new servant giving Arthur a massage - and enough must be enough. And Merlin might’ve been the worst manservant ever in the history of Camelot (Arthur assured him that Geoffrey of Monmouth had stated so in his chronicles) but even he is aware that performing your duties with a hard-on, making no attempt whatsoever to conceal it, can’t be part of the proper protocol of royal service. Cute story with a nice dash of humor. I liked the end. Interesting take on the loss of Uther in the beginning. Nice description of Arthur with his hair in the sunlight.

Seven Magpies by syllic
Arthur is magicked into a different version of Camelot. One ruled by Queen Hunith and Prince Merlin. Here, Arthur is the man servant - thought things aren't even that simple. Now what will he do? Oh bloody hell, Arthur spared some panic to think, because what if in this Camelot, where Merlin was probably accustomed to getting whatever he wanted (as well he should be), what he wanted was Arthur? Interesting comparison story between the different possibilities. Also a nice read, any nice details to keep up the interest. Nice ending. The other Camelot would also have made an interesting show.

So Merlin Emrys, Here Is Your Holiday by crazyboutremmy
Merlin is reborn in modern time, for a holiday away from Avalon. As things were rather good for him and Arthur in Avalon, Merlin is not happy about this. Then he's made to go to the school he helped found, Hogwarts. Where a surprise waits. Needless to say, they weren't expecting to be called into Hogwarts by Albus Dumbledore to be told that Mrs Burton was carrying Merlin, father of Magic. A fun romp. Interesting idea and I wish I found more nice Merlin/HP crossovers. The idea just made me smile. Sweet story too, with Merlin and Arthur and their difficulties to be together due to their new ages. More would be fun. The second part was also cute.

The Beltane Cycle by astolat
When twelve sorcerors attack Arthur, Merlin is forced to reveal his powers - and Uther promptly orders his execution. Arthur saves him - but now both they and Arthur's men are banished from Camelot. What will they do? And then all twelve sorcerors raised their hands and blasted at him across the hall, huge red-golden leaping arcs of flame, and their light glowed yellow on Merlin's face and in his eyes as he raised a hand and all the fire spilled away from him like a river parted by a stone. I liked the part of the plot with Herne. If the story continues I hope for more of that angle. I was always a tiny bit disappointed that they went with the dragon angle in the show. Lovely voice for Herne, I liked the effects described. My favorite stories of Merlin has him far superior to all the other magicians and this was a nice example of that. Also a nice dash of humor. I really liked Merlin's accidental audio scrying. Nice emotion.

The Crown Of The Summer Court by Astolat
The king of the elves is dead - and the elves want to use Camelot as an arena to find their new king. Camelot - as there lives the natural born son of the old king - the half-human Emrys, known as Merlin. Arthur volunteers as Merlin's champion (not knowing what this significates) and together they try to win the crown (not that Melin actually wants to be king). In the process Merlin must use his magic and this has an unexpected result. "And you'll be my king?" Arthur said, meaning to sound skeptical about it; but privately he felt a deep, possessive satisfaction in the thought: Merlin always by his side, in any kingdom, in any world and time. The first Merlin story I was recommended and still one of the best I've read, my favourite. Interesting plot, nice answer to the question of Merlin's father. Lots of great lines, nice humor, a little angst, hot sex with a hint of non-con (to start with). All in all a very enjoyable read. Good ending, nice twist. The mythology works well too.

The Route to Advancement by magog_83
Percy is a knight of Camelot - unfortunatelly, Arthur doesn't even remember his real name. In desperation, Percy turns to someone close to Arthur - Merlin. Merlin realises that something must be done. Percy had barely managed a tentative 'your highness?' before Merlin strode across to the bed, yanked the covers back and hissed "Arthur! Get up!" in tones reminiscent of Percy's Great Aunt Ethelberta. A warm, funny story. I like Percy and his interaction with Merlin and Arthur, his troubles at court and what goes on with his family. I especially enjoyed the Midnight Quest and the end. I like Arthur in this series too - and Merlin.

The Second Time Around by Eos Rose
Uther finds out of Merlin's magic - and has him executed. At the same time he dies, Myrddin is born. Five years old, Myrddin sees the new king of the land for the first time - and thinks he looks exactly the same. At age seven, Myrddin moves to Camelot - and comes home. Something in him reaches out - yearning, seeking, pleading-- and he exhales with an astonished whimper when something reaches back, beckoning and rich with promise. Awww! Lovely! Sad, of course, in a way, but oh so very sweet too! Moving story, well written. I think it works well on its own, but I certainly wouldn't mind more in this story. However, in my mind I can see a happy ending that makes me glad. Cute, a little humor too, nice ending, a good read.

The Student Prince by FayJay
Modern day AU. Merlin (named after the Arthurian wizard when his mother Hunith saw him do magic), gets a scholarship at the University of St. Andrews. He's thrilled to find that the crown prince of England, Arthur Pendragon, who he has had a crush on forever, also will go to St. Andrews. When he arrives, though, he's rather shocked to find out that the crown prince is his new roomie. And part of the scholarship is to guard Arthur from magical dangers. And he was still sitting there alone, staring miserably out to sea, red-eyed and snot-nosed, when the kraken showed up to try and comfort him. Long, highly enjoyable story. Interesting, with a genuine feel. I like the use of the dragon. Modern setting works well. Warm descriptions of the cast of characters. I like how Merlin's enormous powers are shown.

The Tower by astolat
Arthur returns to Camelot to find that Uther ordered Gaius tortured to reveal the sorceror's whereabouts - and, in retaliation, the sorceror freed Gaius, caused havoc and raised a tower of fear in Camelot. He also finds out that the sorceror is Merlin ... "No one will ever take you from me, no one will ever rescue you; you'll be mine, always, Arthur, always-- Sad about Gaius, but the rest I like. I think how potentially dangerous Merlin could be is one of the most interesting parts of the show.

The Trouble With Being An Idiot by Allemande
When Merlin is greeted as the greatest warlock of our time, he might be flattered, but the timing isn't really the best, as Merlin's with Arthur and Merlin haven't yet told Arthur about his magic ... How will Arthur react and where will this leave them? “The greatest warlock of our time,” said Arthur, and there was something dangerous in his voice. Cute story that made me smile. Nice little hint of uncertainty in how Arthur will react. Good feeling later. Heh for the seven-legged dog (or fish).

Tread the Precipice by AshtakRa
Arthur is shot in the chest. Merlin performs magic to take his place. He survives - but not without consequences. First of all, the magic took place right in front of Uther, who will not tolerate magic even if it just saved his son's life. The magic also seems to have blended Arthur and Merlin's fates, giving Arthur some of Merlin's magic -and Merlin some of Arthur's ability to lead men. Now what? This time her laugh was higher, it echoed in the room and made something in Jarrod's chest tighten – he hoped it was the beginning of love and not a sense of impending doom. Interesting story with a fresh plot, well executed. Nice dash of humor too. Jarrod was a nice addition and I liked the subplot with him and the dragon. I like Morgana in this one. Interesting what happened to Gwen. Nice with the little inserts of gossip. I also liked seeing Lancelot. Possibly Merlin and Arthur used him a bit badly - but very hot and he didn't seem to mind too much.

Treason to Us by Janne_d
Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic - and he does not react well. He can't bring himself to turn Merlin in, but he no longer trusts Merlin. Merlin is devastated and Arthur's not happy either. "I won't ever leave willingly," Merlin went on in a desperate casual voice, "and if someone tries to make me, they'd better bring an army." I like the way the emotions are shown in this story. And the basic idea as well - even if we know Merlin, from Arthur's POV it does make a lot of sense to be suspicious in such a situation, at least initially. Several awww-moments, lovely angst and I like the ending.

Doctor Horrible

Disclaimer and information

Lovely show, I'm always amused when I watch it.

Bringing the Walls Down by entanglednow
The world is ending. Or something. Ghosts, creepies, demons. Luckily, the world does not only have two heroes on its side - it also has a super villain. The Winchester brothers team up with Dr Horrible (or, mostly, Billy) to save the world. In a crunch, Dr Horrible is rather good to have on your side. "I could build a nuclear bomb," Billy told them absently, over the edge of his burger. Awww ... Beautiful crossover. Works very well. Very nicely written too, very many good lines. I especially like Billy in this one, showing all his good sides - and his needy, shy, geeky sides among them. Also the brothers, though, in how they treat him. I love the help he gives them, eager to please and help. Nice threesome. I would love to read more in this universe - just the idea of the three of them maybe running into Captain Hammer or something really makes me happy. But the story in itself is very self-contained and works well, nothing missing per se. Well done.

Echoes In A Lonely World by etothepii
Captain Hammer messes up yet another of Doctor Horrible's plans. This time involving Empathy Goo. And both of them gets the goo on them. Soon they start to share sensations. Some unexpected truths are revealed. And how is that whole ELE thing working our for the Doctor anyway? If he really wants to change the world, he thinks, he's going to have to crush the ELE beneath his boots first. Nicely written, several good surprises to keep it interesting. Both guys well in character, yet showing more of themselves, well done. Cute detail of having to tell his doctor no one is abusing him - awww. Amusing, without getting silly. A few nice hints of angst. I liked the ending.

On The Practical Application of Rays by Gixi
In order to find a weakness of Captain Hammer, Dr Horrible build a Desire Ray. However, Captain Hammer's desire turns out to be something unexpected. What if, as was frighteningly likely, Hammer's greatest desire was himself? Funny, cute little story and I could well see this happening. Poor Doctor ... Well in character.

Playing With Personas by Lokifan
Both Captain Hammer and Dr Horrible has something that the other would like to try out. Billy closed his eyes, and reminded himself that Captain Hammer's sex noises were worth his whines whenever there wasn't enough evil in the world to keep him entertained. Cute story, it made me smile.

Shrink Rays by Corona
Captain Hammer messes up on of the Doctor's plans - again. This time they both end up shrunk to 3 inches. Which makes everything into an adventure and they have to rely on one another in a world of giants. Maybe this will also give both of them something to consider. Last week you cracked three of my ribs, I'm not going to let you kiss me again. I like the set-up, nice little (pardon the pun) adventure. Nicely in character, aww-worthy. Interesting backstory with the Captain "abandoned" by his mother. I liked the ending too.

Eastern Promises

Disclaimer and information

Strong movie, surprisingly moving.

Divided by Ribby
In his line of work, Nikolai has to be able to assume many faces - sometimes the different aspects of himself even feels differently about certain things - such as Kirill. Nikolai knows that someday, likely soon, Kirill would ask of him what Kolya could (and would gladly) do, but Nikolai could not ... and he would have to choose. Poignant story, very interesting. Normally I prefer long stories, but for the subject matter the length is very suitable (although I, of course, would have loved to read more). Nikolai does have a tough job and the mixed feelings are described here very well and believable. Well done.

Hesitate by Raspberry_flan
In the night Kirill comes to Nikolai's room and crawls into his bed. How will Nikolai react? His father wasn’t here, his opinions didn’t matter anymore, he had Nikolai, the only thing he needed was Nikolai. Well written, good emotions. Good descriptions and good handling of the sex too. I would have liked a bit more on Nikolai's POV, though it's not necessary - I mostly want a bit more.


Disclaimer and information

One of my favourite shows, really great. Eliot is my favourite character, sadly I can't really, truly see him with either Alec or Nate, so while I've read and liked some, I've never really dove into this fandom.


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As You Wish by Telesilla
Alec tells Eliot his secret - he's not actually human. He's a genie and when Eliot asks for a wish, he gets his wish - or at least what he really wants. Elliot gave what he was sure was a pretty high pitched shriek, but he thought he could be forgiven seeing as he was suddenly stretched out and tied to a bed. Fun story. I would have loved a longer version of it too, but it works very well as it is. Interesting idea - and I do enjoy stories when a character turns out to be different from what he is seen on screen (as long as it is done believably, of course, but this story works for me). Very nice twist at the end.

Consultancy Arrangement by BlackEyedGirl
The stargate team borrows/recruites/kidnaps Alec, needing his tech skills. Only, he was working a job at the time - and Eliot does not take lightly to his man being taken. Under normal circumstances, Alec would object to the whole 'kidnapped by the military in the middle of the night' situation. Cute story! I really enjoyed the way Alec kept trying to warn them of Eliot coming. I really do have a weak spot for superman Eliot. Heh, and, of course, "out of harm's way" is "behind Eliot", that made me smile.

How To Seduce Your Geek by James
Alec gets a call from Eliot, in need of technical assistance. With a tube set and a VCR ... Later, he gets another call ... and starts to suspect things. Eliot just stood there, waiting for Alec to wind down, then he gestured towards the ancient television set and its enormous and equally ancient VCR. Cute, with this little "game" between them. And I really have a soft spot for Eliot cooking. Nice humor and I liked the ending.

I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (And I Just Don't Get Any Respect) by fiercelydreamed
The Leverage Team kidnaps Neal of White Collar, as they need help with a job. Of course, Peter is on the trail - and he's got El with him. "... Except for Sterling," Alec hears himself say, and then winces and thinks, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z as Nate turns to glare at him. Alec's POV is very amusing. Nice blend between the fandoms. Even blend too, much too often a crossover gets uneven, as one fandom is concentrated on, at the cost of the other, but this one felt very "fair" to both. Several nice lines, very amusing and a nice read. One of those stories I'd love to read more in, though it stands well on its own. Nice use of El. Crossover The Leverage/White Collar.

Leveraged Interference by nirejseki
Crossover Leverage/The Flash. Mick Rory is on a cooking forum when he gets into an argument with Eliot Spencer. They become friends. Later, when the other Legends treat Mick rather badly after Len's death, the Leverage team comes to the rescue - undercover as a hero with support. All in all, the whole lot of them only manage to get Supergirl down three times over the course of three hours, and one of those times involves Parker using Mick as a jumping-off point – he hoists her up perfectly, as if they’ve practiced it – and snagging Kara in a blanket while shouting “it’s vintage!” so that Kara feels too bad to rip it open with her powers. Amusing serie with good feeling. Nice details. Awww for Alec seeing Mick and Len with his Nana and the cookbooks. Also heh for Eliot asking Mick if he's in Cardiff when he talks about the time travelling spaceship. Yay for Dinosaur BBQ! Eliot's a great with panic attacks. Good voice for especially Mick. Really good with the Leverage Team showing the Legends their behavior. Heh for Mick and Len kidnapping an expert in pyromania.

Loser/Leverage Xover Verse by emocezi
The Leverage team is relaxing at the pub, when someone suddenly grabs Elliot from behind. Not a good idea ... Not even if you are Jake Jensen of the Losers. You broke my nose and you won't give me apology cuddles. I love crossovers and just the idea of The Losers (my favorite movie) and Leverage (one of my favorite TV shows) had me smiling. The title of the first work in the series promised - and the story delivered. I was a bit worried at first by the title that it would be Leverage-centric, at the cost of The Losers, as many crossovers tend to favor one fandom above the other, but this was very nice! Aww ... I can so vividly see what happens, it "works", poor Jensen ... Both well in character, I smiled through most of the story, good ending too. Great.

Parker's Surprise by Zvi
Parker tells Alec that she doesn't want to have sex with him, as she doesn't like having things inserted in her body. Well, Alec understands - neither does he. Luckily, Parker knows that Eliot does. Instead he says, with a great deal of complete fake calm, "Does Eliot have sex with men?" I could see the whole conversation very well - and especially Parker is very believable. I like Alec's reaction to Parker's revelation a lot. Nice ending as well.

The Way To A Man's Heart by merle_p
Five scenes in which Eliot and Alec gets closer, all involving Eliot cooking for Alec (or at least Alec eating what Eliot has made). Are you trying to tell me that you are too macho to make a cake? I love that Eliot cooks, I only wish they'd use it more in the show. When it is used in stories it also makes me happy. This story uses it very well in each scene, binding the parts together without being too obvious about it. I like Eliot's breaking-in-and-cooking. Overall the story was amusing to read, nice humor (without being too much), it really works well. Well done.

Working Without A Net by faceofcathy
Parker and Eliot keeps showing up in Alec's apartment. Parker leaves, but one night Eliot stays, at least for a bit. The third time, Eliot had stood up and, instead of leaving, knelt between Alec's wide-spread legs and said, "You pull the hair, I'll bite it off." Nicely written. Hot, yet with humor. Both well in character. A smooth, nice read. I like the details of Alec's place too. And a good ending.


Disclaimer and information

Fun show, nice to watch, sometimes I'm not really happy with what happens, but amusement. I haven't really hunted for stories in the fandom, but have been recommended a few good ones.

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Bringing the Walls Down by entanglednow
The world is ending. Or something. Ghosts, creepies, demons. Luckily, the world does not only have two heroes on its side - it also has a super villain. The Winchester brothers team up with Dr Horrible (or, mostly, Billy) to save the world. In a crunch, Dr Horrible is rather good to have on your side. "I could build a nuclear bomb," Billy told them absently, over the edge of his burger. Awww ... Beautiful crossover. Works very well. Very nicely written too, very many good lines. I especially like Billy in this one, showing all his good sides - and his needy, shy, geeky sides among them. Also the brothers, though, in how they treat him. I love the help he gives them, eager to please and help. Nice threesome. I would love to read more in this universe - just the idea of the three of them maybe running into Captain Hammer or something really makes me happy. But the story in itself is very self-contained and works well, nothing missing per se. Well done.

Kings and Queens and Jokers, too by astolat
Sam and Dean finally kills the Joker and all is well. Apart from the strange looks and comments they're getting. Which they don't understand until a visit to Bobby reveals the truth: they've been behaving like newly weds the entire time. Maybe that Joker wasn't as dead as they thought ... So apparently what'd been missing from their lives was incest, and Dean really hadn't needed to know that, especially when in six days, fourteen hours, and twenty-three minutes, they were going to get rid of the damn curse and it was going to go missing again. Humorous, yet with a plot underneath. A nice, fun read and I like the ending. Nice little angst in there too.

Leader of the Pack by Astolat
Dean's time is up and the demon comes to claim him. Only Sam think he has a claim too, even if he has to use dark powers to press the matter. In the process Dean and Sam acquires six pets in the form of Hellhounds. Dean doesn't realise this, however, until he makes a new deal and things get complicated. Sam's hands uncurled, and he swung his leg out, moving stiff and slow as an old man, but when he set his foot down on the ground, it was like the whole sky got darker, and the earth trembled a little—not like a quake, just cringing away. Enjoyable story. I always like a hint of dark Sam or at least powerful Sam and this was very nice. I love the Hell Hounds and the clever use of them. I like the action sequences in the story, the hints of angst and the interesting sex scene. Good use of Bela. Nice ending. One of those stories I would like to read more in the same universe.

Me And The Devil Blues by britomart-is
Long after that Dean died and went to hell, Sam travels the country, still hunting. He no longer gets two beds at the motels. However, that doesn't mean he's alone. Sam is never, ever alone. Dean is always with him. It's not ideal, but it's all they have. Bobby looks like someone's just died, and Sam supposes it's close enough since he's more or less dead, but Dean keeps his heart beating, holds him together, and that's what Dean's always done. Highly interesting plot with strong theme. A bit sad, but potent and intimate. Almost romantic in a strange way. Good continuation as well. Nice when Bobby works with them later.

More Than Meets The Eye by astolat
Dean and Sam gets into a different fight than their usual one - one involving machines. Giant robots able to transform into cars and the like. Something strange, yet wonderful, happens to the Impala. The engine coughed twice, made one long rumbling, throat-clearing noise, and then the car said, "It's all right, Dean, I'm fine." Awww. Cute. Neat idea overall. Interesting way of getting the boys together too, made me smile.

Old Country by Astolat
Sam and Dean are contacted by a lawyer. A relative of theirs has died and the next in line to inherit is Dean (he's the new Lord Taversham). Only the contact is made by way of owl ... And things get stranger and stranger from there, until they find themselves in England and in need of a magical degree. So, they go to Hogwarts. Well, Dean isn't all that keen, but Sam needs the knowledge, because the crossroad demon still has a claim on Dean's soul - and the clock is ticking. He didn't really believe in it, that somebody could love him like that, not even with the bruises to show for it; but he'd believed it last night, for a little while. Interesting plot, well executed. I really enjoyed the parts with Dean and the Goblins, also Dean with his Hufflepuffs, lots of good-feelings there. The Sam/Dean part is hot, with angst, obsession, maybe even (at least at to start) a hint on non-con. Slightly uneven as a crossover, as it favors Supernatural clearly, but as I do agree with that Hogwart school system is not very fair sometimes, I did enjoy that too.

Road to Shambala by Astolat
Sam and Dean gets a a bit tipsy. When they wake up the next morning they realise they've had sex. They push it aside, but other emotions also runs high and eventually things must come to a head. He sounded so goddamn desperate, so goddamn broken, that by the time he was pushing Dean back down into the pillows again, Dean was just grateful for a way to make him stop talking, for a way to make it better, and he opened his mouth and tightened his hands into Sam's hair and let Sam have anything he wanted, everything he wanted, everything Dean had to give. Lovely angst, several great quotes. Complex story as it plays on different emotions, but well done. I like the way Dean wants to keep Sam, yet knowing he "should" let him go - and Sam having similar thoughts in reverse. I do like when Sam has powers, also protective Dean, yet Sam being the aggressor in their relationship. So, overall, nicely written story, works well for me.

Sumer Is Icumen by Astolat
A curse and a lengthy stay at a hospital afterwards, Sam and Dean are given a shocking truth. Sam is not blood-related to the Winchesters. He's likely some type of changeling. Either that or he's the reason the yellow-eyed demon targeted the Winchesters and destroyed Dean's life. Now what? Sam kept looking over at him, quick desperate glances not long enough to turn into a request, waiting for Dean to break the silence like a prisoner waiting for his sentence. Lovely angst and a very interesting story premise. Sam's reaction of letting Dean do whatever he wants as he feels he owes him really spoke to me. Lovely resolve in the end, very logical and works very well.

the accursed by tigriswolf
The Winchester brothers are serial killers. Well, Sam's the one fascinated with death. Dean's more fascinated with Sam. They kill all over the states. In a building full of America's most dangerous men, the Winchester brothers are in a class all their own, and that terrifies the warden. AUs of this type if really interesting. I liked this one. Nice with the frame story of the prison. Nicely contained. Good touch with the demon and his view of Dean. Also of the dark.

Under Hill by Astolat
Faeries steal Sam and Dean's memory of who they are. Based on that they share a one-bed hotel room, they draw the wrong conclusion of their relationship. Then the faeries offer them a deal on how to get their memories back. Sick and fucked and wrong, and more right than anything he'd ever had in his life, and he was never going to be able to have it again. Nicely built story, classic pattern, well executed. Amusing in parts, very hot in others. Nice hints of angst and a good ending.


Disclaimer and information

I don't like shows that too easily kill off characters, so I nearly dropped this one fairly early. But Hilary is one of my overall favourite characters, he's just so cool. Sadly, few good stories with him. Another fandom I plan on checking up on again, whenever I have some time (sigh ...).


A Highland Wolf by Joe Reaves
Stephan is investigating rumours about wolves in the Scottish highlands. When he gets there, however, they're not wolves - they're werewolves - and they already considers him pack, as they are Nick's family. He didn't know what Nick wanted but he felt like there was something happening that would shatter if he spoke too loudly. Interesting idea, well executed. I especially liked how Stephen were invested in wolves even before learning the truth, the nearly surreal scene with the cubs and also how Nick dislike Helen's smell on Stephen (and how Helen was never told). Hot sex scenes too, graphic yet not in a "too much" way. One of those stories one wants to read more of.

Blade One Liners by Joe Reaves
Various subjects, centering around an OMC in relation with James Lester. "You remember how you said just once you'd like an anomaly that spat out prehistoric bunny rabbits?" Blade asked over the radio, staring fixedly at the anomaly, mesmerised by the seemingly endless pack of furballs hopping through it. Several nice ones, interesting to have the lines center around an OMC. It works very well and he seems like a nice person. Some hot ones, some funny, a nice read. I especially liked 4, 8, 10, 18, 26 and 35.

Blindfolded by Joe Reaves
For Christmas Connor gets Ryan, naked, blindfolded and with his arms over his head, holding onto the door frame. He likes his present. He knew the other man liked it rough sometimes but he'd never had the nerve to give him what he was asking for before. Hot, at the same time as intimate. A rather tender story for a little kink. Nice pairing and the story made me smile.

Fairground Attraction by Alyse
Ryan and Connor gets caught by a dinosaur at a fairground. A wounded Ryan is forced to rely on Connor's sharp wit to save them. "I can't just shove my hands down your pants." Sweet, short story that made me smile several times. The story works well and leaves a good taste for more.

Healthy Competition by Fides
Hilary and Danny have a history of challenging one another in different types of competitions -as so far as Lester allows. One day they make a bet on who can last longer when they masturbate. Sneaking a look at Becker was definitely a mistake - the man was too damn pretty for a soldier-boy, especially when his cheeks were flushed with arousal and his hair was mussed. I like the idea of them competing for various things. Hot scene with natural development. Interesting pairing too. I like this a lot.

James Lester Sentences by Joe Reaves
Various subjects, pairings and so on. Love, Sir James Lester reflected, was letting your boyfriend get mud all over the seats of your brand new Mercedes and not complaining. Several nice sentences, ranging from hot to sweet to funny. Well done! I especially like 1, 9, 14, 16, 24, 27, 39 and 70.

White Collar

Disclaimer and information

Pretty show that I enjoy watching. I like Elizabeth, which makes it a bit difficult, because while I have found a few good fics, fics with women in it really isn't what I like overall. Oh well, still a nice show.

Ask Me No Questions by Ursula
Ruiz tries to blackmail Neal into having sex with him, threathening to reveal that Neal is in a relationship with El and Peter. Neal isn't in a relationship with them - yet - but he is prepared to do quite a lot to protect them. Jones was trying his best to get Peter off Ruiz, but Peter was about ten feet tall and maybe his skin was green because no one would like him when he was this angry. I enjoy stories with self-sacrifice and angst. Interesting backstory with Ruiz. Good use of Jones, that I really liked. Good ending.

Broken Road by hoosierbitch
Neal is not used to get anything for nothing. While Peter thinks that he and Neal has a relationship, Neal just does what he thinks he must do, to keep out of prison. But when Peter realises what has happened and leaves Neal alone, Neal isn't as relieved as he thought he would be. And Neal looks at him and knows that if they hurt him, Moz will break their knees, ruin their finances, steal their dog, buy up the mortage on their house, and then yank Neal out of the country, anklet be damned. Massive misunderstanding and angst, with resolve and a nice, hopeful ending. Very nice. Some dark stuff, but not too much as to distract from the story. Nice use of El and I like that she isn't sexually involved with Neal too, at least not explicitly. And awww for what Neal thinks Moz will do.

I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (And I Just Don't Get Any Respect) by fiercelydreamed
The Leverage Team kidnaps Neal of White Collar, as they need help with a job. Of course, Peter is on the trail - and he's got El with him. "... Except for Sterling," Alec hears himself say, and then winces and thinks, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Z as Nate turns to glare at him. Alec's POV is very amusing. Nice blend between the fandoms. Even blend too, much too often a crossover gets uneven, as one fandom is concentrated on, at the cost of the other, but this one felt very "fair" to both. Several nice lines, very amusing and a nice read. One of those stories I'd love to read more in, though it stands well on its own. Nice use of El.

I Thought I Was Someone Else by Hoosierbitch
After a BDSM scene Peter leaves, not realising that Neal needs a bit of care afterwards. Neal thinks he's done something wrong. Neal knew he was the kind of man people wanted to spend the night with, but Elizabeth was the kind of woman they wanted to wake up next to. I'm not really into kinks of the BDSM type, but I really like this type of misunderstandings and angst and I really found this story enjoyable. Mostly Neal/Peter, though El is aware of what happened and approves.

Kohl And Silk by scatterglory
Neal finds the sight of Peter and El sleeping together irresistable - and reaches for anything he can draw with. Resisting his first impulse - to jump up, find their beautiful, still painfully insecure lover, and lead him back in to the warm safety of their bed - he carefully laid El to the side and sat up. I like the hint of insecurity on Neal's part; the warmth from El and Peter and Neal's nearly primal urge to draw. Well in character and a good read.

Life Imitating Art by glacis
Neal sketches - and his favorite subject is Peter. Often he draws fantasies of him and Peter together, sexually. And then one day, after Peter and El visits him, his sketchbook is gone. He always had been one to weave real life into his fantasies, another trick of the trade for no lie sold as well as one that held a kernel of truth. Weavest together the art well with the story, a hint of angst, hot sex, even a hint of humor. Nice read and well written.

Prison 'verse by arsenicarcher (Arsenic) and hoosierbitch
When Clint's brother killed someone, Clint took the fall. He got sent to prison - or Hell. He's routinely abused - in a very bad way. He's nearly feral and broken, when Neal Caffrey comes to the prison. Neal obtains Clint's loyalty, but during his loyalty to Neal, Clint gets severly injured, basically crippled. When Clint finally is release he can find no work or a future - until Peter Burke puts him in contact with an old friend of his - Phil Coulson. But even if Coulson might be able to help him with his physical damage, Clint's still scarred from what happened - and he doesn't know in which way Coulson will want his payment. Really, as protectors go, one Agent Phil Coulson is a pretty sweet deal. Normally I don't like darker stories much, but on rare occasion prison fics are a weakness of mine - plus that the crossover sounded like a lovely idea. And the story is dark, yes, very much so, but it's dark in a way that really makes the payoff beautiful. Strong and tear-worthy, with lovely angst and nice emotions. Vivid images. I underline interesting information when I reread a story to rec it - I was up to well over 200 in this one, among the highest ever for me. Nice White Collar story too, something I find too little of. Good image of Neal and I think Clint's right that Neal could be very, very dangerous. Aww for Neal trying to take care of Clint and Clint's interpretations. I would love to read more in this universe. Aww for the ice cream. Nice rawness without getting too dark - it perhaps "should be" (for me, that is), but it worked. For some reason I really liked Peter's interactions with Clint - not to mention the lovely visit by Elizabeth, Clint was so cute with her. Good use of White Collar canon. Poor, poor Clint, but so good with Coulson later on. Cute with Clint wanting to correct spelling and grammar on signs. Yay for SHIELD's unconventional surgical options - cool with the tech in his hands. I liked the other Avengers too. Awww for Clint reacting badly for waking up on Steve. Aww also for the way Clint tries to take care of Coulson. Clint and Steve were also very cute together with Steve being "safe". Great idea about Clint's neck tattoo. Aww for Clint telling Neal that Coulson hadn't been using him to relieve his stress. Sweet with Clint's care package to Peter and trying to help him. Heh for Tony and Clint as partners in crime.

Such Gifts by Ursula
El borrows Neal to go shopping, when they are attacked by a man who later turns out to be a serial killer. They get out but afterwards things change - to the better Neal has sunken into him, down to the dark recesses of his brain, to his animal brain that was tempted to bite into that neck that sometimes bent enticingly in front of him and maybe mount him to show his dominance. Sweet. Nice use of both El and Neal to deal with the bad guy. Refreshing. And Satchmo, of course. Nice story flow, nice emotions, hints of humor.

Taking Liberties by astolat
Peter was behind it all. Neal going to prison; Kate's behavior: everything. How will Neal react when he finds out - and what is Peter's end game? Not to mention: what will Elizabeth say? "You think Elizabeth would leave me behind in trouble, if I gave her a plane ticket and told her to run?" When the series hinted at Peter being behind it, that was a wow-moment for me. This was nicely done and well handled. I like the comparison between Kate and Elizabeth (ie: no comparison ...). Heh for Neal blurting out the truth as soon as they meet Elizabeth.

You'll Have To Go Through Me by afiawri
An operation goes south, ending up with Neal in a hospital bed. Then an unfortunate agent tells another that he ought to be sent to a pirson hospital. And she does it within Peter's hearing. Not a good idea ... No one would dare send Neal back to jail now, not unless they were willing to go through Peter to do it. Nice to have Peter excert his power on Neal's behalf. I really liked that - good on you, Peter! Good touch with the way Neal finds out.

The Usual Suspects

Disclaimer and information

For a long while my favourite movie and I still love it though I must have seen it ten times. Just ... yes, brilliant. Sadly, few good fics, I'd love to find more.

The Proposition by QDS
Keaton don't want Verbal along for the job with New York finest. When he refuses him, however, Verbal shows him his other side - Keaton is in for quite a surprise. Well, now he'd been quite literally fucked over by Keyzer fucking Suze. Deliciously hot. Normally I stay away from most non-con/rape stories, but in a pairing such as this, and when it is more of a power trip thing, it really works. Many great lines and while it is AU I can really see something like this from the movie. I find all too few The Usual Suspects stories and this really good one is a treat. AU.

