From Eroica With Love by Aoike Yasuko

Several of my friends had mentioned this manga to me for years; how interesting, fun and slashy it was. But I've never read any manga and what I heard about mangas in general wasn't very interesting. I got a bunch of book cheques for Christmas the year From Eroica With Love started coming out in English and when I saw the manga at my local Sci Fi/Fantasy bookstore I thought, "Why not," and added it to the pile. Yes, to learn how to read mangas took an hour or two, but From Eroica With Love was well worth the effort. I fell totally for both Dorian and Klaus. The manga as a whole is very well drawn, with lots of details. Some of the plots are a bit ... odd ... but they are always interesting, funny and enjoyable. Since then I have read several mangas and perhaps Eroica spoiled me, but most of them I dislike. There are some good ones; some that I enjoy, but they are far between.

For more books in Japanese, see the gallery-part of my website: Gallery of Eroica things.

The artist of the fronts of the Bunko editions are Kazunori Bannai.

The different versions. From left to right:
  • Akita Bunko
  • Deluxe
  • Princess
  • CMX vol. 1-5
  • CMX vol. 6 and onwards
  • 1.A Thousand Kisses
    2.Iron Klaus
    3.Achillies' Last Stand
    4.Love in Greece
    5.Dramatic Spring
    7.Hallelujah Express
    8.Veni, Vidi, Vici
    9.Alaskan Front
    10.Special Vacation Orders
    11.Glass Target
    12.Midnight Collector
    13.Seven Days In September
    15.The Laughing Cardinals
    16.A Tale of Alaska
    17.From Lawrence with Love
    18.The Seventh Seal
    19.Mr Lawrence Writes A Letter
    21.Eau de Cologne
    Volume 1-15, released in English through CMX
    Volume 1-22, Akita Bunko edition
    Volume 1-16, Deluxe edition
    Volume 1-39, Princess Comics edition
    Volume 1-21, Romantic Hero (Chinese edition)
    Volume 1-20, Thai edition
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