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by Anne-Li

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  • Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than chicken and rice. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. 1.682 words. Written in March 2010.

    This is the "beta set" (second set) of five such set of words that are part of a challenge. I don't follow the challenge apart from using the words - the challenge should be one pairing only and I'm not sure if you're allowed to "bend" the words. But this is how I wanted to write, so this is what came out.

    One or two might at some point become stories, should I feel like it. But should anyone feel inspired to write anything based on any of these, feel invited!

    Warning: 15 is supposed to be a Due South crossover. You'll find a little bit of everything and while the majority is Klaus/Dorian, there are some other pairings sprinkled in.

    Betaed by Heather Sparrows, Kadorienne and Maf! I thank you!!

    1. Walking - Klaus was amazed to discover that he actually got a better workout by following Dorian on a shopping spree than just walking for the same amount of time - no wonder the fop kept so fit!

    2. Waltz - Usually Dorian led their waltz of love, but now and then Klaus would sweep him off his feet and then holding on tight was all Dorian could do not to lose his footing.

    3. Wishes - If wishes were gold, James would make many, many, many, many wishes!

    4. Wonder - Seeing Klaus's eyes darken during their first kiss, Dorian couldn't help but to wonder what his beloved's eyes would look like when they made love.

    5. Worry - Each time Dorian left him for a heist, Klaus worried - would this be the time he would have to actually break the fop out of prison so that they could flee the country together?

    6. Whimsy - Klaus thinks that Dorian is one of the most whimsical persons he has ever met - but he doesn't complain too much when Dorian gives in to one of his whims and breaks into the Waffen Museum Suhl to steal Klaus an anniversary gift.

    7. Waste/Wasteland - Dorian has sown a seed of love that slowly grows in what used to be a wasteland in Klaus's heart.

    8. Whiskey and rum - When liberal amounts of whiskey and rum finally brought Klaus to Dorian's bed, Dorian, sadly enough, was too busy being sick in the bathroom to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

    9. War - All is fair in love and war, but as far as the "take no prisoners" thing goes, Dorian actually likes taking prisoners, because Klaus looks hot in chains.

    10. Weddings - After having sabotaged Klaus's wedding plans no less than four times, Dorian felt very silly when he realised that it was actually him Klaus intended to marry.

    11. Birthday - Volovolonte always gave the best birthday presents, however Dorian couldn't help but think, as he looked down at the bound and gagged NATO major in his bed, that this time the mob leader just might have bought both of them a world of trouble.

    12. Blessing - Confronted by the staggering news that his father had given him and Dorian his blessings, Klaus had no option but to let Dorian court him.

    13. Bias - Klaus told himself firmly that he must not let his biases rule him; but the victories he enjoyed the most were when the German National Football Team beat England.

    14. Burning - It didn't matter that James knew that the money they burned in the movie was fake, he screamed in abject terror anyway.

    15. Breathing - Those Royal Canadian Mounted Police were half-way decent, for foreigners, and Klaus actually kind of liked training with them, but he most definitely drew the line at that "buddy breathing" perversion.

    16. Breaking - If Iron ever breaks, Gold can bend around the iron foundation and still keep the structure together.

    17. Belief - Belief can be a funny thing: every time he thinks that a day can't possibly get worse, there the fop shows up and Klaus is proven wrong.

    18. Balloon - A sea of gaudy balloons, the crappiest rifle he had ever had the displeasure of handling and five quick shots earned Klaus a beyond any decency hideous purple stuffed tiger, which he refused to as so much as glance at though a very pleased-looking Dorian cradled it to his chest all the way back home from the amusement park.

    19. Balcony - Like Evita on the balcony, Dorian turned back from the opened safe, arms out-stretched, but the curt "Fine, now get out of my way," he got from Klaus felt just as good as the adoration of the people.

    20. Bane - Klaus had always known that the fop was the bane of his existence, but in the end he met his destiny with dignity - a good soldier must also know when it's time to surrender - and just this once surrendering proved highly enjoyable.

    21. Quiet - Dorian has a nice voice, but Klaus enjoys silence the most; the quiet nights when they didn't have to say anything at all.

    22. Quirks - For such a straight-laced man, Klaus unexpectedly had many little quirks - Dorian's current favourite was the way Klaus would carefully blend his Nescafe - and then absentmindedly, and in clear defiance of any table manners he must have been taught, lick the spoon he had used to stir with.