The Take by Te
They meet very unexpectedly - and fit very well ... I just sorta replayed everything he said at 16 RPM instead of his perpetual 78. My second favorite movie - and next to no fic I've found ... This one is by a good author, too. So, while I was a bit sceptic regarding the pairing, I had to read it. And I liked it. Raw sexuality, nicely done. I seldom like this type of stories, but this one is very nice.

Teen Wolf

Disclaimer and information

Rather amusing show.

(season 1)
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Ain't Nothing But Mammals by chase_acow
Stiles finds out that werewolves mate for life - and that Derek is thus a virgin. That interests him a lot. Whatever it was, that feeling deep in the pit of Stiles stomach wasn't rejection and it definetely wasn't longing. Interesting idea of what mate for life means and Derek not quite knowing the parameters. Stiles well in character. I liked him blabbing out loud everything on his mind, very cute.

Art of Being Human by Rowan
Stiles realises that Derek's very lonely and tries to get to know him better. Slowly they fall for one another. But they have obstacles to face - like Derek. And Stiles' father. Other werewolves. And plenty of other things. Why did Mrs Wrangler just call to tell me that she saw a strange man climb into your bedroom window? Good doses of lovely angst, which I like. Also several parts with good humor. I like Stiles father in this one and the slightly vulnerable side of Derek. I especially liked when Derek pleaded with John about Stiles being good for him and asking why they can't be friends - very powerful. Cute scene with Derek cooking breakfast. The garden was another sweet touch. And the gay club (with Derek's reaction to it), though poor Derek when John found them.

Changes by bev_crusher1971
After the Nogitsune Sheriff Stilinski finally has a chance to relax - and nearly has a nervous breakdown. Strength comes to him from an unexpected source - Chris Argent. And suddenly he realized that the young man would never be safer, never be more protected than here, surrounded by this weird mix of werewolves, hunters, a kitsune, a banshee, and a Sheriff. The sheer amount of Teen Wolf fic out there scares me from reading plenty in it, but lately I've been saying I would like some nice Chris Argent/Sheriff Stilinski with a side of Derek/Stiles, but I haven't had the time. But when I've got the subscription-note with this story I thought it sounded like something I would like - and I did. Very sweet, warm and a nice dash of humor and several good sentences. Heh for Stiles' reaction to finding his father and Chris Argent together.

Drive carefully by chase_acow
Derek finds Scott, Allison and Stiles on the road. Allison and Stiles have been drugged. Derek helps a grabby Stiles home - and is caught by Stiles' father, who makes him stay the night, until he can get the full story out of Stiles. Derek tried not to flinch at the vulnerable position, but he was fairly sure that Stiles wouldn't rip out his jugular vein. I like how Derek's bleak outset is brightened. Also his jealousy and the angst when he thinks Stiles was thinking about Danny. Nicely in character. I like the sheriff in this one, and Derek's reaction to him.

His Only Defence by LunaCanisLupus_22
Werewolves live openly among humans. Stiles are aware of that Alpha Hale is returning to town. Only he's a bit caught up with something else and forgets. So, being Stiles, he ends up accidentally challenging the alpha - and offering himself as the alpha's mate. But maybe to be werewolf married to Derek Hale won't be so bad? "You are my greatest achievement and I would kill thousands of people in a past life if that's what it takes to have you as my son in this one." Nicely written story. A large number of nice lines. When I like a story and think of adding it to my rec page I put it aside for a bit and then reread on my kindle to see if I still like it, marking nice lines as I go along, so that I can easily go over them later and pick out my favourite quote. This story had over a hundred marks when I was done. Stiles well in character. Interesting AU, one or two minor details I didn't quite get, but still an enjoyable, fun read.

How Stiles gets cockblocked by the universe by peet4paint
Derek goes into heat - and goes directly to Stiles, intent on mating with him. Stiles is not adverse, but then he lets slip that he's still a virgin - and Derek backs off. Stiles doesn't give up, though, not even when people hints that there might be something wrong with Derek's cock. "Stiles," Derek says, voice harsh, "if you don't fuck me right now, I'm walking out, getting in my car, and driving to Danny's." Sweet story, it made me smile. Nice solution to the problem with Derek's cock. Hot too. Stiles well in character. I liked Stiles father in this one. And how Stiles, despite after having been told that he can't ask a question, still asks it. And how Derek and Stiles apparently have been dating for months, without even knowing it. And Stiles reactions to some of the "warnings" - very cute.

Important Things by suzvoy
For some reason everyone keeps assuming that Derek and Stiles are a couple. And when Scott tell Stiles that he can smell lust coming off both Derek and Stiles - for one another, Stiles starts thinking that perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea. Stiles was the only one that Derek tossed around like a rag doll, and while to most regular people it'd probably just looked like a really unhealthy relationship, it was the werewolf equivalent of pulling pigtails. Stiles in good form. Several good lines, a smooth, nice, interesting read. I like Stiles' father in this one. Nice adventure with the kanima mixed in. Good feeling. Nice little humor too. Good voice for Stiles. Cute with Derek making Isaac for Stiles.

Mayor Awesome by starbeast
Derek lets Stiles fuck him. Stiles thinks this is awesome. Derek likes it a lot too. Try, 'the most incredbily awesome thing to ever awesome in Awesome town, where Stiles was Mayor awesome and declared everything he touched numero awesome. Cute story, hot PWP. I'm usually not that much for PWPs, but this pairing and this setting worked very well. Both well in character. Nice dash of humor too.

Open the Door by Renay
Derek finds Stiles and Scott training in the forest -and gives a freezing Stiles his leather jacket to keep warm. Stiles is starting to realise how attracted he is to Derek, but is convinced that his feelings are one-sided. Are they? Oh, and elves. He kisses Stiles like this is the first and only time he'll get to: greedy and demanding and forceful; like he thinks Stiles is going to say no. Sweet story, everyone nicely in character. I especially liked Stiles' father in this story. Cute with Scott worrying if Derek is doing anything against Stiles' will. Warmly written.

Say Something by onrooftops
Sometimes Derek will appear in Stiles' room - and go to sleep in his bed. At first, Stiles isn't sure what to think about the nocturnal visits, but gradually he starts to think that he might like them. Where, however, will they go? "Stiles?" his dad says again, and the doorknob is turning and there is a very manly leg tucked between Stiles', the angles of a very familiar ankle between his and dried blood everywhere and his father cannot see this. Cute story. Several good lines. Sweet idea of Derek seeking out Stiles' room to sleep - and Stiles also being able to sleep when he's there. Kind of cute that Derek seems a bit worried when Scott finds out, how he reacts. And his insistance of belonging to Stiles. I really liked Stiles' father in this.

Single Parent, Multiple Problems by hoosierbitch
Sheriff Stilinski does the best he can to be a good father. It's not always easy. Such as when a suspected murderer, who is also a werewolf, spends time with his son. But there's something about Hale's expression that makes a difference. When Hale knocks on his door (in his leather jacket, with his Camaro parked in the driveway, his hair all messed up the way Stiles tries to get his to do sometimes--basically, looking like every parent’s worst nightmare), the shy, guilty expression on his face is enough to somehow make him look like he's all of fourteen years old. Sweet. I have a terribly weak spot for the good Sheriff and I think he does a good job, considering the circumstances. Derek's very sweet in this one and I like that he reacts to the Sheriff. Heh for pack night. And I like how sensible the Sheriff is, very warm and sincere.

The Hound of Beacon Hill by SCH
Stiles and Allison corners a demon - who sends a hellhound after them. Only Stiles willingly sacrifices blood to it - and gains himself a tame Hellhound. He names it Derek. "Stiles, please tell me you're not standing beside a hellhound petting it like a dog?" Warm story with good humor. I hope for a continuation. Interesting way of travelling by way of Hellhound.

The only way to ride by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Stiles has to call Derek to come pick him up and drive him to school. And Derek comes. However, Stiles had not counted on Derek coming on a really hot motorcycle ... Can Stiles control himself riding behind him, so close, holding onto Derek so firmly, or will he inadvertedly show Derek just how hot he think Derek is - and, if so, what will Derek's reaction be? “You’re attracted to me?” Derek couldn’t have sounded more puzzled – or hopeful – and the way he was looking at Stiles didn’t seem at all dangerous. Hot story, nicely written. Good imagery with vivid descriptions. Poor (or lucky) Stiles ... Poor Derek too, thinking Stiles uses him for his Lydia fantasies.

Thy Neighbor's Burden by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Stiles - newly graduated and about to start his new career as a deputy - and his father visits Everglades National Park in Homestead, when Stiles is attacked by a mysterious orange glow in the waters. The local sheriff and the local park ranger clearly knows more than they're saying. Then Tom and Russel travel to Beacon Hill, when they get tangled up in the strange ongoings of supernatural creatures there. Oh, and Derek runs a cafe. Sheriff Stilinski had been dealing with werewolves, supernatural murderers, cursed corpses, possessed souls and so on, for far too long to let someone like Russell Varon pull the wool over his eyes. Highly interesting crossover with many interesting developments. I look forward to more in this universe. Derek's cafe sounds lovely. Good voice for Stiles. Aww for Tom's underwater swimming capabilities, even if he exhausts himself. I liked Sheriff Stilinski in this one, but I have a weak spot for him in general. I enjoyed Russell and Tom being mistaken for a couple - very sweet. And I liked Russell being insecure about it. Interesting what happens to Russell. Good description of the tea brewing process.

When nobody knows you exist by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
No one seems to care about Derek's birthday. They just want to use him. Except Stiles! “You’re my favorite wolf, you know.” No one should have to worry about no one celebrating their birthday, so I did feel for Derek. Interesting look at Beacon Hill, with the parties – and they do have a lot in the series. I’m not one for partying much, so to me it seems a bit obsessive, but good for them, I guess. It's always interesting to learn more about other cultures. I had some difficulties at first with that aspect of the story, until I figured out this is done differently where I live. Where I live we don’t really throw birthday parties for someone. I mean, parents might throw them for children, but not more than that. If you want a birthday party you do it yourself and invite people you think will come – they might not, of course, but it’s your job, not anyone elses. And if you think no one will come at all you tell everyone that you’ve decided not to have a party and then your dignity is saved. :) But now I think I understand how it's done in the US, so that's very interesting and also makes the story much more understandable. Tsk tsk for everyone using Derek, that was mean and selfish of them. Good on Stiles (yay!) for answering Derek’s SMSs – serves the others right for sure! Yay for Stiles getting him cake, that was so sweet. And it did sound like a delicious cake. I like cake. And of course Derek is his favorite wolf. Aww for Bambi-wolf. And heh for Derek counting his fingers, that amused me. I was also amused by Stiles accidentally getting Derek hooked on Starbucks (which I like myself). The sleigh ride sounds lovely, nice idea and a nice guy too. I also liked Stiles’ father in this one, but he’s always been one of my favorite characters in the show.

Person of Interest

Disclaimer and information

My favourite television show and I truly love these guys. Who can resist the Finch (Reese certainly can't)? Great show with lovely arches, beautiful tension and always keeps me guessing while leaving me satisfied in the end.

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Structure by DeathknightQ added 210819
Normally Reese has no problem falling into a persona. His Anderson, however, doesn't really work out. Finch's Partridge takes the matter in hand and shows Anderson his place. At Partridge's feet. “So tell me, Finch,” he said into Harold’s ear, “which alias of yours likes orders?” Strong and hot. Nice development between them.

Dragons of Interest by bjjones added 210424
Reese and Finch, together with Lionel and Carter, finds themselves in a tight spot. Reese has one trick left to play, though, and play it he does. Finch didn't know everything about Reese after all. He didn't know that Reese is, in fact, a dragon ... One of about a thousand living around the world, able to transform between human and dragon form. Oh, and Finch is Reese's mate. "It wasn't like I could just walk into the library and say, 'By the way Mr. Finch, when you said you knew exactly everything about me, did that include the Dragon part?'" Lovely world building and nice crossover as well. Good read. Funny in parts too. Very cute with the hoarding - very much so with Reese hoarding weapons - and considering Harold the biggest weapon of them all. Sweet with Bear biting John's tail. Awww for Elias and Anthony. I did love Harvey and Westen. I hope to read more in this universe. Great with Harold to the rescue!

John.lib by NeonPistachio added 210213
Experience has taught Finch to always have backups. Even when it comes to John. Harold checks the monitors to be certain John’s truly sleeping, then carefully slips a sedative into his IV. He switches off the speaker projecting the background noise of a hospital and steps out of the room. Cool idea. A bit sad and scary, but neat and interesting!

(S)Takeout by cognomen
Right after Elias' first meeting with Reese, he's picked up by his lieutenant. Jack (Scarface) is really protective of his boss, to the point of disobedience. Elias needs to show who is boss. Elias closes a hand at the back of Jack's neck and presses with all the strength of a steel trap closing, and Jack has always known there was that much strength in Elias' hands, but when there's the dull inescapable agony of Elias' thumb pressing opposite his pointer finger high up on Jack's neck and just under his skull he realizes it. Elias and Scarface does come off as having a very close relationship on-screen and there are much too few stories about them. This was a nice story. I liked Scarface insisting on the security. Good emotion. Also strong scene with Elias putting him in his place.

A Christmas Gift by hellvetica
Dr Farooq is always grateful to Mr Wren and his tall, husky-voiced companion for giving him the chance to practice medicin again. One day he gets a surprise visit from his first patient in America, who has a very important, intimate question to Dr Farooq regarding Mr Wren. Heaven help Mr. Wren if the departing man’s attentions were not welcome, but then again, Mr. Wren had spent a fortune keeping this man alive so odds were favorable that his attentions would be more than welcome. Cute story that made me smile. Very sweet. Nice to see them from another POV and oh so sweet with Reese being nervous about his question. Nice description of Reese's voice.

a creature more of night than day by the_ragnarok
Reese and Finch needs to hide out together. Soon Finch gets all restless. Reese can't figure out why - until Finch effortlessly lifts him out of his way - and reveals his secret. Fangs ... Finch's a vampire and he's getting very, very hungry ... John had comfortably known for months that Harold could destroy him with a few well-chosen words. Him sprouting fangs hardly made a difference. Interesting set-up and possibility. I like stories in which Finch is more than he seems and this was a good one. Cool with the owls. Intense with the inner thigh drinking.

A Delicate Union by wildwordwomyn
Reese invites Finch for dinner. He has no hidden agenda, but a bit of teasing and a bit of flirting, when Reese invites Finch for a nightcap, Finch agrees. He ran his hands up and down his back slowly, lightly, thinking if this was it it was still better than he deserved and more than he ever hoped for. Interesting that Reese considers the possibility that he might be a game Finch plays. Warm and intimate in places. Aww for Finch telling Reese not to expect too much of him, I find that sweet.

A disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill by astolat
Root tries to kidnap Grace, but has to run before Reese rushes in, though not before revealing that Harold is alive. Reese has to take her to Harold. Grace wants Harold again, but thinks he's with Reese - and it is revealed that while the men are not together, Reese wants nothing else. Can the situation be resolved? Improbably, after all of that, John still doesn't believe it, although at that point he's actually had the thing he wants: she realizes that now he doesn't believe he's going to get to have it ever again. Grace is shown as very astute and I really like the feeling between her and Harold, how well they communicate. Normally I avoid threesomes and het-fic, but this was lovely. Of course I'm a sucker for stories in which Reese is pining or angsting and thinks him unworthy or just has such intense feelings for Finch, so that worked really well for me too. I'd like to read more in this universe. Sweet with John being so eagerly useful and that this calms him. Aww for Reese desperate for Finch's kisses - and if he thought Grace taunted him, poor man. One of the sweetest parts, for some reason, I found Grace stroking Reese's head and the description there.

A Really Private Person by Astolat
Finch and Reese gets a very strange number. It turns out it is linked not to a human, but to a natural disaster of apocalyptic proportions. A comet is coming. It will hit the Earth, and now they must help stop it. They alert the authorities, of course - but this is not enough. Finally, they have no chocie: the world needs them. No one but Finch can help the Machine rescue the world. But even if he succeeds, what will happen to them afterwards? "I've yielded in many respects to what can only be called your mania for weaponry, Mr. Reese," Harold said, "but I draw the line at nuclear weapons." Nicely written, great plot and a really nice conclusion. Now this is a movie I'd love to see. Good angst. Part of me do want them to have the recognition they deserve and this was lovely. Yay for Finch being forceful and taking command. The whole Ingram's genie was brilliant, great detail. Nice also how information spread over the net about what happened, very believable, but also interesting. Very easily visualised story. Good detail also with the percentages. The addition of Mick Ryan was one I really liked too, not quite sure why, but I liked him. Good drama.

A temporary immunity or exemption; a reprieve by astolat
Reese tells Grace that Harold is alive, hoping that Grace will demand that Harold leaves with her and that Harold will be safe. But Grace has a big surprise for him. And how will Harold react? And he was still scared; he was still as scared as he'd ever been in his entire life, but he clung to Harold anyway and kissed him back at last, known, knowing. I really liked this Grace. While she still seems uncomplicated (my impression of her in the show), she is practical and I like her. Poor John - though lucky John too. I also really liked the depth of feelings John showed. Sweet end. Very typical Harold thing to do to deal with everything for Grace, I could see him try to arrange things.

A Valid Excuse by flutterbydream
Reese has figured out a way for Riley and Whistler to interact without alerting Samaritan. They'll start dating. Will Finch agree? Will it work? You are my connection to this world and I need that. Cute story that made me smile. And I dislike Campbell, so good that Reese could tell her off a bit. Lovely gift for Finch. Awww for Reese needing Finch like that.

an avid collector by vindicatedtruth (behindtintedglass)
Carlos provides weapons and money to the underworld. One day his service is requested by the legend himself, the man they all fear. Harold Egret himself comes to see him - and he brings impressive companions. Strangely, Mr Egret himself isn't very impressive. Not at first, anyway. But Carlos soon finds out why this unassuming man strikes more fear into the heart of criminals than Elias ever did ... Front and centre, an honest to god attack dog growls menacingly, saliva dripping from his gleaming fangs to his spiked collar, visibly vibrating with leashed power and being held in place by the man they are all surrounding, who Carlos is only now beginning to realise is their boss. Beautiful story. And I so wish that the show would have given us more about Egret, he was absolutely one of Harold's most interesting persons, with so much potential. Nice to see him again. Good use of Carlos. Awww, even Bear seems dangerous. Heh for Harold collecting assassins, they do seem to migrate to him.

An Unconventional Partnership by Rosslyn
Neal's past returns to haunt him and the Machine gives his number to Finch and Reese. So the White Collar division gets help from the Man in a Suit and his boss. But his gun wasn't faster than Finch's tap, for Finch had far more experience in typing than any man would have had in pulling the trigger. Nice crossover that gives equal respect for the two shows, which is nice. They work together well, the universes blends nicely. Several nice details. Good voices for all of them. I liked Finch morse coding by blinking. And Reese's kneecaps technique getting renown. Heh for the twist with Moriarity. Good with the contingency plans.

and good, this danger (is danger of love) by MistressKat
At the New York Art Appreciation Annual Gala, a man mistakes Reese for Harold Crane's bought escort. Harold is very angry and forcefully puts the man in his place. Reese witnesses the act and is very turned on. It probably says something profound and not altogether healthy about his psyche, but John is undeniably, ferociously turned on. Masterful Harold is a treat when done right and I liked this version. Nicely written, with good circular from start to end. Tsk, tsk, Simon, you're so, so out of your league. Well done, Harold.

Are you ready (for what I'm about to do to you?) by iteration
Finch hadn't been prepared for Reese being so very, very good at what he does. Or that he will like so much when Reese is being so capable. Unfortunately, Reese interprets Finch's reaction as distaste for the violence, until Finch needs to take matter into his own hands to make Reese see his appreciation, if in a somewhat unexpected way. Be a terrifying, brutal human weapon who… obeys Finch. Strong, interesting story. I do greatly enjoy a dominant Finch (and Reese also liking that), so this was nice. The thought of all that capability of Reese reined in by Finch is very compelling. Several good lines. Heh for Reese having comic book-like abilities/being a statistical freak. Heh also for them not able to sign up for sexual harassment workshops anyway. Nice humor. Poor Finch for his bad experience with Nathan.

Bargain At The Price by astolat
Finch and Reese infiltrates a bachelor charity auction. Finch buys Reese, but once they come to the exclusive auction dinner, the auction turns out to have a very sexual end game. Now what? "Would you like to be very good for me?" Harold asked quietly. Nice dominance play, with them both well in character. Good plot too, delt with Reeses' side and emotions very nicely shown even when in Finch's POV. Rather hot. The ending made me smile, very nice solution and how our heroes are left.

Be Careful What You Wish For by KaticaLocke
AU in which Finch has had no luck in finding a partner to help him save the numbers. Then he visits an antique dealer and ends up buying a lamp. When he polishes it, a genie appears. Finch is given three wishes, that he uses for the numbers. After the first three, though, more can be bought - however, the price is not money, it's sex. Not unpleasant, but Finch does not like trading sex. But is that really what the genie wants? "Yes, Master Finch," he says, a bit louder than necessary, in my opinion, but this is New York -- we could be murdering each other in the street and no one would pay any attention. Interesting. I like the set-up. Sadly WIP. Inspiring, I liked especially Finch's alternate explanations for Reese's appearance and also Reese's changing view of the sex he wants and Finch's opinion.

Beast Wars by ZuviosGemini
WIP AU in which Harold Finch's a reclusive billionaire, the richest man on the planet. Well, that might not be an AU per se, but in this universe there's humans and Pets. Pets have different shapes, from human to animal (canine, feline, ursine and others). They can be kept as pets, but also used in prize fights, the Beast Wars. Harold encounters a very special Pet, John Reese, who previously was a military canine. He buys him and Reese takes his job of guarding Finch very seriously. So if Reese looked happy because he was on the couch, despite being told beforehand that he wouldn’t be allowed, he really was. Interesting set-up. I hope it is continued one day. Beautiful descriptions of Reese in all of his shapes and I liked the rarity of his eye color. Heh for the Tony Stark mentioning. Poor Nathan ... Interesting with Root too.

Better Luck This Time by Lisztful
Carter calls Finch Reese's boyfriend - and is very surprised at his reaction. Very reluctantly, she finds herself giving advise in Reese's courting campaigne, which does not go all that great to start with ... “Well, I suppose a break wouldn’t hurt,” Finch said, and John restrained the urge to do something horrifically embarrassing, like a victory fistpump. Sweet story, I liked Reese's fumbling attempt at courting, poor boy. Nice humor, it really made me smile. Good feeling between the boys, some nice details. Cute with the vintage computer museum. Sweet that Finch worried that Reese'd feel that he'd have to be with Finch in order to keep his job, that gave a nice little angsty twist.

Beyond Imagination by astolat
As the saying goes, there's nothing more dangerous than a bored computer programmer. Except possibly a drugged one. Especially if that programmer is one Harold Finch. Finch gets drugged with something that removes his inhibitions. To Reese's great concern, Finch starts building an intelligent broadly-targeted polymophic cyberweapon. How will Reese get Finch to stop building his weapon and what price will Reese have to pay? John watched him, feeling himself wearing a stricken face, while Harold shifted, eased forward, pressed in. A chilling possibility for sure, of Finch putting his mind to building something that dangerous. Lovely bit of borderline non-con. Good language to confer Reese's distance to what happens. Good with the end, though. I would like more in this universe, the morning after would have been quite interesting. Good description of what such a weapon could do.

biased by vindicatedtruth (behindtintedglass)
Reese comes in to find a somewhat upset Finch trying to calm a somewhat upset Bear (or the other way around). Finch has nearly gotten mugged -and it could have ended very badly if Bear hadn't stepped in. Finch is realising just how dangerous bear can be - and Reese too. But perhaps he doesn't mind so much? “Harold,” John says quietly, “if you continue to insult the best man I know, you and I are going to have words.” Nice story. Good use of Bear and parallellism with John. Good Bear! Heh for Finch having adopted the idea of John as his other guard dog.

Blood Of A Stranger by TheHiddenMemory
Finch and Reese happen to walk by a rape in progress. They save the woman, of course. This is her view of them. One might think the smaller man with the limp is either astonishingly brave or stupid as he approaches the taller man. Strong and interesting. Her slight irrationalism works well to display her shock. Nice view of Reese, especially, but also how unafraid Finch is of him and how he expects him to do as he tells him to.

Bloom by the_ragnarok
John keeps up his stealth to creep up on Finch to drop flowers on him. Finch awards him with personal information ... Nobody wondering why a tall man in a suit is holding flowers and standing behind another man on a bench. Sweet story, a little awww-worthy.

Catch A Boat To England, Baby (Maybe to Spain) by leupagus
AU in which Harold goes with Nathan to Germany on a company meeting. There the young, sweet Private Johann Harris is assigned to protect him. But before Nathan can do something terrible and predictable like lock Harold into his room with Private Harris (he still has flashbacks of having to help poor Brad Kemblowski, who was very nice and very handsome very not interested in him, escape from Harold’s third-floor dorm room where Nathan had glued Harold’s door shut and yelled, “Condoms are under your mattress, just be a man, Harold!”), someone tries to kill him. Aww, shy, gawky, clumsy Reese is cute. I wouldn't like him like that normally, but for this story it was adorable. Especially as he was very efficient when needed and heh for him not knowing what to do if he missed, as he never does. Hot sex and cute ending, even if I hoped for more of their future (Though I read the very end as a future for them, so that's okay). Heh for Nathan in this one. Nice humor.

Collar by kmmerc
Finch is not happy with Reese disobeying his order and getting thrown into prison. He tells Reese he's fired - but when Reese literally begs on his knees to be allowed to stay, he relents. But only if Reese starts to wear a collar to show who is in charge. Before the end of the night, he opened his flies and gave John another job to do. My Reese differs a bit from the Reese in this story. I could see Reese wearing the collar and obeying Finch as property, even begging to be allowed to stay and so on, but the tears and moans when begging to stay got a hint too much for me. Beside those details I enjoyed this story. Reese's obedience was well shown and Finch's concern and care of him nicely described. I like the subtle hints of sex, a nice contrast to the strong theme of the collar. Nice touch with the titanium in the collar.

Collared by snarled_musings
When Reese returns to the library, Finch has a present for him. A collar. If he'd like to wear it for Finch's pleasure. Will he? And, if so, will it be just for Finch's pleasure? He bowed his head, a gesture of submissive supplication, as he spoke the absolute truth: ”I'd do anything for you.” This type of light BDSM fits these characters very well for me, something about Reese being sweetly obedient to Finch's loving control just feels right for me. Hot, yet with good feelings/emotions.

Concierge Service by astolat
Reese has a date with Morgan. Nothing happens. When Finch finds out he calls Morgan to explain how Reese is more used to following orders than to take charge. Morgan agrees to give Reese a second chance - if Finch comes with him. It seemed vaguely wrong to need someone to arrange your sex life, but - it was Harold, after all. Awww, poor Reese. I could see this happening, though - and I did like Finch taking charge of the situation. Normally I don't like threesomes much, especially not when there's sex, but this is a very nice one. Hot too. Very nice ending, I really liked that.

Conflict of Interest by managerie
Finch and Reese gets a new number - one David Starsky. Starsky is now a police captain in Brooklyn. His lifepartner, Ken Hutchinson, is a NY city councilman. Reese goes undercover as a transfer police to Starsky's station, while Finch gets them a house opposite to Starsky & Hutch's and joins Hutch's gym class. Who is threathening Starsky and why doesn't the person seem aware of that Starsky & Hutch have been a couple for decades now? If I only got you for a few months, it was more than I’d ever dreamed I would be allowed. Enjoyable crossover that treats both fandoms very well. Also an interesting case that works. Good emotion in both pairs. I seldom comment on the sex parts of a story apart from 'hot', but I found even the sex well written and with good details. The slow awakening of Finch was interesting and I liked Reese's obvious devotion to him. Many good lines and vivid images. Nice little misunderstanding about Reese's attitude to disabilities. Aww, John's masturbation fantasy of being welcomed home to Finch's house is so sweet! Cute with Fusco knowing of Starsky/Hutch being a legend. Nice touch with the "Starsky's wife" thing. And I really liked the friendship described between Finch and Nathan, very warm and sweet. Nice dashes of angst. Cute with Bear. Nice end. Yay for the Machine assisting. Heh for Finch kneecapping the guy. One of my favourite parts was Starsky telling Reese that if Hutch wanted him dead he'd rather be dead, so good!

Dangerous If Unbound by Astolat
Some people are dominants, able to control other people. Some people are submissive, easily controlled by the dominant, but more: they enjoy being dominated. It's not the traditional sexual dom/sub-situation, but something people are born to. Reese is submissive - but he's incredibly strong for a submissive, able to pull thoughts from dominants and he haven't yet met a dominant strong enough to push (dominate) him. He used to work fo the military, now he's in the wind, caught as Dangerous If Unbound, about to be sold to the camps and die - when he's found by Nathan Ingram, who takes him to New York and an unassuming man, Harold, who had powers beyond any Reese has ever encountered. His face was rigid, but John could feel how much Harold wanted to, how badly Harold wanted to — wanted to reach out and close his fingers gently around John's wrist and say yes, you're mine, just that simply. Lovely universe, very inventive and interesting. Great description of Reese's feelings on Harold's power. Beautiful, how Reese wants to belong to him. Aww for him thinking Harold might have noticed the color of his eyes. Several good lines and descriptions. Good use of Nathan. I really liked Harold being so powerful. Aww also for the "courtship dinner". Good dash of angst. Interesting applications of the pushes and pulls.

Distractions by sarcasticsra
Finch and Reese play business partners as cover identities at an internet cafe, only Finch is wearing jeans. Reese gets so distracted he has to resort to pretending to be a different type of partner for them to be believable. John is entirely unsurprised to find he’s content to go wherever Harold wants him. Great image of Finch like that and fun with Reese so distracted. Amusing story that made me smile. I really like Reese as Finch's trophy boytoy, definitely a kink of mine.

Each other needed, to feed a wish by blackchaps
Finch lets slip a small piece of information: he knew Tony Stark at MIT. When Finch gets seriously wounded Reese sees no other option but to approach Tony for help. Stark is able to help, but at a high price. Finch is not happy. Will Reese be able to make him see reason? And what does JARVIS think about the Machine? “Military-trained Belgian Malinois,” Hawkeye breathed out the words like a benediction. Nice crossover. While Person of Interest-centered it is fairly even how the characters are used. I don't quite like Coulson trying to incorporate the Machine gang into SHIELD, but it seems fairly reasonable. Yay for fixing Finch. Heh for the rivalry between Finch and Tony. Nice on the fireman protocol. I liked Clint in this. Nice dash of angst - and humor too. Neat with Clint and John using Bear to gang up on Steve. Highly interesting with the relationship between John and Steve. I would like to read more in this universe.

Eagle & Shrike by AKMars
WIP in historical setting with pirates. British soldier, Lieutenant Jonathan Reese, is whipped and set adrift on the sea by his former superior. He's rescued by the pirates of the Tern, lead by the dread Captain Shrike. However, the Tern is unlike any ship Reese has ever seen before. And he's drawn to gentle Harold Wren. But what relationship does Wren have with Captain Shrike - and why are the two never seen together? Black Eli had a hundred men....Charles Burton, thanks to his network of merchants, nearly a thousand but Carl Elias only had one....this one, more perfect and valuable than the sum of all the rest. Interesting plot line and story that I hope to see continued one day. I also very much liked the relationship of Black Eli and Marconi - very sweet and Elias is always interesting. Very interesting crew of the Tern. Visual story. Nice dash of worry on Reese's for the dread Captain Shrike.

earful by the_ragnarok
Reese overhears Finch praising Bear - and he's very jealous. Will Finch realise - and, if he does, what will he do? Besides, apparently if he's on his knees Harold can pet the back of John's neck with ease. Standing up is totally overrated. Aww ... so sweet ... And Harold is so cute with Bear - and with John too. I like John like this.

Employment Benefits by astolat
Shaw joins Finch's operation. She doesn't like Reese much and one mission, during which Finch backs her up, she and Finch ends up in bed. They are having a good time, the only trouble is how it affects Reese. Harold had fished Reese out of the pit and given him a job he could do, and Reese was clearly his for life because of that. Aww ... poor Reese. I did like how well Shaw illustrated what a good lover Finch is - and how smart he is. And that she let Reese have him. I did like many lines in the story (when I reread on my kindle I underline the lines I like and for such a relatively short story I underlined lots of lines in this one). My favourite part, though, was the end, when Reese so obviously likes the idea of Finch collaring him - or even ring marks him. Cute with Reese bragging about his boyfriend too - and him getting turned on by a forceful Finch.

Enough by Killalla
Finch is having a bad day, pain wise. Reese massages his neck, to help, but this turns out to have an unexpected consequence. One that, however, presents Reese with another opportunity to do something useful for Finch. Indeed, before Harold can answer, John is already on his knees, and reaching for his belt buckle. Sweet story. I do like the casualness from Reese's part - I wouldn't want that often, but it fits this story. A little aww-worthy for Finch's remark regarding middle-aged cripples not in demand on the dating market. A bit dark towards the end, but I hope things will work out just well for them.

