Anne-Li's List of Things You Can Do

Ask not what your fandom can do for you, and so on. We know what our fandom can do for us! It gives us good stories to read, readers to our stories, friends all over the world, a rest from the world in general and good times. It is a small fandom though and it doesn't hurt to consider what one can do to help it along. Here are but a few examples - more are welcome. Oh, and I don't even do all the stuff here myself, just so you know it ...

Support the community Join the mailinglists, the LJs and the message board. Post occasionally. I don't like posting much myself - I often think I don't have anything interesting to say anyway ... But one doesn't have to do it regularly or every day. Perhaps a post a week? The important part is to have the fandom feel alive.

Rate the books At Amazon, for example. It's easy and it's fast and it'll make others see that people like these books. Don't forget to fill in that you own the book. Here is a link to a page with links to each book on Amazon - both to US and UK - and did you know that if you are a member of Amazon US you can log onto Amazon UK too - and rate the books there as well? Perhaps you could write a review while you are there.

Pimp the fandom! We need more fans! Spread the madness by pimping the Major's hotness (and all the rest that draws us to the books) relentlessly to your fellow slashers/yaoi-fans. Refuse to talk about anything else -or at least bring it up no matter what.

"So, that's your new cat! Ooooh, it's so cute! Name him G! G? G's from this manga I'm reading, it's really good--"

"A new fandom, with a gang of criminals. That sounds interesting - but is the leader as pretty as Dorian?"

"This queue is slower than a snail with a sprained tail. I bet Klaus would have a fit. Klaus who? Why, I'm glad you asked, sir ..."

"Stop talking about that bloody manga? Well, I might - if only there was an anime ... I would love to see all of Dorian's clothes in colour!"

"The latest Bond movie? Klaus would have been more efficient. If they made an Eroica movie, who do you think should play Klaus?"

Recommend good Eroica-stories to other slashers/yaoi, if you think they'd like them.

If you go to a con - print some good stories to bring with you for the con library - and perhaps ask makers of vids if you can show at the con. Perhaps you find volume 1 at a low price at your book seller - buy it and give it to the con raffle, if they have one.

Eroica books make good Christmas presents/birthday presents/and so on to fellow slashers/yaoi-fan who otherwise might not have bought them.

Perhaps add a quote to your e-mail signature that you use when you write to mailinglists or writers in other fandoms. Make them see the name.

Spruce up your webpage or LJ with a nice image of the boys.

Comment! Comments encourage writers to write more stories for you to read! If you read a story you liked, take moment to dash off a comment to the writer - or leave a message/review/whatever. It doesn't have to be something in depth or profound. I often hear from readers "No I don't comment much - I don't feel I have anything to say." - as a writer I can say that just the knowledge that someone reads my stories is enough to make me feel happy and warm. I don't write "for feedback" - but if I get no comments I don't know if anyone reads and I feel discouraged and sad and wonder why I bother to try to write anything in the first place, maybe I should start collecting rocks or get a life instead ... An example (feel free to copy it and exchange the texts in the [] for whatever appropriate.):

Hello [Smutty Eroica Writer]!
I just read your story "[Klaus Does The Alphabet]" and just wanted to write you and thank you for sharing the story with us. It was nice read, I liked it. I hope you will write more stories in the future!
All the best, [ReaderFanaticForEroica]

Seriously, that's all that's needed - to dash off such a letter takes 5 seconds (copy and paste is your friend. Really!), will likely make someone happy and might result in more stories for you to read - isn't that worth those 5 seconds? Yes - it will make most writers very happy to receive, I assure you! Do it right after you've read the story, that way you have the story fresh in mind. Perhaps you remember some specific scene (just as an example) to mention too? So add a quick,

I especially liked the scene where [Klaus learned how to suck cock].

Of course - most writers do like to be told if they've committed errors and such, so if you see something you think might be unintentional, feel free to mention it - though please do so nicely. It never hurts to be polite and humble.

I'm wondering about the scene in which [Z and Klaus investigated the mysterious, dildo-shaped object]. The reason is this: [I've been counting and counting and I'm still coming up with that Z is using three hands - is there someone else with them or am I just confused?]

Or, if you like, write a more in depth letter mentioning each thing you like, each querymark you have and everything you can come to think of. That's great too! I'm just trying to say that a "Well done!" is also very much so appreciated and far less intimidating to try to write in the first place.

Write. If you're a writer, write. New stories keep the fandom alive. It doesn't have to be long stories with complicated plots (though such stories are also good!). A little drabble here and a little PWP there can make a fan's day. Then post stories/information about them where they will be seen.

To combine writing with pimpage, maybe join the Yuletide Treasure Challenge or multi-fandom ficathons. Perhaps send in a story to a multifandom zine or a con zine? Crossovers to other fandoms are good - that way people in other fandoms hear about the fandom and might want to check it out.

If you get comments, it's a nice thing to reply. This lets the commenter know you got (and appreciated) the comment and encourages more comments. If you get a lot of comments, again - copy and paste is your friend!

Hello [ReaderFanaticForEroica]!
Thank you for writing me regarding my story "[Klaus Does The Alphabet]". It was nice hearing from you! [I'm working on a sequel, which I hope you will like. I tentatively call it "Klaus Does The Crime Lords of Europe". I saw your post about G's dresses, by the way - very well spoken!]
All the best, [Smutty Eroica Writer]

Artists We mustn't forget our artists, who helps us visualise the boys even further, in perhaps other situations than Aoike does ... I'm sure our artists also appreciate comments - and most of us enjoys looking at the pictures too, so please keep drawing and posting them!

Support the writers You don't have to have perfect English to help betaread - you can check for consistency and logical errors - or just say what works and what doesn't. Or maybe you are great at English and can help with that. Or good at writing and can give a beginner some help with technical stuff? Remember though - make sure you and the person you offer to help are on the level of what to expect.

Or perhaps you can offer "expert help" within some specific area - perhaps you live in Madrid and can help with details of this city if a writer wants to have a story take place in Madrid? You never know what a writer might find useful ... Or maybe you're good at making webpages and could help someone set up one? If you are an artist - perhaps make a drawing to a particularly nice story? Of course - the same is true in advance, sometimes an artist has made a lovely image that deserves a story to go with it!

Meta and random stuff. Perhaps write an essay, compile a master list or do review? Is there some resource lacking in the fandom that would be fun/useful? Perhaps you could help someone with something - though be careful not to step on someone's toes. A fic rec page, maybe? Fic rec pages are nice both for readers and writers and there is always room for another one of them. Banners, maybe? Icons? Poems! Link to interesting sites. Don't do too much, though - it must still be fun for you. If you find something neat - share. Be nice and respectful to your fellow fans. The sky's the limit - have fun!

Feel free to write me.
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