From Eroica With Love by Aoike Yasuko

Z volume 1
Released 2000.
ISBN4-253-15371-2, 203 pages

Volume 1 has three stories: Z-1, Die Frau aus D.D.R. and Panzer-Marsch.
Z volume 2
Released 2000.
ISBN4-253-15372-0, 176 pages

Volume 2 has three stories: Das Fräulein, die Z Liebte, Black-out and The Luck of Z.
Appendix to July/Augusti issue of 2003
Contains Z-6, Das Rapsfeld

Der Freischutz
Released 1983.
ISBN4-253-09952-1, 113 pages
Klaus des Eisens
Klaus spin off book

Sons of Eve, book 2
Released 1995.
ISBN4-592-88182-6, 434 pages

Seven Seas, Seven Skies
Released 1986.
ISBN4-253-09968-8, 267 pages

El Alcon, volume 1
Released 1979
ISBN4-253-07135-x, 222 pages

The Day of Saladin
Released 1987.
ISBN4-09-178781-9, 202 pages

Released 1986.
ISBN4-253-09967-X, 108 pages

The Knight of Drachen
Released 1998.
ISBN4-253-15305-4, 229 pages

Cheris book pure
With illustrations by Aoike Yasuko to 4 songs/poems:
  • Achilles Last Stand by Lead Zepplein
  • Pirates by Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  • ME262 by Blue Oyster Cult
  • Epitaph byKing Crimson

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