Error: Missing language module by the_ragnarok
Finch is captured by a man who tortures him for information. Finch can't escape - but he can't tell the man what he wants either. So as not to spill the information, he deletes his language module. Unable to understand the man's questions and unable to reply him if he wanted to, Finch can only wait for rescue. Will John get there in time? That makes Harold smile, helplessly: that John tries to speak Harold's language, that he cares, is indescribably sweet. Highly interesting look into Finch's psyche. Elegant solution to his problem. Sweet on John's part to try to speak Finch's language. Strong descriptions.

Fealty by astolat
Reese gets kidnapped by Stanton. Finch, trying to save him, overhears a very interesting conversation between Reese and Stanton, on the subject of Finch himself, and what Reese would like from him. And the only promise I will make you is that having found you, I will go to almost any lengths you care to name to keep you. Very nice story, which I would have loved to see on screen. Nice plot details, good emotions. I like Finch's resourcefulness. Nice ending.

Fidelis by the_ragnarok
Reese finds a collar that Finch has hidden, with Fidelis engraved. On measuring it, it fits him perfectly. He investigates and finds out that Finch commissioned the collar exactly the day Harold explained to him about the machine. Why did Finch do it? And why has he never mentioned it to Reese? Then Harold adds, thoughtfully, "If you wanted me to make you submit, I'm sure we can think of ways." Sweet story with interesting dynamic. And I like Reese belonging to Finch, that works for me. Strong. Good on Finch to point out the difficulty with the word 'anything'.

Finch by aquabluejay
WIP AU in which Harold is not a finch, even if Reese might think so. Reese is not very good with birds. Harold is a wren. He lives in New York, where he befriends a homeless human, Reese. Reese is out on the street, drinking. But soon Harold must fly south. Then what? Neither of us really knew what the other was saying, but that didn’t mean we didn’t understand each other. Very nice AU, I'm sad it's still a WIP. Very good view of Harold-as-a-bird, but of Reese too. Good feeling between them. Harold is very avian. And oh so sweet when he hunts for food for Reese!

Flock Together by galaxysoup
Bear finds himself a Finch all of his own. A Finch in the form of a sweet little kitten. “Bear did not go out and find a cat version of me, Mr. Reese!” Harold snaps when John points and raises his eyebrows wordlessly. Awww ... So cute! This story made me smile and I'd love to read more stories about Querty. Cute with the name.

Grimm Numbers by Evenmoor
Crossover Grimm/Person of Interest in which both Finch and Reese are wesens and then Nick Burkhardt comes to New York - and the Machine sends Finch and Reese his number. If Lionel thought he seemed too pretty to be a cop, he was definitely too pretty to be a Grimm. Very interesting crossover. Works very well. Well chosen wesens for Finch and Reese. I liked Fusco in this one. Nice scene where Reese realises Nick is a Grimm. I can see many more potential stories in this universe and I hope for more. Interesting to follow Reese guesses as to what type of wesen Finch is. Interesting that wesen recognize one another by smell. Very neat idea of Reese controlling himself by his own type of violence rather than what he could have done.

Guardian by AKMars
Harold is handling the numbers by himself. One day he's robbed in an alley - and rescued. He later realises that his rescuer is a creature out of myth - a gargoyle. Its name is Reese. So it was that the gargoyle found himself riding the night winds above the skyscrapers, keeping Finch's cab in sight as he followed the recluse to his base of operations. Interesting set-up. I would like to read more in this universe. Good description of Reese as a gargoyle.

Hamartia (the hero's fatal flaw) by Astolat
Leila is under threat. Root is involved. Finch and Reese takes Leila and runs. They go undercover as a gay couple. Only they are under heavy scruitiny (by way of a nosy neighbor armed with military-grade binoculars), so they have to keep up their appearance and after a while it gets easier and easier to pretend. He'd learned what it felt like to ease himself slow and steady down on Harold's cock because he'd wanted Harold to have that from him; he'd learned how much he loved it, unexpectedly, how good it made his body feel. Nice story. Very sweet with Leila. Her calling Harold Glasses was very cute and later how she calls them Daddy and Papa. Very varm and intimate. Very nice end to the story, aww-worthy. My favourite scene was with the neighbors coming over to have a talk with the gay couple and Reese assembling guns as they speak.

Hell, High Water and Amnesia by Maekala
Reese is caught in explosion and suffers amnesia. He remember small bits, but he doesn't know who to trust - or why he is so drawn to the odd man with the limp. Will he dare to trust again? Harold felt a brief moment of paralysing fear at the thought that John had come to kill him for what he thought was Harold's betrayal before he gave himself a mental slap. A good amnesia story is never cliche and I liked this one. Well written with good details with the length to thoroughly enjoy. Good intimacy between them, even when Reese is unconscious or don't know Finch. Awww for Reese thinking him expendable, poor boy. Really sweet how he kept expecting a voice in his ear or touching his ear, that made me smile. Several good lines. Nice emotion, warm. Really nice touch that Reese's body could avoid his own surveillance. Heh also for Reese to wonder why he followed Finch if they were friends. Cute with the passports, also a nice detail.

Hope is the Thing with Feathers by SpaghettiCanActivist (orphan_account)
WIP in which Harold is mostly a librarian. One day a drunk John sits outside Harold's library. Harold gives him food. Later, John saves Harold's life. John follows him home and it's Harold's time to try to take care of John. He’d found the little bird by chance, but this generosity, the money, the quick and absolute trust, either Harold Finch was an utter fool or he had ulterior motives. Sweet story that I would like to read more of. They go well together. Warm story, interesting. So sweet with Harold buying food for John. Nice descriptions.

I Saw What You Did There by AKMars
Leon Tao really likes Reese pushing him around and starts giving Reese more and more reason to do so. Both Reese and Finch are getting rather tired of this and decides that Finch will have a very serious talk with Tao and set him straight that Tao don't have a chance with Reese. John smoothly fell to his knees at his boss’ side; a look of bliss on his upturned face. Fun story. I did greatly enjoy Reese's obvious devotion to Finch, very sweet, even a little aww-worthy. Poor Tao, never had a chance. Serves him right, underestimating Finch. I like Finch in this one. Several good lines. One of those stories you only want more of.

I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand by Draycevixen
Reese is taken and Finch takes drastic measures to get him back. When Reese finally woke up Finch found he could breathe again. Ruthless Finch, ready to do anything - simply great. Short story, but oh so sweet.

I'll Pretend My Heart's Not On Fire If You Steal My True Love's Name by queenklu
Reese is a rare Alpha, with near-Omega obedience and respects both betas and omegas. When Finch, a beta, hires him, he goes along - only to realise that Finch's been using a cover-smell. Finch's an omega - but he, too, is very rare for his kind. Finch might slip him the first couple times, but John’s always been a fan of that old saying: if at first you don’t succeed, try until either they’re dead or you are. I kind of quickly got tired of the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega trend, but this is one of the very few ones I really liked. Nice tension between them, several interesting scenes and good lines. Aww for the whole Leila thing, so very sweet! Nice touch of Reese swiping the lawyer's wallet and using that for the hotel room - that made me smile. Yay for Finch becoming one of the most powerful men in the world even as an omega. Heh for Reese sneezing on Finch. I also liked Reese acknowledging the library as Finch's territory. I would have loved a kneecapping scene between Reese and that other Alpha that dismissed Finch. The part with Reese going to the library after Finch in heat and the other Alphas avoiding him made me curious if it's common for an Alpha with a (more or less) claimed omega or a rare instance like when in some races the male can rarely go into some type of heat too.

I'm With You in Rockland by proxydialogue
John would like to show Harold how grateful he is by letting Harold use him, but Harold doesn't seem to approve of this idea. Will John be able to thank him anyway? He wanted to get Finch in the dark somewhere and show him how good Thank you could feel. Sweet. Poor boys, so silly working against what is good for both of you.

Ignorance by flutterbydream
Harold watches as Sameen patches up Reese. He notices how Reese relaxes completly, as not to hurt more by tensing up. To his shock he recognizes it as the exact same way that Reese relaxes before Harold penetrates him - and that Reese never, ever said he wanted Harold to fuck him. The knowledge that Reese never actually wanted Harold to have sex with him sickens him. But is it true? “Now what’s all this talk about raping me?” John asked mildly. Interesting possibility and still believable. Strong. Well written. Poor Harold ... Good that it worked out.

In My Bones by wildwordwomyn
Reese dreams of belonging to Finch - any way Finch wants him. It's embarrassing really how quickly John drops to his knees in front of the black leather sofa Finch bought for him, silent and waiting and too eager for the next command. Hot. And I do hope Reese's dream will come true. A little aww-worthy. Nice lines.

Incognito by violentdaylight
A guy hits on Reese, so obviously Finch does a background check on the guy. A very extensive background check. Which turns up something, sure, but why did Finch go to all that trouble just because someone hits on Reese? “Jealousy implies possession,” Harold says faintly. Bad Finch ... But very good Finch too! I like how easy Reese is with everything. I like him simply belonging to Finch. Sweet end. Good descriptions of feelings.

Intimacy by astolat
Their next number will go to the Master of Universe billionaires get-together at Golden Eye. However, attendance is restricted to billionaires only and while Finch can get in as Crane, only significant others can go with the billionaires. And they can't just fake a relationship either, as the staff will ensure that the intimate companions are, indeed, intimate. So Finch and Reese have no choice in the matter. He'd expected the weight on his back to tense him up; instead his brain catalogued smell, body, voice, the shape of the hands on his hips, and said, oh, Harold. Very intimate story, I like the set-up. I found Reese's reaction to Finch taking him very strong and oddly in character, of course he'd like to have Harold so close and so totally in his protection, that really made me smile, very sweet. I would have liked to know more about Reeses' experiences before this, but in my mind the story points to him being rather inexperienced to that type of sex, something else I like a lot. And poor boy, yes, to have that much sex of that type if not experienced is not a good thing in the long run. Heh for the ring thing. Nice feel to the story - the title well chosen. Nice dash of humor too.

It always starts with a simple question... by KRyn
Finch and Reese chat during stakeouts. Finch would like to know if Reese would wear a ring. In most scenarios Reese wouldn't. That doesn't mean he's less interested. "This is a little sudden, isn't it, Finch? We're not even dating." Cute stories. Good format for this. And good endings. I especially liked the especially useful rings Finch suggested.

It's a Dog's Life by manic_intent
Harold and Nathan tries to handle the numbers by themselves. Then they get the number of one Martin Winter, but when they find him, he's killed by a dog he's held captive and abused. They rescue the dog, though, and it stays with Harold. One night, however, he finds a naked stranger in his kitchen. The dog wasn't a dog at all ... A handsome naked stranger, at that, tall, lean and sleekly muscular, with movie-star good looks, short dark hair, freshly shaven: his skin still seemed pink from a new shave, his hair hacked short, and… and… two tall, pointed black dog’s ears flicked forward and back instead of human ears and there was a long honey-brown tail over his rump and… Imaginative story. I like Reese's attitude towards his different shapes (including thinking Harold's more comfortable with the dog one) - and his devotion to Harold, which is a favorite thing of mine. Good use of Will. Good touch with the remarkable intelligence (for a dog) displayed. Aww for "Mister Biscuit". Nice dash of humor. Good choice of breed to fit the fandom. Working backstory for the dog. To have a towel low, under the tail, sounds uncomfortable.

Kingsman of Interest by Draycevixen
Crossover Kingsman X Person of Interest. Finch and Reese's new number is one Harry Foteringill, antique dealer. Except that it isn't. The number is that of one Harry Hart, Kingsman. Luckily, Reese knows Harry from his past in the CIA, so he can approach the agent about the situation. But who wants to kill Harry (this time)? And who's the young man who follows him around? It was of a handsome young man, probably mid-twenties, light colored hair, glasses, very well-dressed, standing on a roof shouldering a high power scoped rifle. Nice crossover that pays good attention to two fandoms I like. Heh for "toffee nosed bastard". Nice dashes of angst. The Eggsy vs Gareth confused me a bit, not used to the Gareth name, but that's my problem.

Knowing by astolat
Maybe Finch doesn't know everything about Reese after all. Maybe Reese needs him to. "John," he said, and there was a new note in his voice now, one John had never heard before, low and tender; John hoarded it up jealously. Sweet story with a nice twist and a good choice of words. Nice hint of angst, even.

let your torrent rest against my shore by the_ragnarok
John would like to do anything for Harold. Including some very private, intimate things. Will Harold understand? His face is bright red, but he's sitting right there in his desk chair, pissing into a bottle and letting John help, and John might die if he doesn't get to kiss Harold in the next few minutes. Not my usual thing, but interestingly done - and I do like John so devoted to Harold.

Long Way Home by Draycevixen
Reese gets captured. Finch to the rescue, but in the process he has to kill someone. Reese was hurt enough that Finch takes him home to care for him, but Reese is more worried about what his mistake forced Finch to do. “It was him or you, John, and that’s no choice at all.” I like Finch to the rescue. Nice show of Finch's humor in this one. I did like Finch's home and the obvious, loving effort made to make a space for Reese there, which I read as wishful thinking too. He only needed Reese and then he was all set, very cute. Cute ending, very Finch. And a little awww for Reese grinning like an idiot when he finds out. And, yes, who wouldn't love a man with his own stash of Lidocaine?

Losing Control by Neery
Reese is drugged with a drug that lowers people's inhibitions and has made them kill others in gruesome ways. Finch gets him tied up in the library, waiting for it to take affect - but nothing seems to happen. Eventually they decide its safe to release one of his hands - but it proves not as safe as they had hoped ... John Reese, who hadn't begged under torture, was begging for him. Nice scenario. I like this plot. Lovely angst. For some reason I liked that Fusco got to spot what happened, he doesn't get much break, otherwise. Nice emotion when they fear John may lose control - and then, when he does. I found myself liking, apart from the very nice angst and the mounting tension between them, also the side plot with the programmers Harold ends up tutoring a bit. I would have liked to read an even longer story in this universe, but, then, I'm greedy that way. Heh for Brainfuck.

make them into prayers by the_ragnarok
Reese is tired and just wants someone to put him on his knees - someone admirable who likes him and wants him on his knees. Zoe doesn't realise what he needs. Harold wonders if perhaps he could help ... The words aren't at all commanding. They're a question, perhaps rhetorical; and yet the next thing John knows, he is on his knees in an unfamiliar kitchen, looking up at Harold. Cute story with a dash of nice humor. Also, hot. Nice view of Reese. And I like Harold's logical reasoning - and him praising John.

Man With A Mission by Draycevixen
Reese needs to find out more about Finch. As he doesn't want to torture him or drug him (he does need his job, after all) he seduces him. Finch knows, though, and later Reese regrets himself more and more. Will Finch ever trust Reese after what he did? The painting stopped just above his hips but he knew it was how he would have looked to Harold while he was riding his cock. Lovely angst. Early days, yes, but nicely done and I liked getting back to them. Reese trying to find out more about Finch are some of my favourite parts of the show. Aww for normally so focused Reese wavering on his mission objective. Hot sex too. Aww for Reese getting jealous! I think I'd like to read more stories with that than we have currently. Lovely little cliffhanger in part two and a lovely solution in part three. Good boy, Reese. Cute with the whole Priapism thing and Reese being guilty for a thing like that. Finch's painting sounds very beautiful.

Manual Override by the_ragnarok
John's straight. However, he still belongs to Harold and gives himself easily to him. John will probably never fuck anyone else ever again, because he's Harold's now, until the day he dies. Interesting dynamic. Love is more than sexuality and the sex bit is even less important, and it needs not be completely mutual either. Harold has quite a mouth on him. Hot. But I also like John just belonging to Harold, so this was nice. Good end.

Meet the Family by Draycevixen
Reese finds out more about Finch's family. Or part of it anyway, more namely his cousins, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. The Holmes part of the family is a bit daunting, especially their mother... While drunk off her ass my old CIA handler once told me that the scariest person she’d ever met was a tall, thin Englishman who dressed like a banker and always carried an umbrella. Fun crossover. I like Reese being more intelligent than Mycroft thinks. Also very amusing how Mycroft decides UN votes and Violet interfers with the presidental premaries. Sweet with Reese spying on Finch's meeting with Mycroft. Good on Violet to approve of Reese. Heh for Watson thinking of getting business cards with "please try to resist the urge to punch Sherlock in the face". Heh also for Mycroft hiding his mother's passport. Big awww for Finch momentarily thinking Reese finds Sherlock attractive. I hope for more installments in this series.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Finch by KaticaLocke
It's Christmas and both Reese and Finch are alone. Finch unexpectedly invites Reese to come home to him for Christmas dinner. Only, afterwards Reese is reluctant to leave and there's a mistle above the door and one things leads to another ... He'd never seen a man look at him the way Finch was looking at him and it made the short hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Sweet story. Several good lines. Both well in character. I liked Reese's caution in the beginning on approaching the apartment. And I greatly enjoyed Reese being inexperienced at gay sex, but willing to do anything Finch desires - awwww ... That really worked for me. Awwww also for the pain comment - lovely, truly. Heh for Finch being good with his hands. Good emotion, nice little humor too.

Miracle on 56th Street by thisstarvingartist
A snowstorm envelops New York. Finch gets snowed in and flashbacks to a moment in his youth. He panics and contacts Reese, who promptly braves the storm to come to his rescue - and, in doing so, also comes to Finch's home. And it's Christmas. Now what? John looked… god, he looked broken, crushed, as if he’d already resigned himself to Harold’s rejection, like he’d been bracing himself for it since the day they’d met. Sweet story, warm despite the snow. As a Swede, I greatly respect snow and snowstorms. We don't get them this bad often, but it's amazing when it happens. Finch's flashback was well described, nicely built and woven into the story. I really enjoyed the character of Irene Petiski. Reese is so sweet when he tries to respect Finch's privacy. Good feeling and angst. They're very sweet together.

Mnemosyne by subluxate
Reese needs to sleep. Finch takes Reese to Reese's apartment and when Reeese kisses him without planning to, Finch ends up staying. He humped air and cloth, matching Harold’s rhythm, and then Harold made a sound, desperate and purely sex, and John came. Sweet with how eager Reese is for things to be good for Finch, from tea (awww ...) to blowjobs. Hot with Finch controlling Reese the way he did - and Reese coming the way he did. Heh for Reese bragging with his marks to Shaw. The part from Bear's POV was very sweet.

Mr. Egret by gracefultree
After the roof top, Reese is still wearing the bomb. In order to get it off, Finch takes him to an expert and uses his Mr Egret personality to get things moving ... Things will be done - or else! Now… now Harold sounded dangerous enough for even someone like Kara Stanton to pause and reevaluate the game plan. I enjoy Finch showing off Mr Egret. I quite like that aspect/personality of him. Nicely written. Nice dash of angst.

Night's Candles by hedda62
Reese will most likely die tomorrow. When Finch asks him if there's anything he wants Reese tells him the truth. The only thing he wants, is Finch ... It seemed like minutes they stood there, eyes locked, but it was really only seconds before Harold took one lurching step forward and said, as if it was the simplest thing in the world, "Then of course you can have me," and reached up to bring John's face close to his. Nice and angsty. Hot, yet with emotions. The Number part itself could have been slightly clearer, I had to reread to figure out the set-up, but then it worked (if Reese possibly being a hint stubborn) and I like the ending.

No More Black Hoods by MulaSaWala
AU WIP in which Mark Snow was with Reese on the rooftop when Kara had strapped bombs to them. Finch saves them both. Reese and Finch brings Snow with them and keeps him in the library. Snow knows that they will kill him. He's almost okay with that, this is his favorite jail cell so far. But will they really kill him? With Reese's shiny new conscience, at least he would probably kill him quick. Interesting possibility. I would have liked to read more, but it seems abandoned. I like Mark in this oneand nice to see Finch from his POV. Agreed on the name Decima.

Not Just a Job by kitanthony
Anthony's employers has sent him on a slightly unusual hit. They want him to kill this high school teacher. Seems like a nice man. One Charles Burton. Of course, it's not long before Anthony finds himself captive in front of Elias - who offers him a job. Anthony accepts - but maybe there's even more to the offer. “You’re telling me that if we continue like this, you’d still let me die for you tomorrow if need be?” Anthony asked insistently. Elias looked solemnly into his eyes and answered, “If you said ‘please’.” Interesting. Good emotion, though a hint bittersweet in parts. Heh for the name game. I liked Elias in this one, very Elias. Aww for him buying Anthony ice cream. Nice of Bruce to make sure of Anthony, even with his methods.

Not Quite Made In China by Della19
Finch might look mild and harmless, but when Reese is taken, Finch shows the hard, ruthless side of himself to get his man back. And those who get in his way, will burn. I really love the ruthless side of Finch, my favourite type of Finch, and I really like it when he's the one to the rescue, very nice. Many good lines in this one, especially for such a relatively short story. A bit aww-worthy in places. Nice language. Nice humor in places, too.

Now You See Me by Della19
His injuries prevents Finch from doing a lot of things. He also doesn't want anyone to see him or touch him, which makes human interaction a bit difficult. And maybe (or maybe not) he wasn't a voyeur, but then he realises something about Reese. Reese looks into cameras - and sees Finch. And Reese doesn't mind that Finch is watching him to all kinds of things. But then the tone changes, becomes soft where it was hot, yet no less intense as John stands, approaches the window, eyes still fixed on Harold, so unbearably fond, and holds one of his hands-so elegant for such deadly weapons-up to his own mouth, presses a kiss to the palm before placing that very palm against the glass, and with a little manipulation of the zoom, his hand is the same size as Harold’s own on the monitor. Interesting idea, awww-worthy in places, good feeling, fresh feeling, several good lines. Great that Reese helps Finch with the running - and the sex too, which turned very, very intimate despite the distance. I would have loved to read more in this universe, maybe from Reese's POV too.

Of Monsters and Men by Glare
AU in which homeless John rescues a man from being mugged. John then starts receiving presents - some for himself, many he can share with other homeless. But John is curious and starts follow the bird (which he calls the man) until he finds his nest. What will he do when he finds it? Because he may be a monster, but he’s on a leash and no longer alone, and his future is bright. Interesting AU that I'd like to read more of. Some good sentences and images. I like Reese's view of himself, leashed by Finch (in a good way). I do like "sugar daddy" Finch.

On Good Authority by astolat
Reese finally finds Finch's actual house. To prove it to Finch he brings home a trophy - a sex toy he found at the house in the form of a chastity belt. However, when Finch lets him know that he wasn't the one who wore the belt, Reese unexpectedly feels very jealous and after that he starts thinking more and more about wearing a chastity belt - for Finch. Would Finch let him? Harold would fuck him, Harold would tell him to hold still, caged, and he'd hold perfectly still, he'd be so very good, while Harold pushed his cock inside and used him — Reese being submissive to Finch just works for me. I did also like Reese's triumph of finding Finch's actual house. I know little about high tech chastity belts, how that would work, but the idea is neat and I really like Finch's direct approach and Reese's eagerness, not to mention Reese's hot fantasies of Finch's dominance. Six times, you dawg Finch you ... Very hot, but with good emotions as well. I really liked the things not going well for Reese if he hugged Finch, as Finch had both hot tea and a computer within easy reach - heeh.

Once more, with feeling by snarled_musings
Finch and Reese are in a purely sexual relationship, a mutual agreement of conveniene to scratch itches. But unbeknownst to the other, both wants something more. Will one of them dare to reach out for that and, if so, will things work out for them? The soft whisper slid like liquid silk down his damaged spine, drawing a shudder from him. Nice dose of double angst. Nice blend of sweet and hot. Heh for voyeurism kind of being Harold's career. Sweet how careful John is to adher to the limits he thinks Harold has put on their relationship - and how happy he gets when Harold reaches out to him. I do like that John is the first man Harold has ever considered being with, that just works for me. Nice descriptions of John. I did like how lovingly Harold compares him with a machine - both with Harold being good with machines and how the comparison feels like a compliment.

Our veins are busy but my heart's in atrophy by violentdaylight
Unexpectedly John realises that Harold's having John kill "threats" that haven't done anything - yet. In fact, Harold's a psycopath. The smart thing to do would be to kill Harold and run. Will he? There’s a gun beneath his jacket and his palms are bruised and bloody, and if Harold asks him, he will gladly put his hands around somebody’s neck until their pulse dies under his fingers. Refreshing AU that worked for me. Poor John, but I think they'll be okay (or as okay as they can be). And John being loyal to Harold no matter what is one of my favorite things. Hot too.

Outsider Perspective by Neery
Due to an explosion in a chem lab, Finch and Reese wakes up, both with no memory of their previous life, apart from where they live and a connection between them. Of course, in Finch's case where he lives is merely one of his personalities. And maybe some of the conclusions they draw are not quite true. Or are Reese really some sort of criminal and Finch his kept man? He was resting his head on Harold's thigh, his eyes closed, smiling a little; he looked as content as Harold had ever seen him. A good amnesia story can be lots of fun and I like this dose of double amnesia. As we know their true relationship to see them try to make sense of their dubious clues is highly amusing. Also a nice dose of angst. Good that they kept together, sweet. I do have a very weak spot for Finch dressing Reese up and buying him things, so that was also nice. As a computer programmer I liked how Finch reacted to his code and also to the other coding references. Heh for public phones calling them. Interesting how Reese seemed to know how to suck cock, but not necessarily how to fuck a man.

Partnership by The_Blue_Fenix
Reese gets ill. While Finch takes care of him, Finch's attraction to Reese is revealed. Reese is willing to let Finch have him, but Finch isn't interested in having sex with someone who would barely endure him. Especially after he realises that Reese had very bad experiences in the past. But maybe Reese wouldn't be as reluctant as Finch imagines ... The first time Harold's deft hands drifted below his waist, Reese felt ice flow through his veins. Some darkness, but some really good angst and emotion. Also an highly interesting, thoughtworthy case with Dr Robinson; a good read in itself. Several good lines. Nice dash of humor too. Heh to Reese comparing Finch's offer of chess as if he'd offered to armwrestle Finch. Also Reese being "inconsiderately blurry" when Finch is ill. For some reason Reese into even knowing Finch's doctor resonated with me - poor man. Aww for Finch counting pi to sleep, nice touch. I liked Doborah. She's a strong, capable woman. At first I worried she'd become a Mary Sue, but she worked very well and I found her interesting. Good voice, especially for Reese in this one. I would like to read more on the Reese/Finch relationship (mostly because I'm greedy, it works well as it is). Nice handling on on the difficult parts and I like the angst. Good science. Normally I like a more dominant Finch, but possibly due to that I often get very nice dominant Finch stories I found it oddly sweet with a more submissive Finch when Reese needs him to be. I really liked Finch buying Reese building, that's just so him. Aww for the paladin heart - really good line.

Peak Effect by astolat
Reese is drugged and wants to have sex with Finch. Finch is attracted to him, but doesn't want to do anything with Reese drugged. Will he be able to resist - and, if so, will Reese be able to take no for an answer? John couldn't make anything come out of his mouth, terror and hope choking him; he couldn't make himself move. Well described drug haze. Poignant hints of Reese finding himself unworthy of Finch, I like that a lot. Sweet emotion on Finch's part too.

Penthouse Stories by squidgie
When they must hide for a bit Fich uses one of his backup plans, that of Mr Kingslet, to hide him and Reese in the penthouse suite of Four Seasons - on their honeymoon ... Before Reese could ask exactly what he meant, Harold reached up and cupped the back of John's head, then pulled him down into a kiss. Sweet fic that made me smile. Finch is very sweet and Reese handles the situation well. And, oh, I think Reese likes Finch's solution just fine. Very sweet end.

Point of A Pistol by Giddygeek
Root is back - and she wants Harold. Her presence pushes Reese closer to Finch, which in turn makes Root more and more desperate. Finally Reese takes Bear and Finch and runs. But he's got a plan. If she knew what she was up against, she'd know that it would take so much more than the threat of bloodshed for John to lose him now. Nice plot, interesting and well written. Bad Leon. I like how homey Finch's apartment was. Nice touch with the toaster and four slices. Several good lines. Cute with Reese carrying around Finch's cufflink (and Finch knowing, of course). Finch sending Bear to find Reese when he's spying on them was really cute. Nice, amusing banter between them. Heh for Reese having Finch arrested. And for stealth-buying cars. I liked the Machine trying to warn them. Cute ending.

Put My Heart Over A Low Flame by PolarGrizz47
AU WIP in which Elias runs a restaurant, the Veni Vidi Vici - or the Triple V. Reese often eats there with his reclusive billionaire genius boyfriend, Finch. Reese has a friend, Anthony, who has just lost his job. Reese and Finch arranges for an interview for a job at Elia's restaurant. But maybe, just possibly, the two have already met, a long time ago. The only person he’d ever felt such devotion towards was a long forgotten friend from the group home… what was his name again? Interesting setup. Would have been nice to read more in this universe. And I bet Elias would run a great restaurant.

Proceed by kmmerc
So, maybe someone is still a little hesitant about the whole sex thing. Maybe the other's reaction isn't quite as predicted. Perhaps it's just as well. Something always hurts, John. Cute story with a nice twist that made me smile. Easy to read the story in different ways, but I think I'll just stick to my reading of it. A little rough maybe, but I do like the idea of Reese giving everything to Finch, regardless.

Pseudoprime by manic_intent
Finch starts getting strange messages from the Machine, which seems intent to get him to have sex with Reese. Finally it gets too annoying and he gives in, just as an experiment. It surprises him, how much Reese wants him - and how devestated Reese gets when he think he's not good enough. But why did the machine start sending the messages in the first place? "Of course I want more," Reese says fiercely, and his eyes are wild, "I want everything. God, Harold, don't you know what you do to me?" Heh for the Machine getting involved - and the reason was very sweet. My favorite stories are of a Reese who all but worships Finch and wants so badly to be with hm and this was sweet, with him all but begging and being so devestated when Finch's approach is a bit hot and cold, awww ... I'm not sure if we're to read him as all but crying in one of the phone conversations, but if so, it was lovely. Normally I would find a crying Reese completely OOC, but that hint worked for me. Hot with the demonstration. Several good lines.

Raise Your Weapon by wonderble
When Reese has nothing to do, he considers how he would kill Finch. Oh, he doesn't plan to actively do it, but still. Luckily, Finch doesn't mind much. He knows exactly how he would destroy Reese, should it be necessary. Hopefully they will stay in balance. "If you're done planning my murder, I would like to discuss the possibility of lunch," the dry voice interrupts him. Very interesting, thoughtworthy story, well written and strangely believable in its context. Inspiring. On consideration, I would fear Finch the most.

Raven by CaseyM
Reese misses a step and recognises that while he's still among the deadliest men in the world, he is about to leave his peak. Finch promises that they will look into the matter together - and then he asks Reese how he would like to die. “I always thought perhaps I’d like to die in bed, sexually sated by an impossibly beautiful woman.” I liked the story. Interesting idea, a realistic problem, good solution, well executed. And I do love the idea of them going on, just like they are, for a very long time. My problem with it to start with, though, was the name of the OFC - Raven at once made me think of the Highlander spinoff, Raven. Especially since it was referred to Finch's "oldest friend". Now, I've never seen thar particular spinn-off, even if I've seen plenty of Highlander. I know vaguely that it is about the female Immortal Amanda, about 1200 years old. Immortals stop aging, all wounds heal, those already Immortal can recognize pre-Immortals and they can only be killed by beheading, so I kept thinking Immortals all through the story, even if the story wasn't labelled as a crossover. Also, there are differences between the Immortals of Highlander and the immortality in this story. Still, I quite enjoyed the rest. Good, hot sex (nice with Reese as such a thoughtful lover), but also nicely emotional. Well described Reeses' confusion in the heat, and how he decides to follow Finch into death - awww ... Nice dash of humor too. And Raven is an interesting OFC.

repose in new ways by nothanksweregood (foreverkneeld)
A grateful Number blesses John so that he can't get hurt. When he realises what has been done he demands that the blessing be taken off. It is up to Finch if he gets hurt or not. His entire body feels as though someone has come along and borrowed all of his muscles, leaving him powerless and entirely placid at Harold’s feet. Cute fic. Awww, boys ... Nice misunderstanding to start with. I do like Reese obeying Finch.

Rest Hold by annchi
When he has rescued them, some people hug Reese. He's not a hugger. Finch is, though. Eventually Reese starts passing on the hugs. He moved into Finch's space and put both arms around him, then waited until the other man relaxed against him before he stroked up and down his back in a way that was careful but unmistakably affectionate. A cute story that really made me smile.

Self Defense by Speranza
Finch has to kill to save Reese's life. He's in shock, so it's up to Reese to get them away. He has to throw the police off their track, so he takes them somewhere the police will find them - and proceeds to make sure the police finds them in a delicate position. Only, how will Finch react when he wakes up from his shock - and how does Reese himself feel about what he did? He couldn't remember when he'd last fels such pleasure, and such a complex pleasure: physical gratification leavened by the hard, bittersweet knowledge that Reese had been forced to it by his love of him. Lovely angst on both sides, good plot with sweet solution. Reeses' emotions well described even in Finch's POV. Cute with Reese not pulling down his blinds, as Harold is the only one likely to spy on him. Sweet how he reacts to Finch's voice.

