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                My name is Anne-Li. I'm a slasher from Sweden.

        Here's a link to my mascot, BBK.

The fandoms on this page are my writing fandoms, though I read in lots of other fandoms as well.

Disclaimer: The characters from the fandoms are not mine. They belong to their creator. I respect the creators greatly and make no money from this little hobby of mine.

I always respond to letters! So if I haven't responded in, say, a week, I didn't get your letter - try leaving me a private message in my LJ or something instead.

I used to have communities at imzy for From Eroica With Love and William Fichtner. Sadly, Imzy flew away ...

From Eroica With Love

Klaus/Dorian, slash or preslash
Single stories (some might get sequels):
  • A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished
  • A NATO Major In King Arthur's Court Connotations 11
  • A Sensitive Problem
  • A Thousand Kisses
  • A Thousand Kisses ... and Sea Monsters
  • Anger Not The Old Lion
  • Ask Doctor Gloria
  • Can't Buy Me Love Connotations 08
  • Could we start again, please?
  • Courting Dorian Iron and Silk   (as doc-file)
  • Deepest Blue
  • Dedication
  • Distant Drums
  • Dorian The Heroic
  • Earl Red Cock And The Iron Fist
  • For Dorian's Eyes Only
  • Il Condottiero
  • Indiana Jones And The Stolen Treasure Connotations 10
  • Iron Is Good For The Blood
  • Iron Klaus
  • Iron Klaus And Lightning
  • Lethal Attraction Connotations 07
  • Major Butterfly
  • Moonlight and Thou
  • Never Anything Bad
  • Nothing Major
  • On Tanks And War
  • Passing the Torch
  • Peaches and Whiskers
  • Promises Kept
  • Protecting Secrets
  • Slash Klaus and Smarm Dorian
  • Taming The Boar Connotations 09
  • The Alphabet
  • The Better Offer
  • The Clothes Make The Man
  • The Cup of Nimue Horizontal Mosaic 13
  • The Eternal Major Connotations 07
  • The Future Of Us All
  • The Garden Hotel Connotations 09
  • The Right Kind Of Red Connotations 08
  • The Roses of the Alp Iron and Silk   (as doc-file)
  • The Serpent's Gift Connotations 11
  • The Turtle
  • To Hell and Back again
  • What Goes Around Connotations 10
  • Who Loves Him True
  • Family, Friends and Lovers:
    (not in chronological order)
  • Future, Present, Past Connotations 12
  • Family Matters
  • The Usual Suspect
  • Not to Horrible:
  • Not so Horrible Connotations 06
  • Lies and Deception
  • The Name of the Game
  • Layers
  • Word sets:
  • Alpha Set
  • Beta Set
  • Gamma Set
  • Delta Set
  • Epsilon Set
  • Zeta Set
  • Eta Set
  • Theta Set
  • Iota Set
  • Kappa Set
  • Waiting for the Hammer:
  • Waiting For The Hammer
  • The Best Laid Plans by Callahan (shiplizard)
  • Caress the Gun:
  • Caress the Gun Connotations 06
  • Feel the Gun
  • As The Fates Would Have It:
  • Klaus
  • Dorian
  • Collab with Heather Sparrows:
  • The Curse of the Eberbachs
  • Collab with Cassie Ingaben:
  • You Make Me Tremble Connotations 09
    other pairings
  • A Rich Man's World
  • My Love
  • mixed
  • Five Word Fan Fics
  • Snippets
  • Song video!

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    The Losers

    Family, Friends and Lovers:
    Crossover with From Erocia With Love and Primeval.
    The first part is Eroica/Primeval, the second Eroica/The Losers

  • Future, Present, Past Connotations 12
  • Family Matters

  • Single story:
  • Not Always The Quiet Ones

  • Fic Recommendations

    The Sentinel

    My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose

    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love (TS not primary):
  • The Right Kind Of Red Connotations 08
  • Snippets
    Fic Recommendations

    Sleepy Hollow

    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love
  • Taming The Boar
  • Five Words Fan Fics
    Fic Recommendations


    Story, collab with Heather Sparrows:
  • A Story In Fifteen Short Notes

  • Crossovers to From Eroica With Love (HP not primary):
  • Lethal Attraction Connotations 07
  • The Curse of the Eberbachs Collab HEATHER SPARROWS
  • Five Words Fan Fics
    Fic Recommendations


    The Last Kryptonite On Earth

    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love (SV not primary):
  • The Eternal Major Connotations 07
  • Fic Recommendations

    Eastern Promises

    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love
  • Iron Klaus And Lightning
  • Fic Recommendations


    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love
  • The Cup of Nimue
  • Fic Recommendations


    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love
  • A NATO Major In King Arthur's Court
  • Fic Recommendations

    Good Omens

    Crossovers to From Eroica With Love
  • The Serpent's Gift
  • Fic Recommendations


    Family, Friends and Lovers:
    Crossover with From Erocia With Love and The Losers.
    The first part is Eroica/Primeval, the second Eroica/The Losers

  • Future, Present, Past Connotations 12
  • Family Matters
  • Fic Recommendations

    Do you like games? Check out the printable card game I and a friend made: Fandom in a Fluxx.