    23. Question - Dorian had always known that Klaus was much too proud to take the first step (and never mind that Dorian had taken the first step a hundred times already), still - when the silent question in Klaus's eyes turned from "Haven't you given up yet?" to "You haven't given up yet, have you?" - he almost missed taking the only chance he would ever get to take the one first step that really mattered.

    24. Quarrel - Like their love, their quarrels were epic.

    25. Quitting - When NATO ordered Iron Klaus to seduce Eroica, his exact reply was "I quit" - but he still seduced Eroica (not that much seduction was necessary ...).

    26. Jump - When Klaus ordered him to "Jump!", Dorian's response was never "How high?", but rather "Here I come, darling!"

    27. Jester - As always, Dorian was amazed to see the depths Klaus was willing to go to in order to accomplish his mission, even if his frown deepened each time he moved his head, setting off a jingling from the small bells of his jester's cap.

    28. Jousting - "No, I take it back," Dorian said and scooted away from his lover, "Don't think about it as jousting, it really doesn't work."

    29. Jewel - Klaus refused to wear any other sign of commitment than an unadorned gold ring - but since the tiny jewel that had appeared on the sight of his pistol actually neither hindered his aim nor upset the balance of the gun, he just waited for it to fall off of its own accord.

    30. Just - "Just shut up and cope," Dorian finally ordered and took Klaus into his arms - and Klaus had always been so very good at obeying orders ...

    31. Smirk - On seeing Dorian fall for the old 'Oh, look, art!"-trick once more, Klaus couldn't help but to smirk, pleased that he could still outwit his lover.

    32. Sorrow - Dorian would sometimes weave a romantic daydream web where Klaus rejected him because of some dark, deep sorrow of previous love spurned or killed - but when he found out that he was absolutely right, the dream turned out to be a nightmare.

    33. Stupidity - Sometimes Dorian couldn't quite make up his mind whether Klaus's single-mindedness during his missions was due to bravery only - or whether a hint of stupidity was also involved.

    34. Serenade - "Tried to serenade him again, did you, milord?" Bonham said softly as Dorian returned to the hotel suite, drenched to the skin and carrying a lute.

    35. Sarcasm - "Iron Klaus!" Dorian said with a snort as he was getting dressed again, the sarcasm never leaving his voice as he continued, "More like Wet Noodle Klaus!"

    36. Sordid - Dorian had thought Klaus would keep their relationship a sordid little secret, but he had not counted on Herr Hinkel's joy at discovering his Young Master's first attachment.

    37. Soliloquy - Dorian soon decided that the soliloquy of Klaus's hands more than made up for the fact that he never made a sound in bed.

    38. Sojourn - On returning to North Downs from his sojourn in Paris, Dorian fairly soon realised the capital mistake he had made by leaving James in charge - his first clue was the signs for "Many rooms available for rent! Perfect for office space!" and "Flea market! Prices set to sell!"

    39. Share - When Klaus's new mission required him to flirt with a woman, he quickly learned that Dorian might be very, very generous - but he was not at all good at sharing.

    40. Solitary - Klaus had always been a solitary creature, and he found Dorian's suggestion that they could be solitary together highly suspicious.

    41. Nowhere - From out of nowhere, James appeared!
    (Okay, so this one isn't very good, but for various reasons, it amuses me. Sorry about this.)

    42. Neutral - "Oh, thank god, neutral, for a moment there I thought you said that the NATO troops had to be neutered."

    43. Nuance - Over the years, Dorian had actually learned some nuances of Klaus's swearing - among them that if Klaus repeated himself, he was worried enough that he didn't bother to think up alternatives.

    44. Near - "'Earl Red Cock And The Iron Fist', coming soon, to a porn shop near you!"

    45. Natural - After having been in a relationship with the man for three days, Klaus was very surprised to find out that Dorian wasn't a natural blond.

    46. Horizon - For the following five nights after his first attempt to "Widen Klaus's horizons" with regards to their sexual relationship, Dorian slept on the couch.

    47. Valiant - To be valiant and chaste was all good and well in theory, but eventually Klaus realised that there was something to be said for being a valiant sex-god.

    48. Virtuous - "I assure you," Dorian said, at the end of his patience, "that you can still be virtuous even after you're no longer a virgin, Klaus."

    49. Victory - As Dorian slowly fitted the plain gold ring on Klaus's finger, the rush of love he felt almost overwhelmed him - victory was his!

    50. Defeat - As Dorian slowly fitted the plain gold ring on his finger, Klaus reluctantly admitted defeat.

    The End

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