Sleeping In The Stacks by hiddenlongings
Reese has difficulties sleeping. He sleeps best in a little hideaway in the library, soothed to sleep by Finch's typing. That his hideaway also gives him a very good view of one of his favourite sights - Finch's legs - doesn't hurt. But one day Finch catches him at it and Reese knows that this will change everything. If Harold had ever shown John the slightest sign that he had wanted him John knew he would have knelt at the older man’s feet and done whatever was asked of him. Sweet little kink on Reese's part. The hideaway in the library reminded me a bit of the Profit series, when the main character sleeps in a box. Totally different reason here and all, but it still did. It worked for me, though. Sweet end, I liked that, a little aww-worthy. I do have a very soft spot for Reese feeling undeserving, makes for nice angst. Poor boy forgetting his shoes and socks, but heh for the image of him striding confidentally even without them. Heh for John's ulterior motive in dropping his eyes, bad boy, that really made me smile. Nice that the machine gives Harold the info he needs on John. I also liked Reese's desperation to please Finch.

Spices and Blood by PolarGrizz47
WIP in which Anthony has a crush on his boss - and Elias knows that the way to a man's heart is through his belly ... The way his partner tensed and nodded dumbly at the touch made Carl grin predatorily. Cute story that made me smile. I hope for a continuation, I'd love to read more. Anthony is very sweet in it and so is Elias, in his own way. They deserve each other. Interesting view of their relationship.

Split-Aparts by Della19
Finch and Reese are partners, but more than that - they're like two parts of the same person, incomplete without each other. But this-this man with his guns and his suit and his voice and his impossible certainty-snuck into his very soul when Finch wasn’t looking and made himself a home there in that once empty place, and Finch knows, with a certainty he’s only ever felt before when looking at code, that if this man died, Finch would not survive it. Nice stories, I like how the part complement and balance each other, so we get both views and enrichen the message. Nice language, almost a bit poetic. A little aww-worthy in parts. Interesting take on Roots. Several nice lines.

Stitch My Skin Together (Thread the Needle with Your Love) by Isagel
It starts as an accident. Reese gets hurt - and Finch helps him. It happens again and soon Reese does it more or less on purpose. What will Finch do when he finds out? Pressing down, he can feel the individual stitches beneath the gauze—small, evenly spaced, Harold’s meticulous attention to detail sewn into his skin. It makes him feel warm inside. Interesting possibility. Well phrased. Tsk, tsk Reese. Kind of sweet really. Good end.

Strange by astolat
When Finch realises that Reese wants to have sex with him, the idea had never even occurred to him. But he agrees and it's not too bad, in fact it's rather nice and Reese is obviously very eager. And even if Finch might not love Reese quite that way, he does still love him and perhaps that's enough. “Harold,” John breathes out, in raw gratitude, and he’s sliding to his knees and fumbling, astonishingly clumsy, for Harold’s pants. Interesting angle - and one I'm very weak for, when love meets a more platonic love, but together they still build something strong. I find that really beautiful and in this case believable. Nicely written.

Structure by faith_manages
Reese has a problem with assuming one of his aliases, John Anderson. Finch, as Anderson's boss, Harold Partridge, decides to take matters into his own hand and give Anderson a structured situation - on his knees before his boss. Part of it was the razor-wire sharp competence he exuded, part of it was the dark-colored suits that flattered his frame and skin tone, and part of it was the cane. Cute (and hot) role play. Interesting choice for a first time story - though I liked it better since the dance between them had begun before the role play started, that made it work for me.

Superstition by icarus_chained
On leaving the library, Reese jokes with Finch to give him a kiss for luck. Finch sees it as superstition. But is it really wise to tempt the gods? And then stared, in something very close to shock, as Finch impatiently took the hand in his, turned it the other way, and drew it up to press his lips to the back of John's knuckles in a dry and bizarrely courtly kiss. Sweet, a little aww-worthy. And the kiss was a very nice touch, well done Finch.

Surveillance by KaticaLocke
Finch catches Reese having sex with a man after having asked the man to wear glasses so that Reese can more easily pretend he's Finch. At first Finch doesn't react all too well - but eventually they do get together - only hours later Reese is shot in the head and when he wakes up he's no longer the man he was. Now what will Finch do and is there still hope? "You have no idea how many times a day I wish you'd call me John, but you never do, you have to keep that professional distance, because the fucking world would end if you ever showed the slightest hint that you might actually like me, and now you brandish my name like a weapon to break down my defenses, because that's all you know how to do -- watch and learn and manipulate people into doing what you want--" Nice story with good plot, depth, interesting development, very many good lines and good feeling. A bit aww-worthy in places. I especially liked the "other" Reese. I wouldn't want him like that always, of course, but it was very sweet and well written. Bad Reese, putting on a show. Bad Finch, teasing him. Several nice bits of angst, hot sex. I especially liked the notion that Finch might do it just to keep Reese (but I wouldn't have wanted it to be true). Nice touch of humor. Sad that Reese doesn't remember, but maybe he will, later. Sweet ending. Nice touch also with Finch disabling the surveillance in the elevator.

System_Restore.exe by Lerry_Hazel
Things end the way the show does. Except, Harold has heard about a way to go back in time by jumping off something tall. So he does. John knows this way as well. But first, he will make Rick Dillinger deeply regret not appreciating the honour of working by Harold’s side. I like time travel stories and this was a nice one. A bit awww-worthy. Yay for John going up against Dillinger. Fresh feeling to the story.

Taken by astolat
Finch didn't know Reese is a beta. And Reese didn't know that Finch was an alpha. This makes it somewhat awkward when Reese goes into heat. But maybe that isn't such a bad thing. After a moment, he put a hand on John’s thigh, possessive, and John gave a small sigh of satisfaction and let himself enjoy it: he was taken. I wasn't quite sure what to think of the set-up of this story to start with, but it is by an author I trust, so I decided to give it a try and on reading it, I found it unexpectedly hot, but with a surprising dash of aww towards the end. I do like a bit of borderline non con now and then and this made me smile at the end, so I decided that I like it. Poor Reese, but it worked out well in the end.

Technical Support by astolat
AU in which Joss wants to help the homeless Reese and sends him to a friend who gives him work as a security guard - at IFT. When a new security system isn't working properly, a Harold Cygnet comes to fix things. They start to investigate the intruder together - and Cygnet proves to be something of a riddle, so Reese investigates him as well ... John had been eating better lately, getting enough calories, but when the steak was put down in front of him — charred outside, pink juices pooling around it when he cut in, a smell like heaven — his brain abruptly went offline. I'm normally not much for AUs, but this was a sweet one. Aww, they do belong together, no matter what. Well plotted story, works well and several good details. Yay for both of them being very competent with what they do. Good ending. Nice the way they got together. Yay for Reese figuring out almost everything on his own. Nice touch with Cygnet's auto correct system and the peeling stickers. I liked the scene with Dave, how Reese reacts to both him and Cygnet, very interesting, nice how Cygnet holds Reese back with fingers on his hand. For some reason I found the restaurant-scene touching, with Reese eating so eagerly and Cygnet giving him from his own plate. And aww for Cygnet buying stuff for Reese otherwise too.

The Final Frontier by Rosslyn
There's a new number - and it's Finch's. The Machine has been infected and to avoid it being turned into a weapon, Finch and Reese are forced to drastic measures - really drastic measures. But in the process some unexpected truths are revealed. "So that you won't find yourself insulted," Reese says, in the same casual tone that he keeps whenever he's feeling particularly predatory, "I should tell you now that if you do anything stupid, especially on your own, I will spend the rest of my life finding you, or avenging you, whichever need comes first." Aww ... Finch, you big romantic, you. But while yes to keeping secrets from Reese (he likes it), really, that the two of you are actually married ...? Aww ... And the grave, that really made me sigh with happiness - that's love ... Really sad about the machine, but otherwise I like the story and I'm sure they'll be back eventually. Cute with the pi-numbers. Nicely intimate in places and well in character.

The House on 22nd Street
Reese follows Finch and finds that he on occasion goes to a brothel - and has sex with a man looking a lot like Reese ... Finally he confronts him, because he has a problem with this. What's his is his, and Harold is more his than anyone or anything else, and he wants to make Harold shake, wants to make this so good Harold never thinks of anyone else, never lets anyone else. Very warm story, besides the brothel part, hot and with good emotions and hints of angst. I like possessiveness and I like how Reese handled things. Several good lines. Nice little tension when Reese finally tells Finch. Also afterwards when he worries about Finch's reaction.

The Machine's Coffee is the Best in Town by waterbird13
Reese works at The Machine, a coffee shop. One of his favorite customers is Harold, a quiet, well-dressed man who comes in regularly but seems slightly paranoid of anyone learning his habits. Then one day a couple of robbers tries to rob the place. Reese saves the day, but he learns something unexpected about Harold ... He can’t believe it took near-death to learn the man’s last name. Marked as complete, but feels a bit unfinished. Normally I don't like AUs that much, but this had a good feeling. Nice dash of humor.

The Morning Routine by Glare
Professor Whistler's student sometimes have a problem when the good professor falls asleep at his desk and don't open his door when they seek his help during office hours. They have a solution though - they've started to SMS his boyfriend, Detective Riley, to come wake him up. The moment end abruptly when a wolf whistle cuts through the silence, and John’s stumbles back from a beet red and sputtering Harold to see several of Whistler’s students standing in the doorway wearing matching delighted expressions. Cute story. And I've always enjoyed when Reese brings stuff to Finch.

The Most Important Meal of the Day by CaseyM
Reese gets beaten up, but Finch to the rescue. Finch takes care of Reese, including baking for him. Things baked with love, of course, always taste the best. And soon enough Finch has another opportunity. On impulse Reese kisses Finch. Is it just harmless flirtation or now what? And if it never progressed, if all that happened every day for the rest of his life was that he got to brush his lips against Harold’s … he could be happy with this, as long as Harold didn’t pull away. Aww for Reese missing Finch in his ear. Good dashes of humor- I especially liked Reeses' original response to Finch's control question as to who's the president. Sweet how eager Reese is for Finch's attention and with how little he'd be content with. Lots of the baked goods sounded quite tasty. Also good angst, especially when Reese worries that Finch found his kiss disgusting. The similies with the books I found very vivid and moving. Nice emotions. Heh for the warm lube - and with Finch being Finch I wouldn't put it beyond him to have done that on purpose. Strong image of Reese fearing coming to the library to find it empty.

The Oracle of Birds by RyuuzaKochou
Sentinels and guides are out and protecting the civilians. The guides don't have a choice and the sentinels are all found when young. Reese wasn't, though, but was taken for work in the military. He hides in New York, when he meets a spirit animal. A tiny one. A bird. A finch ... “So...this isn’t yours?” he asked with mock-coyness, as the little broken winged spectral bird uncurled in his palm. Sadly a WIP. Promising set-up and a nice handling of the charactes, but not updated in a while now. Interesting details about the events of September 11th, both during and after. Good choice of spirit animals and also good use of canon in an AU setting. Aww for Finch calling his spirit animal a bird brain and comparing Reese taking out criminals to dead-birds-on-the-doorstep affection.

The Proper Place by Vesta
Finch's away from the library. Reese takes the opportunity to sit in Finch's chair - and fantasize. He masturbates while fantasising, about taking his proper place - on his knees before the chair - before Finch. Will he ever get there? But he figured that Harold would like to see him pleasure himself, directing him, and Reese needed to be on his knees for that. Naughty Reese - but it worked out well in the end. Good emotion. I was a bit worried when first reading it, that it would be just a masturbation story. That would have been okay too - I do like the idea of Reese getting off on pleasing Finch - but it would have been a bit paler. A sit was I liked this end well. The really "accidental masturbation" amused me.

The Rest Is Silence by hedda62
At first, Reese doesn't like Finch's voice much. Then he likes it better and better. And better. Until he could probably come just from hearing him talk. Only then Finch finds out - and they decide to put Reese's weakness to a test - could he really come just from Finch's voice? It was hard to reconcile lust and worship, and Reese didn't try, just let one or the other take him, like a current washing downstream. Sweet and kinda hot. Me, I liked Finch's voice from the start - he has a great voice. Heh for the way Finch finds out. Several amusing details. Good voice for Finch, pardon the pun. I liked the way Reese "warns" that Finch saying "particularly educational" a few more times might do the trick ...

The Soldier In The House Of The Birds by Bonnie131313
Acolyte Finch is called to the Administrator. The Machine has handed down special instructions for him- he is to be paired off with a soldier named Reese. Eventually the pair will be Surveil and Paladin. The First Administrator is seated in a chair wearing the traditional garb of Administrators; white shirt, black trousers and jacket, purple vest and a black cowl lined in matching purple. Highly interesting work with an interesting feel to the tech religion of the Machine and how the world has developed. Not sure if WIP or just marked as one - I would like to read more, though the end works as it is as well. Many neat details. I especially enjoyed the excerpts from the past, like the Child's Technical Gospel. Cute how Reese talks to the Machine. Awww for the poke-in-the-eye thing.

The Unexpected Wedding by LadyRa
Reese is hiding, undercover as a dojo owner. One day one of his students brings him a magazine - with a wedding announcement. Apparently Reese's getting married - to Finch. Will Finch be there when Reese gets there? And just who put the ad in? And then John was surging to his feet and grabbing Harold, trying to be careful of his injuries, but mostly just needing to have contact, as much as he could have, as if he were a desiccated sponge and Harold was the water that could make him alive and useful again. Sweet story that made me smile. Visual too and I'd love to have seen that on screen. Cute with Reese taking a bird name, awww ... - and him taking "Bunting" as evidence. I also liked Reese using skills learned from watching Finch. Good touch with the manipulated images. Interesting with the prospect of that he could have missed ads - several such, in fact. Several good lines, especially for such a short fic.

There's no such thing as going home by violentdaylight
Carl and Anthony. Then and now. At the home and after. Through thick and thin. Through better and worse. Anthony and Carl. “Where would I even go without you?” he asks, except it doesn’t come out sarcastic at all, it sounds like he honestly can’t imagine. Sweet, warm story. A bit of angst, but good end. Good feeling between them and good view of their relationship. Nice structure of the story too. Some good expressions.

things which enclose me by MistressKat
Nobody touches Reese without an ulterior motive. But Finch touches him sometimes - and Reese wants him to want something from him ... John watches his fingers when he types, the quick, accurate tap-tap-tap of language he’s barely begun to understand, and he wants to rip out the keyboard and lay himself down on the desk instead and beg for Harold to rewrite his code until he’s whole again, until he’s fixed. Nice descriptions of Reese's emotions. Sad for him, but good end. Aww for Finch to finally understanding what Reese needs. Strong bits. Several good lines. I always choose my favorite line for a story and this is one of the stories that really made that choice difficult for me.

This spark of black that I seem to love by violentdaylight
As Mr Egret, Harold is a man who gets everything he wants. He demands obedience and commands respect. He orders John around - and John really, really likes that. Until John can't take it after an undercover mission and asks Harold to stay in character for a bit ... How will Harold react? “Do you want me to –“ John asks, dropping his eyes to where Harold clearly doesn’t have any objections to John kneeling in front of him, if the bulge in his underwear is any indication, and Harold says: “Yes, please, yes.” and John leans down again, pulling down Harold’s boxers. Interesting. Hot. Nicely described emotions on John's part and Harold does masterful very well.

tool-using by the_ragnarok
Finch has an itch he needs scratched. And sure, he could have used a tool, but ... Reese is happy to help any way he can. The last words are less said than squeaked, which is probably because John has made his way to Harold and is gently scratching Harold’s back through the jacket of Harold’s suit. Just cute! It made me smile.

Touch by elfin
When Finch was taken from him, Reese gets really angry. Later, when Finch is returned to him, he does his best to help him. To recover is not easy, but eventually Finch allows Reese to help some. --until Harold joined him, wrapped in a big white bathrobe, looking so incredibly fragile and vulnerable it made John’s muscle’s ache to grab him, to hug him, made his soul ache to put the man in a gilded cage and keep anyone from ever coming close to him again. I like Reese's evaluation of his emotional state after Finch was taken: very powerful. It shows how special Finch is to him. Some very nice lines.

Touch by iteration
Finch always watched Reese, but when Reese not just flirts with someone, but goes home with them, Finch doesn't want to watch any longer. But Reese realises he'd rather be in the library with Finch. And one day, Finch realises how Reese acts around him and maybe he'll finally not just watch any longer. John does not want to look up - does not want to see what Finch thinks of his filthiness and submission. Cute story that made me smile. I liked Reese's eagerness, almost desperation, to be with Finch. And what I really liked was the lovely, angsty moment towards the end, when Reese at first does not want to see what Finch thinks of him now - aww ...

Touching Mr. Reese by Draycevixen
A new number requires Reese to act as if willing to do anything Finch wants, sexually - anything. And he is willing, even if he'd prefer some things to other things. But what does Finch really want - if anything? He’d done things he’d hated for people who’d meant a lot less to him so he could do this for Finch. The first part was really hot, even if it was only pretend, but that alone wouldn't have done much for me, the clincher was most definitelly the second part - lovely, compact angst with a very nice resolution. Nice touch of self-sacrifice in Reese willing to do things he might not himself prefer, if they will get him closer to Finch - lovely, but even nicer with the balancing ending. Good work.

Triceps Brachii by judgebunnie
Reese catches Finch really enjoying watching him do push ups. Luckily, Reese really enjoys Finch watching him. There was only so much one man can take, and John Reese on his knees begging to suck you off was above and beyond Harold’s resources. Hot with a nice touch of emotion and a dash of humor. Poor Harold, never had a chance. I like him being in charge, though.

Trophy Husband by killalla
A number takes Reese and Finch to England, with Reese participating in a conference and Finch as his trophy husband. However, many of the other conference participants also turns out to play a strategy game in which Finch is an acknowledged master. Reese finds himself on the sideline and am not happy about this development. They’d only just sat down to dinner when a tall, aristocratic, and aging-but-still-handsome Englishman walked up to the table, took one look at Harold, and exclaimed, “Rommel, you magnificent bastard!” Cute background stories for them. Interesting to take them out of the US, we don't see that often. Nice to let Finch be so admired by the others, he so very much deserves it - and cute with Reese getting jealous.

Walking in the Dark by tiranog
Reese wants to learn more about Finch, but he does not want to scare him. So instead he invites him to a Mets game. They drift closer. When Reese realises that Finch wants him, he's happy to give - only Finch can't believe Reese's serious. Can Reese convince him? "It isn't any more of a stretch than me believing that the most decent, gentlest man I've ever met would be turned on by a cold blooded killer." The story has a good feel with nice emotion and good angst. Several good comments. Nice contrast to Reese's past with Stanton and Snow. Heh for Finch telling Reese not to berate himself in Finch's presence. Well in character. A bit aww-worthy with the Monster-references. And for Finch getting scared when he thinks Reese will react badly to Finch's desire. And the "I'd die for you"-thing. Very sweet sequel as well, good angst. Several good lines. I like when Reese is so eager to please Finch.

Weapon by astolat
Zoe tells Reese that everyone he cares for must see him as a useful weapon. This upsets him, so he asks Finch. Yet while Finch readily agrees, there's something about the way he agrees that makes all the difference. "Harold," he said softly, "use me." Sweet story. I liked Reese helping Finch building a server, I found that unexpectedly intimate. Awww for Reese's reaction, both when Zoe tells him and later, when Finch does. I liked the way he describes his secret. Nice language - I especially liked comparing the gleam of cufflinks to Victorian flash of ankles. Heh for Fusco calling on Reese's "strutting" for Finch.

Well Dressed Monsters by killalla
To save humanity, the organisations summons monsters from out of space time, binds them in human form and make them fight on our behalf. But when the geas runs out, they need something more to bind them. The watcher with a thousand eyes, the listener with a million ears - they bound him with a partner, an anchor, a willing sacrifice. The two visits the Laundry in England. And then all we can really do is pray (in a secular, humanist fashion) that we’ve given them enough of a reason to stay and to fight with us until the stars go cold and we reach the end of all things. Crossovers to fandoms I'm completely unfamiliar with is always tricky: do I wait until I've seen the movie/watched the show/read the book or do I read it more or less like an original characters story. If I've heard of the fandom, then I tend to wait. As I hadn't, in this case I read it as it is, since I love Person of Interest so much and just need to read more stories. I liked it a lot and I have now just bought the first book in the Laundry series. I look forward to seeing how the author of the fic has captures the other fandom. The Person of Interest part is lovely, a hint of chilling, very fitting and I'd love to read more in this universe. Heh for the nicknames, especially Sauron, but I liked Angmar too. Inspiring fic.

When We Finally Kiss Goodnight by ArgylePirateWD
To get closer to their number, Reese and Finch pretends to be married. Then a blizzard leaves them snowed in. It's almost a continuation of the marriage. John never really looked at guys before, but he does see Harold - and the sham of marriage let him do more than just look. Now he wants more. What does Harold want? Excitement burned brighter than the lust in his gut, joy threatening to bubble over and spill effervescence everywhere. Nice feel to the story. Heeeh for both of them stocking up almost identically, that was amusing. Nice dash of angst and they are nice together. Interesting to measure the warmth of water for tea by the bubbles. Good description of emotions.

Who Needs Tomorrow by eyeus
Finch and Reese shares a hotel room - but there's only one bed. Reese wakes up to find Finch watching him. When Finch says he wants him, Reese offers him all that he is. Even if he knows he's just a killer or at best a stand-in for Grace. But is that really everything he is to Finch? “Oh,” John blinks, before he’s choking out, “have me,” because whatever Harold wants, he will give, until there’s nothing left; will let Harold consume him, because this is Harold, who’s held him in his thrall since the beginning. Reese belonging to Finch or giving himself fully to him is my favourite thing in PoI fanfiction. This was a nice example with several nice lines and a sweet ending, I really like what Finch told Reese about his worth, aww ...

Workplace Ethics by snarled_musings
Reese is drawn more and more towards Finch. When Finch gets drugged, Finch kisses Reese, which Reese greatly enjoys, but later feels very about taking advantage of Finch. But was there really advantage taken - and, if so, just who took advantage of who? I will not use you that way, knowing you do it out of a warped sense of gratitude. Nice dose of double angst and misunderstandings. I also like when Finch buys stuff for Reese. Poor Reese, considering kneecapping himself, dear boy.

Worship by TigerKat
John Reese doesn't believe in God. He believes in Harold Finch. He'd call it love, but that is far too pale a word, when every word he speaks into his earpiece is a prayer, when every day he can spend with Finch is a favor. Yes, I could so see this. Nicely put, short but very sweet.

You Know I Need It, Too by Perpetual Motion
Zoe is under the impression that Reese belongs to Finch. When Finch brings up the matter, Reese offers a brush-off they can laugh at and carry on. But Finch isn't laughing. What does Finch think about the matter? “John,” he says so quietly it barely carries, “would you get on your knees for me?” I really like a hint of dominance of Finch over Reese. Nothing too much, but just Reese belonging to Finch and being happy with his place with Finch. This was a sweet story with nice feeling. I especially liked the image of Harold knowing he has the best offer in the room, because of course he does. I like possessiveness.

your kind of mystery by the_ragnarok
Leverage crossover in which they find their number by tracking a man with a subcutaneous transponder - something harmless men seldom has. But in this case, their is a good reason for the transponder. Which gives Finch ideas. John considers his expression might be a bit too beatific for the situation, but Harold’s giving instructions in his ear, quick and precise, and every word makes John feel like the world comes a bit into better focus. Lovely crossover that works very well. Nice view of both teams. Aww for John wanting Harold to chip him. Heh for Harold to the rescue in a limo.


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I enjoy watching Grimm. A show that deserves far more fic than it has.


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A Rat And A Bear by ornategrip
When Roddy's father gets arrested he is taken in by Frank Rabe. The Reinigen is naturally nervous about living with Jagerbars. Especially when Frank's son Barry is short with him. However, Barry is fascinated by Ruddy's music - and, later on, by Roddy himself. Unexpectedly, the Reinigen finds himself the leader of a young Jagerbar. And so that was how Roddy found himself playing for a Jagerbar, who was just as rapt as his rats used to be, gazing at Roddy almost adoringly as he played. Cute relationship with an interesting dynamic. Nice with Rabe helping Roddy. Frank does seem like a nice man. Aww for Barry being more important to Roddy than his violin ... Sweet universe I would like to read more in. Heh for Frank approving in advance. Poor Roddy for having to endure Monroe's version of the sex talk ... I agree with the view of Barry's personality.

All the Time in the World by Kittycrackers
Monroe finds himself and Nick trapped in a refrigerated box car in a train heading towards Canada. Nick has a headwound and is badly off, not to mention quickly getting colder and a colder. What's a hot-blooded Blutbad to do? Nick stills and stiffens, and Monroe can sense his fear in the way his breath stops and starts and the way his heart rate quickens. Interesting take on Monroe's perception of the world when he is woged out. Very nice ending with the timeless kiss and all. Cute with Monroe understanding injured-Grimm-speech.

Ask Me No Questions by laceymcbain
Hank is a good detective and he knows something is up with Nick and Monroe. However, since he doesn't know about the Grimm and Blutbad thing, he thinks that Nick is having an affair with Monroe. Which he isn't. Though perhaps the idea isn't all that bad after all? He's got a wardrobe full of deadly weapons that he's learning how to use, and a friend who's really a big bad wolf, despite the reformed ways, and Nick can't help but think that's so much cooler than a future of Labradoodle pups and cozy evenings by the fire. Cute story that made me smile. I especially liked Monroe congratulating himself for Hank thinking Monroe could have bagged Nick. The boys well in character, especially Monroe. Sweet ending, though more would have been nice too. Heh for the fruit basket and for Nick going well with Monroe's sofa. Nice dashes of humor. And I liked the idea of Nick taking a course in German, sounds like a good idea, considering.

Changes by dreamsofspike
Drabble in which Monroe thinks on how powerful Nick has become and how easily Nick could hurt him. Nick slowly turns then, and the look in his eyes turns Monroe’s blood to ice. He’s suddenly very glad Nick saw him coming this time. Short, yet poignant. Interesting.

Courtship by bellacatbee
Monroe wants Nick. So he courts him. Sadly, he's not very good with human interaction, so he does it the Blutbat way. Will Nick even notice or will he kill him or ...? He himself wore a red shirt and kept the top button undone, flashing his neck at Nick and sometimes jogged ahead of him a little just to give Nick a chance to chase him but Nick remained completely oblivious to mating calls which was good because Monroe wasn’t sure how to explain the fact that he wasn’t keen on submitting but he’d been desperate to try anything at that point. Amusing story that made me smile. Perhaps not the most brilliant courtship, but oh well, it worked. Poor Monroe, not easy courting a Grimm. And bad boy Nick, with those red boxers ... Heh for Monroe unable to resist biting Nick.

Even A Broken Clock by mm_coconut
Adalind goes after Monroe next. She sends him a clock with poison on, designed to make him forget Nick. Instead, Nick gets dosed - and forgets himself ... He doesn't know who he is or who Monroe is - or what either of them are. Now what? I've also noticed how I've been letting myself feel right at home in the space you've made for me. Nice take on Nick's abilities, that he is a trained detective and good with drawing conclusions. I liked Monroe's reaction to the clock. And Nick being a bit more than human, I wish the show would explore that more. Sweet with Nick opting to stay with Monroe, feeling at home with him. Good twist at the end too.

Execution by dreamsofspike
Not everyone approves of Monroe and Nick's relationship. Monroe is kidnapped and Nick is sent a tape of his execution - a mock execution as a warning. Nick's had enough and he sends out a warning of his own - Monroe is off limits - or else. I’ll make every Grimm nightmare you’ve ever had seem like a sweet dream. I like a Nick who (while still being the nice Nick on the show) still can be completely Grimm bad-ass when he needs to be. Good reaction. Good threat too. Listed as a WIP, but stands very well as it is. Sweet end. Aww for the image of Monroe as a scared kitty trying to appear dangerous.

Fate Lines by Macx
Renard is a powerful wesen, a Regent - the Regent of Portland. He wants Nick and tries to get him using the coins but fails. However, they do end up together and, as it turns out, a Grimm is the perfect mate for a Regent. Together they protect Portland. However, the path is not without bumps, as other wesens show up, Hank thinks Nick has a new girl - and Renards family gets involved. His Grimm was the only addiction he needed. Lovely, long story with lots of nice details. Interesting. Several good quotes and some lovely OCs. I especially enjoyed Nick's wesen friends, how they are there for him, helping him and accepting him. Also good use of the "non-OC"s. Cute with Monroe counting Nick as close to pack. Interesting take on the Regents. I do hope for more in this series. Warm and fun in places. I also liked Nick's mother's reaction to the wesen who are her son's friends.

Gravitation by JollyCat
Nick is dating a perfectly normal woman, going on perfectly normal dates. Except ... the dates somehow always seem to end up with Nick not being with Lisa but with Renard. And just who is Hank dating ...? You rang the Captain and he picked you up, took you back to his house in your underwear, let you clean up at his house and borrow his clothes - which I would like to have seen by the way - then you had something to eat together and he dropped you back at 2 am because you got talking. Amusing story. Good format, the plot works well and I like the twist at the end. Poor Hank ... And poor Nick, so clueless ... But overall nice. Awww for having Nick take Renard's hand as they stroll through the market, sweet, even if it is just to "get his attention". Good that Lisa wasn't more invested than she turned out to be.

Grimm Numbers by Evenmoor
Crossover Grimm/Person of Interest in which both Finch and Reese are wesens and then Nick Burkhardt comes to New York - and the Machine sends Finch and Reese his number. If Lionel thought he seemed too pretty to be a cop, he was definitely too pretty to be a Grimm. Very interesting crossover. Works very well. Well chosen wesens for Finch and Reese. I liked Fusco in this one. Nice scene where Reese realises Nick is a Grimm. I can see many more potential stories in this universe and I hope for more. Interesting to follow Reese guesses as to what type of wesen Finch is. Interesting that wesen recognize one another by smell. Very neat idea of Reese controlling himself by his own type of violence rather than what he could have done.

Hapless Trouble by brbsoulnomming
Hap doesn't die, because Nick comes to visit early and saves him. Hap stays with Monroe - and later with Nick. Theirs is an unorthodox pack, consisting of Blutbadens, Jagerbars, Reinigens - and a Grimm leader. Monroe is, according to Hap, Nick's second in command - but then Hap realises that Nick actually wants Monroe as his mate ... “Trust me, Nick, I’m a million times less lonely right now than I was before you shoved your way into my life.” I really felt sorry about what happened to Hap. I was happy to see him in a nice, long fic. Nice feeling between him and Nick, very much "bros". Good humor. Also very nice between Nick and Monroe, with a nice dash of angst, which I like. Fun with the pack, I like that idea. Several good lines. Interesting information about the blutbaden. Cute with the petting; the ponies; and Monroe and Nick joking about their abilities as blutbaden and Grimm.

In His Eyes by dreamsofspike
Wesen keep being scared of Nick, despite all he has done. Finally he has a thought and asks Monroe exactly what he looks like, to the wesens. “Like every nightmare I’ve ever had.” I love this idea. I'd like to read more in this universe. Sweet ending.

In Which Things Are Started by Monroe's Love of Clocks
Monroe goes to a clock store - and is drugged by the scared reinigen to seek out the local Grimm and act on his basest instincts. The reinigen thinks he'll try to kill the Grimm - and be killed by him. Only, when Monroe gets to Nick he doesn't want to kill him. However, next morning he wakes up in Nick's bed with no memory of what happened. Monroe blinked at the obviously broken sound of Nick’s voice—it didn’t mesh right with the way a man should be talking when on the phone with someone who had taken him against his will the night before. Nice angst when Monroe thinks he raped Nick. Also good resolution and overall feeling of the story.

Latin Lessons by TwilightDeviant
Nick has the idea to learn latin, to better be able to read the chronicles. But his times are highly irregular and he doesn't learn well from books. So he asks Sean to teach him. At first at the office and latter at Sean's home. They grow closer. But what will happen when Sean's told Nick all the latin he knows? "I speak French!" Sean hurriedly declared, nearly a shout. Warm story with nice, gradual approach. Sweet end. And I think I learned a bitty bit about latin too, so that's nice. Good that Nick got to use his new language. Nice dash of angst.

Paper Games by JollyCat
Sean's approached by some important humans with a suggestion. They would like for him to go into politics and run for office. But to do so they think he needs to get a hobby. He considers the matter. An instrument, maybe, or a sport? But, just maybe, he already had a hobby? The hobby is called Nicholas Burkhard. Nicely structured story with good weaving and emotion. Nice ending (of the first part) with good dash of humor. Though Sean would mak a good politician (minus certain coins). I liked the description of the fighting session between Nick and Sean.

