Theta Set by Anne-Li

by Anne-Li

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  • Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than Tikka Masala Sauce. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. 1.603 words. Written in August 2011.

    This "theta set" set is not part of the original challenge. They're for Avoidetc and she chose the words.

    Warning: 11 is a crossover with Smallville, 18 with Harry Potter.

    One or two might at some point become stories, should I feel like it. But should anyone feel inspired to write anything based on any of these, feel invited!

    Betaed by Heather Sparrows, Kadorienne and Avoidetc! I thank you!!

    1. Annihilation – "But you've already annihilated six solar systems, milord, you can't stop conquering the world now just because one of these homo sapiens has pretty green eyes!"

    2. Bribe – The bell boy had been warned very firmly against accepting a bribe to let the Earl of Gloria into Major von dem Eberbach's hotel room - so he was a bit surprised when the major instructed him to accept the bribe anyway, just this once.

    3. Conspiracy – "Of course we must step up our effort to convince the patient in room 406 - that would be Mr von dem Eberbach - that the entire world really isn’t involved in a global conspiracy to get him together with that gorgeous Earl of Gloria who visits him every week – but the two of them would make such a lovely couple, wouldn’t they?"

    4. Denial - A father might remain in denial of his son's homosexuality, but the butler always knows.

    5. Espionage – "Espionage" is the masculine form of the word "gossip" - and how the various abbreviation agencies spied about the NATO major and his British pursuer!

    6. Fathomless – Faced with the fathomless depths of an incomprehensible enemy - the New York fashion industry - Klaus finally bit the bullet, held out his arms and allowed Dorian to dress him.

    7. Gunpoint – Klaus wouldn't admit to loving Dorian if held at gunpoint - he'd whisper the words before they fell asleep and Dorian would just have to make do with that.

    8. Hangover – The first time Dorian woke up in Klaus's bed was supposed to have been the happiest morning in his life: sadly he had a hangover and couldn't remember a thing about last night.

    9. Indecency – "How dare he say something so horrible about my best shirt?" Dorian growled and tore open the door to his wardrobe: "I’ll show him indecent!"

    10. Jury – It's everyone's right to be judged by a jury of his peers - and Dorian is 100 % certain that no peer of his would prove anything less than understanding about how irresistible Klaus's butt is - how it just begs for you to reach out and pet it!

    11. Kneel - "Kneel to Zod," General Zod ordered Klaus a second before a knife of glowing green ended his life and the last he heard was an enraged Earl of Gloria shouting: "He kneels to no one but me!"

    12. Listening device - "You put a listening device in my bedroom and listened in while I masturbated, you thieving, fucking pervert," Klaus yelled into the phone, utterly neglecting to mention that he'd actually noticed the Earl's device before he, so to speak, started to take the matter into hand.

    13. Misuse - "This is a blatant misuse of authority," Dorian accused the major as he was pushed up against the jail bars, "but, oh, yes, fuck me harder!"

    14. Nocturnal – Klaus had thought that he could turn a blind eye to Dorian’s nocturnal activities, but when Dorian stole the recently discovered Nibelungen treasure Klaus realised that a line had been crossed and he subsequently moved back home to Eberbach.

    15. Obscene – "Strangely enough, Klaus, most men would label my ability to lick their balls while I deep throat them as 'sublime', rather than 'obscene'."

    16. Pride - Dorian read the article about Klaus in Heavy Artillery Monthly, proud as a peacock over his lover's accomplishments, until he reached the end of the article and realised the fundamental lack of mentioning one of the most important parts of his lover's life: "They forgot about me!"

    17. Quicksand - To fall in love with the Earl of Gloria feels like sinking into quicksand - once it reaches your crotch you're stuck for good.

    18. Riddle - "Tom Marvolo Riddle, I arrest you in the name of NATO on suspicion of terrorism, murder and intent to overthrow the British government - not that I blame you."

    19. Sacrifice – "You know Major, I'm almost sure I heard one of our capturers mention something about a virgin sacrifice, perhaps I better help you out with that?"

    20. Trust Issues – Klaus might have trust issues, sure - but Dorian has major issues.*
    * = okay, so I stole this one.

    21. Unsettling - Any sane man would find Iron Klaus's full attention somewhat unsettling, but luckily a hint of insanity has always run in the Red family tree.

