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by Anne-Li

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  • Author's disclaimer and notes: I don't own them, I just dream of doing so. Feedback is better than Barman Special. Corrections to my language or any other type of comments are welcome. Ask if you want me to archive it anywhere. You may link to this story if you want or to my main page. 1.341 words. Written in September 2009.

    This is the "delta set" (fourth set) of five such set of words that are part of a challenge. I don't follow the challenge apart from using the words - the challenge should be one pairing only and I'm not sure if you're allowed to "bend" the words. But this is how I wanted to write, so this is what came out.

    One or two might at some point become stories, should I feel like it. But should anyone feel inspired to write anything based on any of these, feel invited!

    Warning: One of these (31) is a death story. Among the others you'll find a little bit of everything and while the majority is Klaus/Dorian, there are some other pairings sprinkled in. There's at least one crossover and one kind-of-hettish ...

    Betaed by Heather Sparrows, Kadorienne and Maf! Especially large thanks for very swift betas this time!!

    1. Air - The sweetest air Dorian ever breathed in was the breath Klaus sighed into his mouth the first time Dorian was finally all the way inside of him.

    2. Apple - An apple might have doomed Eve; for Dorian all it took was a glare.

    3. Beginning - Dorian was beginning to give up on ever winning Klaus's love, when he realised that Klaus had already loved him for some time.

    4. Bugs - Klaus was even starting to tolerate James - as long as the bug did Klaus's taxes as well.

    5. Coffee - Sex with Dorian was a very, very good thing in Klaus's book - but in the morning it could wait until after coffee, dammit.

    6. Dark - Klaus prefers to make love in the dark - not because he's ashamed of what they do, but because he's embarrassed at how hard he blushes at some of Dorian's whispers.

    7. Despair - Some days Klaus despaired at ever getting anything done; at others an Alphabet would unexpectedly do something right and Klaus would find new strength to deal with them.

    8. Doors - When he found himself annoyed that his date couldn't pick the lock on a door, Klaus realised he had probably spent too much time thinking about someone who could.

    9. Drink - While Klaus still kept a bottle of vodka in his bedside table drawer, he no longer drank before he let Dorian mount him.

    10. Duty - Klaus had a duty to save all good German boys from the horny fop, even if it meant sacrificing himself in their stead - sometimes as often as three times a night.

    11. Earth - Herr Hinkel carefully never speculated what his young master and his young master's British friend got up to on their long walks - he just did his best to remove the earth from the knees of his master's trousers.

    12. End - The end of the world was near, so Klaus kissed Dorian - as he had done each of the other four times.

    13. Fall - Fall colors around him as he jogs - an autumn whirl of red, yellow, orange, brown and purple - is the only type of art Klaus really appreciates.

    14. Fire - Dorian would steal the fire from the Gods for Klaus, if only to light his cigarettes.

    15. Flexible - Apparently flexibility was also a matter of discipline - something for which Dorian thanked NATO on a more or less nightly basis.

    16. Flying - A really good heist had Dorian flying higher than any drug he had ever tested.

    17. Food - An amazing variety of food can be prepared using potatoes as a key ingredient.

    18. Foot - Dorian sometimes wondered why Klaus called him the pervert, when Klaus himself had a very pronounced foot fetish.

    19. Grave - When Dorian swore on his mother's grave that he wouldn't flirt with Klaus for the rest of the mission, Klaus actually believed him.

    20. Green - Dorian's plan to dress in military camouflage green to catch Klaus's interest succeeded better than he realised.

    21. Head - Afterwards Dorian thought getting shot in the head the bullet grazed his scalp, nothing more - was well worth having Klaus admit his love - at least since the scar could be easily hidden by his hair.

    22. Hollow - Typically for one of his missions, "There is no such thing as a hollow earth at the North pole," proved to be famous last words.

    23. Honour - Each and every one of the Alphabet felt honour bound never to let their superior know that they all knew about him and the thief.

    24. Hope - Hope springs eternal - especially when Dorian occasionally notices Klaus staring at his arse.

    25. Light - For all his protests and swearing, sometimes Klaus catches himself thinking that Dorian is everything that is light and bright in his world of shadows.

    26. Lost - Lost in the Amazon, Klaus wasn't the slightest bit surprised when the first voice he had heard in over a week blatantly came on to him.

    27. Metal - Gold is a softer metal than iron, Klaus thought and reverently caressed Dorian's cheek.

    28. New - Dorian had always enjoyed learning a new lover's body - but Klaus would be his last.

    29. Old - Klaus's curt, "No, you don't look old," reassures Dorian the best - he knows Klaus would find it a very stupid thing to lie about.

    30. Peace - Of course Klaus wants peace on Earth and all that crap - but must it mean that his play mates can't come out and play with him any longer?

    31. Poison - In their first kiss, Klaus shares cyanide poison with the only man he could ever have loved.

    32. Pretty - Klaus secretly thinks that Dorian is pretty - but then, he thinks Z is pretty too, and he's not about to do anything about that either.

    33. Rain - Holding his umbrella over them, protecting both himself and Klaus from the rain, Dorian unexpectedly feels like a true gentleman.

    34. Regret - Cutting up the painting to get to the hidden microfilm, Klaus had only one regret - going by Dorian's pained, shocked expression there would be no nookie tonight.

    35. Roses - Not far into their relationship Klaus found that Dorian might smell like a rose and be pretty like a rose - but he also had thorns.

    36. Secret - Amateurs, Herr Hinkel thinks on finding out about his young master and the British gentleman scant days after that the two got together - he and Graf von dem Eberbach still keep their relationship a secret after well over thirty years.

    37. Snakes - It took eight months before Dorian realised that Klaus had a snake phobia - and why the expression "trouser snake" always turned him completely off.

    38. Snow - Dorian always waited most eagerly for the first snow of the year - because it never failed to make Klaus smile, no matter how briefly.

    39. Solid - Bonham always stands ready to catch Dorian when he falls: solid, steady and loyal - and Dorian never once guesses how much Bonham truly loves him.

    40. Spring - Englishmen went crazy in the spring, Klaus concluded as he watched his lover run around a field with flowers in his hair.

    41. Stable - Klaus felt vaguely disappointed that what they had done in the stable hadn't seemed to frighten the horses - though perhaps the beasts were used to them by now.

    42. Strange - Z found the little man called James to be one of the strangest persons he had ever encountered - and one of the cutest.

    43. Summer - One day each summer Klaus calls in sick - sick as in sick of going to work and instead preferring to spend the time with his lover.

    44. Taboo - Finally Dorian has Klaus breaking what is most taboo - and they have sex over Klaus's desk at NATO headquarters.

    45. Ugly - Dorian knew he was far gone when he found Klaus's ugly ties a turn-on.

    46. War - War had always had a thing for dark-haired men, and Klaus von dem Eberbach was a man even she could respect.

    47. Water - Some of James' edicts Dorian does his best to ignore - but he religiously follows "Share showers to preserve water!" - though only when Klaus is home.

    48. Welcome - In bed, Klaus remains quiet and tense, but Dorian feels how touch-starved skin welcomes his caresses.

    49. Winter - When winter comes, Dorian moves south - as if Germany really is all that much warmer than England ...

    50. Wood - Camping in the woods is rather romantic, Dorian thinks - and he parks his luxury trailer right beside Klaus's sleeping bag, so that Klaus can roll in under it if it starts raining - or just get inside already.

    The End

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