Pretend a Little by tolieawake
King Frederick and Prince Viktor is in Portland to talk to Sean. They want Nick. Sean and Nick decides to pretend to be a couple, to make sure they don't question his allegiance to Sean. The response from the other cops, the vesen and their friends are overwhelming. The two gets closer and closer - and they pretend less and less ... “Over the past few months, the number of migrants to the Portland area has tripled – when asked why they want to move here, most say that they like the ‘atmosphere’, or a friend or family member recommended it to them, others say the sense of community or that they feel Portland will be safer than where they were living before.” Frederik was rather nice, all in all, made Viktor's unpleasantness stand out even more. Vivid descriptions. Bud cute as always with the congratulations from the Lodge and all - and the baked goods. I liked Benson. Awww for the petition to Council. Good use of Grimm canon. Cute with the guard confessing when Sean just looks at him. Really powerful when Nick thinks that Sean is hurt and his anger/worry/emotion can be felt by all the vesen and that even Wu sees that something's off.

The Revenge of the Hexenbiest by Antares
Renard gets stung by a Blaue Stich-libelle, aka the 'Revenge of the Hexenbiest'. The venom will gradually paralyse him until his lungs stop working and he dies of asphyxiation. There's no cure, apart from the spilling of 'the source of life' of one's fiercest enemy. Only the 'fiercest enemy' of a wesen is a Grimm - and the 'source of life' is semen. So now Renard has a favor to ask of Nick - a very personal favor ... For the first time, Renard forced himself to look at Nick Burkhardt not as his superior, or as a wesen who had to watch out not to betray himself to a Grimm, but as a man who needed something from the other man. Interesting setup. Hot too. And while I normally prefers stories to end in couples, I did like the ending and see it as hopeful. Interesting twist to the end as well. Nice touch with the German words.

You Don't Miss Twice by ghostsoldier
Monroe remembers that Nick is a cop and a good one, but even he sometimes forget that Nick's genetically predisposed to badassery. When the Grimm in Nick comes out to play, sometimes he scares even Monroes. Or turns him on. For a moment he's utterly frozen and you think, shit, too soon, too soon, but then he sighs into your mouth and kisses you back and the only thing left in your mind is YES. I like the look on Nick in this story, as seen through Monroe's eyes. Nice monster too, classic woven into the story. Nice dash of humor with the kid they rescued. Good voice for Monroe.

Zauberbiester by shadowolfhunter
Nick's having difficulties with his baby. He gives babysitters terrible problems. The only one who seems to be able to handle him is Captain Renard. Luckily, the Captain seems very happy to help. He gently eases his arm under Sean, Kelly snuffles and moves a little, Sean tightens his arms around the baby, and then they both settle and Nick lays back with his arms full of zauberbiester, the warmth of Sean's much larger body seeping into Nick's tired frame. Sweet story that made me smile. They'd make a good image together.

Prison Break

Disclaimer and information

I really love Alexander Mahone. The others are fun too and I've read many interesting combinations, but Mahone is my favourite, one of my overall favourites actually.

(season 1)
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(season 2)
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A Convenience by clair_de_lune
In the beginning, Michael spied on Lincoln and Veronica having sex. Later on, though, he masturbates in his brother's bed, dreaming of Linc watching him. One time he looks up and sees Linc, actually watching him. Now what? It would be hypocritical, this reasoning, if he wasn’t aware of the fact that it is a convenience, an expediency to allow him to have his guilty pleasure. Normally I like my stories with a little more plot, but this was hot and sensual with a nice tension when Linc shows up. Sweet ending.

A Distant Mirage by HalfshellVenus
Back in Sona, Mahone watches Michael in the box. He remember another time, in Chicago, in when he had an unexpected meeting with a man in a bar ... The slightest promise from Michael, and he would have given it all away, forsaken Pamela and his future for that glimpse of something like the echo of his very soul. Nice description of the previous meeting, hot too. Good, vivid descriptions.

Bait by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
WIP in which one of their marks turn out to be a man interested in men with Mahone's general appearance. Mahone has to go undercover to a gay night club and spend some time with the man so that they can copy his information. Only Lincoln doesn't like this plan and insists on going along, acting as Mahone's boyfriend. Will that be enough to prevent something truly unpleasant to happen? Alex allowed Lincoln to drape one muscular arm around him, resisting the urge to shake it off. Interesting set-up. Heh for Sucre assuming he'd be up for bat again. And I agree with Sara that it's a bit sexistist of them to get upset about such a thing, but oh well ... boys will be boys ... Would be amusing to see Mahone all dolled up. Good on Linc for standing up for him. And yay for Linc to the rescue (even if in most cases Mahone could fight for himself). Interesting with the "missing" phone calls. I hope for more.

Between Trust And Loyalty by Romennim
After the bankrobbery that Michael hopes will land him in prison, he -since he is a latent guide- must be interviewed by a sentinel from the Sentinel & Guide Center. That sentinel is Alexander Mahone - who instantly realises that Michael isn't just a guide - he's Alex's guide - and Alex will do anything to get to stay with Michael. Will he be able to let Michael go to prison? Alex realized horrified that he probably would do anything this man would ask of him. Anything. Oh, lovely idea! Good emotions and strong overall. I would love to read more in this universe, much more, this feels like (a very nice) start of an epic. Interesting details about the Sentinel/Guide mythos. I thought Mahone had a brother, but I could be wrong about that. Good end, even if I hope for more.

blackbird on my shoulder by humanveil
In a world when all is grey until you see your soulmate, Michael sees color for the first time very unexpectedly - and he realises that his soulmate is someone he has to run from. His soulmate's realisation isn't much easier. Scofield, who is painted in hues Alex can’t quite name, who disappears behind a sea of bushes, the vibrant colours something he never thought he’d witness. Sweet. Also nicely written, well-balanced story. Good language. Poor boys ...

Breaking The Rules by flurblewig
Lechero did not like that Mahone stepped into Michael's fight, even if the other prisoner had a weapon. So he brings in Michael and Mahone to teach them a lesson. If Mahone was willing to kill for Michael, what else will he do for him? Or what will he let Lechero make him do for Michael? The remote, detached part of his brain that never quite switches off registers a cool amusement at just how close he came to swooning in Mahone's arms like a romance-novel virgin. Surprisingly hot situation - and the boys together are very hot too, of course. Nice dash of humor. I especially liked the description of Mahone in this one.

Cellie by serafina20
AU in which Michael Scofield turns himself in to Alexander Mahone - and then Mahone, in turn, turns them both in. Alex confesses to the murder of Oscar Shales. He's sentenced to 10-15 years and sent to prison. He's doing fairly well there. Then he gets a new cell mate - Michael Scofield. They hit it off and falls in love. But life in prison isn't easy. Is there any chance they can get out and have a future together? The minute Michael had walked into the visitor room, so obviously roughed up, Mahone had been out of his seat, over at Michael, ready to take down whoever had done it. This story is a bit special, as I got a note about it on a lousy birthday, an update note I have yet to figure out why it was sent to me, as as far as I can see it wasn't updated then. And it was a really lousy birthday and this story really saved the day for me. But more than that, it's that epic story you dream of finding when you get into a fandom, by an author you trust - a true treat. Also with Alex Mahone, who is my absolutely favourite of Prison Break (and William Fichtner is my overall favorite actor). Interesting AU that works well. Good angst, good emotion. Interesting OCs, but also good use of the canon characters. Near 200.000 words, but I would have loved to just keep reading ... When I reread prior to reccing a story I underline in my kindle - this one got nearly 300 underlines, which is a record for me. Lovely. I really liked how Mahone is regarded as something of a hero for what he did - he deserves good things. Good of the warden to trust him with Michael too. Good voices both for Alex and Michael in this one, though I especially liked Alex. Cute how the prisoners call Alex "FBI" - and Michael "Blueprint", both works well. I enjoyed Alex seeing Michael's tattoo - I would have loved to see more of that in the show itself. Good description of their first meeting in canon - and the phonecall. Heh for Michael to be a bit of a celebrity in prison. Aww for some of the cons trying to protect Michael from Alex. Aww also for Cameron. Such a sweet boy and I was very happy to have him in the story. The sub story with Pam and Link was a good idea. Good view of Alex's sexuality. Great detail with the Break Out and being in touch with the actors. Very strong in bits. Good feel between Michael and Link too. I liked the guards, especially Simms, very good feel. The riot worked well. So sweet with Cameron's crush on Michael. Hot sex too, well described. Another jailbreak would have been interesting, though not necessary in this particular story, which worked well as it is.

Five Times Fernando Sucre Pretended to Have Sex With Michael Scofield by thingswithwings
While Michael works on the escape behind their cell, Fernando is left within, hidden by the hung sheet. When a guard passes by he has to pretend there's a reason for the sheet, that he's having sex with Michael. At first it's a bit weird, but later it gets familiar, even intimate - until he nearly yells out Michael's name from habit, when he does come for real. Where will this go? "Ohhh, Michael, yeah, just like that, suck it," he says, turning over the page of his novel. The story amused me and I would have loved to hear this pretending on the show, that would have been great. Nice touch with how bored Fernando sounds about the sex sounds as he makes them. Also how they are mostly silent in the end, nice contrast. Nice intimacy. Good on Sucre for letting Michael top, if only in the scenario.

Form, Not Meaning by out_there
In Sona, Michael often stands by the courtyard, watching. The others expect him to. He thinks nothing of it, until Mahone tell him to stop staring - and explains why the others might get the wrong impression. But maybe, as it turns out, the impression they could get is not totally wrong after all. Animal grace and too human anxiety, and Michael wants to think of him as a wolf amongst the sheep, but no, he's more of a lion amongst the hyenas. Some really beautiful, vivid descriptions of Mahone, I like that he gets his due for his intelligence, capability and presence - looks too. Also an interesting what if towards the end - and an ending that I wouldn't have minded myself, that could have worked very well. Hot too. Several good lines. I liked the comparison of Mahone's eyes to titanium, for instance - I'm not too sure what titanium looks like, but it sounded great. Gunmetal blue I'm not sure of either, but it sounds lovely. Good understanding between them. Several nice details. Heh for the contact ad.

Friendship (with benefits) by clair_de_lune
In Fox River Michael needs his rest to be able to focus, but he can't sleep well. Sucre takes things in his own hand - literally, giving Michael a handjob to help him relax. He’s in this state between wakefulness and slumber, unable to fall into the comfort of sleep, so he needs a couple of seconds to understand what’s going on, to realize who is spooning him, whose arm is thrown across his midriff, whose breath is brushing over the nape of his neck. So sweet with Sucre helping out. This really felt like a friendship thing - practical and friendly, yet very sweet and intimate. Hot too, but more as an afterthought. Nice description of Sucre's voice. I liked this. Good trust between them.

Hunter and Prey by Last_Sacrifice25
Ever since Sona, Alex is Michael's shadow, keeping him sane. Michael's not sure Alex knows how much Michael relies on him, but he does. Still nothing but Alex’s fingers were touching him, yet he felt like even the smallest hint of a touch was enough to set him on fire, to ignite the desire he had tried so hard to suffocate. Nicely written with good emotions and nice descriptions.

Impossible Things by out_there
AU in which Mahone, age 28, is in Chicago, visiting, when he picks up Michael, a hooker, for sex. They get a connection. After his divorce from Pam, Alex moves to Chicago and contacts Michael again. He wants him as exclusively as Michael will allow. There are limits, though, even if Alex gets closer and closer to Michael. And then Michael comes to him with a request to help a man named Lincoln Burrows not get sent to prison. Can there be some sort of future for them? For that smile, Alex would attempt a million impossible things. I was a bit hesitant to the hooker thing at first, but there's a warm note to the story as Alex falls for Michael and they get more domestic together. Both in character, I especially liked the show of Michael's manipulative sides and Alex's voice. Good touch with Lincoln. And I liked the end. One of those stories one can imagine as the start of a long, sprawling feel-good universe with curtains, which would be lovely to read, but it works well as it is too, just with the possibility in my mind. Several good details. I also liked the engineer comment. Almost a bit aww-worthy towards the end and a bit inspiring.

It's Those Hands by clair_de_lune
Lincoln's always had a thing about hands - an Michael's has such beautiful hands. On the ship to Panama they spend 16-20 hours a day together in a small cabin and the last straw is Michael sucking juice on his thumb and Lincoln breaks. How will Michael react? Michael, little adaptable freak that he is, only needs a few seconds to recover from the shock and then he offers his fingers to Lincoln again. Nice description of Lincoln's attraction and how it leads to his break. Hot too. Interesting reaction from Michael. I could see this between them. Good descriptions of Michael's hands. I liked the emotion displayed. Heh for Lincoln's affectionate slurs of Michael in his mind (at least that's how I read it).

Letting Go by clair_de_lune
When he was sixteen, Michael almost seduced his brother, but Linc told him they couldn't. Now, after the escape, they share a blanket and Michael still wants his brother. How will Linc react when he finds his brother hard for him? Outside of the blankets, outside of Linc’s hold, it’s cold and dark, but here, now, he can feel the heat radiating from Lincoln and seeping into his body. Hot and with lots of emotion for what should be mostly a PWP. Warm, close and believable. Would be nice to have Lincoln's view on his. Nice with the Scylla/Charybdus reference.

Memento by weeping00willow
The company does brainwash Michael into working for them. But one day he sees something in the forest - and finds a black felt pen. He starts to remember things, like crazed blue eyes. When he finally disentangles himself from the other man’s lips – no longer a stranger, not even close – those blue eyes are looking just as crazed as he remembers, pupils blown to hell but still able to read right into his very soul. An interesting what if-story. And I do like the thought of the others working together to free Michael for a change, inspiring. Nice trigger. Very cute with Alex keeping the pen - also with him reclaiming it, after. Awww for the prey having found its hunter, that I really, really liked.

Obsession by Last_Sacrifice25
Mahone gets more and more obsessed with Michael. In Sona, things takes their natural turn. The words seemed to caress him, as if they were a sheet made of silk to wrap him up. Sweet development. Would have been nice on screen ... Nice descriptions.

on your mind by hvdrabbles (humanveil)
Michael feels drawn towards Mahone. He wants to know Mahone. Luckily, Mahone looks to feel the same. He wants to know this man, to strip him down and learn everything he can. Lovely drabble with good feeling and a little awww-worthy.

Party of Two by cerebel
Michael never made it to Fox River. Lincoln was executed, LJ is in prison and Michael had a break down, ending up in an asylum. One day he becomes aware of another inmate, an Alexander Mahone. The two of them fit together and maybe not all is lost. Will your plan still work? Interesting what if-story. I do like the idea of Michael and Alexander doing this together, it has all kind of neat possibilities and things undeniably would have been different if Michael would have had Mahone from the start. Good end to the story, open but with a good sense of what will happen. Hot too.

Scofield's Shadow by serafina20
In Sona, Michael finds himself with a faithful, if dangerous, shadow. Slowly, Alex turns out to be exactly what Michael needs. It’d been easier before Alex. Before Michael had known of the place just inside his line of sight where Alex belonged. Oh, I'd love to have seen the show instead. What happens works well with (most) canon. Good feeling and I liked the characters. I was very happy to see a new fic in this pairing by an author I trust, and the story did not disappoint. I enjoy how Alex keeps up with Michael. And I loved how Michael relied on T-Bag's reaction. Nice end.

Staking a claim by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Lincoln notices that Mahone has problems sleeping, so he takes steps to help him. Somehow the former agent has wormed himself into Lincoln's heart. What will happen when Mahone realises? For two whole hours, Alex did not move a muscle, content to hold onto Lincoln’s hand for a while, until he nuzzled it with the side of his face. Good warmth. Shows good emotion on Linc's part without making him appear weak. Several good details. A bit stalkery, Linc, but you mean well. Hot too.

The Creation of Alternate Universes by flurblewig
Michael makes a move on Alex. Maybe there is one universe where they laugh this off and forgets it ever happened. But maybe there's another universe in which they won't. Which universe will Alex decide that they live in? Now, there's something in Alex's eyes that looks confused, nervous, almost skittish. Well-written story with large section of good lines. The whole angel wings thing was amusing - as is how Linc seems to honestly consider they could through another dimension to get to Scylla. Michael well in character, very interesting about his confident smiling. I found Michael and Alex's game of building a plan sweet and amusing. Then I really liked the description of unsure Alex, how rare the sight would be and how Michael handles the situation. Sweet end.

The Least Mysterious of all Crafts by flurblewig
Instead of escaping when T-bag captures Bellick and Michael, Alex is also captured. And T-bag, being T-bag, demands that Michael puts on a show for him, to show what a cocksucker he really is. Alex gets chosen as the other participant of the show. But will T-bag get the show he wants? Because if there is one thing I know about Michael Scofield, it's that he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. When I watched that scene where Alex escapes I did wonder how things would have turned out if he hadn't, so this was a treat to find. But apart from that the story is good in itself, with good tension and a nice set-up. Everyone well in character and I could see T-bag trying to pull something like this off - and what happens too. A bit sad in the ending, but I hope it works out well for the boys and that they will get the timing right. Heh for T-bag at least being smart enough not to let his cock near Michael's teeth. Nice touch with Alex's job of worrying about the here and now as Michael plans, sounds about right to me. Nice with the communication between the boys. Heh for Lincoln seemingly aware of that something's up.

The Ninth Fold by x_art
AU set mid-4th season. The boys are trying to find Scylla and something is building beteen Michael and Alex. But then Wyatt is coming up on them. Alex leaves the others to draw him away while the others close in on Scylla. Alex's expression had changed and he was staring at him the same way he had back in Chicago, that first time in the elevator—head cocked, curious and wondering and just like that, Michael’s palms started to sweat. He rubbed his hands together and stopped himself from backing away. Very nice building emotion between the two and I like the view of Alex in this one, it shows his strong, capable side and that Michael needs him if the operation is to succeed. I also liked the vulnerable side of Alex shown at the start when he and Michael meet up again in LA. Another nice touch was Alex so sure he can find Michael. Would have made a good end to the show. Good, vivid descriptions.

The One With The Pot by clair_de_lune
Michael and Linc do pot together. They get high. Michael also gets a bit hard and then the brothers get comfortable with one another. Michael settles more comfortably against Lincoln’s bare chest and rubs his cheek on smooth skin covering strong muscle. Warm and intimate with a nice dash of humor. Normally I don't approve of drugs, but this was sweet.

Your New Twin Sized Bed by out_there
Alex used to be in a relationship with Michael and Sara. There was an argument, though, and Alex left them. He has a job now, as consultant with the FBI. He has an apartment that he hates every night he spends there. He has the beginning of a life. The job gives him a reason to get up in the mornings. But is he happy? One day, Sara calls. He nearly smiles as he puts it together: Sara and Michael haven't spent weeks sailing on their own; they waited for a few days, and then came out to get him. Good emotion, several good lines and good language. I would have loved to know more about Alex's life after the series (though preferably without Lang) and a job like that would suit him. Nice touches of both angst and humor. I could see them easily getting into heated arguments and overreacting/things getting a bit out of hand. Interesting to read how Alex characterises himself. Good end with a nice compromise. Aww for "I needed you to say yes". Very nice with the care that has gone into Alex's room, he deserves that.


Disclaimer and information

Interesting fandom for sure. I haven't read much yet, but I look forward to many interesting fics.

Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have Hannibal!

Boon by SleepsWithCoyotes added 210508
WIP. Elder beings live among humans. There's a system of worship, tithes, boons and sacrifices. Will is a human, albeit a talented one. Hannibal is an Other, a Young, one of the Thousand. When he and Will saved Abigail, they sort of gets eldricht married ... You're saying--I forced you into some kind of shotgun wedding, or...? WIP that I would love a continuation of. Highly interesting and well written. Neat world building.

Ravening and Dire by SleepsWithCoyotes added 210507
WIP. After Will and he goes over the Cliff, Hannibal wakes up. He is on a beach, almost naked. A man tries to kill him, but that's okay, Hannibal kills him instead. What does bother Hannibal, though, is the stegosaurus. But Will is with him, so all in all he's rather happy. He knows his life is infinitely better with Will in it; the rest is just details. Wonderful wordbuilding and great voice especially for Hannibal. I do hope for more, eventually. If you have to be stranded on a dinosaur island, Hannibal is probably a good person to be stranded with. At least if you are Will. Dodos would be interesting to try. How Hannibal loves Will, in his own way, is very sweet. Aww-worthy. I really enjoyed the dinosaur's talking. Aww also for Alkana. Yes, Will, do award Hannibal's good behavior. In the same universe Survival Quotient - the Avengers and Bucky wakes up on a shore surrounded by dinosaurs. They're not on earth any llonger. They have to start making a life there. The dinosaurs are amused by them - apart from the raptors, who adores Bucky. The raports sound so pretty. I especially loved the views from the dinosaurs. I wonder what hilarious thing Lasher does with his tail. But Gladthunder is just the best. Awww ...

A Hazy Shade of Blood and Breath by SleepsWithCoyotes
WIP in which Will examines a crime scene when he realizes that the kill isn't the killer's own design. It's not a serial killer, it's an assassin. Later, the assassin approaches Will, wanting help to figure out who he is. He calls himself Winter, works for HYDRA and has a metal arm. Yes, it's Bucky Barnes. Who has followed Will for a bit, as well as some of his associates, including seeing what one Hannibal Lecter gets up to some evenings. Winter more or less follows Will home - and stays, as one of his rescues. Hannibal is a bit unsure at first, but soon he realises that Winter can be a boon. They both has an interest in protecting Will. As Will walks away, Hannibal waits for the inevitable exchange of threats or promises of secrets given in trade for silence, but 'Winter' says nothing. Lovely crossover with a very interesting voice for Bucky. I would love to read more in this universe. Bucky and the dogs are adorable and I love how Bucky tries his best to help Will. And Hannibal is good too. It all seems to lead up to something very nummie. Sweet dogs. Hannibal and Bucky goes well together. Nice dashes of humor. Aww for Will using Bucky's strength to unscrew things in the motor.

Absolution by elfin
When Hannibal regrets having Will arrested he swiftly points out some faults in the evidences against Will, so Will is released. Hannibal has feelings for Will, actual feelings. And then comes the day when he realises that Will knows the truth. Now what will he do - if anything? There is another ending here which he sees only when Will smiles at him through the bars and it brings him cursing, metaphorically, to his knees. Very romantic for the fandom with unusual feelings on Hannibal's part that moved me. I wouldn't want to read too much with him like that, but it worked well for this story, almost aww-worthy. Last story WIP, I hope for more. Would be a nice continuation of season 1. I liked how Hannibal guilted Jack. Heh for Will teasing Hannibal about killing for him. Nice dash of humor too.

Bone Yard by xzombiexkittenx
Crossover HannibalXDexter. The Bay Harbor Butcher's victims are found. FBI sends Jack Crowford and his team to negotiate. Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter comes with them. Dexter finds Will's ability to read him a bit creepy. And there's something strange about Doctor Lecter ... Then whatever humanity there was in Lecter’s face begins to fade away and Dexter feels like he’s staring into the face of his own Dark Passenger. Nice idea for a crossover. I hope for more in the series eventually. Heh for the doctor who doesn't know Hannibal isn't one too. Good voice for Dexter. And heh also for Dexter using Doakes to see if he thinks something's weird with Hannibal.

Blind Justice by princease
Will finds out. He's shocked at first, but doesn't let Hannibal find out. Later, however, Will realizes that to have a protective killer who cares about him can be good. And useful. And kinda sexy too. He knows he's imagining it but he can taste the copper still lingering on Hannibal's lips from his kill earlier that day. Will manipulating Hannibal amuses me. I'm also very fond of stories with Will finding out (non-canonically), so that worked for me. I liked the bit where Will stopped himself from confronting Hannibal.

Accord by SorchaR
Will is idly looking around Hannibal's office, when he sees the truth. Hannibal realises that he knows, but instead of reaching for his knife, he reaches for a syringe. Will wakes up in a hospital bed, though not in a hospital. Hannibal has him in a four-point restraint. They talk about things. "To tell the truth, I have thought about eating you many times, but I realized that I would rather have you alive." Will figure things out and both their reactions to this I really like. I also liked the nearly amiable, almost surreal tone between them, despite the seriousness of the situation, probably a good tone for Will to set if he finds himself like that.

Anchor In A Lockdown by Anna_Jay
AU in which Will works as a cop. He's wounded and rather than let him quit his superiors send him to a prison to work as a guard. In the maximum security ward he meets Hannibal Lecter, who soon declares Will under his protection. But will even that be enough to protect Will when the riot starts? And why does the riot start in the first place? “The Warden might look like he's in charge, but everyone knows Lecter runs the prison.” Nicely done prison AU. Good use of canon characters, both from the old movies/books and the series. Nice bits of mind games and set-up. I liked how the prisoners sort of adopt Will. Also his problems with the guards. Cute with the "Pup". I liked Hannibal in this one and how his power stretched all over the prison, how we see the obvious proofs in so much, very potent. I liked how when Hannibal was eager about finding out Will's days, Will was suspicious too, not just the reader, so that worked well. And how worried the prisoners were when they found Will among them. Good end, though more would have been interesting too (I'm always greedy).

Apple Pie Heaven by j_gabrielle
Hannibal knows that things probably won't end well for him and Will. He can still enjoy the moment. Will is brilliant and Hannibal does not delude himself from that eventual conclusion of their story that would either end with Will’s heart on a platter or him in chains. Strong with a nice dash of angst, sadness as well. I do like Hannibal's possessiveness and practicality.

Black Holes And-- by Eligh
Will knows. He finds himself on Hannibal's front porch and he knows. Hannibal isn't home, but Will knows and he waits. What will he do when Hannibal comes home and how will Hannibal react? Will couldn’t fight (didn’t bother to fight) the way his shoulders instinctively relaxed at that familiar voice, and he shifted around to better face his friend (his serial killer). Nice description of Will's tumeleant state of mind, with a solution I like. Nice dash of angst and a slightly manic humor that worked well.

Come around again (only want to say goodbye) by hito
Hannibal is locked up. Supposedly. In reality, he gets out whenever he wants: such as to visit Will after his appendix operation, avenge Will when he's almost killed by another serial killer, get coffee or celebrate Will's birthday. Will doesn't mind much, but Jack (and Chilton) does. "Do you have any cake not made by a cannibalistic serial killer?" Beverly asks mournfully, but Will doesn't. There's good crack and bad crack. This is the good kind of crack. While perhaps not fully believable, it's very entertaining and a fun read. Good recurring gags such as Chilton's whinings to Jack, the stuffed dogs and the Furbies. Heh for the other serial killer wanting to please Hannibal and for very good reasons not putting retinal scanners on Chilton's car. Also for the Usenet joke.

Happy Anniversary by NichePastiche
It's Hannibal and Will's anniversary. Only, in Will's mind it's actually their second. When he walks in on Hannibal doing something cannibally, he knows he has to tell Hannibal quickly - before Hannibal kills him. Maybe Hannibal will do so anyway. We've only been together for one of those years, but two years ago today, I figured out there are people in our fridge. Cute story with good feeling and structure. Very romantic for the fandom. Aww for Will not wanting to be eaten by anyone else.

Headlong Into The Abyss by Jenetica
Hannibal never thought it would be possible to have what he has now: a family he actually cares for. Will didn't think so either, though he was willing to take what he could get until Hannibal killed him. But now they are a family, the two of them and Abigail. Perhaps they can grow even closer. I assumed you could never love me back, and I waited for the day when you would tire of me and kill me off. Nice dash of angst, but a hint of good humor too. Good feeling between them in their own way. Good point of Will being able to see into anyone's mind, not just the criminal. Interesting description of the sex.

Inferno by Psyromayniak
Hannibal wants to touch Will all over. Including on the inside. Will lets him. There was concern running in a deep vein through the tremble of animalistic lust consuming the man’s vocal chords, all wrapped in a torn package of controlled professionalism and tied in a bow of simple adoration. In what other fandom would a vivisection be described so lovingly and intimately? Nice description of things. I'm not an expert on the body, but everything sounds correct without sounding like an over-researched info-dump, which is well done. Colourful images. The oscillating saw made me shudder.

La Maison Rouge by Randstad
Hannibal shows up in the mornings to cook breakfast. Great, classy, good breakfasts, if occasionally with some extra ingrediences. Will is a bit hesitant first to be so catered to, but he slowly gets used to it. He watches Will's jaw work gratefully through the sinew of a young communications intern and feels, in his heart, the first stirrings of romance. Oddly kind of sweet. Good images. Nice twist to the end. Aww for Will starting to accept Hannibal's presence. Good show of Hannibal still being capable of such danger and such horrors.

Little Cat Feet by SorchaR
Abigail and Hannibal hunts together. They never tell Will, though not because they fear he would betray them. We conceal these things because Will has quite enough nightmares already, and we, who love him, wish to spare him any more. Cute story (for the fandom). I like this type of dynamic for them. Cute game at the end - oddly intimate. I also like the description of Hannibal's skills in hiding.

Little Lantern Boy by wendigodye
Will finds out that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. Unfortunatelly, he tells Hannibal - and Hannibal kills him. But Will wakes up, only there's two of him: him and his cold, dead body. Will is a ghost and he haunts Hannibal. As a ghost, though, Will needs souls in order to be strong. Luckily, he has his own source in the people Hannibal kills. They reach a form of cooperation, guided by the forces of Hell. Only ... there's still something Will doesn't know about Hannibal. Something big ... He’s prey who can’t decide between fight and flight—prey that is hanging on to that last thread of hope, that his wolf really is the sheep he was lead to believe he was. Very interesting, imaginative and nicely surprising. Sad with the dogs. Interesting look on Will, as described by Hannibal's victims. Heh for Hannibal being Will's "food bank". Sadly WIP, but I hope for a continuation. Interesting mythology with a look at religion I can appreciate. Several vivid images.

Little Spy by dreamsinrubies
Abigail, age eight, lives with her father, Will Graham. One day Doctor Hannibal moves in next door. Hannibal meets Abigail and likes her. He wants Abigail to be his daughter. He considers killing Will to get her. Only Hannibal isn't the only serial killer with his eyes on Abigail. And Hannibal is also starting to realise that Will isn't too bad. The sudden thought of feeding Will Graham to his daughter made his head spin with delight. WIP. Interesting AU I hope for a continuation of. Abigail is very cute and crafty. I like her and Hannibal conspiring.

Lovely, Dark and Deep by SleepsWithCoyotes
AU Lovecraft Fusion where Will and Hannibal is on the run together, when Will's hallucinations cause Hannibal to reveal that he is, in fact, not human. Will doesn't really care. It's disorienting, how things shift and rearrange in Will's brain, above all the unexpected relief that Will hasn't suddenly become the only cannibal in the room. Nice blend, good details and emotions. Interesting sex too. And I hope they get to Thursgood later. Cool description. Good voice for especially Hannibal. Interesting backstory. Several good lines. Nice end. Nice dash of humor.

Mignardises by gryvon
They are on a new case, led by Agent Arthur Mills of the FBI. Arthur is an ex of Will's. They used to be in an abusive relationship. Arthur starts honing in on Will again, intending to get him back. This time, however, Arthur has a very fierce, very dedicated competition. Hannibal considers Will his. Maybe Arthur will even live to learn his lesson. If you ever touch my William again," Hannibal whispers, just for the two of them to hear, "I will skin you alive and roast you over a pit of coals before slicing away at your still living body, carving you up inch by inch. Hannibal being possessive is one of my favourite things about this fandom. For that, this was a nice story (even if I don't like rape stories otherwise, much). I also really liked Katz standing up for Will. Arthur deserved what he got, though Hannibal was surprisingly restrictive (possibly due to Will, thought it amused me to think perhaps he wanted one to get away to tell the tale or maybe save him for later). Nice end, well put. I liked the touch of the image of the men like the pleasant darkness of a starry night and the pitch black of a bottomless chasm - both the images themselves, but that it doesn't exactly point out who is which.

Murder family pets by Meggie_Hen
WIP in which Will and the dogs get an unexpected companion in Harold, a stag. But the family is soon expanded to include Hannibal and Abigail. Only, the family is threathened. Will they be able to handle the threat. “Will have you heard a thing I have been saying?” Hannibal knew the answer, he’d even admitted the meat was from a bratty teen who’d broken his eggs at the market earlier that week and Will had just kept smiling. Has nice potential. I was a bit worried it would end with Hannibal as a werestag, but I like Harold the stag even if I'm thinking there might be something strange about him. Promising end, I hope for more. The dogs an the stag interacted nicely. Nice dash of humor too.

