Anne-Li's Five Words Fan Fics

I adore these little five word fan fics. More to come!

From Eroica With Love

"My Magnum? A sex toy?!"

"May I play with your ... Magnum?"

"Darling ... I dye ..."

"BDSM?! Disgusting British pervert!! ... okay ..."

"Undercover?! With him?! A couple?!"

"Undercover as a couple?! Yay!!!"

"Dorian!? Marrying!? Where's my Magnum!?"

"Klaus?! Marrying?! Where's my catsuit?!"

"Let's fuck?"

"No, Dorian! I love U!"

"No, U ... I love Dorian!"

"F, R and Q?! Together?!"

"F, R and Q?! Dorian!!"

(dogtag, Klaus): Property of Earl Dorian Red-Gloria

(dogtag, Dorian): If arrested, return to Eberbach

"NATO or Dorian? Tough choice ..."

"'Fucking queer'? If you offer ..."

"Darling ... Is a Magnum ... washable?"

Sleepy Hollow

"While you're riding Daredevil? Kinky."

"Sentenced for passive necrophilia? ... rare ..."

"Head or not - handsome guy."

"He blinded me with science."

"I feel silly screaming 'Horseman!' ..."

"Scream my name!"
"Horseman! Headless!"

"A horseman! Headless! Kinda sexy!"

"Ichabod! Spider!"
"Yay! Snuggeltime!"

"Yes, Ichabod ... That head too ..."

I prefer Daredevil

"Now choose - me or Daredevil!"

"I confess! I love ... Daredevil ..."

"Me and Daredevil: true love!"

Ichabod gave the horseman head.

He fainted again ... So sexy!"

"Out like a light ... Snuggletime!"

"Wanna ride?"
"Not on Daredevil ..."

"I'll give you head alright."

"An axe? A sword? Kinky ..."

"Axe? Sword? Kinky sex game ..."


"'evrus? The purple potion ...?"

"'evrus? The pink potion ...?"

"Hagrid! No nifflers in bed!"

"Your skin, Sev'rus! So ... smooth ..."

"Your hands, Sev'rus! So ... clever!"

"--just got married."
"Hagrid?! Snape?!"

"A robelifter?! Hagrid wears pants!"

"I'll lift yer robe, 'fessor ..."

"Snape is walking funny."

"Hagrid's Bedroom. Potions Professors welcome."


"I want to ravish you."

//I dream of being ravished.//

"I hide in your shadow."

"Your shadow lets me hide."

"He might really love me ...!"

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