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by Anne-Li

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  • Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than Wedding Chocolate. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. 1.466 words. Written in April 2010.

    This is the "gamma set" (third set) of five such set of words that are part of a challenge. I don't follow the challenge apart from using the words - the challenge should be one pairing only and I'm not sure if you're allowed to "bend" the words. But this is how I wanted to write, so this is what came out.

    One or two might at some point become stories, should I feel like it (actually, 35 is due out in a zine soon). But should anyone feel inspired to write anything based on any of these, feel invited!

    Warning: 50 might be considered a bit deathish, BUT it doesn't specify when the death occur, they might well be 112 and die of old age, kind of thing. While the majority is Klaus/Dorian, there are some other pairings sprinkled in.

    Betaed by Heather Sparrows, Kadorienne and Cassie Ingaben! As always, you are my heroes!

    1.Ring - When Klaus heard the rumour that Eroica had been seen in Spain with a dead ringer for none other than himself, Iron Klaus, he snorted disdainfully and made a mental note that he'd have to wear a disguise next time they went on a holiday.

    2.Hero - "You're such a hero," Dorian grumbled under his breath as he dragged Klaus's unconscious body away from the room in which Klaus had valiantly tried to single-handedly combat a platoon of Neo-Nazis until Dorian had filled the room with knock-out gas.

    3.Memory - Just as he hoarded his art treasures, Dorian hoarded his memories of Klaus's touches they were of equal worth to him.

    4.Box - A ring of gold in a box of iron somehow Dorian found Klaus's proposal befitting in many ways.

    5.Run Dorian thought it would be a splendid idea to go on the run with Klaus, up to the moment Klaus decided that they must both cut their hair.

    6.Hurricane - After their paths had been forced together by no less than one earthquake, two rogue hailstorms, a hurricane and a flooding, Klaus began to suspect that even Mother Nature was determined to get him and Dorian together.

    7.Wings Bonham is the wind beneath Dorian's wings if necessary by way of anchoring Dorian to a rope and running ahead to get him up in the air.

    8.Cold While Klaus kept giving Dorian the cold shoulder, Dorian had something far warmer he wanted to give Klaus in return.

    9.Red "You probably heard, Mischa, but my name is Red now, Klaus Red."

    10.Drink "--And I would just like to one more time thank you all for coming to my and Klaus's wedding, now lets drink and be merry."

    11.Midnight - Dorian came to Klaus at midnight, but the warmth he brought with him brightened the dark hour.

    12.Temptation While Klaus battled temptation the hard way, resisting until no other option remained, Dorian preferred dealing with temptation the easy way by yielding to it.

    13.View - "What a splendid view!" Dorian exclaimed and then, as sharp, green eyes glared down at him, hastily added: "This time I actually did mean the mountains, dear."

    14.Music Pling, klink, plingaplinga-klink, klink, klink oh, there never was a more beautiful music than this, that of coins slowly falling on other coins in a perfect symphony of sound, motion and money!

    15.Silk Klaus reluctantly touched the piece of cloth with one hand, then fingered a strand of his hair with his other, before turning to Dorian: "It doesn't feel like silk at all, you stupid Brit!"

    16.Cover Dorian liked the extreme diligence Klaus showed when training for this new version of under cover assignments as long as the assignments only took place under Dorian's own covers, that is.

    17.Promise "No, you stupid idiot, 'I'll be with you in a minute' is not a promise to love you forever!"

    18.Dream While Dorian dreams of Klaus and how he will finally seduce the tempting officer and they will live happily ever after; Klaus dreams of outsmarting Mischa, capturing all foreign spies and cleansing the world of Neo-Nazis; and James, well James James dreams of money.

    19.Candle While a romantic dinner, dimly lit by candle light, soft music playing and eyes lovingly meeting sounded perfect to Dorian, he soon learned that what Klaus truly appreciated after a long working day was meat, plenty of fried potatoes, beer, football on the telly and a blowjob but Dorian could work with that.

    20.Talent Of all of Klaus's many talents, one of Dorian's personal favorites was his apparent lack of gag reflex.