Never Conquered, Rarely Came by thisisthefamilybusiness
Will is in an abusive relationship. He's ready to give up when he spots an advert in the newspaper. It offers cooking lessons, but Will reads behind the words - the advert is by a cannibal trying to lure in victims. In his distress, Will just wants things to end - so he goes there. What will happen to him? “You’re not gonna kill me?” Will isn’t sure if he’s disappointed or not. Good emotion, interesting set-up. Good end too, worked for me. Nice dashes of humor too. The Hannibal not being "a better man" amused me. I have a weak spot for Hannibal protecting Will, so that was nice. I would have liked to read more of the continuation here, though it works well as it is too.

O Fortuna by DarkmoonSigel
Will praises the work of the Ripper and Hannibal preens. But as Will thinks more and more about the Ripper, describing him, he sees him better and better. Finally he sees all of him. It wanted to peek out through carefully half lidded eyes at the man….no, the other monster in the room.…the one who had seen it for what it was and was complimenting it. Kinda sweet with how Hannibal enjoys Will's words regarding the Ripper, almost aww-worthy. Nice description of how Will approaches the vision of Hannibal. Almost sad Will couldn't be what Hannibal wished for, but good solution to the end.

Of Monsters and Men by SuperWhoLockianFanGirl
Hannibal almost kills Will - and vice versa. But both survives. Hannibal goes to prison and Will quits working for FBI. He never forgets Hannibal, though - in some ways he grows even closer to him. And one day the headlines calls out that Hannibal has escaped. Now what? Instead of being scared, Will thought about the fact that he might actually want Hannibal to pay him a visit, despite the fact that it would very likely mean his own death. Will's fall feels natural and I like the connection between the two. Good end. Good use of Clarence Starling to tie the versions. Some nice lines. Good show of Will's combination of fear for and pull towards Hannibal.

Piano Sonata No. 14 by DarkmoonSigel
Will and Hannibal are in a relationship. One night Will looks at Hannibal sleeping, when Hannibal's eyes open and Will sees them and the truth dawns on him. The truth, all of them, was there and it was beautiful despite its horrific nature, disarming in its complexity and grace while still tinged with the certainty of fate. Some beautiful descriptions. I like stories of Will finding out and especially non-canon ones, like this. Good emotion between them. I especially liked the comparison of Hannibal as water, Will as air and their combination as a storm.

Role Reversal by Madelinesticks
Will tops. He's rough and Hannibal loves it. He grabbed at the sheets underneath him, had dropped, a few minutes ago, from his hands and knees to his knees and forearms and God, Will hadn’t stopped. PWP, which usually isn't my thing, but I like the raw heat of this one and the constallation, given the fandom, made it work. The theological references threw me a bit, as Hannibal doesn't strike me as religious, but I could read them as blank exclamations.

String Quartet Op.59 No.1
Jack orders Will to make an appearance at an FBI event. Will doesn't want to go, but then Hannibal goes with him to keep everyone's attention off Will. But he also has Will's full attention and it is there, on the dance floor, that Will finally sees what is right in front of him. As the stag bowed its majestic head down to breath a mist of darkness over them, Will’s mind braided all these floating threads of theory and supposition together as he became Hannibal, going in by accident and coming out the other side with a truth so bloody it left his core cold and bright as a nova. Nice Will finding out-story. Good descriptions, especially of Hannibal's outfit. I liked Will's reaction to finding out. Heh for Hannibal forcing Will to dance with him. Aww for them being monsters together.

The repeated image of the lover destroyed by etirabys
Will is searching for a serial killer, but the killer in question despises Will for presuming to know him, so when given the opportunity the killer kidnaps Hannibal. Hannibal could get free, but finds it more interesting to put pressure on Will by having himself tortured and abused. He did not know how sensitive the recorder was, and added a hitch once or twice that it would catch even if it were a cheap one. I could see Hannibal do something like that, being so indifferent to physical discomfort for this type of pay-off. Good description of this, I liked Hannibal's manipulations, and how they are described, like "infusing" his voice with "imperfect stoicism". Interesting.

To Love a Monster by Silverfeathered_Angel
Will is having dinner with Jack and Hannibal when he figures things out ... However, he also realises that he's in love with Hannibal and he actually don't care much about the whole cannibal/serial killer-thing (though he decides to tell Hannibal to serve him non-people in the future). However, he also knows that the knowledge might mean his own death. But the last couple of months with Hannibal as his lover has been the best of his life, so maybe death isn't too high a price to pay. What will Hannibal do? “Are you sure? Because I am not letting you go ever again, Hannibal.” Will smirked as the doctor’s eyes widened at what his words implied and pushed further, “If you try to run, I will follow you and drag you back , no matter where you go.” I really enjoy alternative 'finding out' stories and this was a nice one. I like Will's humor and matter of fact attitude. Good tension between them. I thought it really sad about the dogs, though ... Good end. I like Will with a dark side.

Whisper Broken Words by lonelywalker
Sleepwalking exhausts Will, until finally Hannibal and Alana makes him stay at Hannibal's place. Hannibal still finds him sleepwalking. Will kisses Hannibal and realises that Hannibal wants him. They're having sex, when Will finally figure things out. Bad timing. Now what? That head, that faceless mind Will had been trying to see for weeks was now right in front of him, masked by sharp cheekbones and deep brown eyes and an intellect that had deflected any suspicion at all but the most niggling, insistent thought that could only become a revelation as he slept. Poor Will ... But nicely written story that makes the logic leap work, besides the dream fuzzies. Hot too. Nice touch of danger and interesting with the end.

Wind Through A Window
Hannibal is a werestag. He visits Will in his dreams and calms him down. Then the werewolf comes to town ... Sometimes, as he’s curled up beside you, he runs his fingers through your feathers, over your antlers, down your legs – and he whispers how beautiful you are, thanks you for being safe, asking that you never leave. Interesting plot. The dream scenes work well. A bit open ending, more would have been nice, but I trust in Hannibal's abilities. Nice touch that Will dreamed of the stag in such an early stage.

Jeeves & Wooster

Disclaimer and information

Sweet fandom, but I've never really had time to look at it in more depth.

Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion by Astolat
Jeeves start acting a bit strange. Wooster finds out that Jeeves is being blackmailed for being an invert. Now what is a Wooster to do? A Wooster knows a good thing when he has got hold of it, and I had rather a strong preference for making it until-death-do-us-part instead of two weeks' notice. Lovely language, sounds very genuine, good voice for Wooster, nice emotion. I smiled several times on reading it. Nice ending.

Mr. Wooster's Wish by msliz
Jeeves is worried. Lately, Mr Wooster has been avoiding him and Jeeves doesn't know why. Until one evening, when he finds a letter Mr Wooster has written to Father Christmas, requesting a very special present this year - a present that explains exactly what has been going on. Will Jeeves be able to make sure that they both get a very merry Christmas indeed? I have for some time harboured feelings for my employer that extend beyond gentleman and valet, which in fact extend beyond mere friendship. Well written. Very good language. Nice dash of angst with Jeeves not sure if Wooster was serious or not. Sweet with the letter. Good reactions for both of them. Would have been fun to read from Wooster's POV as well (not necessary, though, I'm just greedy). Cute detail with the box of Jeeves' treasures.


Disclaimer and information

I like this fandom more and more. And I love fandom that this can become a large fandom, everything considered.

A Dog’s Life by Saucery
AU in which Kingsmen is not allowed to marry or form other attachments -but are required to keep a dog as a companion. After Mr Pickles death Merlin takes Harry to the pond, where they find a mutt named Eggsy ... Was incorrigible a nice thing? Eggsy could be very incorrigible! He’d be so incorrigible, Harry wouldn’t believe it! Short and sweet. I'd like more in this universe, but nice on its own. Cute. Especially sweet with Eggsy's POV.

A Ring of Gold by thingsishouldntbedoing
Young Harry Hart is in Beirut, on a training mission to see if he might be kingsman material and perhaps become the new Galahad. When he's in trouble he is rescued by a nicely dressed man with great skill and ocean blue eyes. A man who at first introduces him as Galahad, but then calls himself Eggsy. A man who mentions one Lee Unwin. A man who has to go, but who promises that Harry will find him again. Will they meet again? The question remained: what time period had Eggsy come to him from? I love a good timeloop story. Nice one, with good feeling and with questionmarks to the end.

Agents Fall In Love Too by HiMiTSu
It's Valentine's day and Harry is starting to consider if the special electroshock ring Merlin gave him, and the extra time in the museum Merlin let him have before the burglary, if all that perhaps ... meant something. And, if so, should he do anything about it? Harry smiles at his reflection as he walks by a shop window, knowing Merlin will see how pleased and grateful he is. Sweet, warm story, courting Kingsman style. And nothing says love like an electroshock ring ...

All the Way Down by Morbane
On a mission together, Harry and Eggsy gets pursued. Eggsy has an idea how to throw the pursuers off their scent. An idea that requires Harry up against a wall and Eggsy on his knees. Will Harry allow this? With a choice between several actions, all pretty dirty - here’s hoping Harry doesn’t kill him for this - he presses his face into Harry’s groin. Hot and promising. I would have loved Harry's side of this - and perhaps some more as well.

Always Late by maxsaystowrite
Six months after V-day, Merlin is guiding Eggsy through a mission, when Harry returns. Merlin's shocked, of course, He tells Harry about how much Eggsy missed Harry; loved Harry. However, Harry isn't interested. Not in Eggsy. Harry kissed the top of Merlin's head gently. "My feelings towards Eggsy Unwin are platonic and parental," he uttered against Merlin's head. Sweet story that made me smile. Sad for Eggsy, but can't love everyone. I like such misunderstandings.

Cross Your Heart by Schuyler
Harry might spend a night with some man, but all in all he considers himself married to Kingsman. But then Eggsy comes along. “Perhaps you and Kingsman can work out a time-share.” Sweet. Nicely put together. Good dash of humor.

Domestic Bliss by missbecky
Eggsy knows of the concept of "Domestic bliss", but he's never had it. Now, with Harry, he begins to learn what it is really about. He wishes they could lie like this forever, just freeze time and stay this way. Sweet, warm story. Good connection. I liked that it also brought up one or two less pleasant aspects of a relationship such as theirs.

Now Let’s Play a Little Game by INMH
Harry oversees a test for Kingsman candidates. The candidates are to seduce the most useful person at the party they're at and try to get information from them. One of the candidates, Angus, has a very interesting idea on just who at the party will be able to give him the best information. Will he succeed? And what if he does? Harry ran through the rules of this particular test, wondering if he had- and no, no, he had not prohibited the candidates from seducing him Heh, good work, Merlin. Tsk, tsk, Harry. But I'm glad it worked out. And hot too. Good dash of humor. I like Merlin in this one.

Impressions (or, Eggsy has a type) by Propriety_is_not_a_priority
Eggsy remembers that he's seen Harry before. Not when Harry came to offer condolenses to his mother. But when Eggsy was turning tricks on a street corner and a very well-dressed john hires him for a blowjob. Eggsy might come out on the other side of this with a kink for men in suits. Good voice for Harry. Normally I don't like prostitution fics much, but this worked. Hot too. Nice with Eggsy's attraction to Harry. And I bet he got a good price afterwards (nice touch with him letting the john decide).

Kingsman of Interest by Draycevixen
Crossover Kingsman X Person of Interest. Finch and Reese's new number is one Harry Foteringill, antique dealer. Except that it isn't. The number is that of one Harry Hart, Kingsman. Luckily, Reese knows Harry from his past in the CIA, so he can approach the agent about the situation. But who wants to kill Harry (this time)? And who's the young man who follows him around? It was of a handsome young man, probably mid-twenties, light colored hair, glasses, very well-dressed, standing on a roof shouldering a high power scoped rifle. Nice crossover that pays good attention to two fandoms I like. Heh for "toffee nosed bastard". Nice dashes of angst. The Eggsy vs Gareth confused me a bit, not used to the Gareth name, but that's my problem.

Praise Be by Salios
Eggsy finds out one of Harry's great weaknesses. Harry really enjoys getting praised. That turns out rather well, as Eggsy has plenty of things to praise Harry for. You likin’ to hear how good you feel ‘round my cock, or how fit you are, or how yer trousers cup that sweet candy arse of yours ain’t no problem. Sweet. And if anyone took the time to praise me like that I'd melt utterly, so I don't blame Harry one bit. Good on Eggsy. Good voice for him as well.

Puppy Eyes by Salios
One day as Eggsy is out walking, he finds a little Westie puppy. He takes it home and Bucket loves Eggsy best of all. Until it meets Harry, who it adores. And Eggsy already has a dog ... Eggsy nearly dropped him when he made to jump for Harry, the older man catching the puppy and holding him close. Cute. Very sweet how taken the dog is with Harry and vice versa. Sweet.

Rock Star by Avery72
Merlin bring Harry along to an academic conference in Houston where Merlin is one of four guest speakers. It turns out that Merlin's a bit more than a guest speaker, though - he's the star ... Galahad has to excuse himself halfway through the lecture because he swears that if he hears the words “jet propulsion” and “high-frequency resonance” roll off Merlin’s tongue one more time, he’s going to make a mess of his pants. Cute story and Merlin does deserve all the credit. Interesting civilian name for him.

The Kingsman Horror by Rover09
Harry came back. And only Eggsy seems to see that behind Harry's eyes is a nightmare of unspeakable terribleness. Harry came back ... different. Or ... did he really? The Thing reaches out and touches Eggsy’s cheek, a touch that Eggsy dreamed about for so long, now turned into a waking nightmare he cannot escape. Lovely darkness. Nicely done. I would love more in this universe.

The Moment by Marzi
There are many times Merlin thinks is the moment. The moment it will happen. He and Harry will kiss and things will continue from there. However, there never is a kiss. But later he finds out there's a reason for this. Harry might love him after all. He's just not interested in the kissing bit. Maybe things will work out anyway. "Yes, and while I won't stop you from having an orgasm in the middle of those events you just described, I would prefer not to be directly involved. Though feel free to think of me." Sweet. Poor Merlin, but I'm glad it worked out well in the end. Nice end.

The Rainbow Connection by Della19
AU in which you can't see colors until you meet your soulmate. But you might not be the soulmate of your soulmate - and there's nothing to say that even if you are, you are both of compatible ages or any such thing. The first time Eggsy sees color is when a man comes to offer his condolences over Eggsy's father's death. The man's eyes are brown. They first time Harry sees colors he's visiting a widow to condole her on her husband's death. Her son's eyes are blue. Eggsy is 7 years old. By the time Harry steps over the unconscious bodies of Dean’s goons, sits down and drains the last of the dark brown ale from his glass, Eggsy’s in love. Interesting set-up, fresh feeling to the plot. Good morale questions. Nice dash of angst. Very good use of the clear colors - very suitable to this story (while in a "regular" story it would have been too blatant). Strong when Eggsy's colors go grey. Good matching stories too.

West Wing

Disclaimer and information

A good series that there's sadly not all that much fic for my favorita pairing, but I like it overall too.


A Hug And A Kiss by Jo
Jed gives Leo a hug. A manly, one arm-around-the-shoulder, on-the-fly, we're-good-buddies hug. But still a hug. Leo needs to have a talk with him. Come on, Leo, no one's going to have a problem with me occasionally putting my arm around my best friend. Cute story and they go so well together. Nice feeling.

Crazy Old Grandfathers by lightgetsin
Jed and Leo speak of the possibility of reelection, what crazy old grandfathers can accomplish and, perhaps, that other thing between them. But that’s the path to a whole other conversation, a conversation he’s been refusing to have, been refusing to even think about, since a single bizarre, disastrous, quite possibly senile kiss on this very couch three months ago. Sweet with good feeling. And the Stackhouse Filibuster is one of my favorite overall episods of West Wing, had me crying and I liked finding a nice fic with it.

Ready by dafna
Jed is ready to become president. But he's not ready to have Leo call him "Sir" and really mean it. His own eyes were blazing with that damn McGarry defiance, that stubborn pride that never left him, even when he was face down in the gutter. Sweet. Nice description of Leo (who is my favorite character in West Wing) and how they come together. Strong emotions.

The One With The Romulans by darfna
Abbey is away and Jed is bored. Leo gets an unexpected visit to his room. Apparently Captain James T Kirk has arrived to rescue Spock from the Romulans. "And the cartoonist pictured you as a knight defending all comers while I gave speeches about free trade from my castle?" Cute. I liked the playfulness of Jed and Leo's patience with him. A little aww-worthy. Good feeling for them. Cute end.

The Right Thing by Kass
Abbey is away in New Hampshire. Jed asks Leo to stay with him. Leo is hesitant, but in the end he does. Because let me tell you, the God that I worship doesn't begrudge two old men a moment of pleasure, and I'm perfectly prepared to discuss it with Him when I reach the pearly gates. Sweet, warm story. I haven't found many good stories with this pairing, so this was nice to find. Jed's position must be very lonely too, so it makes me happy to think he has Leo. Some good phrases. Nice dash of angst. Lovely quote of God not begruding two old men a moment of pleasure - and very Jed to be prepare to argue about it.

What Never Happened by cynatnite
Leo takes Jed to one of those meetings that never happened. Jed learns that FBI agent Mike Casper is really a SHIELD agent named Phil Coulson. They need the president's help in order to rescue one of the men who helped rescue Zoey Bartlet - one Clint Barton. Jed also learns that Phil Coulson loves Clint Barton. And when Clint doesn't want to come to Mike Casper's retirement party Jed decides to do something about it. “Mr. President, I need you to come with me for a meeting that’s not going to have ever happened.” West Wing is one of my favourite shows, so it's always a treat to find a nice crossover to one of my favourite pairings, Clint and Phil. Nice humor. Good backstory why SHIELD works on US soil. Nice blend of the universes. Heh for the most covert White House dinner in history. I liked Jed knowing about bows and just being able to talk to Clint about them. Aww for the pressie they got Phil - and I like Toby being a fan too. Interesting end.

Crossing Lines

Disclaimer and information

A good series that there's sadly not all that much fic for my favorite pairing, but I like it overall too.


Consider Yourself Lucky by BuffyRowan
Carl contemplates his life. Things are not good. Perhaps they're not all bad, but mostly they are. Obviously either he'd been a baby-eating axe-murderer in a past life, or he'd somehow managed to mortally offend Fate in this one, because the cosmic bitch was being especially cruel these days. Interesting look into the mind of a character I like. A bit sad, yes, but interesting. I liked the view of his sexual problems as a result of the injury.

Secrets Don't Last by Maymot97
Sebastian and Tommy are up to something. Hickman knows that much, but not exactly what. Then he finds out. Tommy was curled up like some grumpy cat in Sebastian's lap, making sure that his wounded leg was in a comfortable position. Sweet. While it's not my preferred pairing in the fandom, Sebastian and Tommy goes well together and I like them.

Stitching The Broken Whole by JinxFriday
Sebastian have wanted Daniel for a long time. When they end up in the same hotel room together, it turns out that Louis is aware and he wants Sebastian too. Sebastian had always had rather a thing for hands, and Louis’s were the best sort, rough but clever. Hot story, but good emotion too. While I don't see much of these two in the show, I still liked the story. Also indicates a good overall feeling with the team, which I like.

Stargate 1
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Universe

Disclaimer and information

I finally watched all of Stargate (1, Atlantis and Universe) and am happy about this. I've always loved the first movie, I think I've watched the first half hour or so ten times.


Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx. We have some Stargate!

Crash Site Alpha by MalsWords
AU in which Guide and John crash on a deserted planet. John has 2 energy bars. Guide has ... John. Luckily, there's the retrovirus. To which John has an utterly unforseen reaction. John really, really likes it when Guide feeds from him. It's intoxicating, seeing this tall, courtly monstrosity watching him like he's the first drops of rain in the desert. Neat work that I would have loved to read more off. Good use of the Legacy series. Interesting sex - hot too. I liked the image of Guide protecting John during the crash. Nice emotions, well described. Awww for Guide staring at John like he's a Queen.

A Minor Battlefield by whereismygarden
WIP AU in which Young has retired from the Stargate program. He is taking a course in Discrete Math in Berkely. Rush teaches the class. Slowly they strike up a kind of friendship. But the Stargate program is still interested in Rush - as are others as well ... It wasn’t anything remarkable, just that his implacable stare seemed to have a little more patience in it when he met Young’s eyes in class, and that he was now one of five or so students he addressed by name when asking a question. Nicely written, good feeling. Very promising WIP, which I hope will continue. I like Young in this one. The math bits sounded good (I don't know math enough to say if they're accurate, but they did feel good). Good use of the other Stargate characters too.

Change of Course by Fragged
Rush and Scott gets abducted by aliens that communicate by touch and thought. They're let go, but not before the alien communication has changed them. They need touch contact. Scott has no problem, but Rush ends up asking Young to help him out. First with just a handshake, but things escalates ... It's not until later that Rush realises that his desire for Young might have caused Young to desire him in turn, which makes what they do tantamount to rape in Rush's mind. Will he be able to stop? And how will Young react when he finds out? Rush feels himself tense up at the physical contact, but as Young claps his shoulder amicably, once, twice, something unfurls just a little, and all that tension that has been building up in him for days finally punches out of him in an unexpected wave of pure release. Highly interesting plot. Feels fresh. Nice alieness of the Lii. Good angst and dash of possible noncon, but feelings too. Would have been interesting to learn more about the "brenings" of the Lii, that seemed interesting. Cute when Greer found them on the planet. Poor Rush, not easy. Good description of his withdrawal symptoms. I liked Young in this one.

Courting Rituals by Shaded Mazoku (Ashkaztra)
The wraith, Todd, is behaving very suspiciously. Obviously he's up to something. John just can't figure out why the wrath keeps giving him/them fruits, gate addresses to really awesome worlds, flowers (or "anti-Iratus-bug plants", anyway) and other cool stuff. Will he figure things out or will Todd's patient with strange human rituals run out before he does? It figured, John thought to himself as he fell, that the first person to ever bring him flowers was a Wraith who was probably planning to eat him. Cute. Poor John, so clueless. Poor Todd too, I guess. I like the inputs from the others about the courting. That hot bath sounded awesome. As did the appleberries. Interesting descriptions of the Wraith anatomy. Heh for the dangers of kissing a wraith compared to making out with a cheese grinder. Several good images. Awww for Todd making an effort with his hair and all.

5 Times Todd and John had to cuddle by Rotblume
For various reasons John tends to end up in Todd's lap. At first he is very reluctant to be there, but later he changes his mind. He exaggeratedly relaxed as much as he could in the cold, which worked out amazingly well, now that he wore the soft but warm coat from Todd, and leaned back against the Wraith. Nice series of events. Good details on Todd's alienness. Heh for that John shouldn't have trusted Todd's sense of direction. Good end. I liked when John assumes Todd will kill him - and are pretty ok with that - and then Todd doesn't. I also like Todd manhandling John, also good.

Difficult Discussions by Rotblume
A relationship between human and Wraith is not always easy. Todd and John has their difficulties when the differences between them show - but they also have good times. After a while Todd stood up and walked over to him and it took all his willpower not to flinch when the Wraith raised his feeding hand and laid it on his chest. Tsk, tsk, Todd, for marking John up - even if he probably doesn't really mind. I would have loved to read if they meet up with John's "other" brother. "Uncle Todd" sounds very nice.

Even More Boxes by Ashkaztra
John has been shopping for furniture at IKEA. Now he just has to put it all together. Todd's curious. And maybe an scientifically minded alien strong enough to lift several times more than John is just the thing to have when you're assembling IKEA furniture. "That is a lot of boxes," Todd said, head tilted in that "humans are all crazy" way he often used when talking to John. As a Swede this story amused me. Maybe I have an unfair advantage with the language, but I've never had much problem assembling IKEA: it's just to follow instructions and always, but always remember the wood glue. For some reason people seem to forget about the wood glue. I will say that a strong wraith to hold things would come in handy, though. Anyway: cute story. Hot too. I liked Todd in this one. Drills with the wraiths would be very amusing. Turkish peppar was never really my thing, though - and I've never had caramelized cheeze - though it sounds delicious! The ending amused me especially.

Fake it till you make it by JauntyHako
John's ex-wife nags him about starting to date. He gets the idea to tell her he's already in a relationship. With a man. Or, well, a male. With Todd. It seems safe enough - until the wife comes to Atlantis ... He asks Todd to play along, which he does ... maybe a little too well ... His Hive kin would shake their heads at him, smitten over a human and playing along with his desperate lies just to get the chance to be closer to him. Very amusing. Poor John ... But poor Todd too. Heh for Rodney laughing at John when he found out what he said. Good descriptions of John's feelings of his predicaments. I really like Todd comparing John to a queen, that felt good. Slightly sad end, but I hope it works out for them.

Force over Distance by Cleanwhiteroom and remix A Change in Energy by Kvikindi
Destiny's AI has a plan for Rush. It starts to transform him to an ancient. Why? And will Young be able to keep at least some part of Rush human? The thing is, is that he's more than a little suspicious that there's maybe more to Rush than just a veneer of social grace wrapped around icy bitterness wrapped around razor blades of sarcasm wrapped around a hyperdense-neutron-star-tablespoon-weighs-a-metric-ton layer of malice wrapped around a tear in space-time that leads directly to hell. Epic story of great length, packed with interesting details, nice turns and plot twists. Highly enjoyable. I'm just sad that the author has since left the fandom and the story is no longer up (do let me know if it is made available again, please!), for it is one of the best in this pairing. I make notes as I reread and I got 235 notes - for over 400.000 words, granted, but still. Nice set-up for Young to get closer to Rush. Also good humor. Interesting backstory with Telford. I really liked Greer in this one. The timeloop was part of my favorite bit of everything, I really enjoyed that bit. Interesting look at the relationship between the major leaders of SGC and the great scientists, I never thought of it quite like that. Also I liked the insight into Rush and the question regarding where he learned to read and manipulate people, that's very interesting. Some really good expressions. Rush with heavy scottish accent when he brings it out is kinda sweet. Heh for the bingo game and for Rush thinking Chloe is trying to set him up with Volker. Interesting when he couldn't speak English anymore, good touch. Heh for the Mathlete shirt. Greer trying to communicate with Rush when he's "suboptimal" was very amusing. Really good, interesting end, I did like that Young was able to get one up on Rush now and then. Another favorite scene of mine was when Young falls asleep with Rush in the infirmary and Wray helps him keep up appearance. I liked how the others stood up for them like that, like TJ for instance. Good on Rush to outargue the Ancients, good boy! The remix by Kvikindi is also very, very nice!

Give & Take by Fragged
Rush wants to feel wanted again, just for a night. So he goes to Young and offers to have sex with him. A one night stand only, no strings attached, no emotional entanglements or social obligations. They do it. Only, later on Young seems to want more, which wasn't at all part of Rush's plans. Will he make Young see reason? Or does he really want to? It wasn't fair of Young to expect him to go along with unannounced kisses in a corridor in broad daylight simply because he'd let Young fuck him once. That wasn't the deal. Interesting view of Young from Rush's point of view. Tsk, tsk, Rush, he deserves a bit misunderstandings. Possibly a bit casual on the initial sex act, but mostly as that's a personal favorite of mine to read about and Rush felt slightly blase about getting fucked, but we're all different. Still, hot sex and a nice bit of misunderstandings and feelings.

If Not You by elaiel
WIP. Life on Destiny is not easy. Rush and Young ends up sleeping together for warmth, for comfort - finally because they find peace with one another. Will they be able to form a relationship? And how will the crew react when they find out? Rush was tucked into Young's arms, his back flush against the curve of Young's body and Young's face was nestled into the back of Rush's neck, buried in Rush's hair. Nice, long feel good. Sadly seems abandoned, which is always sad. I would have liked to read more. Slow in a good way, taking time to explore nicely. Good detail of how they have to discover alternatives for many things we take for granted. Heh for the octopus thing. Poor Rush with the frost bites. Several nice images of them sleeping together. Nice with the seed ships. I especially liked Eli's reaction to finding out.

Imprint by Fragged
Young and Rush are on a planet together, when Rush is bit by an alien. The alien's venom acts as a bonding hormone and Rush imprints on Young. At first he retains none of his memories and is trusting, naive and totally dependent on Young. It's a bit adorable, really. But it's not forever, he'll soon get his memory and usual behavior back -and he won't be happy if Young takes advantage of his current state. What will Young do? “Rush can't walk,” Rush says, and fear makes his mouth dry and his heart beat faster. “We go together!” Very sweet story, very aww-worthy. Blank, trusting Rush is oh so cute. Yes, adorable. Interesting dilemma for Young. Nice end. Nice dash of angst, but humor too. Several good lines.

In Our Time by Fragged
Destiny drops out to find a ship besides them. It's Destiny, from the future. Future versions of Rush and Young come aboard. The future versions are in a relationship. How will the current versions react when they find out? That was probably the most pathetic attempt at courtship in the history of pathetic attempts. Good set-up. Interesting situation. Heh for Future Young giving current Young tips. Awww for Young trying to court Rush, very sweet. I also liked the barter system on Destiny, with the books. Good with the full circle.

Mathématique by Cleanwhiteroom - with a remix in Transposition (The Mathématique Remix Project) by kvikindi
Young's new neighbor is a brilliant mathematican. He's less brilliant in taking care of himself. They first meet when Rush has managed to give himself a heat stroke and get himself dehydrated - inside his own apartment. For some reason it becomes Young's job to take care of him. In return he gets Rush to cook for him, so there's that. Unfortunately his new neighbor isn't just a brilliant mathematican - he's the number one on the Lucian Alliance abduct-and-interrogate list ... "It's a constant struggle," Young said, "requiring a balance of insults, reverse psychology, appeals to pity, intermittent offers to order takeout Chinese for him, and then sometimes actually ordering it and trying to make him eat it." When I had seen Stargate Universe I downloaded all Young/Rush fic I could find on AO3. Too few, but it still took me a good while to go through. The longest stories got saved for a long time. But when I finally read them, the ones by Cleanwhiteroom were very much so worth both the long, long reads and the wait. Sadly, by the time I had read them the author had removed the works from AO3. That made me very sad and a bit annoyed. Still, the works are great and deserves the rec. Fresh plot, good interaction between them. It never goes into slash, but as it's promised I could read it that way anyway. I really like Young in this one, he's kind and patient and warm. Rush's interesting too, though. I love the domestic feel to them. I take notes as I reread a work prior to reccing - for this I got 229 notes - for 300.000 words, granted, but still. Good humor too. Interesting with Telford's reasons for befriending Rush. I liked Sheppard in this one. Very interesting with the genetics. Lots of good details. Humor too. Really good mix in with Eli and the game. Good description and science talk. I never thought about why the gate would be blue, that was a good touch. Awww for Sheppard's "call me, maybe" message. Date chess, heh. Heh also for Young calling Rush gate bait. Even if the author has gone AWOL I still hope for a continuation. Very interesting start at the end with the amnesia card. One of my favorite scenes is where Young gets Rush to make him food by claiming to have bought tacos except that he didn't. Poor Rush locking himself out and all. Awww for him thinking he's damaged when he speaks with a scottish accent. And for him turning triogonometric tricks for cash.

Nemo by bagheerita
Michael captures Todd and infects him with the retro virus, which makes him look human - and gives him amnesia. Todd tries to figure out who he is. Later he meets John Sheppard, who helps him out. But later Todd meets John again - and John has also been a prisoner of Michael and has lost his memory ... Gradually Todd turns more wraith-like. But he and John also grows closer ... Physical intimacy for Wraith comes in a great spectrum, the sharing of life or even of pleasure perhaps lower down the scale from this: something so mild for humans, but for Wraith… to be lying beside each other in repose is a mark of great trust. First story in a series and I haven't read the rest yet, but soon, I hope. Long, nice read with plenty of good detail. Good voice of Todd. Vivid images, well described. I liked their trek across that planet. And interesting with the name custom of the wraiths. Neat with the shared name space. The Technician is a nice OC and I liked others as well. And hos Helen dealt with Michael. Awww for Gloriana.

Never Let You Go (Again) by Muir_Wolf
After being abandoned on the planet by Young, Rush finds his way back to Destiny on his own. Young agrees to let him back onboard. However, things are different now - Rush has learned a firm lesson as to how expendable Young finds him and how he must obey Young to be allowed to stay. A lesson that takes Young by surprise to realise he has taught Rush - and which he soon regrets having taught. "And what guarantee do I have that you'll stay in line this time, Doctor?" he asks instead, trying to focus on the fact that yes, Rush is practically begging, and no, it's not nearly as pleasant as he'd imagined it to be. Absolutely lovely story. Beautiful angst, good emotion and very moving. I highly enjoyed it. I'm greedy and I would love to read Rush's side of the same story. I also would have loved a ten times as long version - or a 100 times as long. But the story in itself lacks nothing - a longer story would just have given me more loveliness. Very nice. Good dash of humor too. Subtle, yet vivid. Sweet with Young taking Rush to the meals later.

Observations by Fragged
Young and Rush ends up meeting regularly at night on the observation deck, drinking together and talking. Rush starts to appreciate Young more and more. Rush turns back to his console, resolutely ignoring the fact that he's quite sure he just consented to their equivalent of a date. Nice, intimate feeling between them. I liked how Young makes Rush feel safer, even considering everything. Aww for Young leading semidrunk Rush, also for Rush comparing himself to Lieutenant Johansen. Poor Volker.