    Game setup

    Other fandoms I read in.

    William "Bill" Fichtner, my favourite actor

    I've seen him in:
    Prison Break (Alexander Mahone)
    Drive Angry (The Accountant)
    Albino Alligator (Law)
    West Wing (Christopher Mulready)
    The Moguls (Otis)
    Contact (Kent Clark)
    Elysium (John Carlyle)
    High Lonesome (Sheriff)
    The Lone Ranger (Butch Cavendish)
    Black Hawk Down (Jeff Sanderson)
    Crossing Lines (Carl Hickman)
    Drowning Mona (Phil Dearly)
    Invasion (Tom Underlay)
    Ultraviolet (Garth)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Erick Sacks)
    Codename Geronimo (Guidry)
    The Dark Knight (Bank Manager)
    Grace Under Fire (Ryan Sparks)
    Empire Falls (Jimmy Minty)
    The Perfect Storm (Dave Sullivan)
    Switchback (Chief Jack McGinnis)
    Independence Day 2 (Joshua Adams)
    Wrong (Master Chang)
    Blades of Glory (Darren MacElroy)
    Phantom (Alex Kozlov)
    Go (Burke)
    What's the Worst That Could Happen? (Alex Tardio)
    Malcolm X (not there?)
    Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's (narrator, voice only)
    Mr & Mrs Smith (counslor, voice only)
    American Dad! (Harland, voice only)
    The Underneath (Tommy Dundee)
    Date Night (Frank Crenshaw)
    The Chumscrubber (Bill Stifle)
    Passion of Mind (Aaron Reilly)
    Heat (Roger Van Zant)
    Virtuosity (Wallace)
    The Settlement (Jerry)
    Julia Walks Home (Henry)
    Baywatch (Howard Ganza)
    Quiz Show (Stage Manager)
    The Big Bang (Detective Poley)
    Strange Days (Dwayne Engelman)
    First Snow (Ed)
    Pearl Harbour (Danny's Father)
    Reckless (no name)
    Ramona! (Sam)
    Mom (Adam Janakowski)
    Armageddon (Willie Sharp)
    Empire (Jameson Henthrop)
    The Longest Yard (Knauer)
    Nine Lives (Andrew)
    The Homesman (Vester Belknap)
    Equilibrium (Jürgen)
    Entourage (Phil Yagoda)
    Shooter Rathford O'Brien
    American Wrestler Plyler

    Okay, so I'm currently a bit obsessed ...
    Can you blame me?
    Alas, too few fics with his characters ...
    (I don't read RPS)
    I might have to write some.

    Anyone who knows where you can find DVDs for:
    A Man Called Hawk, (Boros)
    She who excels in solitude
    As The World Turns
    Night And Day
    (with Fichtner in them)

    I'm Swedish and thus a member of Nordic Slash, a mailinglist for the slashers in Sweden. It's a very quiet list. If you are from any of the Nordic countries, do feel invited to join!

    You can also find me here:

    Archive of Our Own, AO3, is great! After having bemoaned the loss of archives for many years, I'm absolutely thrilled with that Archive of Our Own is blossoming, creating a wonderful place for fans, by fans, to store our treasures in. I recommend AO3 to everyone. Of course, I'm a bit biased, as I have worked for AO3 for a long time now. I'm in Support, but I have close connection to several parts of the organisation and I am constantly amazed at the incredible people who give their time and effort to make AO3 such a great place. The dedication is amazing and fills me with hope and happiness. There are days I feel everything is possible with the AO3.
    If you don't have an account at AO3, do consider joining in! You don't have to be a writer or an artist or anything, the archive have several great features for readers/admirers and even more are in the work. Everyone is welcome! I have a few extra invitations ... more information.
    OTW is a wonderful and special thing in itself, with other fantastic things - Fanlore for one. If you already have an account at AO3 and like the place or if you want to do something for OTW, perhaps consider donating? Donations are made to OTW. If you donate, you can get spiffy things - I have a bag, a thermos, a mug, stickers and several other nifty thingies. You also become a member for a year if you donate 10 dollars. Or, if you want to really join in and work - we welcome volunteers! more information.

    Some of my From Eroica With Love stories have been published in zines:
    In the Connotations con-zine 2012:
  • Future, Present, Past
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2011:
  • A NATO Major In King Arthur's Court
  • The Serpent's Gift
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2010:
  • Indiana Jones and the Stolen Treasure, or: From Mutt With Love
  • What Goes Around
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2009:
  • The Garden Hotel
  • Taming The Boar
  • You Make Me Tremble (co-written with Cassie Ingaben)
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2008:
  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • The Right Kind Of Red
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2007:
  • Lethal Attraction
  • The Eternal Major
  • In Horizontal Mosaic 13:
  • The Cup of Nimue
  • In Iron and Silk 2007:
  • Courting Dorian                                    a deleted scene
  • The Roses Of The Alp
  • In the Connotations con-zine 2006:
  • Not So Horrible
  • Caress the Gun

  • Also a link to a few funnies I've collected, just because they amuse me.

    Feel free to write me.