    21.Silence Silence is crucial or else they will be found and Dorian has to bite his lips hard as Klaus gives him one of the best blowjobs he has ever had.

    22.Journey When Klaus finally succumbs to Dorian's touch, it is like embarking on a one-way journey once his boat has left the shore he will never be able to go back.

    23.Fire Dorian flows into Klaus's life like a wind, fanning the cold fire in his heart until it heats and blossoms.

    24.Strength To the casual observer, James appears to be a delicate man, short and with little strength but when it comes to jewels, gold and money, there is no limit to what he can carry!

    25.Mask Klaus's face is schooled to the classic mask of indifference but sometimes, when Dorian laughs or says some of the things he says, Klaus really wants to smile back.

    26.Ice Sometimes Klaus wishes that he was Ice Klaus, not Iron Klaus because he thinks that Dorian's smile for sure could melt a heart of ice, even if iron might prove to be too cold.

    27.Fall Klaus thinks that the sleeping Dorian looks like a fallen angel, and so he kneels by his side, waiting and watching, ready to worship.

    28.Forgotten "I'll never forget you, my love, my darling; oh what a cruel, unforgiving world this is, that tears us apart," James moaned, fat tears rolling down his cheeks, before he finally forced himself to surrender his pretty penny to the butcher.

    29.Dance Watching Klaus dance the Schuhplattler sets off Dorian to hysterics - and he gets no nookie for the rest of the week.

    30.Body Klaus's body is a temple Dorian is the High Priest and he worships daily.

    31.Sacred Art is sacred to Dorian but in his pursuit of love he is prepared to commit sacrilege.

    32.Farewells Each time they part, Dorian and Klaus say their farewells as if they would never meet again in their lines of work, the future is never for sure.

    33.World Dorian's world is not Klaus's world, but sometimes Klaus wishes he could visit.

    34.Formal "Oh, don't be so formal, Dorian," Heinz von dem Eberbach said with a determined smile, "just call me Father."

    35.Fever Klaus first hoped that what he felt was a fever, but on second thought he wasn't about to wimp out and take any sick days, so in the end he decided that it wasn't a fever after all, and kissed Dorian.

    36.Laugh The first time Dorian hears Klaus laugh really laugh he is lost, completely, irrevocably and he knows he will give up any treasure to hear this laughter again.

    37.Lies "I hate you," he lied.

    38.Forever Dorian had promised, "I will love you forever," which was good, because it took Klaus decades before he dared to believe him.

    39.Overwhelmed Strong emotions easily overwhelmed Klaus that is why he avoided Dorian whenever he could, so that his weakness wouldn't get the better of him.

    40.Whisper In the icy cold of the Alaskan night, Klaus relied on the memory of the words Dorian often whispered in his ear to keep him warm.

    41.Wait Dorian gently nudged Klaus's chin up, so that the embarrassed man would meet his gaze, then he said softly: "Don't worry, I have waited this long and I'm not about to drop you now just because you were a bit hot off the handle."

    42.Talk "Father, Papa, there's something I need to talk to you about I think I might be straight."

    43.Search Dorian travelled across the globe in his search for art and love, never realising that the man who loved him the best loyally followed him every step of the way.

    44.Hope Dorian reluctantly admitted that stealing the Hope diamond as an engagement gift might not have been such a good idea after all

    45.Eclipse The first time Klaus kissed Dorian a lunar eclipse blackened the night to total darkness but after that he never tried to hide their love again.

    46.Gravity "I'm not sure you appreciate the gravity of the situation, Major von dem Eberbach; if you continue to refuse to capture Eroica you might never get a promotion!"

    47.Highway As their first kiss turned to many, many more, the radio of Dorian's Lamborghini Countach began belting out "Highway to Hell" and Klaus decided that even if so, he just didn't fucking care.

    48.Unknown "'Unavoidably detained by assailant or assailants unknown', who the hell does von dem Eberbach think he's kidding, we all know he was making out with that British Earl the entire time!"

    49.Lock The greatest thief on Earth considered the lock to his would-be lover's heart merely a formality but the Magnum raised in its defence did give him pause.

    50.Breathe "I will love you till my dying breath," Dorian had promised and in the end, he did.

    The End

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