Planetfall by dragonflower1
WIP in which once Atlantis landed on Earth the military wants to take Todd. Sheppard breaks him out and settles him in town. They also start a relationship. But when forces keep them apart, Todd seriously starts to doubt Sheppards feelings towards him. Will Sheppard be able to convince him otherwise? The times Sheppard had helped him, saved him, fed him, and fought beside him, had apparently all just been part of some elaborate Lantean plot to keep the stupid, besotted wraith interested and coming back for more. Long, lovely fic with good details and plenty of emotions. I especially liked Todd's POV in this one. I hope for a continuation. Good use of senses. Nice team work on the rescue. Lovely angst. Hot sex too, though that first time must have been a bit rough on Sheppard. Nice dashes of humor. Heh for "do that wraith thing you do." Nice OCs Todd has surrounded himself with.

Second Best by Blue_Night
The John Sheppard of the Vegas Reality is dying in the desert. It's not so bad, rather peaceful actually. Except he's rescued by a wraith. He's seen this wraith before, but not like this. This wraith is from another reality entirely - and it wants a John Sheppard of its own. How will Sheppard react to the new circumstances? The gratitude he feels for having gotten a second chance fills his mind and his soul as much as the precious new life fills every cell of his human shell and he can feel the realization that he has been wrong crystal-clear and powerful in his heart. Interesting situation. Good images, strong. I liked the Vegas episode and was happy to find this end to it. Thoughtworthy. And I do like the destiny aspect. Very Todd solution.

Shorties That Are Short by Bam4Me
John's curiosity gets him de-aged to 4 years. He still remembers everything, though he lets his more childlike side out. And then Todd arrives to Atlantis to help them with what happened. John runs straight to him. How will Todd react? Evan's heart restarted and he kept moving, trying to get to them before something bad could happen, and reaching them just as Todd was picking the boy off the floor, looking like he'd never actually held a child before and giving John a worried look, like he was some odd species to be avoided. Cute story. John is very cute and also the others, how they take care of him. And how excited John is to see Todd.

Skipping Stones by Potboy and SeekingIdlewild
When Telford wants to permanently (and by force) swap Rush with McKay, Greer tries to break the connection. They get Rush and Young back - but in the wrong bodies ... Later, when he feels threathened, Rush destroys the stones. At first, the swap is mostly strange and inconvenient, but later the real consequences begin to make themselves known. In the sequel a sarcophagus accident leaves Young in the body of a young boy. He retains his memories, including his feelings for Rush, but filtered through a child's brains. He had not... actually been in a situation where he was safe and valued, only to completely undermine and destroy it by his own mistrust. Highly interesting plot with good development, good points and feelings. Nice dash of humor too. I liked Greer in this one. Poor Rush, thinking himself fairly well off from the switch and then realising the downfall. I really felt intensely for Young, though, both happiness when he was able to read and think better - and when he wasn't quite smart enough in school, real awww-worthy. Good solution with the backup stones. Yay for them fighting together. Nicely played when they had to go back to earth - and I'm glad Rush got one up over McKay - and how Rush stood up for him. The sequel was also very nice. I'd like to read more in this universe. Young is very sweet as a child. I'm also happy there was no automatic pedophilia freak out. I also liked how Telford, albeit annoying, wasn't all negative. Several good quotes.

Survival of the Fittest by Potboy
Young and Rush crash on a planet with vampire lizards and Rush learns to appreciate Young's survival skills. Will they survive? And if they do, will anything have changed between them? Also, angels and homophobes. I could be the one who protects the guy with the brains so that he can do his job. So that, at the end of the day, he can tell me what he found out in language small enough for me to understand it too. Interesting. Several good lines. Good view of both men. Nice hint of non-con fantasy. Hot too. I liked the second part a lot: good voice for Jack and interesting plot. Tsk, tsk Telford ... The "angel beings" were neat and put to good use. Sweet end. I found Young's view of his own limitations especially interesting and well put. Heh for TJ thinking she might have to give Young the talk about domestic violence.

The Border Lines We Drew Between Us by cerebel
On an expedition to a planet Rush and Young are both exposed to what is essentially sex pollen. Back on Destiny they end up in enclosed corters. What will happen? But his breath is stolen, ruthlessly stolen, by the unexpected brush of Young's fingertips against his throat. Classic theme that never gets old - and a space story like SU makes for a good setting for it. Hot too. Nice dash of angst, but also nice awww in places. Nice twist at the revelation gathering. Nicely done end.

The Next Time They Meet by springwoof
John's been captured and tortured by the Hreishkahr. When the Wraith Todd appears he's almost relieved that the Wraith has come to kill him. But Todd has another thing in mind and soon they're trying to escape the Hreishkahrs together. The only real thing in the world was Todd's hand on John's bare chest. Cute story. It feels much like Todd to just appear and rescue him. Feels like the start of something really nice. Kinda sweet with the shoe giving, even with the squeaking that might have exposed them. Awww for John thinking it's better someone he knows is going to kill him than the Hreishkahr, I really liked that bit.

Triacontagon by Shaded Mazoku (Ashkaztra)
30 short stories, some connected, others not, featuring Sheppard and Todd the Wraith. Some funny, some hot, some interesting. He'd had felt the worst pain he'd ever felt in his life under those hands, but he'd also felt the strangest pleasure ever as his life was pushed back into him, pleasure mixed up with pain and fear into a weird complex ball. I liked several of these. Good views on both Todd and Sheppard. I especially liked the story when Sheppard goes undercover as Todd's worshipper. Heh for the alien abduction scenario - also Sheppard trying to make Todd have "phone sex" with him. Oh, and Zelenka being the drink master (I can believe that. I liked Todd on the bottom, for once, we don't get much that. Awww for Todd accidentally coloring his hair. I also fond the description of Todd's alienness interesting and believable.

What You Don't Expect by Blue_Night
Cameron Mitchell wants a vacation, so he asks to go to Atlantis. That's not his end game, though. He wants to spend his vacation on a wraith ship (and possibly get to fly a dart). To do so he has to get the permission of Todd's second. A very impressive wraith. He gets the permission, but Todd's in Atlantis (he and Sheppard are together), so on the wraith ship he has to deal a lot with Todd's second. They end up together. "Yeah! I will tell Albert, how delicious cheeky, undisciplined freshly imported Air Force Colonels from earth would be tasting", Rodney snapped, but seing John looking at him warningly, raising an eyebrow, he lowered his gaze to the ground, pouting. This series gave me some problems for my fic reccing. I liked the first part. Cameron and Raven go well together and I like them. I liked several of the other pairings too. But I had to more or less give up reading when one of the most classic cases of Mary Sue I've ever seen shows up. So I can only rec part of this series. Part 1 is all good. I like Cameron and it's nice to have him in Atlantis. He goes well with wraiths and they have good dynamic. The child, Dorothy, is cute. Nice dash of humor. Good dashes of angst. Kind of cute how the wraith asked Cameron to name him (though even with the explanation, Raven doesn't work for me with such a pale being). Heh for the female wraith mistaking Cameron for McKay. Slightly purple with the long speeches. I also liked the third story, What You Don't Deserve, with Albert the human-raised wraith and how he finds happiness. That the wraiths are unusual for their species detracts faintly from the human-wraith relationships, but not too distracting. Albert is an interesting OC. And I really liked the subarch with him and Ronon. Also the bit of Lorne and Alexandros story is nice, interesting set-up, though the old alliance was a bit silly the way they set up their "test". His arms were now hanging down at his sides, relaxed, but he looked like a big cat hunting its prey. Another nice one is part six - What You Don't Want, with Lorne and Commander Alexandros - but only the first bit. As soon as Mary sue arrives, I had to skip most of the story, she's just that annoying. Otherwise Alexandros/Lorne are among my favorites, very cute and nice angst. Nice pre-story to them as well. Cute with Lorne combing Alexandros hair. He desired him with the same force as Evan wanted the Commander. Then I like the What You Don't Desire part, also entirely Mary Sue free, a nice BDSM between an OC runner, the master, and an OC wraith who belongs to him. Interesting dynamics and hot too. I especially liked the part of the story where they got togeter, even if it's part non-con. Poor Patricius, thinking the human would kill him anyway, when he'd been such a good boy. “Fuck me,” he finally whispered, writhing underneath the runner's body in both, shame and desperate desire. I look forward to the promised part of Todd and Sheppard, as they're my favorite pairing in this fandom.


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A show I really, really enjoy.


Guarding His Heart by aunt_zelda
Wolfgang has to go to help Riley protect Will. As they can't leave Felix defenceless, Kala travels to Germany to stand guard over him. What will happen when Felix wakes up again? The reason Wolfgang went to war against his own flesh and blood was this man. Nice continuation of the show. Normally I'm not much into threesomes - or het, for that matter - but the fandom makes it very easy to see, especially considering Wolfgangs obvious devotion to Felix. Good emotions.

Sneaky Cuddles can Put Your Life in Jeopardy by soufflegirlsammy
Will has difficulties sleeping. Except in one specific place. In Wolfgang's bed, with Wolfgang sleeping beside him. He goes there when Wolfgang is already asleep, laying down next to him. If Wolfgang ever found out he'd kill him for sure. Or would he? He admits it’s weird and he doesn’t wanna know the creative way in which Wolfgang will murder him but he can’t help himself, and he also has no explanation for why he ends up beside Wolfgang out of all the other seven Sensates. Good description of Wolfgang and I liked how Will is set off against him. They go very well together. Good feel between them. Cute end to the story.

Once Upon A Time

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Not very slashy show, but I have a very weak spot for Mr Gold.


Marital Bliss? by ProtoChan added 210412
When Regina casts the curse and everyone is moved to Storybrook, she plans something special for two of her enemies. In Storybrook Hook and Rumplestiltskin is a very loving couple. And then Mr Gold wakes up. How will he be able to keep his "cover" as Hook's loving husband? “I promised Rumplestiltskin comfort, and what could be more comforting than the company of a loving husband,” Regina mused, sarcasm practically dripping off her tongue. Sadly WIP. Interesting. Nice angst, good emotions. Poor Rumple ... I hope to read more one day. They're very nice together. Several nice line. Nice dash of humor too.

All Heart by MemoryCrow
Rumplestiltskin takes Killian's heart. Then he decides that he's going to have some fun with him - only it gets a bit out of hand. But does Killian really mind as much as Rumplestiltskin thinks he does? Looking at the scruff and leather, the bulk and shine of jewelry and the crow-black hair of the pirate, he said, "Give us a kiss, precious." I was a bit hesitant about the dub con at first, normally I have a bit of trouble with that, but it worked out well. Good, interesting story with a pairing we see much too little of. Hot too. Good description of especially Hook.

Dodger by MemoryCrow
Life in Storybrook isn't easy for Killian. He tries his best, but people see him as a scoundrel, little more than scum. Help comes from an unexpected source. Rumplestiltskin offers him a spell that will make people not think much especially of him, leaving him to be just himself. The spell works. In return Rumplestiltskin wants ... surprisingly little. But Killian feels strangely drawn to Rumplestiltskin anyway. How will this unfold? Killian was on his bed, staring back at him with an outlandish combination of stubbornness and hope. Lovely idea about the spell. And good way of making Rumplestiltskin bring himself to help Killian. Nice development overall between them. Hot too. Sweet with the thimble-kidd. Poor Killian, I really felt for him - but thing turned out well for him, I think. Nice end.

Favour by Angela_Lane
At first Hook hated Rumplestiltskin. He had thought him a coward and failure, snivelling and pathetic. But as he has time to consider things, he starts to realise that there are two sides to every story. And one day Hook returns from Neverland to settle the old score. He might surprise Rumplestiltskin. How will Rumplestiltskin react? Balancing the sword’s tip on his hook, the grip in his open palm, Hook raised the weapon in offering to the man he’d so cruelly humiliated. Very interesting take on their interaction. I liked the name of the chapters. What Hook realises about Rumplestiltskin's "cowardice" rings very true for me and is a part of that character I really liked, so I'm glad that Hook discovered it too. Strong with good emotions. I'd love to read more in this universe, even if the story is well contained in itself.

I Know You By Heart by MemoryCrow
Killian just wants Rumplestiltskin to touch him - there. No, not where most people wants to be touched. Killian wants Rumplestiltskin to touch his heart ... Will Rumplestiltskin indulge him? Brow furrowed, a slight smile playing at his lips, Rumpelstiltskin said, “Touch what, dearie?” Several good details. Hot sex (even without the heart-thing). I liked how Killian interprets the other people when he couldn't hear them. Nice with another nice story in this pairing, which has much too few such stories. Nice touch with Rumplestiltskin's discovery of Killian's desires, I liked that.

Of Monsters and Masquerades by Akaiba
Killian slips into a masquerade when a member of his crew will to steal a jewel. Killian is to provide a distraction if necessary. At the masquerade, though, Killian meets a very interesting man, dressed all in gold with a crocodile mask. They hit it off and sneaks off for a rendezvous in the garden. But who is the man in gold really ...? The crocodile grin of the mask is all he sees as he turns and flees, hating that his post orgasm bliss isn’t abating as fast as it should, that he can still feel the heat of that body pressed to his and he can hear manic, impish laughter following him out the hall, the monster's seed between his legs, shame and disgust curling deep into his stomach. Poor Killian. But hot story and interesting. Nice dash of angst.

Payment and Penance by Savageseraph
Normally Rumplestiltskin doesn't make deals involving something carnal, but once in a while, when someone doesn't have anything more interesting to trade, he makes an exception. This time, he makes such a deal with August Booth. As August slowly bobs his head, sucks awkwardly, Gold smiles. Interesting in a way I normally don't find non-con. Hot, even. But August treated Mr Gold rather badly too.

The Laughter of Loki by MemoryCrow
Rumplestiltskin has a plan. He will use the spell, The Laughter of Loki, to make Belle fall in love with him again. Alas, Loki gets the last laugh, as the spell misses Belle - and takes root in Killian instead. They spend the night together. Afterwards, Killian tries to get revenge by having Regina set another spell on Rumplestiltskin, that will have him make a fool of himself. This, too, backfires ... But maybe they can both get something good out of the mess. Alter her view somewhat, so that should his evil soul leak just the tiniest bit at the seams, she might find it… cute. Poor boys ... I'm normally not keen on non-con, but it worked within the frame of the story. And they both tried to tell the other, so there's that. Rumplestiltskin should really know better than to use anything named after Loki ... Belle utterly clueless, as usual - I used to like her, but later she didn't behave nicely any longer. Same with Emma, really. Nice dash of humor.


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I like Sylar. So far I haven't found very many good stories, though, but I still have lots to read through.

Green-Eyed by jadedoll
Peter's at a bar. A man is flirting with him. Maybe not the best idea, considering that Peter's boyfriend's a crazy serial killer ... “For me, you’re mine…never let you go…kill us first…kill them all first…keep you for me…I won you…never giving you back….mine…kill them for you…kill them all…kill the world for you…mine….mine…” I like jealous!Sylar - and, yes, to flirt with Peter might be a very, very bad idea. Hot. Poor business man. Heh for Sylar using telekineses to get past a crowd.

Our future past by alicambs
Present Sylar is visited by Future Sylar - a Sylar who wants one thing more than anything: a willing Mohinder at his side. To get it, he needs to nudge things to change them, starting with the present. Will he succeed? I don't want a pale, memory wiped copy. I want this man in front of us as he is, but with his fire, his passion, his drive and his love focused entirely on me, not directed outwards in his desire to escape me or on another for whom he is sacrificing himself. Interesting set-up and I like future Sylar using powers on present Sylar to get what he wants. And to follow the ripple effect. Also interesting hints of other times when future Sylar's nudging weren't as successful.

Simple Lies by Silvaimagery
Angela Petrelli orders Noah to approach Sylar and make him believe they are friends. Not the easiest thing, considering that Sylar can tell when someone's lying. But Angela has gone too far. Noah's had enough. He and Sylar actually becomes friends - and more ... Angela will come to regret her decision. “So you want me to find Sylar, convince him to be my friend and once he comes to trust me I stab him in the back of the head and kill him.” There's much too few fics in this pairing. I'd love to read much more. This was nice. Interesting set-up, good feelings. Poor Noah, very bad timing with Sandra. Though it worked out well in the end. Yay for knocking Angela off her high horses! Good use of the shape shifting abilities to move Sylar's vulnerability.

Something Stupid by FieryEclipse
Behind the wall there's just Peter and Sylar - and it's Christmas ... Sylar plans to give Peter something he needs - and that only Sylar can give him ... Instantly Peter struggles and panics in his arms but Sylar just holds on and waits, hopes, until the other man realises this isn't a fight or an attack. Sweet story that made me smile. Nice set-up and good spirit. Good Sylar!

The Noble Experiment by Doctor Caduceus (Lemniscate)
AU. It's 1922. Sylar is a hitman. His next target is one Doctor Suresh. But once he has kidnapped the good doctor, they get along better than anyone could have anticipated. Far better. Will Sylar still be able to kill Suresh in the end? Sylar smirked quietly to himself and sharpened a long, thin knife made of glass. Interesting set-up. Good versions of both of them. Tsk, tsk for the incompetent forgerer, but neat touch to have Suresh realise that something's wrong and being rather cool about it. Nice ending. I liked the language.


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Lovely show that ended much too early.

Affinity with Dolphins by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Russell can't figure out what Tom's got against dolphins. He's not giving up, though, and he comes up with a plan on how to make Tom tell him ... But there was no malice in Tom’s blue eyes as he cautiously neared the pool and lay the palm of his hand on the dolphin’s wet beak. Cute, amusing story. Tom's interaction with the dolphins was lovely and vivid. Interesting to hear the dolphin's views of their situation. Tsk, tsk, Russell, not nice to test someone's possible phobia or trauma, though. Though clever to get Tom there. Heh for him faking the kayaking tickets. But good on Tom to realise that something was off. They're good together. Hot too. Good end.

Falling into place by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Tom and Russell both has problems after what happened. Maybe they could help each other? “What if I wanted to stay for a very long time?” Tom asked hopefully, holding Russell close and trying to lure his friend down for another highly addictive kiss. I really liked Tom helping Russell out a bit on the sly, that was very sweet. Warm story, aww-worthy in places. Hot in others. Interesting with the anti-hybrid movement. I bet Russell gives awesome hugs - and Tom too.

Infinity by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Two years has past. Tom and Russel are together. But not all is roses. Anti-hybrid groups try to get to Tom - and his fellow law enforcement doesn't help much. What mattered was that once they had established their relationship, the hybrid’s blood and organs would adapt to that of their mate’s, making transplants and transfusions possible. Sweet with good feeling between the men. I like how they do nice things together, such as the picnic. Underlay-Varon has a good ring to it. Nice rings. Highly interesting about the blood changes, good touch. Also interesting that the hybrids are sworn not to kill their own kind - also with their different powers.

King of the Castle by mareen
On the beach, Tom and Russel stands, waiting for Larkin to return. As they wait, they become closer than ever before. Russel will be right there with him, always right there. Having just seen the series I was sad to find so few fics about it, as it seems to have good potential. Alas, I was glad to find at least one fic I really liked. Good emotion between the boys and thanks to the series dynamic I even liked Mariel and the end, which I in many fandoms would have felt took from the boys, but here worked well. I liked Tom especially in this, good voice for him. Hot story too. Nice view on family.

Sole Survivor by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
AU WIP in which Russell sees Tom pulled out of the water from the crash. He seeks him out at the hospital, realises that Tom is mistreated and sets out to help the man he finds himself strongly attracted to. He’d never believed in love at first sight until that scruffy park ranger had walked into his hospital room with that lively little plant and had looked at him as if no one in else in the universe mattered. Fresh story with an interesting set-up. Good feeling between the men. Would have made for an interesting show too. Poor Tom, he really didn't have it easy. I liked Russell in this one. Good bringing up the ring – also Tom's strange clumsiness and inexperience. I hope for more.

Storm Ravaged by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Russell finds Tom on the beach and takes him back home, at first not knowing what has happened. They start to bond. Later, Larkin returns - but her change isn't for the better ... It was like he was being drawn to Tom by some unseen force. Interesting could-have-been continuation of the series. Nice how well Tom reacts to Russell –but also how Russell quickly realizes the fact of things. Interesting with the hybrids reaction to Tom. I look forward to more later on. Cute when they slept in the same bed. Interesting with the bonds. I'm with Tom, though: no matter the level of intimacy, toothbrushes are not to be shared. Larkin's really unpleasant.

Thy Neighbor's Burden by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Stiles - newly graduated and about to start his new career as a deputy - and his father visits Everglades National Park in Homestead, when Stiles is attacked by a mysterious orange glow in the waters. The local sheriff and the local park ranger clearly knows more than they're saying. Then Tom and Russel travel to Beacon Hill, when they get tangled up in the strange ongoings of supernatural creatures there. Oh, and Derek runs a cafe. Sheriff Stilinski had been dealing with werewolves, supernatural murderers, cursed corpses, possessed souls and so on, for far too long to let someone like Russell Varon pull the wool over his eyes. Highly interesting crossover with many interesting developments. I look forward to more in this universe. Derek's cafe sounds lovely. Good voice for Stiles. Aww for Tom's underwater swimming capabilities, even if he exhausts himself. I liked Sheriff Stilinski in this one, but I have a weak spot for him in general. I enjoyed Russell and Tom being mistaken for a couple - very sweet. And I liked Russell being insecure about it. Interesting what happens to Russell. Good description of the tea brewing process.

Winner takes all by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
Crack fic where Sheriff Underlay is avoiding a confrontation with Russell and Mariel by hiding in his cruiser, when they both find him. Rather than confronting him, both tries to woo him. Who will get him in the end? “If you open the door, I’ll take you to Marineland to see the dolphins.” Sometimes a crackfic can be lots of fun. Pouty Underlay and the outrageous bidding for his forgiveness/attention is amusing and made me smile. Interesting with the open talk about hybrids. Heh about the dolphin relations. Colorful description. Underlay in uniform, oh yes, that's fine ...


Disclaimer and information

I'm a huge fan of the graphic novel, but I like the new TV show too.

Blessing in Disguise by LogicalBookThief
There are pros and cons of being a vampire. Lately, for Cassidy, a lot of the pros has circled around one Jesse Custer. Pro: Odds are, without becoming a vampire, Cassidy would have never even met Jesse Custer. Nicely structured story. Good dash of humor. Possibly slightly confusing with a negative sentence following a pro, as I'm not a native speaker that shook me out of the story to parse properly. Heh for the Star Wars pros/cons. Nice description of the throat.

Contradictions by Laurie
Cassidy doesn't know much about being treated right. He deserves to be hurt and punished. He wants Jesse to hurt him. That's why he sleeps with Tulip - and tells Jesse about it. How will Jesse react? But Jesse is looking at him like he is something to be cherished and worshipped, and Cassidy knows that this will be the end of him, that the next bit of him someone cuts away will be the last. Interesting psychological aspect of Cassidy. Some good descriptions. Poor Cassidy about what happened earlier with his beloved ones ... Good use of the angels. I do like stories with alternative ways for Jesse to find out the truth about Cassidy. Some nice angst. I think it's more likely Jesse would have heard about other vampire movies/legends rather than Twilight - though I appreciate the sparkle joke. Good on Jesse to treat Cass right. Hot too.

Dead Sexy by BewareTheIdes15
Normally Cassidy doesn't really different blood much. Some is better than others, but it's not magic or heavenly. Until Cassidy gets a taste of one Jesse Custer, who is simply delicous ... Something like Jesse, man of god with blood like a drug and the body of an underwear model, they’d have bloodsuckers lined up around the block, a long string of black umbrellas all day long and then at night… Good descriptions and banter. Also nice dash of humor. I like Jesse using the voice like that. Possessive Cassidy is lovely.

Fancy a shag? by Bluemary
Jesse can't quite accept that Cassidy is a vampire. Not until Cassidy drinks from him. And then they have an unexpected reaction to that ... It's now, with Cass' mouth on his neck and his own heart beating at a deafening pace, that he truly realizes what his rationality didn't want to accept. I like the idea of Jesse's blood tasting different/good/strong/more. Nice flow of the development. Several good sentences. I especially liked Cassidy in this one. Good end.

Feed Me, Bleed Me by themunchking (themuchking)
Jesse's curious about how Cass feeds. And, maybe, if Cass could drink from Jesse ... “That,” he says, and honest-to-God leans in to kiss his own blood of Cassidy’s lips “was the best damn thing that’s ever happened to me.” Good Jesse taking the vampire thing better than on the show. Sweet with Cass not touching the innocent souls (and, yeah, perhaps not that many of them in the town) for Jesse's sake. And I like Jesse using his voice on Cass.

For the rainy day by Laurie
Cassidy comes in, beaten but victorious, with a puppy that he wants to keep. Jesse starts realising that they're very much a couple. Maybe they could actually be one? Cass’s eyes fly open, body going completely still, and Jesse panics, worried he read Cass wrong, screwed their entire relationship with this simple misjudgment, but then Cass melts into him, going soft and pliant like a ragdoll under Jesse, and fuck is that a turn on. Sweet story that made me smile. Very cute puppy. Tsk for Cassidy's skirt. Aww for Jesse offering Cassidy blood, I really like that. I think most of Jesse's age (not to mention Cass's) would have gone for another vampire reference than modern Twilight, but to each their own. Aww for Jesse's for a rainy day present.

Like a god by Tiofrean
Jesse speaks like a god, so, like with a god, the people sew his mouth shut. Cass finds him and helps cut up the threads and pulls them out. Then he uses the healing power of vampire saliva to make things better. Cassidy had a feeling that Jesse’s blood would be just the right amount of sweet, just the right flavor to beat the best whiskey he had ever tried. Interesting idea with the sewing of lips. Good feeling to Cass helping Jesse. Also good use of the vampire lore -might not be canon in Preacher (not sure, honestly), but a good touch still. Hot too. Good end.

See That Animal by SilentSinger
Jesse doesn't believe Cassidy's claim of being a vampire. Then he follows Cassidy one night and witnesses Cassidy drinking ... How will he react ...? Jesse observes for just long enough – long enough so’s he’ll be waking up in the dead of night hearing those noises over and over again, and recounting those flashes of tooth, blood and claw – and then Jesse runs. I wish they had done something like this in the show with how Jesse learns Cassidy's secret. Heh, well, the other bit too would be good, but ... Heh for Jesse noticing the diminishment of vermin. And I like Jesse using the voice on Cassidy.

Tell Me a Secret by aveotardis
When Jesse orders Cassidy to hop and tell him a secret Cassidy tells him the truth: he wants to fuck him. How is the preacher going to react? “I wan’ ya ta bend me over dat fucking alter and fuck me righ’ in front o’ e’rybody.” I did think Cassidy's secret in the show was a bit on the light side - this would have been interesting. Poor Cassidy ... But it turned out rather well. Good voice for Cassidy.


Disclaimer and information

I really enjoy Riddick.

Exoskeleton by abundantlyqueer
WIP in which Riddik takes time to admire - and remove - Vaako's armor. Riddick looks Vaako over again - rerebraces, vambraces, and cuisses – before fixing his attention on Vaako’s faulds, and the ribbed plate beneath them curving protectively over Vaako’s crotch, held in place by a hinged metal belt latched on one hip. Lovely detail, nicely written. Well contained WIP, but sadly seems abandone, I would have loved to read more. Hot.

Galatsadi by LittleMouse
After having knelt to Riddick, Vaako flees the Necromongers before Riddick can kill him. He goes to the planet he once came from, Galatsadi, hoping they won't find him there - and that Riddick won't have reason to search either. But search Riddick does. Maybe not for the reason Vaakos fears, though ... He’d never planned to fight the Lord Marshall, but he had planned to find his pretty warrior and take him away, too. Interesting backstory for Vaako - and vivid image of Galatsadi. I liked the tattoos - and I liked both Vaako and Riddick in this one. I hope that the serie will be continued one day, as I'd like to read more in this universe. Several good details. I was wondering what happened to the message Vaako left when leaving, but I might have missed the explanation. Interesting detail with the Necromongers trading ships. Good use of Aereon. Nice dash of angst.

Keep What You Kill by Tarlan
Dame Vaako sees Riddick watching her, knowing that he wants her. He'll kill Vaako to get her. Vaako sees Riddick watching Dame Vaako, knowing that he wants her. He'll kill Vaako to get her. And Riddick does watch Dame Vaako. But does he really want her? And who might he actually kill to get who? Yet, I have no fear of death at his hand, realizing that I would welcome it rather than live to see him ensnared by that bitch, and lost to me forever. Nicely structured story that works well. Good, suitable language for each of them, especially Riddick. Good imagery too. Good end - hot too.

On Faith by hammer
Riddick gets bored of leading the Necromongers. He wants to have some fun. He asks Vaako for some ideas. Or he could just have some fun with Vaako ... “Hell, my type used to be 'alive and willing', but since I'm hanging with you dead freaks, I guess my type downgraded to just 'willing'.” Good dash of humor - and of angst too. Nice structure to the series. Cute with "Vaak" as a nick name. Riddick doesn't know what he loses out on rejecting the board games, though ... I liked Vaako in this one. Several good details. Hot sex too. Interesting to see Riddick get hurt, we don't get a lot of that. Riddick well in character. I liked Lord Redger and was sorry for what happened to him. Interesting end.

Pack Mentality by manic_intent
Riddick comes back from the Threshold. He's not as changed as the other Lord Marshals. If anything, he's even more himself - and he has a closer bond to his pack of Hellhounds. He thinks Vaako smells really good ... Shirtless and perched on a casual sprawl atop the snout of a dead… lizard creature… with a head nearly twice as long as Riddick was tall, the Lord Marshal again cut an imposing, if barbaric figure. Nicely written, smooth read with a good feeling. I liked the handling of the dogs. Also, I liked Dame Vaako in this one, which I seldom do. Good descriptions. I liked the sequel too and would like to read more in this universe.

Revelation by Spikedluv
Riddick needs a consort and it's an important choice, as the consort must have his back and give intelligent advice. Riddick's made his choice, but some won't like it. Riddick considered it a bonus that Lord Vaako looked good on his knees. Cute fic that made me smile. Good work, Riddick. Nice end.

Tokens of Interest by cruelest_month
There are rites and customs among the Necromongers. When Riddick wants a weapon from Vaako, he has no idea what this symbolises. No one tells him. Until he crosses the Threshold. How will he react when he finds out? There was no reason not to give a woman a weapon as a first Token of Interest, but it was a required rite between soldiers and men. Smooth writing, nice feeling to the fic. Good voice for especially Riddick. Interesting traditions for the necromongers. Good dash of humor. Heh for Lord Marshall Coleslaw. Nice end.

Work For It by RussianWitch
Riddick accidentally stumbles on to that Vaako has a literal blood lust ... He doesn't think about lifting it and licking off the coppery liquid—until he hears Vaako's guttural groan. Heeh. Neat idea that had me smiling. A bit hot too.

You Can Have it All by Howland
Riddick makes Vaako an offer. Vaako can have it all. However, he doesn't explain quite what he means by this. Vaako thinks he understands, but doesn't actually feel he could be a good Marshall - or that Lady Vaako should have all that power. But is that really what Riddick meant? Or did he mean that Vaako could have it all some other way ...? The pressure was bruising and invasive, possessive and powerful, the message clearly reading ‘this is mine.’ Cute and interesting. Tsk, tsk, Riddick, just be clearer. I liked him giving Vaako the apple, not sure why, I just did. Good handling of Dame Vaako.

Zealot by Tarlan
Vaako is a zealot. He will obey the new Marshall. Even if Riddick might want his wife and intends to kill Vaako. Or - even if Riddick's interest isn't in Vaako's wife at all, but in Vaako himself. Bowing would mean my untimely death, possibly at Riddick's hands if his interest in her beauty outweighed his consideration for keeping me as his First Among Commanders, or even as a foot soldier. Interesting view of Vaako. A nice hint of possible non-con, but not in a really bad way, at least to me.

The Fast And The Furious

Disclaimer and information

I didn't think I'd like these as much as I did.

Twelve Days of Shobbs by Omnivorous_Reader added 210508
Twelve days of Christmas following the relationship between Hobbs and Shaw. Yes, the other man’s cheekbones were sharp as knives, his body lean like a swimmer’s, eyes sharp and a beautiful color, and the small frown, almost a pout, on his lips made the man’s whole face to soften somehow. Nice feel to the story. Cute poem. Nice feeling between the boys. Poor Deckard. Aww for the Secret Santa. Nice dashes of humor. The Christmas ornament hand grenades made me smile. I liked Hobbs description of Shaw.

