Iron Klaus

Iron Klaus. Then part two starts, half a year later, and things gets more interesting at once. We meet Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach. He works for NATO, the intelligence division, Bonn, West Germany. "The other side calls him 'Iron Klaus' out of respect and fear." He is tall and strong and handsome, with long, black hair and green eyes. He can shoot his Magnum one-handedly and, "I always accomplish my mission." To his help he has his 26 subordinates, the Alphabet: A, B, C, D and so on. Dorian and Klaus clashes from the start. "I have no intentions of letting you strip off my uniform." Klaus detests Dorian on sight and Dorian thinks Klaus a philistine without any sense for the beauty in the world. "I find you loathsome to even look at," Klaus tells Dorian. "The feeling is mutual," Dorian replies. And thus the Anglo-German war began ... Dorian steals paintings from Klaus, especially one The Man In Purple, portraying an ancestor of Klaus's. Klaus is determined to get it back. "It's my little policy to always finish off my enemies. I'll chase you to the ends of hell." He catches him too, in a way. Or Dorian catches him, one could also say. "Do you want to tear off my uniform and attack me?" Um ... sometimes Klaus overreacts just a tiny bit ... But eventually Dorian realizes that Klaus does appreciate beauty, albeit one of steel. He even starts seeing what Klaus sees in it - and promptly steals something very dear to Klaus ...


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