My Love

by Anne-Li

Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than Emser pastilles. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. Klaus/?. 796 words. Written in October 2006.

Warnings: No rape, partner betrayal or child sex. Nobody dies. It is, however, a bit odd/strange. I don't really mean this story seriously, it was just a bit of fun. The devil made me do it. Someone who read it called it interesting and possibly not OOC. Another person called me sick (though in a very nice way!). Um ... if you feel you need a more specific warning - mail me.

Betaed by Heather Sparrows and Kadorienne (sorry to drag the two of you into this ... Thank you, as always).

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This fic is available translated to japanese by BasilLeaves! Thank you very much, BasilLeaves!

I, Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach, am a slut. For you, anyway. I canít help myself. I need you; want you; love you.

I almost canít control myself until we get back to the hotel and I lie on my back in the bed, slowly taking you into my mouth. It feels so good. You taste clean and fresh and strong, with just a hint of musk from todayís exercise. I like you best when you taste like that. I run my tongue up and down your sides, then take you inside again, as far as I can. I must be careful. Youíre not very wide, but youíre long and so hard and Iím not very skilled. I try my best, though.

Oh, if that fruity Earl could see us now! Would he be turned on? Would he want to join in? Well, he canít. Youíre mine. Iím yours. Not just yours, perhaps, but you are most definitely mine. Youíre all mine. As I said Ė I canít help myself. I canít keep my hands off any of you. So many, all of you different; all of you at my disposal. You are all mine. I belong to all of you.

Youíre my favourite though. I can trust you. You always do what I want. You are the only one I consider going all the way with. Oh, yes. I want you. I need you. Like that. Itís difficult even to think it, but I want to feel you sink slowly into my body; where Iím most vulnerable; to enter me and possess me as I so often have possessed you. I want to feel you fuck me. I want it badly. My whole body aches for you; even now; even as I reach forth with my tongue to tease your most sensitive spot. A little more pressure right there and itíll be all over. Iím not ready for that, though. Not yet.

I want you to fuck me. Yes. I reach down and spread my legs, finding the spot with ease. I slide a finger in and imagine it is you Ė entering me, filling me. Itíll hurt though. I know itíll hurt. Itíll hurt so very, very much. It must. A woman might be able to take you without too much pain Ė not me. No matter what preparations, youíll rip me apart Ė I know you will. But itíll hurt so very, very good and I look forward to it so very, very much.

Not today, though. I canít be seen limping during a mission when Eroica is near Ė not due to something like that, anyway. Everyone will think that it was he who did it. No one will suspect you. Not even Eroica, though he will of course know he isnít to blame. Ha! It would be worth it, almost, to tell him. "Hey Earl! Did you want to teach me about anal intercourse? Too late!"

Only I canít tell anyone. It must be a secret. Just between me and you Ė and me and the others. Only ever one at a time, though, and only when there is no chance of anyone being able to see Ė not even someone who can scale walls as easily as breathing. They would never let me have command again if they knew of my leaning. You like it, though Ė I know you do. You all do. Why wouldnít you? Youíre always ready for me; always willing; always responding so well to my touch.

I start to need more than just having you in my mouth, though. Maybe when weíre back home again, I will finally let you have me. Back at the Schloss. In my own bed, in my own room Ė not a simple hotel room like this. With all night ahead of us, to take it slow and easy, so you wonít leave me ripped open.

Iím so close! I fist my cock desperately and suck as hard as I dare. I think of how good it will feel to take you up my arse. Finally I come, trying not to bite down. As I spurt I lavish all possible attention on you, only to let you slip out of my aching mouth when I no longer can hold on.

I stumble out of bed, over to the small bathroom, where I clean myself. Then I sit on the bed, licking you all over one last time. You taste so good. I love you so much. I donít tell you that, though. Why would I? Itís not as if you have ears to hear me with. I give you a kiss goodnight, though, then lovingly slide you into my shoulder holster, lay down and sing myself to sleep.

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The End

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