    22. Vermilion – Klaus had never backed down from a mission in his life, but it slowly dawned on him that perhaps it was time to admit defeat – if one of Dorian’s thirty or so scarves could be classified as ‘vermilion’, rather than any other shade of red, Klaus wasn’t man enough to find it.

    23. Weightlessness - Klaus truly hated the thought of kneeling to any man, but giving Dorian a blowjob in a weightless state during their visit to an ESA research centre was an entirely different matter.

    24. Blame – When Klaus's father blamed him for "turning his son homosexual", Dorian just smiled and happily took all credit - well, he certainly wouldn't have wanted anyone else involved in turning Klaus gay.

    25. Cold War - "The cold war is over, we're married and I love you deeply?" Klaus asked scornfully, "I have amnesia, you fucker, I'm not stupid!"

    26. Desperation - In pure desperation Klaus finally admitted to the Earl that, all right, he might be a little homosexual, but then he lied and claimed that he exclusively preferred bald men - and to his surprise the Earl never bothered him again.

    27. Elegance - On realising that he'd just referred to a tank as "elegant", Dorian moaned: "We've been married for too long, Klaus!"

    28. Fantastic - Dorian often wondered what Klaus fantasised about when he masturbated - he wouldn't have been very surprised, though probably a bit disappointed to learn that it was mostly about guns.

    29. God-like - When asked if the major's body really was as god-like as his shape hinted at Dorian replied that a gentleman never kisses and tells - but he said so with a contented smile and a wink.

    30. Hurry – Dorian had been in a hurry to get Klaus into bed, but once he got him there he wanted nothing more than for the night to last forever.

    31. Erroneous - For a professional spy master an erroneous assumption can quickly turn fatal - Dorian's fickleness was the only thing Klaus had ever been truly glad to be wrong about.

    32. Shiver - Shivering with the need for sexual release, Klaus finally swallowed his pride and asked Dorian to just fuck him harder, already.

    33. Knives – After last night, Klaus strongly suspected that he would never look at a knife in the same way again.

    34. Lock Picking - Picking a lock never presented Dorian with the least bit difficulty - the problem was how to actually get his hands on Klaus's chastity belt.

    35. Madness – There's a fine line between a madman and a genius - and when it comes to money, James is both.

    36. Quench – Even if heat and cold is a matter of discipline, sometimes even Iron Klaus has to quench his red-hot desires in ice-cold water.

    37. Right - Klaus always did what was right, and if it was wrong of him to love Dorian, well, then he'd just have to change the world to make it right.

    38. Sublime – //My touch is ‘sublime’?// Klaus asked himself with equal amounts of bafflement and pride, //how the fuck did I manage that?//

    39. Thermonuclear - "Needing Eroica's help in disarming a thermonuclear device - Klaus, oh, please, can't you just man up and ask me on a date already?"

    40. Unspeakable - "If what you want me to do to you is so unspeakable, Klaus, how about if you just show me?"

    41. Vicious – "No," Dorian said, shaking his head proudly, "his bite really is as vicious as his bark."

    42. Asphyxiation – "You say that you want to strangle me, major, no, no, no, I've tried autoerotic asphyxiation and really, sexual gratification due to lack of oxygen isn't really what it is cracked up to be, so all in all I'd rather that you didn't."

    43. Bold – Only men with something to lose can act boldly - Klaus never countered himself among them until he met Dorian.

    44. Cunning - In a suspicious tone of voice Klaus asked the Earl of Gloria: "Why does this so called cunning plan of yours involve me taking all my clothes off?"

    45. Emerald - James loves emerald green, but he loves dollar green too - and why should he be made to choose, when Klaus's eyes can shift between both hues?

    46. Reasons – There is no reason for Klaus's love for Dorian, but then, many have accused him of being unreasonable.

    47. Sly – Dorian's favourite kisses are stolen on the sly, but when the bishop told him to do so, he kissed his husband with gusto, before God and everyone.

    48. Thieving - The major had several times accused Dorian of getting off on thieving - but as of yet Dorian hadn't had the heart to tell the prudish, uptight man that, actually, literally, yes, he did.

    49. Urge - An atheist himself, Klaus was taken by surprise by a mindless urge to worship the god-like body before him.

    50. Tempting - Klaus prided himself on his strength in withstanding temptation ... but to be left alone in charge of the Holland & Holland London Gun room really made his fingers itch.

    The End

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