Anastrophe by kittykatthetacodemon added 210508
Shaw is in his pub, minding his own business, when Sam arrives. She was kidnapped and brought to Germany, but escaped and made her way to Shaw. Later, she keeps calling him. How will her father react? “I need your help,” Sam said, her voice watery. And maybe Shaw was halfway across the planet, but anything that made her sound like that was going to be nothing but blood and ash when he was through. Great of Sam to make her way to London on her own. I have travelled from Bonn to London through Paris one time and that was a bit scary for me, an adult. So cute with Shaw teaching Sam things and giving her useful things. Awww for her calling him to talk to him. Good feeling to the story, a nice read. Nice dash of humor too Poor Shaw ... The boys go well together.

It's You by Caitlin_WithanI added 210412
Deckard gets an unexpected phone call. It's Sam. She's been kidnapped. By someone who is out to get Deckard. That Deckard will rescue her is a given - but whatever will Luke say? Damage control was now the game, calm Hobbs down so he doesn’t punch him around, hope to god he’ll still get to see Sam from time to time. Cute story. I liked it and it made me smile. Nice dashes of angst. Deckard to the rescue was neat and well written. Sweet end.

Princess by LyingReflection added 210213
Luke calls Deck Princess. Deck protests this, of course, to keep up appearance if nothing else. Until Luke stops calling him that and Deck starts getting worried. Why won't Luke call him Princess any more? He’s masculine man and proud of it but when Luke wraps him up in those massive arms of his, holds Deck close to his stupidly tall and unnecessarily big body and calls him a princess, something in Deckard melts little every time. Awww ... Oh so cute. I love the Princess thing and this just made me smile. I like Deck being a little insecure sometimes. Some good lines. Heh for Luke calling him Princess in front of others to make him pay attention.

Can't Get You Out Of My Mind by kaypancake added 210213
Deckard is not gay. But he spends an awful long time thinking about Hobbs ... How will Hobbs react if he finds out? And if he was straight, he probably wouldn’t spend that much time trying to convince himself he was heterosexual. Nice read that made me smile. I do have a weak spot for inexperienced Deckard.

A Little Less Conversation by Maygra
Dom can ask Brian for everything - blowjobs, hand jobs, rim jobs - he just has a problem asking Brian to fuck him. Oh, they do it. Dom just can't initiate it with words, even if he wants to. And then, even worse, Brian stops doing it anyway. Sometimes he asked Dom just by the way he kissed. Hot and interesting. Poor Dom. I hope it works out for him. Tsk, tsk, Dom, plotting to get your way with alcohol ...

Curves and Curses by graceandfire
A gypsy curse turns Brian female for a week. Only Dom and Mia knows. They pass Brian off as his cousin, Brianna. However, Dom and "Brianna" starts having sex. They're very compatible. But what will happen when Brian turns back into a man? “Take the punch now if you’re gonna,” he offered, and closed the gap, mouth pressing against Dom’s and God, it felt so familiar and so different at the same time. Interesting take on this possibility. Hot sex too, with Brian in both shapes. Aww for Jesse, he's so sweet. The others reactions were also interesting. Tsk, tsk Brian for teasing them, though, even if unintentional. Sigh, I bet Dom's great at massages ... Nice view of Dom.

Daddy's boyfriend by Miss_Von_Cheese
To be with Hobbs is unlike anything Deckard would have imagined it to be. It's all good, though. Little did he expect the way Luke leaned into him and brushed his nose all over his cheekbone, his jaw, almost shyly asking for his permission to kiss. Sweet story that made me smile. Good voice for especially Hobbs. Poor Deckard, he has no clue what he is in for with the girls ...

Repo Men by khaleesian
Brian goes undercover again. To strengthen his cover, Tanner has him declared dead. Dom hears of Brian's death and returns to find out what really happened. By then, Brian has been taken. Hayes and Ray of Fastlane is on the case to rescue Brian, so Dom joins them, either they like it or not. Where O’Conner looked like a movie star slumming as a cop, the man in the mug shot looked like what would happen if a man mated with a bulldozer. I haven't seen Fastlane before reading this, but they sound interesting and worth checking out. The fic seems like a good balance between the fandoms. I liked Dom in this one, warm and strong and unstoppable. Sweet with him and Brian. Nice descriptions. Brian is very cute when he's high.

Six Months by Creed Cascade (creedcascade)
Dom settles in Buenos Aires. Letty has left him. So he goes back to the states to collect what is his. Mia, Vince - and, finally, Brian. Brian's not sure why Dom comes for him - and how Dom will react if Brian lets slip how much Brian wants him ... He’d be “just one of the guys” despite the fact that Dom made him harder than a diamond with one look or touch. Slightly sad ending, otherwise nice story. Dom very Dom and I like how he takes what he wants. I hope things go better than Brian - and Mia - thinks. Good dash of humor, but also angst. Hot sex.

So Fucked by Titti
Brian's plan is simple: They'll break Dom out; go to Vegas; him and Mia gets married; and then they flee the country. Instead he ends up married to the only person he wants to spend the rest of his life with: Dominic Toretto. Brian's plans never went well. Sweet fic that made me smile. Poor Brian ... But it worked out nicely. Nice dash of humor.

Something Like a Vacation by jelasdax
Rome quickly realises that something's wrong with Brian. If nothing else his taste in men has changed. He seems now to like them bald and built. But he's moping about. Something needs to be done - and Rome's the best friend in the world. “I hear the Dominican Republic is nice this time of year,” Bilkins finally said, and Rome could practically hear the sly smile through the phone. Cute story that made me smile. We should all have a friend like Rome. Heh for him contacting Bilkins. Cute end.

Stacking Brits by Omnivorous_Reader
The Shaw siblings doesn't trust easily - and they only sleep soundly when they feel safe. One such safe space is, for Deckard, apparently, on top of Hobbs. But for Owen that is on top of Deckard. And for Hattie it is on top of Owen. Poor Hobbs ... Luke could feel Deckard folding his arms on Luke’s shoulders, no doubt using them as a makeshift pillow. Awww. Cute story that made me smile.

Tables Turned by Shine (shinetheway)
Dom knows how people look on their knees before him. Men in prison, women outside. He's never been on his own knees. He isn't now either. But he's never seen anyone on their knees before him look the way Brian looks. He'd never had his hips grabbed with iron fingers, been slammed up against the wall and leaned on with a hundred eighty pounds of muscle, pinned and manhandled so he was right there, right fucking there where someone else wanted him. Interesting take. Nicely written, hot too.

The Next Quarter Mile by astolat
Brian realises that he's a mutant. He can see how the future will look like - and can act accordingly. He is very powerful. Everyone, including Magneto, wants him. It turns out that Dom and Mia must also be mutants. When they find out what Dom's mutation is it is a blow to the family. If Dom loves someone they will love him in return ... No wonder Brian's with them. He has no choice ... “You and Mia, maybe you did make me fall in love with you or something. But the thing is, Dom, I don’t really give a shit, because if somebody tried to take it away from me, I’d kill them.” Interesting mutations, well handled. Normally I wouldn't have liked Mia involved with Brian still, but it worked here. Good language, very easy to visualise. Good action. Interesting science behind the mutations. Interesting idea of the non-con love thing. Heh for the scariest mutant in the entire world. Really nice use of Brian's powers. And I did like Xavier's diagnosis of Brian, that made sense.

To Court a Monster: Fast and the Furious Edition by Rhiw
WIP AU in which both Brian and Dom are Roux, a type of human-eating monsters. Dom is a dominant who has formed a pack of humans around him. Brian is a submissive, but a pregnant submissive who didn't mate to the dominant that sired his cub. Will Dom be able to make Brian trust him enough to take a chance on him? Dom had never address the fact that Leon may in fact know what the secret sauce was, so to speak, and Leon had never brought up the fact that his friends were unwitting cannibals. Interesting AU. Boys in good form. Interesting situation with Dom's human pack. Sadly seems the work won't be finished. Good on Tanner to help Brian. I would have liked to read more about courting and what happened.

UnExpected Exes by mpatientdreamr
Brian is in company with Rome when Dominic unexpectedly appears. Brian is certain that Dom will hurt him - and tells Rome he'll have to let him ... “I forgot something important,” Dom rumbled and then there was a distinct lack of hitting. Sweet fic. Poor Brian ... And I do like Rome being protective of him. But Dom is nice in this too. Good to fit it all in such a short fic.

What this isn't by circuitous
Dom wakes up with Brian plastered along his back - and Brian's hard-on making nice with his ass. Dom's never been fucked, but the sensation isn't bad. What will Brian think? Dom was one wild ride. Hot sex. I like Dom's take on the sexuality. And I like Dom on the bottom.

You're Dirty, You're Beautiful by azephirin
Brian and Dom watches movies together. Dom is very surprised by the gay scenes of My beautiful Laundrouette. Will he react badly? And then Brian reveals that he might like dudes too ... He should step back before Dom kicks his ass for wanting this—except Dom started this, whatever this is—he should put his hands on Dom, on his hip, on the small of his back—it’d be like breaking a spell, it’d scare him away—he doesn’t know what to do—want this so much, don’t want it to end. Cute fic that made me smile. Good description of Dom. Nice dash of angst.

Olympus has Fallen

Disclaimer and information

They go very nicely together

All the Presidents' Men by Jedi Buttercup
Mike gets closer to the president until he realises that he is attracted to him. Luckily, the president likes him too. They get together. But what kind of future can they really have, without things looking sleazy? Something must change. Mike has a plan. Will it work? What I am saying is that in the interests of professionalism, integrity, morale, and not creating an opening for the sort of scandal that has brought fire down on the Secret Service and other government agencies in the past, I've chosen to enact one of my fundamental rights as an American citizen-- the pursuit of happiness-- as a private citizen. Nicely done, looking at parts of their relationship we seldom see. Good use of Connor. I also liked the guest stars of the other secret service agents, especially Frank Horrigan. Heh for Strider to Steward.

The Heart is Hard to Translate by menel
After the attack on the white house, Mike fell into a sort of friends with benefits arrangement with the president. After London, it stops. When the president starts talking to him about the events in London, Mike assumes it's the final break-up. But is it really? Your staff would have a heart attack if you started publicly dating the head of your protection detail. Nice dash of angst. Good feeling between them. Amusing with Mike hitting the president.

The Second Term by thedevilchicken
So, you kiss a guy in the shower after work out and he decks you. Pretty clear answer, yeah? It gets a bit more complicated when he's the president of the United States and he goes on to announce marriage equality and also seems rely on your judgement if he should run for a second term or not. Problem was, he couldn’t shake the feeling and that feeling wasn’t, strictly speaking, 100% friendly while he tried not to glance at the president in the damn communal shower every morning. Nice fic with several good details. I was pleased on finding it, as I have found much too few fics in this fandom. Good feeling between them and a nice dash of humor. Yes, I'm sure such a bad-ass president would have no problem getting reelected. Bad Mike, for breaking up with her over SMS, though ...

Drive Angry

Disclaimer and information

Fichtner is gorgeous in this role!

The Chase by LilacNightmare
Milton escapes Hell - again. The Accountant finds him - again. The Accountant never tires of chasing Milton. However, someone else is getting tired. "I never tire of chasing you." Short but sweet story. I love the Accountant and he goes well with Milton. I haven't found much good stories, but I liked this one. Nice touch of irony and a dash of humor.

The Prize by Twilight Fang (Asthenos)
WIP in which Milton, back in hell, finds out that some of the vilest creatures in hell plans on ambushing and abusing the Accountant. Milton intends to stop them. The accountant is his! Will he succeed? He wouldn’t let go of the Accountant even if Satan himself tried to get between them. Strong, uneasy subject. I liked Milton to the rescue. Interesting set-up. I hope for more. Neat with more background for the Accountant. Interesting look on the afterlife too. Good descriptions and good voice of the Accountant. Good touch with the sand from the Pool of Acquiescence. I liked the gay policeman. And Mable was lovely, I liked her. Mmmm – the desserts sounded lovely!!

Mixed Fandoms/Original

Disclaimer and information

These are fandoms I've only found one story in, possibly a few but haven't yet had time to lift them to a division of their own. Images are from shows I either have found a story in or which I would like to have time to search for stories in, but haven't yet. Or I did search but found nothing. There are a few original stories in here too. I'd love recs in these fandoms ...

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Game of Thrones
(season 1)
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season 1
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Covenant by Delphi added 210819 - Old Guard
Nicky and Joe just met. After having killed each other a lot, they travel together. They're not fluent in each other's languages yet, but they get by. You could learn something about the way a man fought from sparring with him or charging alongside him, but nothing compared to what you learned when you had thrice run each other through on the battlefield. Sweet story that made me smile. It's interesting to see how they grow closer and trust each other more. Awww for Nicolo to try to explain to Joe about this concept.

Matador by Parhelion added 210505 - Nero Wolfe
Someone sends a bomb to Wolfe. When it explodes, Archie is injured. When he comes too, it is to hear Wolfe let slip a very interesting confession. Since Wolfe had mentioned its contents twice in the past three days, which, for him, is showing the hysteria of a kid who's spotted the ice cream truck, I put it on top of the pile of mail on his desk. Sweet fic that made me smile. Awww ... Good voice for especially Archie. Nice dash of humor too.

A Life Debt by Goody added 210413 - Shadowhunters
AU in which Jace kills an old friend of Magnus, another warlock. The warlock council are going to execute Jace. This will lead to war between the Shadowhunters and the Warlocks. Alec pleads for the life of his parabatai. Magnus has met Alec before and was enchanted by him. He offers that instead of an execution, a Life Debt can be paid. Basically the debtor will sign themselves over as a slave and pay the debt for the rest of their lives that way. But he wants nothing to do with Jace and offers the debt to Alec instead, to serve instead of his parabatai. Alec accepts. The one you got drunk over and told me you couldn’t stop thinking about even though you hated Shadowhunters so you were forcing yourself not to call him even though you wanted to with all your heart and soul. Lovely story with great angst, emotion and love. Very sweet. Well written. Many nice details. Great feeling between the boys. Interesting with the prejudices amongst the Shadowhunters, which sadly rang a bit true. Lovely misunderstandings. To stay with Magnus does sound rather nice, all in all. Sweet with Jace and Alec too. Good dashes of humor. Interesting with the additional runes. Nice end.

An Ode to Very Old Scars by iihappydaysii - Outlander
Jamie ends up not having to ask Grey to take care of his son. He ends up doing so anyway. Grey doesn't take him up on his offer. James ends up rewarding him anyway. Grey was so tight and hot, so skilled at making the kind of breathless noises that turned Jamie’s blood into gunpowder. Nice writing, warm story. Hot too. Some very nice turns of phrases.

Avatar by Seraph
There is a new player on earth, good for trillions of dollars - and are using them to do good. He is also gay. The firm puts one of their reluctant assassins on the job. Mike is straight, but he is slowly falling for the enigmatic Galen. And who is Galen really ...? As for his ethics and honor; whoever heard of an honorable assassin for God's sake? Original story, plot driven rather than (as so many such stories) sex-driven. Romantic, sexy. Not for the strongly religious, but very interesting in my opinion.

Beauty and the Beast by Raven St. Clair
As it really happened ... Original retelling of the story in which the Beauty didn't help at all, but the trusted childhood friend and servant. You see, I'd been placed in the cradle with him when he was born, destined to be his companion and servant. Sweet tale of devotedness and how faithful love is finally rewarded. Hint of furry and I'm not happy with the sexual story being told to someone of that age, but otherwise an interesting, nice idea. Slightly gritty, but good ending.

Conquest by astolat - Rome
Caesar makes Antony a general and sets him difficult tasks to achieve. Antony accomplishes them. Though finally Antony learns what Caesar really wants from him: himself. Will he give himself to Caesar? Antony didn’t know whether he wanted to fall down and kiss the hem of Caesar’s robe like a slave or carve him up the belly just to see him look surprised for once. Nicely done. Good planning the battle strategies and conquests -including the one on Antony. Hot too. Good use of longer sentences. I liked Caesar in this one.

Distract and Motivate by espark - The Riyria
The Riyria takes on some classic thefts, in their own, classic ways. They were leaning into each other, their foreheads touching, the man with the crown had his hand resting possessively one the larger man’s neck. I watched both the inspired movies prior to reading and I liked reading the stories afterwards. We have much too few fics about this lovely pair, so it is always good to read more, but these stories were very nice as well. Good feeling between the boys. Nice language, close to the original. I would like to read more in this series. Nice dash of humor. The painting of Narion and Jerish Grelad sounds gorgeous.

Home Sweet Home by astolat - Entourage
Rumours start spreading about Vincent and Eric. Paparazzi starts following them. Ari and Shauna orders Eric to move out, so at least they're not living together. When Vincent's career is threathened, Eric finally starts looking for a new house. But will he really be able to bring himself to leave - and, if so, will Vincent let him? Vince had stood up and was facing him, and he looked scared as fucking hell, and oh yeah, there was the bottom of the cliff headed right for them at top speed. Entourage didn't seem like something for me, but when I fell for wonderful actor William Fichtner, who plays Phil Yagoda in Entourage, I went through all his roles I could find and I liked Entourage much more than I thought I would. Fichtner was great in it, but I liked the boys and Ari too. Only later did I realize that there were works in the fandom by one of my overall favorite authors and was thrilled. This fic was sweet and made me go awww. Boys being boys, but in character with the series. Good set-up for the boys and a suitable ending. Nice dash of humor. Lovely description of the house.

Face to Face by elfin - Knight Rider
Michael waked up with a tie to KITT implanted in his brain. There was an AI and his mind and he didn't want it removed. Not slash, maybe, but a warm, lovely story of two joining. Awww ...

Firearms and Sexytimes by therealfroggy - Chuck
Chuck has to go over to Casey's place during a blackout, so Casey can keep an eye on him. Casey's cleaning his guns, so Chuck helps him with that. Seeing Chuck handle his guns gets Casey excited. Chuck doesn't know what the hell is riding him as he slowly turns his head to the side and licks along the barrel of the gun. Poor Chuck, that was a bit unexpected. But hot. Do not use gun oil as lube. Unless it's actually sex lube called gun oil. Regular gun oil isn't the good kind of slick, in my oh so humble opinion, and it gets stuff yellow. But still hot. Aww for Henrietta. Though I will say not all guns are female, I've had at least one male one.

Freischütz Reloaded by Heathersparrows - Der Freischütz
Germany, in the 1650, shortly after the 30-year wars. Max, a young huntsman, has a relationship with one of the older hunters, Kaspar. Max leaves him and are trying to form a life with his employer's daughter, Agathe. To marry her, Max needs to make a shot. He's been having bad luck with the shooting lately. When Kaspar offers to help him, he agrees, even if they'll use black magic. Things does not go well. His lynx eyes gleam wildly and inscrutably, his last kiss, more a bite, tastes of blood. - Lord, oh Lord, what am I doing? Very interesting retelling/version of the story. Nicely formatted, with many good details, believable characters and interesting development. Fitting language, in places poetic. The story about Max and Kaspar is a bit sad, of course, but it works and I like the ending. Good symbolism and reocurring themes. Easy to follow the story even if you're not familiar with the canon. I also liked the treatment of Agathe, she isn't "in the way" or "in between", she's a good character in her own right and seems like a good person. Interesting description of the Wild Hunt, also the Holy Man of the Forest. Especially the forging of the bullets were well described. I also liked the description of Kaspar when he lies alone in Wolf's Glen.

Geek Squad by creedcascade - Die Hard
After Fire Sale the FBI contacts McClane, offering him the position as head geek wrangler at a new task force of hackers. One of them will be Matt Farrell. Who is easy to find, as he already lives with McClane. He accepts and an interesting team is put together. He hacked into dispatch and ... it was sort of cure in a psychopathic, possessive stalker way. Interesting pairing and interesting relationship as well. I do like the Geek Squad a lot, fun story, well-written. I also like the characters and the built universe. Good idea for the FBI to have such a squad.

His Shining Season by Ursula - Jake and the Kid
An ex-con, newly released from prison, meets the owner of a minor league team, starts working for him and they fall in love. With some complications. You could make all clouds disappear, if you start with the small ones and just concentrate. Tony Edwards/OMC, but as I have no clue who Tony Edwards is, I read it as original. Sweet, interesting story. Tightly written, overall interesting, a heart-warming tale.

I Know Where We're Going by helens78 - Contact
Kent Clark might be blind, but he's not passive. He's not stupid either. When Rodney all but disappears from the field, Kent knows something's up. Now Rodney's back. And he wants Kent to go with him. "Trust me," Rodney says, "you're about to need some new luggage and a prepaid storage unit." I really like Kent Clark, such an interesting, lovely character. It was nice to find a good story with him that open possibilities for him. Good points about his blindness and the handling thereof.

Illya on Ice by Tallihensia - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
When Napoleon is attacked by some hooligans on ice, he's rescued by Illya - on skates. On the ice, Illya is truly graceful. When a mission needs them to approach some competition skaters, Napoleon takes the opportunity to get to see more of Illya on the ice. He doesn't count on getting forced onto the ice himself. Napoleon stretched his arms out, feeling the bruises that would be showing up the next day... and then he draped one arm over Illya after he finished stretching. Great use of the skates. In Sweden, where I live, it's a bit like described about Russia here. We're forced to learn, more or less. It's taught in gym class at all schools. Hockey is a national sport - and long distance skating a common hobby. It's not a favorite thing of mine, but it's just "done". Nicely described here. And skates are excellent weapons, very easy to hurt someone with. Nice with Napoleon and Illya, aww.

In Perfect Trust by CarpeDiem - The Riyria
Royce pretends to take Hadrian hostage. In doing so he threathens him with Alverstone. He even cuts him, just a little. Hadrian feels himself react. He isn't scared. He's turned on. With the dagger at his throat and the iron grip around his arm, combined with the fact that it was Royce behind him, had caused a spark of desire to run straight to his groin. Always lovely to read more about one of my favorite book pairings which we have much too few fics about. I liked this series a lot, though. Good characterisation and language. Hadrian's reaction to Royce is really neat - and hot. I'm normally not much for threesomes, but even that part worked for me.

made to be legends by amosanguis
AU in which Billy isn't the simple, innocent sailor he appears to be. He's a son of Neptune, able to take the shape of a sea horse or a merman. He really like Charles Vane - and he's not prepared to see him die. And there are moments, when the light catches him just right, that Billy’s sure Charles can see him for what he truly is. Interesting idea, well handled. Vivid scenes, good ending. Nice dash of humor.

Minotaur by Albreckt
A warrior goes to fight the minotaur - and is captured by the beast. A heavy, thick hand rests upon his shoulder, forcing him to his knees and a golden circlet, seeming delicate, yet with impondrable weight, closes about his neck. Written like a fairytale, though with sex. A bit gritty, and a little pervy, yet interesting.

Nekobe by Rogue
Shawn is a bit of an oddball. He loves animals - not in a bestiality way, more in a bipedal fantasy creature way. And best of all, lionine males. And one day he runs into Nekobe, an exchange student from Kenya, member of a newly "discovered" tribe of leonines. He instantly falls for the handsome male - but will Nekobe have any interest for him in return? I had to bite my lip, not just from the sheer beauty of that sight, but from the sight of the long, ropy tail that arced out behind him and swayed, its tuft waving to and fro behind him like the head of a cobra. When I first discovered the internet (in the late 90ies) there weren't much slash easily found. I went through a brief period of checking out various gay porn sites. I found mostly things that didn't interest me, but this is one of the few gems, and one I still enjoy. A bit kinky, perhaps, but nicely done, well researched and interesting. Several nice details, good descriptions, nice humor - and hot sex too. Nice OCs. I'm normally not too keen on first person POV fics, but even that worked.

Of Beasts and Fire by BloodylocksBathory and omarandjohnny - The Lone Ranger / Hex
Burke, Irish ruffian-for-hire arsenist and kill-happy, meets up with legendary outlaw, cannibal Butch Cavendish. It's not always an easy fit, but it's an almost perfect match. "Me heart's a'flutter," Burke laughed, looking up at the feral human creature he had made love to twice - and survived. I like Fichtner a lot, so on a whim I looked for Cavendish fic and found very little - except this. I had to watch Hex first so I knew who Burke was. I'm glad I did. They do go excellently together and the series is highly enjoyable. Hot too. I hope for a continuation. Good voices, especially for Burke. Aww for Burke's endearments for Cavendish. Nice descriptions of Cavendish's tattoos. Interesting backstory for both of them, especially Cavendish. I liked Frank, he's sweet. Aww for Burke giving Cavendish blood. As I'm Swedish, the Swedish sellers amused me - and aww also for Cavendish buying Burke the gift. Interesting with his gang knowing of them, I'd like more of that. Interesting vamps too. Good first name for Burke.

One Night in Edinburgh by iihappydaysii - Outlander
Lord John Grey visits James in Edinburgh and ends up staying the night. Their sleep is disturbed by a whore and her customer, having sex. The two men listen in - and talk. Things develop. Jamie let out a heavy breath and his voice rolled across the room like a thundercloud, “And ye do that, sometimes, let men bugger you.” Interesting set-up. Nice dash of humor. I like the description of the voices. Hot too. Sweet end.

Preparation for Change by infiniteeight - Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel still hunts witches, with Ben and Edward. However, Hansel is feeling more and more a burden, when his illness prevents them from travelling as far as they would wish. When they come to a town, he meets the local apothecary, Phil. Together they start working on improving his medication. As they do, they grow closer ... He leaned in, the movements stuttering for a moment, just long enough for Hansel to realize what was happening, and then they were kissing. Highly enjoyable with great details regarding the medication testing. I know very little regarding such things, but it sounded very good. Very interesting idea with this almost-crossover and I could read as an AU or crossover or just Hansel and Gretel with an OC. Well done. I did feel sorry for Hans when everything seemed Gretel-centric in the movie. Nice dash of humor. Hot too, and I enjoyed Hansel's inexperience. Good end.

Protection by HarleyD - Oz
El Cid is using Miguel without protecting him. O'Reily finds out and he has a solution. Miguel will be O'Reily's prag, but unlike El Cid he does care about Miguel and will protect him. However, Miguel starts having conflicting feelings about O'Reily's feelings and things get a bit complicated. On one hand there was him getting the shit kicked out of him and having El Cid fuck him up the ass every night, or being protected by the Irish and the toughest mother fucking Mick to ever live, and well, getting fucked by that same one. A bit darker story than I normally like, but, then, Oz is a dark place. Poor Miguel, though not very easy for O'Reily either, bad Miguel. I like O'Reily's possessiveness, but how careful he is at times with Miguel. A little aww-worthy in places. Several good lines. The "Kitten" nickname is very sweet - and the purring a nice touch. Nice secondary pairing too - and the hint at the end very interesting. Not the healthiest relationship, but interesting.

Reunion by zzoaozz - Moby Dick
Ishmael mourns Queequeg. But is everything really lost? Right or wrong, I gave in to Queequeg and surrendered my body, my heart, my soul, everything to him. We knew each other as a man a women know each other, a union of the flesh, the spirit, and the soul, and we knew love in that same instant. Sweet story. I find few Moby Dick stories, but this was a nice one, even a bit aww-worthy.

Robin o'Wood by Michael Gouda
Much, the Miller's son, is falsly accused of poaching, and rescued by Robin Hood. Much joins the merry men. He also learns more about Robin's relationship with Little John - and forms his own relationship with Will Scarlock. But the Sheriff is out there - and the plague is coming ... John, that caring tender man whose whose lust right-arm blow could stun an ox but whose touch was as gentle as a young girl if he was rescuing a butterfly from a spider's web, would have given his life for Robin. Nice work with good language and believable characters. Good descriptions. Good in touch with "canon" (or some of them, at least) for Robin Hood. Hot too. Almost a bit aww-worthy in places, sad in others. Nice end. I especially liked Little John in this one.

Situations by mlyn - Black Hawk Down
The joint forces return to the states and get a three day leave. After an evening celebrating together, Jeff invites Grimes to his place to crash. He accepts. But when its just the two of them, Jeff's signals get more flirty - though not unwelcome. With a gentle hand on his shoulder, blue eyes smiling above him, and the smell of maple syrup in his nostrils, Grimes thought he was in heaven. I normally like my stories with a bit more togetherness/couple at the end, but I like the warmth of this story and how easy they fit together, almost domestic, which I like, and I think it feels a bit hopeful for the future still. Nice dash of humor too. I liked the description of Jeff especially. Hot too - good details about Rangers trained not to expose themselves and the bits of gentle struggle during the sex.

Shy Tiger by Derek Adams
Gourmet chef tries to rescue a guy from a gay bashing, needs a bit of rescuing himself. Luckily the other guy is a doctor and will take good care of him. Hell, if I want to see cannonball biceps, massive pecs and a fuzzy washboard belly, I can look in a mirror anytime I like. My favorite gay porn (as opposed to slash). Well written, a bit of humor, sexy. Slightly gritty and a bit measure-fixated, but nice. A bit of plot, even. Always hot with big, strong guy getting topped by a smaller guy. Even a hint awww-worthy.

Steamy Women with Erotic Desires by Cousin Shelley (CousinShelley) - Automan
Automan finds tapes in Walter's apartment and watches them. It's gay porn. He finds them interesting and when Walter comes home he wants to make Walter his bitch for the evening. Walter is surpised. He stopped bobbing his head when a second actor appeared and engaged the first in an activity that Walter had not input into his system, and that he had not yet seen on a videotape. Cute story. There's far too few Automan fics out there, so I was glad to find at least one nice one. Good use of Jack too. Nice dash of humor. I liked their conversation of how differently they feel pleasure and emotions. Nice end.

Swords Against Dreams by marycrawford - Lankhmar
After a long day, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser rewinds. They're still in mourning after their first loves, so female company is a bit difficult. A bit of wine and then the Grey Mouser gets another idea as to how to solve their common problem. Desperate, gambling all, he pressed his lips against Fafhrd's. On reading about Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser when I was young, I knew they belonged together, even if it was long before I heard of slash. On rereading some stories just now I went hunting for slash. I found few, but this story was the only one I've found so far that I really liked. Reads well, well in character. Nice hint of angst and I like the ending, very intimate.

The Crown Tower - from Royce’s point of view by espark - The Riyria
What happened during the Crown Tower, but this time, Royce's point of view. With a little extra, such as his growing feelings for his partner. Until Hadrian finds out. And Hadrian's reaction. Hadrian mused, “I’ve never been kissed by another man before.” I, too, have found way, way, way too few works in this fandom. Maybe a testament to how good a writer the author is, but still sad. This was a nice find. I enjoyed Royce's POV. Good language for him. Nice dash of humor. Very sweet kisses, aww ... Good descriptions.

The Lonely Deep Blue by HarleyD - Deep Blue Sea
Scoggs comes to the Aquatica and Carter finds himself a bit more social than usual. "I don't know why you are so afraid to meet these people, you're friends with me and I'm the scariest person here." Nice story in a fandom I have found very few stories in. Likeable, good emotion, hot sex, nice dash of humor.

The Night Shift by Desdemon - White House Down
After the attac, the president asks for John to guard him on the night shift. He makes the president feel safe. The president also shows his gratitude in other ways ... He’s exhausted, and he just had sex with the President of the United States, and did he just get Monica Lewinskyed? Sweet story that made me smile. Sadly I've found very few good fic in this fandom, so this was nice to find. I especially liked John in this one. Nice touch with him helping Sawyer with the workout.

The Point of No Return by Tenaya - Alias Smith & Jones
Curry and Heyes knew each other when they were young. Heyes start the gang, but has problems controlling the others. One day Curry meets them and joins up. He realises that Heyes need him and his quick gun - and he's very willing to help - and willing in other ways as well. But what does Heyes want? Heyes, on the other hand, could feel the tension that lay just below Curry's cold manner -the same way a rabbit knew a hawk had him spotted; you could call it instinct, or call it survival, but Heyes called it damn unnerving. I've always had a very soft spot for cowboys and watched a lot of Alias Smith And Jones when I was younger. Sadly I haven't found all that many good stories. This is an old favourite of mine. I like Curry's pursuit of Heyes and that tiny little hint of how helpless Heyes would be against Curry's gun; the not exactly non-con, but just a touch of that it could be. Nicely written story.

The Prince Regent by Jami Wilsen
When an ursurper takes over his father's kingdom, prince Cristian flees. He is betrayed by friends and brought to the ursurpers, who reveals that the land was invaded pretty much for his, Cristian's, sake. Stephen, the Warlord, is intent to have him - at any price. "I don't think my head would look any better on the block than it does on my shoulders, so I can't imagine why you'd want it there." The ending is perhaps faintly unrealistic, but I thoroughly enjoy the idea behind it, to conquer for love, and have been inspired by it to one of my own stories.

To Be A Hero by Nancy Springer - poem

Your Son, My Lord by TuckerPuppy (HarleyD) - Game of Thrones
Ramsey gets word that Reek is back and hurries to meet him at the gate. He's met by a surprise, though. Reek is not alone. Reek went with Sansa because she was pregnant and now he has brought home Ramsey's son. How will Ramsey react? When Reek reached for him he let him move forward and wrap his arms around his legs, pressing his face against Ramsay’s thigh. Interesting, intense story. Good voice for Ramsey especially. I would have liked this on the show.

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